Arsenal preparing to table an offer imminently for top target

Arsenal has been trying to sign Celtic defender Kieran Tierney all summer and according to some reports have already had two bids rejected.

However, a third bid was always expected and it is being reported that the said third bid will be tabled “imminently

Respected journalist Charlie Watts who reports mainly on Arsenal is the person claiming that a bid is imminent and as regular readers know on JustArsenal, I have a lot of time for Mr Watts and find him very credible.

It was always expected that Arsenal would make a third go at trying to sign the Scottish international but it is always a relief to hear from credible sources that is in fact what is about to happen.

There are some concerns over the fitness levels of the 22-year-old and how long he may be sidelined with his current injury but it is not thought that any of that is a deal-breaker.

Celtic have been holding out for £25 Million and Arsenal have offered that but in instalments and with add ons which the Hoops are not interested in.

It is difficult to see Arsenal playing any more games this close to the deadline and I would expect them to make an offer that the Scottish Champions are likely to accept.

The bottom line for me is I expect this one to be done before the window shuts.


  1. I don’t care what happens, but selling Iwobi without getting a replacement will be suicide.
    There’s no way it’ll be wise to play Auba on the LW as Iwobi’s replacement since we know Mhiki and Ozil can’t do the job.
    I’m not his biggest fan but
    If we sell Iwobi, I hope it means we’re getting someone better than what we have for the LW

    1. We’ve got replacements for Iwobi……. to sit in his place on the bench……. no way he will be starting if he stays.

    2. I rate Iwobi as a player but he
      isnt and will NEVER be an impact
      player on the wings @ AFC. I happen
      to agree with the opinions of others
      its time for the likes of Nelson,
      Saka and Martinelli to be integrated
      into the first team and quite frankly
      there upsides are far greater than
      the Nigerians. Iwobi has a chance to
      stay and feature regularly @ Arsenal
      but only if the rumors of Ozil to DC
      come to fruition.

      1. MLS transfer window closes today so Ozil will not be going yet. I think the report said they were looking at a January move. If Ozil doesn’t get much game time between now and Jan, I think he will be off unless he’s okay with that for the remainder of his contract. Of course it depends how well he will be paid by DC United too.

        1. It also depends on how he plays, a small but relevant point in your scenario.

          What a season this will be for our coach UE.
          He is certainly making his mark…and since Josh made his statement, raul etc have really started to earn their keep.
          Amazing what a kick up the butt can do!!!

          Declan re. Jenks: A great message from a real gooner – hope he succeeds at forest.

          wellbeck signed for Watford…kev never hinted about this Iwobi transfer target…zaha forcing the issue…
          roll on tomorrow night when we will know the answers.

  2. Just seen the message to us fans from Jenko, pure class, unlike the vid and message from Kos……

    1. I disagree… The lad is quality and will only get better, so hope its done in time.

      As for return date….. Lenny rubbished 8 week rumour and said a week before he’s back in full training and then further week to 10 days before he’s match fit.

  3. No surprise about Tierney

    Iwobi’s transfer would surprise me, but it is very unlikely. Because no time to get his replacement

    I have seen how Aubameyang/ Lacazette/ Nelson/ Mkhitaryan played on the left side and Iwobi is still better as an inverted LW. We need good inverted LW to swap positions interchangeably with Pepe

      1. Adajim, I’m with you. Everton Soares will look the best deal in a season or two’s time. Arsenal, with Edu, will hopefully now get South American players before they hit Europe and become expensive.

    1. He would say that now his acts of brinkmanship have failed and we’ve gone quiet on him. I’ll bet you anything he doesn’t play again until October at the earliest but more likely next year!

      1. he has to pass a medical before he signs. It’s not possible for Celtic to trick us unless our doctors are incompetent.

  4. It could well be a flurry of activity for incoming and out going players. Obtaining 40 plus million for Iwobi wouldn’t be the worst piece of business but for me there are other priorities on the sale side such as Ozil and Mustafi but I suspect they both will remain with us. If Iwobi does go I suggest arsenal won’t be seeking to sell anyone else, except maybe a loan or fringe player, to the foreign markets once our window closes. Iwobi could be a loss to us if not replaced

  5. Firstly it took iwobi a preseason game against Chelsea to make Mr Wenger to get chuba akpom sold in that same game he also make Mr Conte never to trust d,Luiz for his entire time @chelsea before Mr Wenger left his comment about iwobi was ::: he is the most creative player at arsenal for now ,here comes Mr Emery’s impression on iwobi ::: I want him to be very close to the opposition box because of his creativity ,stats never said the true story of some players :: tell me how many winger in prem last season that shcooled Alex Arnold,Lazio bid 23mil last season which was rejected now he is worth 40+, I’ll keep him for another two seasons and sell for 80mil .he is worth it.

