Are Arsenal preparing the way to sign Romelu Lukaku?

Is Jordan Lukaku the preparation for Romelu? by Midkemma

With reports that Arsenal are looking at left backs and Gibbs future at Arsenal uncertain, this could be the year to see Wenger getting a younger player with great promise to cover for the aging Monreal, someone who has promise and also the attributes to step into the team when required.

Guerreiro is one left back that would meet the requirements but we would face stiff competition with Liverpool who may be looking to spend this summer for Klopp, there is no doubt that he looks like a player for the future but for the fee that he could command with popular interest, it may force Wenger to look at other opportunities and one may have dropped in his lap.

Jordan Lukaku is now a target for Wenger according to the Express, a young and powerful left back who likes to get forward and has a few tricks in his bag, this does sound like a player that would grab Wengers interest. Valued at around £2 million I believe it also sounds like a price that would grab Arsenals attention, a bargain in the modern era of football and we all know how Arsenal like their bargains.

If Arsenal were to get Jordan Lukaku then that could lay the foundation for Wenger to snatch Romelu and bag himself a striker that has already adapted to the fast and physical pace of the premier league, a player that looks to only get better with time, this would appeal to both Wenger and Stan Kroenke as he seems destined for great things. Getting him now could save us millions in the near future, even though he will not come cheap as it stands.

Romelu has spoken how he would like to play football with his brother after the pair had combined their efforts to score for Belgium, in another interview Romelu Lukaku revealed that he thinks highly of our manager and rates him as one of the top 3 managers he would like to play for and in yet another interview Romelu has revealed that he desires champions league football. With all that he has said it leaves little doubt that he would like to move and being able to play champions league football at Arsenal with his brother would meet all his requirements, the only question now is do Arsenal want them both or are the newspapers just saying what-ever gets them the sales?

What do you lot think?

Would you like the Lukaku brothers at Arsenal?


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    1. The thing is why would we buy Lukaku when Wenger is grooming Welbeck to be the target striker after Giroud ? I know we badly need a new striker but I would prefer one with low-centre of gravity, skill and agility. Giroud should be replaced by Welbeck and Theo should be replaced by a new forward with the qualities I mentioned. But knowing how unrealistic that may be why not make Sanchez the main no9 instead ? He was scoring for fun and dominatin the defence when he started in that position, he carried Barca as a striker when Messi was injured so he’s clearly good enough. While he plays as our CF we can bring in in a player like Draxler to start ins his LW position and eventually be converted into a left froward.

      1. GK: Cech, Ospina
        RB: Bellerin, Chambers
        CB: Koscielny, Laporte, Gabriel, Mertesaker
        LB: Monreal, Gibbs
        CDM: Coquelin, Carvalho
        CM: Ramsey, Wilshere, Elneny
        CAM: Ozil, Cazorla
        LW: Kostic, Campbell
        RW: Sanchez, Ox
        ST: Ibrahimovic, Welbeck, Giroud

        Loan Out: Szczesny, Zelalem, Bielik, Gnabry, Adelaide, Iwobi

        1. I keep warning you guys, stop counting Wilshere as part of your squad. The guy wont play 5 matches a season!

      2. Welbeck is 1 man and he wasn’t Wengers choice either, Wenger said initially that if he had stayed at home then Welbeck wouldn’t be here now, I am doubly glad he went to the WC. Glad that Wenger got Alexis and I am glad we got Welbeck.

        Please don’t take that as slander against Welbeck, I rate him higher than Giroud and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he can step up and perform on a consistent basis.

        Theo isn’t trusted in the CF role and Akpom hasn’t done enough at Hull to show he is ready, Giroud has proven himself to not be reliable…

        Even if Welbeck meets the expectation of him, Arsenal would still need 1 more class CF to make sure we are not caught out by our old friend, Mr Injury.

        While we both can agree that we could do with 1 more striker, I do disagree with Alexis being moved up to do that role due to his ability to shoot from outside of the box. We don’t have enough players willing to do that and when Alexis is in form… What a shot he has. He is a threat outside the box and players have to close him down… no matter where he is on the pitch. He can also run past players on a whim which helps in creating space for others to exploit, others who should be in a better position most the time. I do feel that Alexis can offer more from the left when he has the freedom to swap sides and play on the right for a while, his movement and passion pulls players around while also being able to bag himself a decent amount of goals.

    2. I asked but a simple question.

      I waste my wishes on trying to get Silent Stan out of Arsenal and Dein back in ^.^

  1. Sign FattyGooner
    to replace wheelchair
    Muffdiver to replace
    rusting Rosicky
    Hafiz Rahman as he will out score Sanogoals
    Fatty Muffy and Hafi the Triumphant Turbo Triumverate
    FMH will bring us EPL ECL Glory 🙂

    1. Yeah great idea. Add the Ememba man above and Soopa and we can have the Prozac Arsenal side, probably fourth bottom of the Miserable Depressives League!

  2. well the idea of this article is really nice if you think about it :O if wenger really does do it… then hats off.. brilliant 😀

  3. I see what you trying to do Midkemma. Fact is it rarely happens like this in the real world with Arsenal.

    But one can dream, can’t he?

    Lukaku is the striker I dream of the most. He is only 22 years old and yet he’s got the pedigree of a bonafide top PL striker.

    He is such a complete striker… he doesn’t over-rely on any one of his strong attributes to perform.

    I dream of only two signings the summer – Lukaku and Gundogan.

    1. Gundogan is a very good player, I rate him highly and wouldn’t say no to seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.
      Great vision, very good passing, calm on the ball and intelligent. Would be good competition for Elneny to partner Coquelin.

      My 1st choice CF would be Ibrah but we will not get him with his wages, as good as it would be, it wouldn’t fit in with the wage structure.

      Lukaku I think is the best we can go for, I think he is currently on around £75k per week and if I am right then we could improve his wages without breaking the wage structure, the main problem will be his purchase price. Lukaku is doing the job for Everton and if he can improve while being in a better team like Arsenal then even £50mil could be a bargain…

  4. Personally, I’d like us to sign Luke Garbutt from Everton. Anybody remember him? He’s the understudy to Baines with the nice hair and good at whipping in balls from crosses and set plays. Look him up everybody!

  5. Don’t sweat it….. I entered a $400 bet with a colleague that Arsenal will/cannot sign


    its an $100 per player deal. I know Wenger will help me win this bet since he can’t win us the EPL or the Champions League or even Win a Chelsea Team for more than 5 years.

    1. Sure that’s not a fair bet, do you know how difficult it is to even guess what one transfer target will be. Never mind four, and then that’s only guessing the correct targets because pulling them off is no small feat. If your mate can get four genuine targets correct, before the media, well he should get better odds than Lei fans got for winning the title. And if we sign all four, he should get a share of the lottery.

  6. Why should Wenger sign Lukaku? Here’s why. Everton are lying 12th in the league, yet Lukaku is 3rd highest striker marginly behind Vardy and Kaine. Just do some research on how many chances Everton have created this season and you will see just how resourceful Lukaku has been. To have scored 18 goals and 6 assists with such poor creativity in the midfield is something to marvel at. Just imagine this guy with Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez etc around him – he would be sitting over 25 goals by now considering how WASTEFUL Giroud, Walcott etc have been.

    He is also only 22 years old! HELLO WENGER, SIGN HIM FFS THIS IS A NO BRAINER. Getting tired of having to settle with sh** up front when we have the best midfield in the league.

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