Arsenal press conference – What has changed exactly?

What was worrying about Emery’s press conference? by Dan Smith

Apart from his brave attempt in speaking English, there was something worrying about Unai Emery’s press conference this week. When asked if Arsenal were finished with their buying he appeared to suggest he was happy with what we have but if someone ‘who can help’ becomes available, we would be in for him.

It’s not the Spaniard’s fault, but most observers will realise he was feeding us the same company line Arsene Wenger would lie about for years. Every transfer window the Frenchmen would insist we would spend money if someone special was out there. From a PR perspective this is better than, in the middle of July, ending fans interest in the transfer window. You are more likely to sell new shirts if you can trick gooners into believing rumours are true.

Once Stan Kroenke gets the phone call that season tickets are renewed he will then give the go ahead to authorise sales, recouping money, meaning our nett profit ends up a small one.

We know this because that’s how our club has been run for over a decade now. We believed that a new manager would change our ambition. But without a ball being kicked I have my answers.

Many fans seem excited by our new arrivals despite most having never seen them play or even knowing who they were this time 12 months ago. Signings with potential but not on the radar of the 5 rivals who comfortably finished ahead of us. A recruitment team with a job criteria to find value rather then make us championship contenders.

In one day Man City spent our whole budget on one player. Readers have often commented we need to accept we don’t have those resources. But why have our fan base accepted that?

Why are we putting up with a limited transfer kitty which we know will slowly be recouped? Why do we accept this stinginest while everything else in and around the Emiraites is so pricy? Unai Emery said this week he’s now happy with his squad. Which is why he has the job. He accepts only spending 50 million when other managers wouldn’t have.

Dress it up how you want but that’s why an Enrique or Ancelotti were not on the short list.

Dan Smith


  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Dan Smith I don’t k ow what to call you but I need to say you’re a bad weed which we should cut off before you grow and infect others.
    “It’s not the Spaniard’s fault, but most observers will realise he was feeding us the same company line Arsene Wenger would lie about for years.”
    Really? just a press conference and you already finding faults and picking problems out already?
    You do realize unlike Wenger, Emery has gotten his transfers done earlier and is already working with the team right? You do realize you’d be spreading negativity among the fans if you start picking faults this early already.
    Great! this is what we need! Let’s all fvcking start looking for ways to pick on the efforts of the new era even though we all know we can’t change the whole team in a summer

    1. Ina says:

      you seem to miss the point as the writer isn’t criticizing our new manager. Rather he is saying the Board is our issue in Arsenal FC. When other boards are buying proven players, our board members due to selfishness and greed don’t spend much to propel the club further.hence the board need be changed to a board with people who have ambitions to win trophies and bring glory to arsenal FC again

      1. DAN says:

        Thank you ina for understanding that at no point did I hammer our new manager

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          Dan and Ina, yes I didn’t point out that you picked on the manager, my point is the fault you’re already picking, my point is the negativity that will spread along with it when you arsenal fans are like Ants running to sugar when it comes to negativity

    2. Declan says:

      Agree with you Eddie and was hoping to get in first having just read the article, but I’m late to the party today. I thought this site was an Arsenal SUPPORTERS site not one where articles are being written by dirt spreading, click baiting, “let’s bring the fan base down and spread some more unrest” writers. But it’s Dan of course, who knew eh!
      Thoroughly nasty piece of writing.

      1. abs says:

        completely agree, we haven’t even played a match yet and already people are slating the new players. I don’t get how anyone could think the way we have conducted our transfer business by getting 5 new players in before the start of the season is anything like the shambles we have put up with the past 10 years maybe even longer. We are a club that are in a rebuilding phase and as supports we need to understand it would be impossible for any manager to make every change we needed in one window. Anyone who thinks 10 years of poor management can be fixed in not even a few months is living in the same delusional world as mr wenger himelf

        1. OzzieGunner says:


    3. Abbas says:

      Agree 100%,
      We needed a change of manager, but also in goodwill from the fans.

      1. OzzieGunner says:


      2. Imi says:

        Lol we need new fans mate… these dogs have no shame.

        New manager new system. We now need to observe and see what he brings with him.

        He made signings in the correct positions.

        We have 2 proven strikers and a great sub in Danny welbeck.

        We have an okay ish midfield and a defence that appears to have been strengthened correctly.

