Arsenal preparing for a massive clear out as they target top-four finish

Arsenal is reported to be prepared to offload as many as 12 players this month.

The Gunners have been doing well under new manager, Mikel Arteta, but they know that reinforcements are important for the team to maintain their current momentum.

Express Sport is claiming that the Gunners are set to oversee an overhaul of their squad and up to 12 players could be affected.

Arsenal doesn’t have plans to make any major signing this month, however, if they can sell some of their fringe and underperforming players and make funds available, Arteta might be backed to add to his current squad.

Two wins, a draw and a defeat from his first four games have convinced the Arsenal board that the club is in good hands, but they are keen to wait until the summer before they can make any new signings.

The report further claims that among the players to leave would be youngsters Eddie Nketiah and Emile Smith Rowe who would both be allowed to make temporary moves to help develop their game.

The former has just returned from a loan spell at Leeds and he has been attracting the attention of other Championship sides.

It does sound a little extreme that 12 players could be on their way out of the Emirates, however, the truth is that there are as many as 12 players that are not good enough for Arsenal. I mean, I can think of at least five from the defence alone that I would be happy to see the back of.

Obviously, 12 players will not be allowed to leave this month but that does not mean that the club has not decided that there are that many players that need to be moved on at some time.


  1. ** For Sale **

    12x Under performing footballers..

    offers? no? anyone? ….. this thing on?

  2. 12 players in the january transfer window???
    I dont see us overhauling that much without bringing in replacements first

  3. Well I don’t think we have many players out of contract this summer, but we certainly have a few that will be approaching their final year.

    Perhaps a number of the 12 are u23s. Players like hein, iliev, sheaf, omole, oluwu, Bola, mcenuff are clearly not going to make the first team. I am certain mikhitaryan, elneny, mustafi and Macey would be allowed to make permanent moves too. So along with nketiah and smith-rowe, there is 13 straightaway. We could even make around 40m there not including the salary saving.

  4. And….
    Who are going to buy our players specially the defenders,i can only see potential buyers or atleast loan moves for the youngsters.

    Our players have got quality but they need to show it to atleast buy them some regular game time

    Arteta is making a difference,lets see what happens

  5. Mustafi should be gone already. What he did Vs Chelsea is criminal. That was painful to watch, still cant believe Chelsea won and mustafi is still at Arsenal.

  6. The market for the likes of Mustafi,Socratis,Mik and Elneny is decidedly limited but if our hierarchy want them sold, and I hope they do, they will have to be realistic as far as the asking price is concerned.As far as the four I have mentioned is concerned,if we could get 30/40m for them I would gladly let them go.Loaning out our youngsters is an easier task as many Championship Clubs would gladly take on ESR and Nketiah.

    1. Chambers and Holding are homegrown English players so if they’re at least average they should fetch at least 20 M each.
      Thus far there have been no offers because it seems everyone watching them is blind or they’re perhaps not any good. I’m going with the blindness theory.
      But it will change in the summer because their repeated incredible performances will fetch offers of 30M +
      I’m being totally serious.
      Also, Mustafi a wonderfully reliable WC winner – we’re getting 30M at least, while Sokratis may only fetch 15 M due to age despite being an amazingly skilled and fast defender.
      Again, I’m totally serious.

  7. If we cannot qualify for champions League next season we will have to offload many high earning players of our squad for financial reasons…

  8. We should try EBAY perhaps. We might get more for our unwanted rubbish that way. Surprising how much some do pay for rubbish on ebay.

  9. The first player on the the list of players not good enough and to be rid of without any doubt is Xhaka. Then Mustafi, Elneny, Mikki, Chambers, Holding, Nelson, Luis, Torreia, Guendouzi, Macey, Sokratis. That’s your 12 to ship out now

    1. If all the coaches see xhaka ad good enough and Arteta is trying to convince him to stay, then your opinion does not hold water. May he is not as bad as some fans see him to be, it’s all about sentiments and scapegoating.

