Arsenal prey on Wolves wastefulness to come away as victors

Arsenal have made Wolves pay today in a match-up that could have gone either way.

We came into the match with both sides having won each of their last three matches, but you wouldn’t have known it watching the early exchanges.

Both sides seemed to be cancelling each other out in the early part of the game, and neither team looked to be playing with any real confidence, but both sides could be forgiven for trying to work their way into the game without taking too many risks.

Arsenal were the team to break the deadlock late into the first half, with Bukayo Saka turning his body around to knock the ball past Rui Patricio after a blocked cross fell just behind his run, making the effort much-the-more impressive.

This goal was the last piece of excitement before the break, leaving Nuno Espirito little time to adjust his team-talk before the interval, and you’d have to say that the second-half played out very similarly to the first.

Both teams were very much the equal to the other for much of the game, although Wolves did have much better opportunities to score in the second half.

Adama Traore wasted his side’s best chance around 20 minutes after the break, putting his chipped effort wide of goal, and they did look like they were going to get the crucial equaliser, but they just couldn’t find that composure in front of goal.

We put the game to bed with only five minutes left to play, with substitute Alexandre Lacazette scoring his first away league goal since February 2019, but more importantly, keeping our side within distance of the European places.

Will Wolves be disappointed that they couldn’t make their chances pay? Did Arsenal have the better chances overall? Where can we realistically expect to finish the season given our upturn in fortunes?



  1. Solid game from everyone again.
    David Luiz looks comfortable in a back three as usual but my main man today at the back is Mustafi. Boy his aerial prowess is underrated, and he’s been absolutely fantastic under Arteta.
    Xhaka did solid. I enjoyed Soares today, looks like a proper defender.
    To come away to Wolves and win by 2 goals with a clean sheet is massive.
    Arteta clearly knows what he’s doing.
    Never doubted him
    COYG… Trust the process, Trust Arteta.

    First away win in the Premier League against a team above us in the table since beating Leicester 5-2 in September, 2015.

    1. And Laca scored away from home, Eddie 👍👍👍 So many positives!!
      Hallelujah that stat is put to bed!!

      1. Sue, don’t start dreaming.
        To me this is what I’ve always wanted and called for, Arteta be given the job mid season and he makes us of the rest of this season as a preseason. Now he knows the strengths and weaknesses of the team.
        I don’t expect European football still, but it’ll be a bonus if we get to the UCL.
        That’s winning our last five games. *Swallows Spit* is that possible??. I have my doubts.
        Glad Lacazette got his goal.
        Onwards from here

        1. Take it one game at a time is all we can do, Eddie. I know it isn’t nailed on… but we weren’t expected to win today (with Mustafi, Luiz and Bellerin coming on 🙄) so this will have given a massive boost to them all, so onwards and upwards!
          We’ve emerged from that horrible week and are looking pretty darn good!!

      2. Cheers Sue, we broke their 405 minutes goalless streak!!Good for Laca to end his away goals streak. Thanks Eddie for that stat too.

          1. 👍 👍 👍 Three at the back with Tierney and Cedric Soares as wing backs and Lacazette breaks his away goal drought.

    2. Mustafi and Xhaka have been playing really well after Arteta took charge. Luiz is a fighter too, but he is erratic like the old Mustafi

      Soares didn’t do anything special in attacking, but he didn’t make any mistake in defending either. There are only three days to rest before Leicester game, but we will play at home

      1. Soares doesn’t need to do anything up front for me to know who I want starting RB.
        He’s a defender first, defending comes first and he did solidly.
        Luiz is error prone yeah, but I ain’t facing him today.
        Today I’m giving Mustafi all the credits he deserves. After all he gets hell from us whenever he plays badly

        1. He didn’t do much, but he did put a peach of a ball for Auba which led to our goal. I think him starting this game and Bellerin coming off the bench was a good tactical decision. Anyways onwards to Leicester! COYG!

        2. Careful Eddie, the majority of JA
          contributors genuinely believe
          Mustafi should be on the next
          train out of North London and the
          English Treatment Table Dynamic
          Duo of CC and Holding should be
          the preferred CB partenship of
          the future.

          Mustafi has been playing the best
          futbol of his life under MA and sadly
          to the dismay of most Arsenal fans
          the German has been one of the
          first names on the team sheet
          under the Spanish gaffer.

          If MA sees the transformation in
          the former German international
          why can’t Arsenal fans embrace
          that same reality?

          1. I bet when he makes a mistake leading to a goal you will be one of the first ones shouting for his exit.He is not good enough for a club of Arsenals stature needs to be shipped out come August.

  2. This is one of our better performances of the season..The space for Wolves to operate was neutralized for most part. There is hope for us with Arteta and I believe when he gets his team right we can be back to the top. I also hope he sees what I saw two seasons back and develops AMN at midfield. That guy’s stature and physical traits are a waste at full back for his style of play. Hopefully I see him and Partey in midfield one day for us.I feel every one was a MOTM today.