        We also bought in a quality keeper in Leno to replace the aging cech as let’s face it He wasn’t great for 2 seasons now.

        So to sum up at this early stage it’s not the board or the manager but the fans.

        We need to fans.

  2. Phil says:

    Off topic I know but a BIG SHOUT OUT?to ALFIE and his World Cup Podcasts.???
    Let’s get Lineker out and ALFIE IN

  3. odyyyy says:

    what w load of craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab

  4. Vineet Joseph says:

    Your post is unreasonable. You seem like someone who considers a successful transfer window if all 11 players in the starting line are bought in.

    1. ClassyGunner says:

      and each one of those 11 costs more than 50million

  5. YB says:

    I thought that since the Wenger out brigade got their wish and we had a new person in, that the sun was shining, all was good and the negativity was gone. This blog is just pure negativity, does Dan Smith actually have any positive points about The Arsenal ? If this new era is all bad, what was Dan Smith hoping for ? what unrealistic ideal did Dan Smith envisage post Wenger ?

    1. Mobella says:

      Dan was Pro Wenger and that should make us all realise what his insinuation is all about. Does he want Emery to fail?, i don’t have any ideal. But what i say to you Dan is as someone who has overly respect for our former coach the best things that had happened to me in the last 5 as a gunner are Wenger out of our club and fans feeling positive again. So take your imaginary problem elsewhere. To admin you also can help by not posting any negative articles for a season.

  6. Pablo Picasso says:

    Dan enough respective for your piece.

    However you should take note that it is not always easy for any team to bring in 5 players (4 likely for the first team) and integrate them all with the existing team. In order to have a balanced squad / meet the quota / be competitive and BALANCE the Books certain players definitely have to move on for both the club and us the fans sake because God knows w are tired of seeing certain plays.

    We may have been feed a similar statement, difference this time is the team has actually addressed most of our notable weakness unlike in the past. For me any other first team purchase will be a bonus and a hope its a winger or midfield magician with skills like Modric, Carzoal, Isco, etc.

    All in all I am happy with our current business bar most of the deadwood still been around which I hope the club will ship off soon. We cant rebuild in one season, it will take time.

    1. Pablo Picasso says:

      Eh, apology for the typos but I hope you catch my drift. I guess Dan’s vibe got to me when typing.

      1. Abel says:

        Pablo, you seem to be the only person who has objectively responded to Dan’s points in the article.
        Dan has a point, and so do you. However, it does really seem we do not have more than £50m to spend on transfers and there will be no marquee signing.
        We have spent £70M and our incomings are done. We would most likely sell £20m worth of players to balance our accounts and stay within the highly publicised £50m budget.

  7. Oyetola says:

    This post is useless. Get out of the door with your negativity if you can’t support the team. Rubbish!

  8. Chiza says:

    Remember i told you that i have a feeling deep down in me that we are going to make a big summer signing and now emery indirectly confirmed that yesterday…our big summer signing could come from anywhere but I’m edging towards Real Madrid or juventus…. From Real Madrid it could be any of these players(isco or Vazquez)….from Juventus it could be douglas costa……prepare arsenal fans something stunning is coming up

    1. gotanidea says:

      Isco is impossible, but Lucas Vazquez is very likely and Douglas Costa will be a more fantastic signing than Vazquez

    2. tas says:

      Chiza hope so mate hope so but going from our history its unlikely unless someone big with a huge huge huge discount comes along on the last day, without being negative aldo we have the fiances but we just don’t have the players to challenge for top spot but we most possibly can get 4th trophy back again

      i can understand where Dan Smith is coming from where our rivals who already are way ahead of us have only just started to buy and over spent more then us with one player but i’m hoping that Emery can inspire the squad and push for top four and we will see who he will sign next summer, don’t forget its years of neglect on buying top quality players and as the saying goes ” ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY ”

      Emery want a do a good job we can all see that but look what happened to Conte he pushed his team too much and it cracked, lets hope Emery learns from his downfall

  9. Mike says:

    I’m with you mate, same old same old, letting Jack go is madness. Good luck to the manager and I’m behind him like I was with Wenger, but I don’t see anything ambitious about these signings. There is nothing ambitious about them. To pretend there is makes little sense. That his style may produce better results is an argument but there is no difference in quality and cost of the signings than usual, the only difference is that we bought them sooner which is a positive x

