Arsenal preparing new contract extension for Wenger

Arsenal preparing new contract extension for Wenger by Sam P

Arsene Wenger has been in charge at Arsenal for a whole 19 years so far, and after a blistering start to his managership, the Gunners went seven whole seasons without a trophy, and many fans were advocating a change in the leadership to inject some new ideas into the club.

But Le Prof was finally given some transfer funds, and with the arrival of Ozil and Alexis, Arsenal started winning trophies again and now have back-to-back FA Cup wins under their belt. The Arsenal Board know that if Wenger goes into next season without a new contract there will be the inevitable, and unwanted, speculation on whether this will be the Frenchman’s final year at the club.

So it seems, according to today’s Mirror, that the Board are aiming to head off the media speculation by offering Arsene a new two-year extension before the end of the current campaign.

I know that there are still lots of Arsenal fans that believe we still need a change, but it is worth remembering that Wenger has led the Gunners to be the most consistent team in Europe in the whole of 2015. Yes there have been some crazy defeats along the way, but the fact is that Wenger has lost less games than any other manager in Europe this year, so who could possibly come in and improve on that record? Surely it is nigh on impossible to be better than the best in Europe?

I, for one, am absolutely sure that Wenger will refuse to sign any extension until he has proven once again this season that he is still the right man for the job, but I am also pretty sure that this Arsenal team are destined for great things under his tutorship. He is doing a brilliant job and we should all cheer him and the team on for as long as he wants to be in charge.

Are there any Arsenal fans out there that still want to get rid of our best ever manager?


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    1. @twig I fully agree with you. Our standards should be higher than they have been. Only highering our standards will result in success. If he wins the league then he deserves an extension and if he doesn’t then we have to find someone who will. Settling for second best is not an option.
      Who remembers the second place in the 100 meter dash in the Olympics?
      Raise your standards and demand to be winners –

  1. What????


    I mean Wenger out. The more speedily he checks out the better.

    He is not ambitious. The team is disjointed.

    We have been lucky with recent results. Injury is at the corner and will crumble to our old ways.

    I am sick of all this structurally deluded articles. The authors opinions are always on some short term result. They don’t view view the mirror of long term probabilities.

    No no no.

    I can’t believe this . After all this barren years of no EPL and no UCL.

    What is the board smoking???????????

    1. What are YOU smoking!
      Do you know what short term means?
      Arsenal are the most consistent team in Europe for last TEN MONTHS. Is that what you mean by short term?

        1. Alright, but then you do understand that right now there’s no better manager than Wenger in the last 10 months. Why change the best just for the sake of change?

          1. Don’t bother explaining yourself to plastic fans, they don’t get the concept of re-building a club

    2. @the final guru …..You must be joking? Right now we’re top of the PL, successfully adopting the right tactics, blowing teams away and players are performing in every position.

      Disjointed…the team is about as cohesive as we’ve seen in recent years. More so than most of our competitors inc the usual top 4. We’re creating bucket loads of chances, showing much more flexibility in our approach to games and the players are working harder than ever.

      Lucky…totally disagree. Some of the performances have been world class, and against to quality opposition. There’s not a team in the premier league that has shown better form for nearly a year.

      Epl….is absolutely possible for us this season and Wenger has stated his clear priority for this. One team wins the ucl and I agree we are still a way of this but so is every club in the premier league at present, irrespective of the manager or the amount that is spent.

      I think there’s only one structurally deluded writer here…and it ain’t the author of the article. Get over the past (and try to recognise it for what is was) forget your bias and try to simply appreciate Wenger and the teams very obvious progress this season.

  2. Would rather have Wenger than any other Manager. Don’t want to be in a position where we are changing Managers every other season like Spurs, Chelsea & Liverpool.

  3. If the Mirror has this right and we are trying to get Vieira back also this would be a good thing. AFC following what Ajax have done for me, is a great way forward. Wenger transitioning out over 2 or 3 seasons (or to a board role) whilst Vieira, Henry etc do their coaching badges and start to get more involved would set the way for the next decade, ensure the principles of the club are retained and strengthen our club culture. The time is right to set this in motion.

  4. OT
    Ozil has provided 93 assists since August 2008, the second highest amount behind Lionel Messi (98) in the top five major European leagues.

  5. Well, Arsene knows whats best ..doesn’t he. He says ..Arsenal are the best, so I’m not going to disagree. La da dee dee da.

  6. How can you argue when the last two years? We’ve we have been able to financially compete and that’s brought us two trophies and currently sitting on top of the league, after being the best performing Bpl side of 2015? Ozil, Sanchez, Kos, Cech.

    We’re in a good place… Let wenger do his thing.

  7. Qn 1: Of the 9 years of trophyless in Arsenal, is Arsenal carrying Wenger or is Wenger carrying Arsenal?

    (To answer this question more objectively, try imagining the few best managers if they were to carry out the task )

    1. Qn 1b: after those 9 bloody years, (8-2 lost etc), did we come out broken and disfunctional? Or fresh n has bright future?

  8. Arsenes eye 4 talent is impecable (when he gets it ryt) eg monreal gabriel when athaz were goin 4 otamendi n contrao n some jamaican @chelsea i 4get his name. He bloods young players lyk noone else can. Our fullback(s) is da best in epl n he’s 20yrs old. Wengers love 4 arsenal borders on insanity. Always thinkn about the clubs longterm future. Us fans may not always undastand some of his bizzare decisions (lyk makn zero senior outfield signings??) but am sure he knows better than we do. Am presuming this based on the fact dat aob’s reason is wengers goin senile. I choose not 2 beliv dat. He’s also very classy and cool head (except when kicking water bottles in disgust) and full of respect 4 his peers (bar dat idiot morinho). Very big shoes 2 fill. I dread my beloved arsenal goin thru a moyes lvg type of thing. Up gunners! #ArseneKnowsBest

  9. Qn 2: Would you trade those 9 trophyless year with 2 or 3 trophies in between but remain unstable financially etc for the next 15 to 20 years maybe? (Or we might even spiral down after those 15years)

  10. if this article was posted a few weeks ago, everyone would’ve lost their minds. Anyway I don’t think this is the right time to talk about contract extensions.

  11. Qn 3: if wenger is to leave, how many players would leave arsenal? Say his replacement is neither guardiola nor klopp.

    (Remember Sanchez describe Wenger as legend)

  12. Sam my namesake, is every top team in the Bpl now switching over to the playing formation style of 4-5-1, just because Arsenal have used it to beat Everton yesterday? Man Utd & Man City have been reported to have adopted this style for their deby game today at Old trafford as indicated on Arsenal hierarchy to extent the Boss’ contract to 2019 is very much in order and highly welcomed.

  13. no not at this time Wenger is looking highly motivated, as is clear in all the press meets he is looking very lively and enthusiastic lets do it at the end of season when we are the champions of england just like good old times…
    and le prof will lift that elusive trophy with pride

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