  10. There is a CB we should bid for. Not Upamecano, but his more expensive fellow CB at Leipzig…..Ibrahima Konaté. He is in the Virgil Van DijK quality. One player will change our defense. Sell Gollum Xhaka, Moronic Mustafi, Elneny and put the 50 mill towards Konaté.

  11. After what MA sted very recently, the line about The Arsenal not planning any tranfers seem to contradict our coach completely.

    As for players leaving, I’ve been reading on here for years that we need to get rid of the “deadwood” that, supposedly, makes up so much of our playing staff – yet the only ones who leave, it seems, are the ones that we should have kept!!!
    Our friend xhaka is the prime example of what the coach/managers want compared to the fans requirements and the media know exactly what buttons to push in order to get a response from our fan base.

    In my opinion, we will see two players in (maybe three) and three to four players out, including the likes of Elneny, Mustafi and Myk, but only after we sign siad two/three players anyway.
    Our record with injuries would see that prudent way of dealing with ins and outs.

    Until auba and/or lacs sign their new contracts, Nketiah will stay put I believe.

  12. Elneni, Miki, sokra, Kolas, Luiz, mustafi have nothing to do in a club such as Arsenal.

    Torreira is wanted and be happy to leave to a club who can play CL; he is Napoli priority, many of us been saying he must go for months; take the money while we can.

    Auba won’t be signing new deal, he is 31 and fare for him to want a few trophies, titles before retiring ; deserves to take a chance he has to be in a club as Real. Take the money now!

    Xhaka is not what we should go for but what we could afford then, with drama he had, best to sell him while he is wanted as well.

    That’s 9 players.
    Rowe should be on loan. Makes it 10!

    Bring Cancelo on loan to back up Bellerin, Kurzawa (5M) for Kolas (10M), Partey (40M), and buy Koulibaly (100M).

    Cancelo Koulibaly Holding – Kurzawa
    Niles Partey
    Pepe Laca Saka

    Sub: Willock, Nelson, Martinelli, Ceballos, Mav.

    Willock is going to build up as Nartinelli, Nelson as well and can play many part on the pitch, I like him on left side too, he can come on his right foot. A young but quality bench, all able to devellop their strong potential.

    We have injured all accross defense who should gradually be back at some point, otherwise, we have enough talent all over pitch to finish very well.

    All these players for sale, would cover the Partey and Koulibaly, we have enough as just demonstrated; these two addition changes team and two others secure our back flanks.

    We don’t need anything else, we have plenty of talent and experience for perfect balance! Finish season well; in top 4!

    Auba Torreira Xhaka Kolas are all wanted, sell them right away and bring the 4 players we need right away.

  13. If we want to keep Auba, we must buy Koulibaly and Partey to make top4!

    Xhaka, Torreira, Kolas are in demand, checked kols value is actually 20, Xhaka 30 and Torreira over 40, Koulibaly 75M. Thanks rest of them should bring another 50 with Miki and sokra with decent values… We can buy Partey and Koulibaly and then!

    Our coach rather keep Xhaka , Sokratis Luiz, Torreira, play Niles as RB!

    Niles – Sokratis – Luiz – Kolas
    Xhaka Torreira
    Pepe. Laca. Auba

    When we can have

    Cancelo – Koulibaly – Holding – Kurzawa
    Niles. Partey
    Pepe. Laca. Auba

    Even if we have to add 30M, we now look as a team with ambition for titles! Scary! Takes 2 players and 2 loans available for Cancelo and Kurzawa or just buy him for 5M!

  14. Mad if you think we can sell all those players and find replacements in the January window, there’s no way arsenal will pay January prices for four players. It’s unrealistic to sell that many without upsetting the balance of the team. Not in jan and there’s not many teams that will sell there players mid season. I think we’re get two in max,, if were.lucky. There will be loans but not much else. Upamencarno would be amazing now there’s a player of van dyk e quality. We have to get a cb, or two. But top quality players not some old 31 year old fart. Hope the player can keep up with this tempo that arteta demands till the end of the season, if so then we may Nick fourth place.