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Agree with you mike and dan to a point ,nothing new in the types of signings we have made ,and like you said only positive it’s a new coach and early signing ,still the same shitty board

      1. Bobby says:

        Its a clear indication that Wenger was not the biggest problem we had but the board

  10. mukta says:

    what our emry did is not the thing I want because we arsenal we need world class players not this players that he bought

    1. Someone says:

      You obviously don’t know anything about these players.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        What and you do
        Tell me more because you seem to know there strengths

  11. gotanidea says:

    We will know whether Emery’s transfer budget is limited to fifty millions or not, when this transfer window is closed

    I know they just spent a lot on Lacazette, Aubameyang and Ozil’s mega contract extension in the last season, but buying higher quality players should be the top priority. Arsenal also have to extend Xhaka’s and Ramsey’s contracts, maybe because no other club is willing to purchase them with thirty millions?

    Higher quality players do not always cost above thirty millions. If Arsenal’s scouting system is good, they will find hidden gems, maybe Guendouzi is one of them

    1. tas says:

      gotanidea the whole world is a scout if a kid can hold the ball up more then 10 times you can bet his been scouted,

      we just have to hope one or two of our players will become world class and one or two will become really good players from average and one or two youth will amaze us, i can see we are bringing in experience and mature players to mold the young players we are bringing in, i think Emery is gambling on long term success rather then short team options because of the budget he has to work with

  12. Phil says:

    Dan Smith-a very negative article before a ball has even been kicked.The majority of supporters seem pleased that Emery had identified the weak points in the team( to be fair even Stevie Wonder could see what was wrong) and set about plugging the holes.Ok I accept that our reported £50-70m transfer budget seems to have been correct but he seems to have used it well and brought in experience at the back and TWO CDM’s.Lets not forget that we still had a nucleus of Avery good squad of players to hand over to Emery with some youth prospects that could also give him depth.We had our worst season ever last year under a manager who had simply run out of ideas.The Football was terrible and the away form was an absolute joke.But we still got sixth place in spite of that and with the right motivation and COACHING this squad is more than capable of achieving a Top4 finish.
    No new manager would be mad enough to bring in too many signings and disrupt the team before a ball has been kicked.Emery SEEMS in control and SEEMS to know what he is doing.Continuity with most of last years team and the new signings is the very best we could expect and I believe he has delivered on that.Lets give him time before we jump all over him.And to be fair he surely won’t perform worst than Wenger last season so just finishing Top4 would seem a success

    1. NutnTiddy says:

      Phil….”our worst season ever”…how long have you been a supporter.
      Not the best season by a long shot I agree but were you not around at Highbury with gates at times down to under 10k. No of course not. You no doubt came along in the Wenger success years and thought they could go on for ever and ever.

      1. jon fox says:

        NutnTiddy, as an older fan, I can see from your profile that you remember the late fifties, as I do. I was there in 1966 when we had just 4554 in the crowd, against Leeds and also well remember MANY other seasons far worse than last season. But PHIL IS A PASSIONATE AND KNOWLEDGEABLE FAN and has also been around a while, even if not as long as you and me. Your comments to Phil were unfair and uncalled for, as I know for a fact he is not a Johnny come lately glory seeker under WENGERS EARLY YEARS. He has rightly been scathing of the appalling bad years under Wenger. His last sentence was spot on and no one can help when they were born. Just because things were even worse decades ago than last season, is not any reason to accept mediocrity AND lack of motivation – plus all WENGERS OTHER FAULTS -in this era. All Phil did was state this truth, as I have also constantly done over the whole last decade.

  13. Sue says:

    Oh Dan… sigh….. less of the doom & gloom please!
    The future is bright

    1. Mobella says:

      He wants to be Konstantin of Emery’s era.

