Arsenal prepared to splash £50million on two players from the same club

Arsenal is prepared to splash £50million for both Sander Berge and Aaron Ramsdale.

The Gunners have a long-standing interest in both Sheffield United players and they have remained keen on them.

They see Ramsdale as the long-term replacement for Bernd Leno and have been looking to add him to their squad this summer.

The England youth international has suffered consecutive relegations from the Premier League, but he has proven too good to play in the Championship each time.

Arsenal wants to sign him, but Sheffield United wants to keep hold of their best players and value him at around £40million.

Berge is also valued close to that figure and has returned to the Arsenal radar in recent days.

The Star says Arsenal has now hatched a plan that would help them sign both players for a combined fee.

They are looking to offer £50million to the Blades for both stars and they are confident that it would be enough for them to land the pair.

This has been a busy summer transfer window for the Gunners, but they need a few more players if they are serious about ending the upcoming campaign inside the top four.

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  1. I have no problem whatsoever should Arsenal decide to pursue Berge.Pre-Season has illustrated…especially with the injury to Partey that Arsenal need to bolster their midfield options.
    However Ramsdale is another matter.As someone who lives in Bournemouth Ive been able to see Ramsdale,close hand on many an occasion and he simply isn’t particularly good.He’s not a great shot-stopper and has the unfortunate knack of pushing saves back into the path of an oncoming forwards.His kicking is on a par with Leno…that being…not very good and his ability to catch a cross extremely limited..instead mostly trying to punch or “flap” at an oncoming cross.The thought of Arsenal paying £25-£30m for a keeper who has conceeded 125 goals over the past two Seasons absolutely beggars belief.
    Arsenal don’t have a particularly good record with goalkeeping purchases but this one would rank alongside Richard Wright should Arsenal be wreckless enough to actually buy him…A decision which could be as ridiculous as the one taken to sell Martinez.

  2. No just no, stop this weird pursuit of expensive players that don’t match our needs/style/desire to improve. Ramsdale is overpriced and really not good enough, Berge is good but hasn’t come back properly from his last injury and far better options exist. Some of these recruitment links are worrying, we need to really move forward. I don’t care whether we spend £50 or £50million, can we please start focusing on players that are going to make us strong again, and if possible finding smart ways to offload deadwood.
    Maddison is great but I understand if his price is too much, that still leaves other great candidates like Asensio £35m, Sabitzer £15m, Pereira £15m, Zakaria £20-25m, Aoaor £15m, Koopmeiners £12m, Onana £7m, Woodman £12m, Adams £12m, Dumfries £15-20mm, Johnstone £12m, etc, there’s some crazy bargains there and we appear willing to spend for once, lets be wise, these players won’t be so cheap next year as clubs’ finances are likely to improve post-covid with match attendance back and new contracts will be dished out or teams with more ambitious owners will price us out. It’s time to be proactive and for our club to really think about whats going to actually work out.

    Being a gooner is like being trapped in groundhog day these past few years.

    1. Matheus Pereira has gone to Saudi Arabia, but there are plant of “other fish in the sea” than Ramsdale and Berge.

    1. What is going on at Arsenal, if they sell Joe Willock and buy Berge resulting in more money going out than comes in?

  3. I am particularly not happy with what’s going on at arsenal. Last season, we had our worst season for over a decade, what do we do to remedy the situation this coming campaign ? 😳, Nothing, but busy dilly-dallying, the likes of Chelsea, man City and utd are busy strengthening their team with quality players thereby widening the gap even more, we only got Ben White and that’s that. We need Max Aaron in our right back, we need Maddison for creativity and probably need bisouma for more steal in the middle, and what is Arsenal doing to get us back to the top and give Fans something to share about? Nothing but instead acting lackadaisically about everything. If we fail to sign the afro-mentioned players or others with similar qualities, then we gooners should prepare for another heart aching season.
    Feeling really disappointed and downtrodden right now 😤😤😤

    1. it’s been like this for years unfortunately, Francis. When is the last time you can positively say we had a 10/10 window and got essentially every position we needed? The club is not acting after finishing EIGHT place. Any one of our rivals would be going mad right now. They are going mad right now after winning trophies! With these owners and this manager it is unfortunately going to be bleak in the near future. We really need Ek to come through with the cash and buy out Kroenke, because I dont see it getting better beyond that. There’s just no ambition anywhere in the club. Ontop of that, we have coaches making reccomendations like Ramsdale, and handing out contracts to underperformers.

      1. Bro, it’s quite frustrating watching us falling on the pecking order season after season, seeing our London rival Chelsea doing so well. Apart from the invincible, what other record do we have to boast about ? I love this club with everything inside me.
        Where I came from, we are being marginalized by the Nigerian government, denying us our freedom and making things generally worse for my south-east region. Football is the only thing that keep us going and yet, my beloved club is not even helping matters.

  4. We could get Sanchez or Onana for 1/4 that price and still improve.

    What are they smoking up top?

  5. Rumours everywhere because of our chief scout doesn’t even deserve to be there as an ARSENAL scout, imagine before the end of last season I really knew those people are not capable of lifting my dear Club

  6. Surely we’ll be back in the top 4 with these 2??? 😜

    OT.. Ozzie, what a game between USA & Australia! Rapinoe’s first and Gielnik’s – Wow! 👌
    Hard luck…

    1. Yes, Sue, a hard ask against the top rated team in women’s football. 3-1 down at half time, then 4-1, before Australia fought back to lose 4-3. They should be very proud of their effort and achievement of fourth, when so many games were so close.
      It will be interesting to see how the USA reacts to “only” winning the bronze medal? The high standard of matches shows the benefits of professionalism in the women’s game.

  7. I fear this would be the proverbial straw…to make matters worse, it will make it exceedingly more difficult for any future manager, should MA get the axe, which is starting to look more and more plausible, unless the once 2-3 year plan has recently doubled in size…it’s funny that some even see this Berge character as a logical acquisition in light of Partey’s most recent injury…obviously they haven’t a clue about the injury woes of this highly speculative player during the last calendar year

  8. No no no. Where does MA and Edu want to take Arsenal with these 2 signings, probably to the relegation battle zone. Get either Coopminers or Aouar, Guimeraes or Bissouma, Annana or Sam Johnstone, Arsenal should be looking up and not down. We should be climbing up the ladder and not slipping down.

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