  15. Beside Pepe who I actually a payement plan, we do not target top players but what budget allows, being 45M in past decade, without sales, we cant get any top players!

    Emery looked at our needed in order to fight for titles and was perfectly accurate, asking for 3 players:

    Partey, Maguire, Zaha! Easy to let him take all blame with a team not built to compete! Have him sacked when stadium gets empty!

    We recently spoke to Napoli on Koulibaly, means, supposes intention to buy him.

    They is their priority Torreira and want Kolas, how come that didn’t go through?

    Kroenke is a cheapfuck but if he can bet 40M for Upfamenco, he can certainly sell those 2 players valued at 60M for Koulibaly valued at 75M. Add the 40M close that deal!

    Xhaka is also a top priority in germany and AC Milan wanted him in November news… Unless I’m mistaking, Partey is at AC Milan, a swap would be perferct. Ian who used to be at Arsenal runs Milan, should be easy…

    I guess, we have a coach who makes choices, because these transfers are all possible today and not happening, nor a money issue with players in demands. Relashionship with Naplli is good, it is all handed to us; up to Arteta!

    This is a key window for us!

    1. FYI – Partey is at Athletico, no disrespect here but maybe stick to playing Football Manager in your bedroom!

      1. Jim, Mogunna admitted he wasn’t sure that Partey was at AC Milan. Thank you for correcting him. The comment about “football manager” was unfair, given the rest of his post and the fact he is entitled to give his assessment. I personally believe Koulibaly is over rated, untested in the EPL and I would prefer Arsenal scouted British CB’s like Dunk.
        That aside I agree with him that Arteta must be supported by the owner and Board to obtain the players he wants and this was not afforded to Emery.

        1. @Ozzie i’m sorry but Mogunna’s assessment is ridiculous!
          Koulibally – he would not choose Arsenal over interest from elsewhere like City plus we cannot raise that money without a 5 year instalment plan!
          Partey – why would he leave a top 10 team from Europe for a team that may not get into European competition?
          Dunk – i agree we should try an all British defence!

          For me in the summer we should go for Norwich full backs Max Aarons and Jamal Lewis as well as central defender Ben Godfrey. We should loan Norwich Holding or Mavropanos or both.
          We then go for Lewis Dunk as our experienced defender who has years of Prem experience behind him and can teach the younger lads the British way of defending!
          This would free up to sell Kolasenic, Mustafi and Papa Sokratis!
          Also think Chambers will end up needing a loan in Jan 2021 for 6 months to get back to full fitness by playing more regularly!

  16. Mogunna… Mehn! I wouldn’t believe you’d go Koulibaly for 75m… Don’t you or anyone else think the Lad(Koulibaly) is being hyped? To me, I think he is…

    I think Dunk is far good; Partnership with Saliba’.

  17. We don’t need to bother ourselves over a messed up club , Arsenal is messed up and can never win anything again, my prediction is that they will be relegated next year , but if care is not taken, they may go down this year and that will be the end of Arsenal because they may never come back to premiership again.
    My reason is that they have been declining in the past four years, they have refused to invest in the appropriate areas, you may spend $65m on one player, but you won’t win if he is not the right player and for the position in need of improvement . I feel terribly sad that this is how a big club like Arsenal destroyed themselves . So so sad

    1. Your use of “they” and “Arsenal” instead of the usual fanspeak “we” and the fact I have not seen you on here before tells me you are a troll. Quite a sad one really, even for a troll. What a lonely life you must lead! I actually feel sorry for you and your unfortunate kind!

    2. Your statements is not of a fan, but you’re still entitled to your opinion, mind you, what ever the case maybe, worst scenario, we will not make top 4 but not relegation battle or being relegated.

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