        1. Ackshay says:

          pro-wenger biased article, wenger enjoyed years of good budget post 2013 and blew most of that on bad players.
          14/15 – 107m spent, net spend 82m alexis arrival
          16/17 – 96m spent, net spend 87m xhaka arrival
          17/18 – 106m spent, 1st season in last 5 we had a profit

          Wenger spent like shit, now emery is paying the price with a reduced budget. 40m for xhaka 32m for kante same season lol.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            As we are quoting figures, thought I would like to investigate further.
            Since 1996 we have spent £687.4 million pounds on buying players.
            As a comparison, Mansour at City has spent since 2008, 800 million.
            This is where I think the criticism is being aimed, not at the manager or the players purchased, but the owner and board who decide transfer budgets.
            Have a look at our incoming and outgoings since moving to the Emirates

            18/19 spent 51 million
            17/18 spent 124 million sold 115 million plus one und.
            16/17 spent 54.6 mil. sold 5 mill
            15/16 spent 50.95 mil. sold 1.8 mill
            14/15 spent 103.750 mil.sold 17 mill
            13/14 spent 42.5 mill. sold 9.5 mill.
            12/13 spent 47.5 mill. sold 40 mill.
            11/12 spent 48.72 mill. sold 64 mill.
            10/11 spent 4 mill. sold 6.8 mill.
            9/10 spent 19.7 mill. sold 41 mill.
            8/9. spent 30.8 mill. sold 15.8 mill.
            7/8 spent 13.2 mill. sold 9.5 mill.
            6/7 spent 14 mill. sold 32.6 mill. Emirates.

            If you study those figures, Emery is being asked to spend the same transfer kitty as that spent in the 2015/16 season.
            That is despite of the CL qualification money and the profits made by the club in increased revenue, TV money etc etc.
            I believe Emery has spent his transfer money very wisely and in the areas we needed to strengthen.
            It has been a brilliant piece of business by the three musketeers and we have every right to feel positive for the start of the season.
            If we are the 3/4/5/6th richest club in the world, why are we not seeing the owner/board giving the manager the kind of money that he needs to challenge even harder against the money men of City,Utd and Chelsea?
            We all want Emery to succeed, this is not a pro Wenger or anti Emery post, surely it is asking us, as supporters, to start questioning where the money from the previous seasons has gone AND WHY Emery has a budget the same size as we spent in 15/16 and only slightly more than in 11/12 and 12/13?
            Let’s try to be a united set of supporters and really start to question the issues of today, not yesterday or ten season’s ago. We are being taken for a ride by this owner and, in my opinion, the board as well.

          2. OzzieGunner says:


          3. jon fox says:

            Transfer kitty IS an important factor KEN , for sure. But so is coaching , tactics, organisation , esp in defending and motivation. I need not revisit the many differences between you and me on those matters during the majority of Wengers last decade, though you may have beee more in agreement with me over the last two seasons, I now realise.

          4. Bobby says:

            These are the real issues I have been worried about in the last ten years and why I never really thought that Wenger leaving was the solution although I agree as of two seasons back he had lost grip of the team considerably and he never created enough competition in the team

          5. Ken1945 says:

            Well Jon, this article is questioning if anything has changed.
            It already has been confirmed that the methods of Emery differ from our ex manager ( as per Sheet Head’s link), so that area has been covered.
            But the point of the article was, in my opinion, has the money being offered as the alleged transfer kitty changed? Has that kitty allowed the club to be at the level where we can challenge the likes of City?
            I think it’s obvious that the answer to both those questions is NO.
            Emery and his team have done an amazing job with the speedy signings and the level of player brought in, but they will not be able to compete with the two manc clubs and/or Chelsea in a head to head financial battle.
            The question is why not?
            We have the money, but where is it?
            As Bobby says, these are the real issues that are never queried and Dan is eluding to.
            It’s not a Wenger vs Emery issue at all, but another way to make us think about the accountability of the Owner and the board members.

          6. Ackshay says:

            United most of us are but slating players and coach before the season has started is nothing new. City are spending ridiculous money and it seems Ffp is bribed, 460m spent in 3 transfer windows which not even real and man utd the richest teams in the world cannot.
            Its disgusting that we are clearly being cautious after 2 europa leagues while they are clearly financial doping.

          7. Ken1945 says:

            Ackshay sorry but I haven’t read anyone on this site slating our new manager and his signings.
            It’s good to know that we are slowly realising that the club, in the guise of the owner and board, are laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.
            You mentioned two seasons in the Europa league and being cautious…. we should be able to compete for the top players and not tie Emery’s hands behind his back.
            I have no doubt that he will be successful, but imagine what he could do if he was backed fully by those at the top table.

