Arsenal preparing to resume training – But will London be in lockdown?

Ever since Mikel Arteta was diagnosed as having the coronavirus, him and his players, in fact all the Arsenal staff that had contact with the boss, has been in self-imposed isolation. But Arteta’s two week absence is up this Tuesday, and the boss has been preparing to return to his job of training the Gunners to carry on our winning ways.

It was revealed on “Our training centres in London Colney and Hale End were closed for deep cleaning after Mikel’s diagnosis with the virus but have now re-opened with a small workforce to maintain the facilities and training pitches. 

“A number of staff, including Mikel and the men’s first team squad, are currently isolating at home.  We’re pleased to say that Mikel is feeling much better. He’s in good spirits, doing detailed planning with the coaches and speaking to the players regularly. The women’s and academy teams are also currently staying at home. All our players are looking forward to getting back out on the training pitches as soon as the situation allows.”

The news has now emerged that the Premier League has extended the suspension until at least April 30th and with schools closing and the government recommending that everyone stays home, it remains to be seen whether Arteta and the players will be allowed to travel freely to the training ground, or whether they will also be in lockdown. I did see that footballers were not on the list of “key workers” that will have freedom of movement in the capital, but surely if the lockdown is only advisory rather than enforced, then perhaps we could see our lads back at London Colney as early as Tuesday.

WE could certainly all do with some good news at the moment….


  1. Totally off thread, but ……….

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang linked with £50 million Man United move
    Manchester United are ‘circling’ around Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang according to The Sun.

    Not to worry it’s only “The Current Bun”, somebody at their sports desk having a slow day !

    1. Merson has said Auba is just what United are missing… add Grealish and with Fernandes, they’ll be a major force.
      I feel rather queasy…….

      1. Sue- Imagine Jack Grealish in OUR Red & White – The ONLY Red & White !

        If only – I so rate that lad.

        He’s a huge Villa fan, but we’d soon change that. Once you walk into the Em’s (nearly said “Marble Halls”) you’re converted.

        I suspect Manure will splash the cash for next season (whenever that may be) despite “takings” being down.

        We’ll be “wheeling & dealing” as per.

        1. I’m with you, AJ.. I rate Grealish – he’s on my wishlist!

          They can splash all they like (just not on Auba or Grealish 😉)
          And heaven forbid we start sniffing round the likes of Lovren!! Haha!

  2. So far the UK has been around 1-2 weeks behind other countries in implementing measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. In many other countries assembling in groups of more than 5, or even to go out the door, is very restricted.
    My guess is, you will soon see similar measures in the UK, and that should make training as a squad impossible for a while.

  3. First our prayers are with the people of Italy who are dying like flies due to this Chinese flu,427 people died on Thursday in Italy alone.The mortality rate has gone up to 3.4%.Hearing Korea, France and China have discovered that chloroquine is curing this virus well we’ll wait for more medical results about that,but there’s hope of at least of having a therapy in chloroquine to manage the virus.Arteta has not fully recovered from this Chinese virus for two weeks now just being told that he’s feeling much Better therefore no one should underestimate this pandemic.No one should be near a football ground until this virus is contained completely. This season is null and void no efforts can guarantee completion of this season. Any club risking the health of any footballer should be held fully responsible.

      1. It is also INACCURATE, as it is not flu at all. But it originated in China so to call it a Chinese originated virus would be correct and not racist in the least. You may be sure that IF it were racist I would jump on it. But it is NOT!

        1. Correct! Ebola virus originated in a region near Ebola river in Congo and was therefore so named,Lassa fever was discovered in Lassa village in Borno state Nigeria and was so named too, so we will not be wrong to call this Wuhan virus( or Chinese virus)

    1. Counsel, You should not spread false rumours that chloroquine is curing the virus. There have been some promising prelimary trial hopes only of it weakening the diseases grip , but that is far from being a cure.

