Arsenal preparing to focus on one final major transfer this summer.

All the signs are there that Arsenal is preparing to focus on one final major transfer this summer.

It now seems certain that William Saliba and Dani Ceballos will sign for Arsenal this week making them the second and third signings this summer after the capture of Gabriel Martinelli.

Kieran Tierney, Wilfried Zaha and Everton Soares are the three names still very much linked with a move to the Emirates, however, there are now reports that Arsenal has given up the fight to sign Tierney.

That leaves just Wilfried Zaha and Everton Soares as the remaining major targets but Soares is more an alternative in the event that the club is unable to get the Zaha deal over the line.

That basically means it is Zaha that Arsenal will be focussing on as their final major signing.

That does not mean there will not be any further acquisitions but they will not be a big name signing, that will be Zaha and Zaha alone.

How do we know this?

Well, Unai Emery has said that Arsenal have their sights set on four signings this transfer window and that there will be a big name signing.

So logically it all points to the club concentrating all their energy on signing the Crystal Palace man.

If that fails then it will most likely be Everton they sign.

I could, of course, be wrong in this analysis but based on what has been said by the club I do not think I am.


  1. Arsenal should never agree to an Auba and Lukaku swap deal. Look at the difference between their goal difference scored last season and you can easily see who is a better finisher. Please Arsenal never go there. Losing Auba will be a disaster and will come back to haunt the gunners.

    1. No way would I want Lukaku at Arsenal, but it wouldn’t happen anyway as we already have Laca. We may have to sell Auba though as he only has 2 years left on his contract, because we have to stop letting our highest valued assets leave for next to nothing, or free.

  2. Why are we wasting time and money on Zaha? He’s good, but no way is he £70m.

    This is just crazy, if we have that much to spend on Zaha, why are we struggling with the Tierney deal worth £25m? Or getting a CB?

    This is just insane. How are we falling for this English price tag nonsense? The dude flopped at Utd but he’s suddenly worth £70m and Fraser isn’t even though he had a far better season than Zaha?

    1. Even money bags City draw the line at £60M and have never crossed it. I believe we could have got Zaha for £40M, but since stupid Man utd overpaid for Wan Bissaka and gave CP £50M, am guessing they will be demanding at the very least £70M for their prized asset. This deal won’t happen and am not even sure I want it to at such a stupid cost.

      1. I agree, it is very stupid for Manchester United to sign a prospect at such fee. Man City signed K.Walker for the same price but he’s already an established player at the time. Now of course C.Palace want more than 50m for Zaha.

      2. I’d honestly rather give Nelson a few games next season rather than having Zaha waste space and money on his high wages, only for us to loose another young player like the Serge Gnabry situation.

    2. Well said cannonspike I totally agree, what the hell is all the fuss about Zaha, he isn’t even worth the 40m which we apparently bid initially let alone 70m, and as for Lacca and Auba he isn’t in the same league as these two.

    3. Is a 10 goal a season player enough for Arsenal?Our strikers will come good if we dominate the midfield. The reason we lost the Europa and third place was due to defense – and we are nowhere addressing that. LK is not in a good mood, HB and RH will miss the start, SM has lost his confidence, NM is not at his peak, AMN and SK are not just good enough, Mavo always injured, PS is the only half decent defender we have on board. Emery, Edu and Raul, are continuing Wenger’s policy of not fixing the defense.This Zaha will add to our wage bill for the next three years with no resale value. Would prefer Danny Cabellos and Ismael Bennacir to operate from the midfield, and strengthen the defense. And to mention the rumor of swapping RL with PEA, sometimes I think where is our club headed.

  3. If we’re giving up on Tierney, hopefully we have another LB as backup, as we badly need one. Its frustrating to see us linked with more attacking players, when our defence is a mess. We do need a winger badly, but would prefer a WC CB, a LB, and we need a RB as well.

    1. Yes at right back we need a cover for Bellerin. Emery didn’t seem to trust Jenkinson as last season he still prefer Lichsteiner over him. I dread we are going cheap and sign Dani Alves, bloody Raul and his Barca connection.

  4. This all reeks of the RVP days. We are good enough up top (at least to finish in the top 4) it’s our defense that needs major work. We’re letting the best years Auba and Laca have left in them go to waste if we’re not fixing the team behind them. Why does Arsenal also seem to want to get one area of the pitch right and complete ignore the other? For the asking price of Zaha or even the much lesser fee of Everton shouldn’t we be using those funds for a top CB???

  5. If aubas price is 62mm so Zaha is 40mm at best…but palace want the double. Obviously we could try 40 mm plus players but i dont think it happen with cp. I would go for Everton now before it turns to late

  6. Arsenal are crazy if they are willing to pay more than 50 M for Zaha. He is an excellent LW, but we already have many right-footed attackers that can play there and there are young RWs available in the market

    Also Celtic have become too unrealistic and greedy on Tierney deal. No other clubs have real interest in their injury-prone player, yet they want more than 25 M

    I’d prefer Arsenal to make a move on Grimaldo instead. He played more games than Tierney and had a much better goals/ assists stats last season

  7. After these ceballos Saliba deals, I think we should dump the Tierney deal and go for balanta or another young left back. we should also just forget the zaha pursuit and complete Everton’s purchase. the Negotiating team should immediately negotiate with Ryan Fraser towards joining us on a free next season and get a £3m pounds sign on fee plus 90k a week. Arsenal should then go for Another central defender maybe 2 days to OR on the last transfer day, either on loan or buy on the cheap with a sale on value. This to me is how to properly plan a team to compete and achieve. Here’s to hoping though

  8. I have total disregard for the “Auba on way out” nonsense. Auba is settled here and Lukaku has clearly stated he wants to go to the serie A so absolutely nothing to look at here. Besides the foolish gazidis days are long gone and we will not act that stupid again (RVP fiasco)Edu knowing our values would immediately be a failure if he subscribes to such idiocy.