  14. big g says:

    I have to agree in part with this article as it does sound like the lines Wenger would have had us believe, however as an Arsenal fan I can’t wait to see the new look line up with our new manager shouting at the players from the touchline. I can’t wait to see our players pressing the opposition instead of standing still waiting for the ball to come to them. If we press and can keep possession then hopefully we’ll concede a lot less goals this season than last. We don’t have many issues with our attacking side of the game other than maybe needing a winger but i think that would be a top, top signing which probably won’t arrive untill January of even next summer.

  15. Eredec61 says:

    Dan Smith must be a troll, for how else could he have written this piece. I am sure Dan knew who Jesus was and had seen him play before before ManCity bought him. If Dan in his blinkered view has failed to see the massive difference in recruitment between and Wenger’s era, then that is his problem. I remember when we last bought five players, we did so in panic just when the window was about to shut and we ended up using only two of those players as squad players. I don’t understand why this reverence for high value players. The price does not always guarantee performance; I can name you a few. To conclude, cut Emery and the new management team at Arsenal some slack. Start criticising them when the players fail to deliver on the pitch for a season or two.

    1. De-ra says:

      Bless you!!

  16. Ray says:

    Way too soon to judge Dan!!

    Wait until the end of the season mate. Also, remember we are still not in the CL next year so it’s obvious money will be tight.

    PLEASE let’s not get on Emery’s back just yet and give the guy (and team) a chance!

    Let’s also remember, The Madrid’s, Barcelona’s, PSG’s and City’s of this planet will always be spending stupid money because they are ran or owned by people who have no sense of compassion and respect for the value of money and what it can do for the youth of the world!

  17. GB says:

    Dan, what’s with all the negative vibes man?

    1. DAN says:

      Tired how club being run mate

      1. Bobby says:

        Its the board who runs the club not the players and the manager so it will be nice if you emphasis this so the negative vibe does not get to the team because you would be failing as a supporter.

  18. ruelando says:

    We can not say anything has actually changed until we see how the team plays, but what can be said is that the transfer business has been on the positive side.

    – A new Keeper plenty experience, highly thought of
    – Two experience, hard men defenders, leaders in their own right
    – Two talented Defensive midfielders

    Some of those signed might not be our idea of what we need, but lets hive the management a chance to prove us wrong

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  19. jon fox says:

    Dan Smith, Shame on you and your unwarranted negativity. How ludicrous to judge the new regime before even one single game under them. I suggest that the vast majority on here, and certainly me, will find it hard to take YOUR future articles seriously. In my case , I am now tempted to not even bother reading them. Your “article” or tale of woe without cause, makes you look pathetic and ridiculous.

    1. DAN says:

      Jon fox
      Do you know how many articles you say that in then actually not just read but take the time to comment on lol

      1. jon fox says:

        Clearly I have hit a nerve. The truth usually does just that.

        1. DAN says:

          You say that all the time as well lol
          Why would you hit a nerve
          I got u commenting mate

          1. jon fox says:

            You flatter me by following my actual past phrases so closely. Yes , you may have my autograph and you only need to ask. Start my fan club too if you wish. Never mind that what you claim I ALWAYS say is nowhere near true. I expect dullards to get things wrong and don’t think any the less of you for being one.

  20. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Oh darn it !what world class players? How many does Croatia have in that team,where’s Ronaldo, messi,neymar and all the world class payers that started the world cup? How many worldies did Liverpool have that they got to the UCL final?how many did Leicester parade when they won the league title?definitely world class players does win you games but also,When is it going to dawn on you trolls that in today’s football more of team discipline,determination, hard work & tactical approach of managers is what get teams far ahead in competitions.let Emery do his job & if you are a true arsenal fan f*** cking get behind this team & dont dare bring any negativity close until we finish this season.capisce?!!

    1. DAN says:

      How many worldies do France have or previous WC winners Spain and Germany
      You mention CL final , wasn’t that won by a world class goal by a world class players
      Have city and Chelsea not won titles based on spending the most money
      Most of the time , teams who win things have world class players
      Not asking our board to break the bank but could they do more ?

      1. Reyesorarsenal says:

        With europa league football?

  21. Sparkles says:

    This is what Dan wants…
    Trippier…. Ramos….. Umtiti…. Lucas Hernandez
    Kante……….. Modric
    Mhiki…………. Isco…………Hazard
    Bench- Leno, Bellerin, Monreal, Soyuncu, Mavropanos, Torreira, Ramsey, Max Meyer, Pavon, Dembele, Laca.
    #Madness. This is reality, not FM.