      1. Afternoon my Lord,
        It is not a cure but both Donald Duck and the Australian Research team have both said it is very useful in curbing the effects once you have it…
        Obviously we will wait for trials but with Spain’s rate of infection now faster than Italy’s, I have got a couple of packets in just in case. Like you I am not so young any more and in the at-risk quota….

  4. Hope they can go back on Tues. They can travel by car and avoid contact with others if that’s what the government wants.
    This time could be well used by MA to get his ideas across, heal broken relationships (AMN comes to mind) and stage a lot of games (including the youngsters) to help him decide who is worth trying in the first team.
    Hopefully those players on the injured list will also be there, fit and ready to play so MA can weigh up everyone.
    In fact, this enforced break could turn out to be an ideal time for Arsenal and MA.

    1. @gunnerjack ‘this forced break could be ideal for arsenal’ yours sir is wisdom of fools a heartless wierdo

      1. Counsel If you have read Gunner Jacks immoral diatribe afew days ago, about the virus and the older generation you will see how correct your comment to him (above) actually is. Not the sort of human being I have any time for and I TOLD HIM SO, DESERVEDLY. He is selfish to his core.

        1. Jon I’m still waiting for you to provide any proof whatsoever that I maligned older people. Being old myself I would be extremely interested in seeing it. Why would I have a go at myself!!??
          Similarly, please provide any proof that I am being selfish in any way. I honestly don’t know what you are getting at.
          You said ‘…when you propogated this immoral nonsense about “sod the elderly” who you laughably and ignorantly call “the over 60s’ not, more sensibly, the over 90’s…etc.
          Why on earth would I say “sod the elderly” when I am one of them? What you are saying just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
          And why the over 90s and not the over 60s? Must say I don’t understand that bit at all. The over 60s age group is where the percentage of deaths from the virus starts increasing more sharply than the previous age groups, and gets worse as ages rise.
          Apart from being old the other bad statistic is for people with pre-existing conditions of any age.
          When old age and pre-existing conditions are combined in a person then their risk rises sharply. I am in that group so again I ask why on earth would I mock, castigate or say ‘sod the elderly’ when I am one of them?

        2. You spend a lot of time telling others what they should or shouldn’t do don’t you Jon?

        3. Jon.
          A diatribe:
          ‘A forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.’
          Wow! That describes you to a ‘T’ don’t you think?
          You’ve made dozens against me for a start. LOL 🙂
          In fact I didn’t make any sort of ‘forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something’ at all. I merely pointed out the truth of the matter and said the WHO and governments were spreading totally uncalled for mass hysteria. This mass hysteria will probably end up doing a hundred times more harm to people than the virus, especially financially with many places being shut down and people losing their jobs etc because of it – ‘it’ being the hysteria, not the virus.
          However, if you can find something I wrote that you think DID amount to ‘a forceful and bitter verbal attack etc’ please let me know where it is.
          As you should know by now, when accused of something I always like to ask my accuser for proof. I very rarely get any of course. The accuser just fails to reply, or says something like ‘I don’t have to tell you anything’ etc and then just fades away like the hot air he’s been spouting.
          Above all, don’t let the truth get in the way of your regular rants – I find them quite entertaining. And don’t stop telling people what they should think, do, say or write. I’ve noticed some weak-minded pathetic people on here actually going along with you. There, I’ve just told YOU what to do haven’t I? 🙂
          BTW the latest recruit to your mindless mini lynch mob is called ‘Counsel’. I trust you will make him feel welcome.

      2. So if Arsenal DO resume training in the near future then they are showing ‘the wisdom of fools’ and being ‘heartless weirdos’ are they?

  5. Isn’t London just now closing their bars? That’s a week behind NYC where it is already overwhelming hospitals. I doubt EPL will resume when FA want it to, and I doubt the players will be back to training so soon either.

  6. a popular prophet from Nigeria TB Joshua told his congregation that the the virus will go on its own before 29th march, 2020. so let’s see if it’s going to be true

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