  9. I, like many others here can’t understand why we are not chasing a CB. It’s obvious to blind Freddy that our biggest problem area is defence. The Saha Saga has gone on long enough, he isn’t worth CP’s evaluation. We should leave that one go and concentrate on more important transfers. Tierney not coming? Let him stay at Celtic, maybe he doesn’t have the gonads to test himself at a higher level, he seems a bit injury prone anyway. I’d really like to see some movement toward strengthening the defence though, maybe something’s happening behind the scenes but I doubt it.

  10. For real though is Emery planning to start the season with our current CBs? Brain-fart Mustafi and want-away Koscielny? Is that Jenkinson I see being groomed to take over from Lichtsteiner? Or maybe he’ll put Chambers next to WWE superstar Sokratis? Do we really expect to get back into the champions league?

  11. Prioritizing a winger when we need to fix our licking defence, we can still come through without signing a winger, but leaving our defence like that is a suicide.
    Zaha for 50m is a waste of money, we have kids that can play that role, sign defender for God sake. This Arsenal transfer business is getting annoying

  12. I don’t understand what we want,,,,are we abandoning the up bringing of young talent,,,so buying has taken over arsenal as well

  13. I wouldn’t spend $60m on Zaha.

    If we get:
    – Salilba
    – Tierney
    – Cellabos
    – Everton
    – Another CB

    I would be so so happy

  14. How sad this club, our club, Arsenal has now become. Even a 85,000 petition has not changed a thing. Will you now believe that Stan Kroenke, Josh Kroenke, Raul Sanllehi, and Vinai Venkatesham do not love Arsenal. All our problems are, that we the supporters, love Arsenal. I have supported this club a long, long time, literally longer than I can remember and I am shocked at the bullshit the supporters have to take. Say no to it. It’s unacceptable. It’s all ‘save money’, ‘save money’, ‘save money’, ‘save money’, and like an unloved child, father Satan and Son will not give an iota of money or joy to his son…Arsenal. Kroenke and Son of Kroenke see supporters as a nuisance, ask the people of St.Louis. He is the greatest bood sucking parasite of them all…ever, and he is sucking the fire, blood and soul of our club. We are two weeks away from the close of the transfer window and a disaster of a season looms. We do not have a defence. We do not have any creativity. We are mismanaged by the 3 stooges. Disgusting. It’s time yo say no to Kroenke’s Arsenal abuse.

  15. i can still see all these deals falling through,Kroenke will not part with any money it is firmly stitched in his back pocket, and as for little and Large (Raul and Venk) they are making our great club look cheap.

  16. People need to understand that when we get Zaha in order to link up with Auba and Laca we will be able to put more pressure to the oppositions defense ESPECIALLY against Liverpool and Mancity which helps our own defence. IF THE BALL IS IN THE OPPOSITIONS HALF MORE IT MEANS LESS PRESSURE FOR OUR DEFENCE!!!
    Plus I think Emery wants to play predominantly with a back four this season that is why he is going for Tierney which means that only 2 CBs start. With Holding our own Van Dijk back in full training and Chambers also back plus Socratis, Mavropranos and Mustafi I think we have enough defenders and Montreal becomes a CB in a back three.Makes sense to go for Saliba the Mbappe of defenders and then loan him out he is the future partner of holding with great athletic qualities

    1. Nah mate, offence and defense doesn’t work like that. Once you loose the ball and have mustafi as your CB, basically you are fkd even if u have messi ronaldo

  17. Getting conspiratorial on this … We desperately need to strengthen defence but focusing on an overpriced winger we won’t get … Management excuse for not getting what we need … If we start next season with same defensive options it will be a shocking indictment of Emery and management … And it will mean staying outside top 4 and possibly top 6

    1. Actually I stand corrected.. Saliba 27m!!! But as he’s being loaned back, will we have paid in full right now???

    2. Because our modus operandi is to spend as little as possible whilst making as much as possible.

      Business before success on the field. Stand did tell us he wasn’t in the game to win stuff, so we should hardly be surprised! But I get that you are as we are really cheap now.

      Can’t pay the going rate for a very promising young CB which is a vital area we need to address it seems.

      Personally I think the tight purse strings and our crack transfer team are a recipe for disaster.

  18. Fekir going for cheap at betis, shame we couldn’t get rid of that useless ozil and take him. Though I wonder why no clubs went for him, maybe knee issues which Liverpool detected during medical.

      1. Not saying he can’t stay fit but why did Liverpool cancel transfer?
        Why no big club come for him for 15m + 9.8m add on which is cheap thesr days?

        1. Ackshay

          Maybe he’s got the plague or some disturbingly contagious disease? He’s just signed for Real Betis.

  19. With all due respect to everyone concerned, I think we would be stupid to choose Zaha over Everton Soares. That boy beats 2 defenders with ease. Scorching pace, excellent dribbling and finishing. In a couple of years, we will look like fools if we pass the opportunity of buying him now.

  20. I completely agree with you. We should forget Zaha and go for Everton Soares. That way we can save money to buy Tierney as well. The wise Clubs are turning to South America for player recruitment because players in Europe are overpriced. The idea of having good wingers and midfielders to put pressure on the opposition defence is perfect for the old adage says that attack is the best form of defence. All this window we have been talking only of players we plan to buy how about those we intend to sell? It would be illogical to only buy players without selling some as this would lead to an inflated team, inflated budget and irrational use of resources.

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