    1. DAN says:

      11 subs ?

      1. Sparkles says:

        11 back up players if you prefer. do you want to go through the season with 18 players? Is that what you want from Emery?

        1. DAN says:

          I want owners who give the best they have to make us competitive and I don’t believe they have done that through the choice of manager or transfers
          I’ll still support them
          No difference to allot of fans being unsure when Rodgers was linked
          You are allowed to say if you don’t agree with something

  22. DAN says:

    Hey guys , just my opinion.
    I’m not going to write Our manager and transfers were fantastic if I don’t believe It just because it’s popular.
    No one should ever mask their opinions just to be in the majority
    I have always been against the board and I maintain I have seen this before
    Was I exspecting household names , that never happens but I was exspecting the best possible effort to close a huge gap
    Do I think we got the best possible manager to be champions. No.
    Do I believe the players we got are the best we could of got , no.
    Do I believe there is money to do better , yes
    I maintain that if wenger had made these signings you guys wouldn’t be happy.
    I want to be wrong but can’t see it

    1. Sparkles says:

      if Wenger had made these signings, i would have been extremely elated. i would have looked forward to the next season just like i’m doing now. for donkey years we had no real DM, yet he never addressed the issue. instead he made CMs play like DMs. He played players out of position instead of buying the right players. the list is endless… Iwobi, Xhaka, Ox, AMN, etc. I am not the type of fan that raves for a marque signing. i have seen big names flop eg Morata at Chelsea, Shevchenko at Chelsea, Falcao at Man U etc. i have also seen unknown players raise their games eg Kante at Leicester city, Cech at Chelsea, Vardy at Leicester, Henry and Viera in Arsenal etc. So, its not about the names, its about the team balance, the teamwork and the tactics. Leicester in 2016 and more recently Croatia in the WC are good examples. Finnally, I think you should get your act together and support the team or at least just save us your opinion ( which i consider crap by the way) and let us do so.

      1. DAN says:

        So you seen these players play
        This time 2 months ago , you knew who they were ?
        In May , this manager was your first choice ?
        And you believe we have done the best we can to close the gap ?

        1. Sparkles says:

          I’m not a scout. I don’t watch every football league. Emery wasn’t my 1st choice in May, but when we appointed him, i checked him up and found his profile decent. Same as the players we have bought. I read about them when we got linked to them, I saw Torreira and Lich in the world cup. I saw Lich neutralise Neymar and i saw Torreira”s MOM performace against Russia and his above par contribution against Portugal and i knew they were better than we had and that is good enough for me. Tell me, what exactly do you want? About the gap, it can not be closed in one season considering the decay that eroded the club for over a decade. I don’t think we are at the top yet, but i believe we are all the way up.

      2. jon fox says:

        Well said. Dan is replying to all those(very many) who challenge his woeful article. In his heart of hearts he knows he is wrong to be such an uncalled for pessimist about someone who, as yet, has not even managed us for a single game. His criticism is totally without foundation and I believe he knows that. But he has not the honesty to admit he was wrong to write as he has. Shame, as he would have gained far more respect.

        1. DAN says:

          Not after respect
          Stand by my opinion , owners could do more to make us challenge considering money we have
          Very simple and fair point to make
          Calling me a childish name isn’t a debate lol

        2. DAN says:

          Jon Fox
          See if you can have a debate without your usual insults
          We had a press conference where are new boss essentially said transfer buisness was done
          So I have a right has a ticket holder to say if I’m happy
          I don’t think it’s unfair for example to say one of the reasons we finished so far off a top 4 was we didn’t have a world class cb who would lead those around him
          Our board have signed a cb from Greece
          I don’t think that’s enough
          Now that might not be what you want to hear but I think it’s a fair point
          I’m not going to write we are going to win the title just for ‘respect ‘
          I assume most of us are adults who can form an opinion
          I accept I’m clearly in the minority but doesn’t mean I’m wrong
          I’d rather though someone give an educational counter point of why they think R buisness will close the gap instead of the usual , ‘ he’s not an arsenal fan ‘ etc
          I assume Jon fox you don’t live with parents , your not a virgin
          Be a man and have a debate instead of insults

          1. jon fox says:

            Keep digging that hole even bigger Dan! Mind you don’t fall in it!