    1. Curious how he could possibly reach
      your estimated £80M evaulation in
      A few years as a part time player?
      I rate Alex and think he is a very
      valuable squad player but if Emery
      truly rated him as a future star and
      difference maker on the wings or as a
      CAM why did they spend a bloody
      fortune on Pepe and loan for

      AFC are sadly not in a position to
      hope Iwobi takes that nexy step,
      especially when positions of critical
      need, CB and RB could be upgraded
      from his possible sale to Everton.
      The same goes with ESR if RBL are
      serious about lowerng there price
      for Upamecano by his inclusion in
      any deal.

      If Everton are serious about there
      interest in Iwobi and return with
      an improved offer close to Arsenals
      evaluation Raul and Edu should not
      think twice about sanctioning the

      1. @ace don’t be surprised if Emery give iwobi the lw job and rotate auba/laca upfront in recent years we have seen many cam play the lw eg:cazola,nasri,rosicky,Ramsey ozil and only nasri has a better performance than iwobi from the names above last season iwobi should have hit the double figures for assit.if auba/laca have converted most of his creative work and moreover I’ll slash kolasinacs assist in two and give it to iwobi

  6. Mustaphi make zaha look like a God man against us and I don’t want to see iwobi coming up against Niles, mustaphi he will skin them both.

  7. Iwobi got 3 goals and 7 assists in 35 games, for a side that scored the 3rd most goals in the league. If you can get 30+ for him, take it and run.

    I have no doubt that Martinelli would be able to replicate that over 35 games, someone that costs 6m. Put the Iwobi money towards a defender or get Everton in, if you really are desperate for a winger.

  8. Why get rid of iwobi when masyaffi is still avaliable. We need a left winger, must say saka is perfect for us, proper crosser of the ball. But at moment iwobi is are most experienced lw and if he can get his final dssision making right he’d be one of the best in world football. He gets past players with ease, gets to oppersition penalty box and chooses the wrong pass. I don’t want to see him get that right at another club.

  9. Elneny to join Galatasaray ? How credible is this news because it will make me happy.

  10. So Zaha has officially handed in a transfer request. Playing devils advocate here, Iwobi goes to Everton for 40 plus million. This gives us the available cash to boost both the KT offer with up front cash and we go back in for Zaha with the remaining cash plus player, say Elneny/miki maybe, in instalments

  11. i don’t think palace will want myki and ozil alone, though we can give them ozil and myki plus 20million and see what they will say.

  12. If we can sell iwobi to palace for 40million, give palace ozil and myki with 20million for zaha this will be the best transfer window ever.

  13. sell iwobi….we will definitely regret selling him….anyone remember a certain wilfred zaha few years back….give iwobi sometime and u will be glad u did…..i say no to selling iwobi….

  14. apparently David Luiz is close to joining us ffrom chelsea ? not the commanding CB i was hoping for

    1. Arsenal is all over the place for defenders…Upamecano..Umtiti..Luiz.Rug ani..but the best for us currently is Willy Boly

      1. We’ve left it far too late. Our first choices were Rugani (average), and Upamencano (20yrs old and was likely to be outside our budget). Why is it so hard for Arsenal to scout a decent CB??

  15. IF this David Luiz stuff is true, I’m convinced Arsenal just think this CB stuff is some cruel, ongoing joke. We are buying another teams deadwood after shipping off deadwood. Hope Chelsea say NO.

    1. Chelsea would be left with 3 first team CB’s. One would be Zouma who is injury prone. Hoping this doesn’t happen. Can’t imagine it would. Chelsea would be mad to do so. Arsenal are mad to be interested.

      1. RSH, also Chelsea have a transfer ban, so how can they replace Luis, unless they have a CB prospect in their Academy?

  16. Please let David luiz be false ? arsenal really taking they’re time in submitting this 3rd KT bid it’s getting really boring now, can’t wait until this transfer window closes.

  17. Anyone is better than Mustafi. Even our Sumo wrestler Socratis. Luiz for one season until Saliba arrives. Not the worst. At least he moves forward instead of Mustafi’s backward. He is just a sticky plaster for the year but will cure the wound. I do think he would get us into 4th place/Champions league. Next year Saliba, Holding and a new signing.

  18. Is it true that he has 2 herniated discs that needed surgery? I know it’s different sugeries for this and some don’t even feel symptoms. But if he needs surgery and it’s TWO discs and he is playing on a top level of football… I would be very careful about buying him until you see how he is post surgery. A long time after post surgery imo as a phsyio. I had a patient once with a herniated disc and he had so much pain he just wanted to die, but some have no pain at all. I’m not going to ramble on about this, but it’s a big big risk buying this player. A herniated disk stay for life. It never heals.
    Sorry for my bad English.

    1. Subi, we just have to trust the Arsenal medical team, hopefully changed since the Kalstrom fiasco.

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