          2. DAN says:

            As usual Jon fox a stunning counter point made

          3. Abel says:

            Never mind the self acclaimed old man, his senility wouldn’t allow him respond to an opposing point without insulting the person or belittling them.
            This is an Arsenal site for ‘everything’ Arsenal.
            Don’t be bullied to fall in line. Everyone should be able to think for themselves and not let others do their thinking for them as most on here do.
            Manchester United lost their champions league place and immediately set about rectifying that by changing manager and spending more on higher profile players backed by the board. And guess what? They are back in the champions league.
            Chelsea did same and even won the league after finishing outside European qualification places.
            We have done the first bit, changing manager, but are not showing enough ambition in the transfer market to get back into champions league.
            We do have a good squad but as has been shown, so do our other 5 competitors for the 4 champions league slots available. So we need to be much more proactive as we try to wrestle away the initiative from our opponents. Let’s put sentiment and new manager honey moon aside.

    2. Bobby says:

      Dan I understand your take on the issue and I have always maintained while Wenger was here that he was not the exact problem because the board is not ambitious and even if you bring Pep here, nothing will change and that explains why the board were always happy to keep Wenger because he will just do what they ask with question and that was my problem with Wenger inspit of all the criticism he got

  23. Fidel O says:

    Saw a comment about letting jack go was wrong? Don’t understand. Listen, jack just being lazy does not want to fight for his shirt. What happens if very one is demanding for a start? Oh come on those comfort zone days of Wenger are gone. You either fight or u are done with.

  24. Fidel O says:

    The season has not began yet and here are fans beginning to slay the manager. What happens if we loose our first game….

    1. DAN says:

      Mate I back the manager
      Just wasn’t my first choice and the irony is I bet wasn’t many gooners first choice
      I feel top names would of wanted to work for more ambitious owners
      There’s no rule that just because I support arsenal I have to agree with everything
      I’m not 12

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        Dan if Unai Emery wasn’t your first choice, who was?
        Were they available and prepared/ able contractually to leave their present club? How much remuneration did they demand? Were they prepared to come to a club not in the Champions League? Were they prepared to work as part of the “trinity” management structure at Arsenal?
        Unai Emery did take the opportunity on offer and he does not appear to be a man who continances failure or will pander to players’ egos.

        1. DAN says:

          I agree mate
          But with how rich we were
          How much our owner makes from the club
          If he wanted to he could of made that job available to the best
          Renemver wenger was getting 9 million a year
          I reckon the top names hearf only 50 -70 million was free and knew that couldn’t make us champions
          In the long run that’s what I want

          1. OzzieGunner says:

            Dan, you haven’t answered my question. Given the constraints, who was available who had a better CV than Unai Emery?
            At least Unai Emery had the intestinal fortitude to take up the challenge.
            It appears there are many so called fans who believe the EPL winner is determined by which club spends the most money. Experience shows that in sport that is not always the case; apparently 21 clubs are wasting their time every season.

          2. Abel says:

            I thought the premiership had 20 clubs, or have Celtic or Rangers joined?

          3. OzzieGunner says:

            Sorry my bad!

  25. Fidel O says:

    Here we go again

  26. DAN says:

    What do I want?
    Ambitious owners mate who care about winning things

  27. Someone says:

    Such a negative article , you do understand that we have addressed all the positions we needed improvement !!!!!! unlike previous windows !! ENOUGH of this negativity and let the season starts and then we will decide.

    1. DAN says:

      So I have to write Emery is a great appointment when I don’t think he is
      And that our transfer policy is excellent when it’s not just because I’m an Arsenal Fan ?

      1. Sparkles says:

        No,you don’t have to write that but you don’t also have to feed us negativity. There is an option between the two. WRITE NOTHING.

        1. DAN says:

          That’s a yes then lol

          1. OzzieGunner says:

            Dan, who did you want?

      2. Bobby says:

        Emery is not a great appointment (agreed), the transfer policy is not top notch (agreed) Now question is: whose fault is it ? Answer: the board
        You should re-title your article and write strictly that you have issues with the board and not talk about Emery using Wenger’s usual phrase. It should be cleared to you now that those phrases were not wenger’s but the board’s.

  28. Kenya 001 Arsenal says:

    Hey! We are arsenal we dont usually buy stars we make them… Ha ha go to those who buy wc if u lyk

  29. Mark says:

    So sad that that you allow such bad journalism to fill our screens. This year isn’t anything like the last ten years or so where we dither in the transfer market usually buying players on the last day and in a position that we either didn’t need or was a paniic buy. We rarely bought the player we so desperately needed at the correct time .This season is so completely different even a blind person could see we have identified our positions of need filled them and we still have several weeks before the window shuts ! Miracles can happen ! How many years have we had to listen to how hard it is to buy a player while watching all our competitors going about their transfer business early and getting it all done in the first week or so while we rummaged around in the dark!!
    Don’t waste my time writing such rubbish

    1. DAN says:

      We have gone about are buisness early because no one above us would sign these players
      Judge me when you watch what they spend and how much we bring back into the club
      Do you really think we have done enough to close the gap between us and 5 teams above us
      When liverpool needed a defender they got van dyke
      We got a defrender for 10 million and that’s enough ?
      When we could of got Kante we got xhaka who most never heard of
      What’s difference in what we are now doing ?
      We are still buying players based on value rather then who’s the best we can get

      1. Mark says:

        I am not saying that our signings will rock the world as I really can’t judge that yet as i am not a scout and I asum neither are u ! Remember Fabien Barthez – who joined the Red Devils 15 years ago today from AS Monaco in a deal worth £7.8m, which was a British-record fee for a keeper ! It’s the only time I loved to watch Man U when they fielded this clown ! Money doesn’t equal great players and budget is in every persons life! We all have budgets some are just larger than other so just get use to it ! Or support someone else with a bigger budget

  30. Tayoomotayo says:

    Actually I notice three positives. The early signings and addressing our areas of weakness.Now whether those signings solve are problem is another issue.

  31. iniOLUWA says:

    It’s been a while since I last commented on this site as I enjoyed reading comments of my fellow Gunners. However, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to comment on this negative article by Dan. You’re truly entitled to your opinion but then don’t bring your negativity on here. The obvious weaknesses in our team have been addressed and yet you’re moaning. I doubt your good knowledge of football if it’s very difficult for you to see the difference in this present recruitment compared to past regimes when we make panic and unnecessary buys. I for one I’m very optimistic about next season and I’m sure most Gunners are. You can go to sugar daddy clubs we won’t miss you one bit.

    1. DAN says:

      It’s my knowledge which tells me I seen this before
      You use the sugar daddy excuse like I’m exspecting ronaldo
      Real simple mate
      Having finished 40 points behind city , factoring in money korenke gets for shirts , tickets and TV money do I have a right to exspect more then what’s been spent ?

    2. Fidel O says:

      @iniOluwa. Honestly I share ur view. No nid for this article. Why spoil the joy we are having in this window? Some people are simply sadist, Dan is turning out to b one or probably he’s being hunted by Nigerian fulani herdsmen

  32. Pauldouzi says:

    I just love reading you guys comment.
    I cant wait to see arsenal vs wood
    It the new era guys
    So chill

  33. DAN says:

    Shaqueri gone to Liverpool for just 13 million
    Would of been better then Iwobi

  34. nonny says:

    and if he came to arsenal you will say another cheap purchase man city bought one player with our whole budget

  35. nonny says:

    I don’t know why someone will support a club When he doesn’t really like how they do things are u a clone change is constant…u can change club my bro. swapped arsenal 4 man u. And his fine.. Other than saying crap look 4 a better suitor

    1. DAN says:

      Why support a club if you don’t like how its run ?
      Have arsenal fans not been moaning about wenger for years ?
      By your logic we can’t cquestion anything ?
      Do you think we have done enough to close the gap?
      If this is all we spend ,won’t the gap get bigger ?
      Why am I a bad fan for wanting Stan Konronke to show ambition ?

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        Dan, the fans who were “moaning about Wenger for years” did so based on Arsenal’s on field performance, as well as off field issues such as not addressing the DM issue and coaching defending.
        You are criticizing the new regime before a ball is kicked; that’s the difference.

        1. jon fox says:


        2. Ken1945 says:

          Sorry Ozziegunner but he isn’t criticising the new regime, he is criticising the old regime of Kronky and the board.

          1. OzzieGunner says:

            No Ken the criticism should be leveled at the previous major shareholders who sold their shares and souls to Kroenke and forced David Dein out.

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