    1. Maitland-Niles is quick, skillful and willing to take high risks. We wouldn’t need Partey if we have Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Ceballos, Guendouzi, Smith-Rowe and Torreira in central midfield next season

      1. Woah woah woah easy there chief, relax your balls. We need Partey in our midfield next season.. Jeez😒😒

  3. Magnificent Gunners!!! They looked tired and had to travel to Wolverhampton, but still managed to win 2-0!

    They played very safe, but everybody defended very well and they were highly organized

    1. This was a massive result. We are above spurs. Looking forward to St Totteringham’s Day. Finishing above spurs and playing in Europe. This is Arteta first Managerial role. Coming Into a disjointed team that was low in confidence mid season. He deserves the credit. We must beat Leicester City

      1. Arteta is smart and he has definitely learned a lot from Guardiola. Leicester City only have three days to rest as well, so I’m confident the Gunners could dominate them

  4. Leicester coming to the Emirates…We have to own them…
    Although we were a tad to catious for my liking….The lads got the Job done!..I say Weldone!..

  5. The Wolves were slain!!!!
    Thank you Arsenal… thank you, Mikel… Pepe, this one’s for you 🍻

    Oh and spuds… mind the gap 😝

      1. 😂😂😂 what a game, Kev!! I couldn’t believe it…. did you see that coming?!

        Fireworks on the 4th of July, only not for Independence Day…. for THE ARSENAL!!!! 🎆🎇✨

        1. No I really didn’t Sue so winning makes my day even better 😀 I was really nervous that second half, my heart was in my mouth every time the ball came into our box 😂😂 haha yeah a few sparklers tonight Sue 😂🎇 big game on Tuesday now, I’m feeling confident though are you ? 😀

          1. Yes a few palpitations in the 2nd half, Kev… I just wanted Oliver to blow the whistle (& no not for a bloody foul 🤣)
            Was tense… but when Laca netted, game over baby!!! 👊
            This has helped massively with my optimism, Kev…. so yes, bring it on!! 😁

          2. Oh yeah Sue and we have more heart in mouth moments to come but let’s enjoy what we’re seeing 😀👊 can you believe 3 away wins in a row ? Looking strong on the road again 💪 all credit to Arteta he took a very difficult job but seems to be getting his ideas across, I just hope the club backs him in the transfer window.. give the man what he needs 👊 oh Sue Michael Oliver scares me every time he refs our games I’m surprised for once he didn’t give a pen for the opposition 😂 and a lovely goal, might give him some confidence now hopefully 🙏 it’s not often your optimistic Sue so I’m gonna screenshot this 😂😀

          3. Well Kev, we have Chris Kavanagh for the Leicester game…. then what’s the betting it’s Mike Dean for the NLD?!!
            Haha screenshot… bloody cheek 😂😂

          4. At least it’s not Anthony Taylor, I really can’t stand him he’s had it in for us since that incident with Wenger 🙄 haha oh it has to be Sue I would put money on it 😂😂 well you haven’t said “I’m skipping MOTD tonight” for about 2 weeks 😂😂 Giroud just scored damn! Troy Deeney needs to find his shooting boots 😛

          5. It certainly does not Kenya 😯 let’s hope we repeat that feature on Tuesday and also keep Vardy quiet 🙏

          6. He’s been awful Sue Watford haven’t kicked on since beating Liverpool! Chelsea with another penalty 🙄 if only we beat Brighton Sue we’d be very close 😯

          7. Yeah Sue that’s what worries me, if we played them now I’m sure we’d have beaten them easily! I watched Arteta’s full post match interview very good, I think if he’s backed by the club he can go on and become a legend but his hands are tied if they don’t 🙄 MOTD soon 😉

  6. Excellent game by the boys. Still allowing teams to dominate us for long periods in the second half, better teams will punish us for that. Hopefully with the addition of a few technical players in the middle that problem will be resolved.

    1. But Wolves were supposed to be be better than us and we were patient, organised and the boys had their scoring pants on

  7. Fantastic! Saka, Lacazette boom! So pleased for Saka, signing new contract and grabbing a beautiful goal today! Media will put Arsenal victory down to Wolves having an off day as you would expect! On to Tuesday now.. come on Arsenal 👊

    1. Sigh… don’t mind the media. To think some people thought Wolves will win simply because they had more days of rest lol.

      Wolves are a good side. They play to their strength so glad we won and we defended well as a unit…

      1. @Uzi Ozil I think most people thought wolves would win 😂 definitely! We were solid defensively and I don’t say that often 👊

    2. So Glad for Lacca he works hard chasing and harrying so pleased he scored good player fans should look at his work-rate and stop moaning

  8. Great game. We didn’t give them many chances. Traore was the only one with a clear chance… the new formation seems to be working. Wolves are a compact side. It was never going to be easy breaking them but we did. They don’t concede many…

    Now wished we won against Brighton but its OK, its by gone now. Some teams wished they won some games they lost…

    Saka.. that was a finishers goal.

    Glad laca scored…

    Great win……….

  9. Great result
    Substitutions spot on!
    We were playing a defensive game at tge expense of the attack but am not worried cuz i know the manager knows what he is doing than me.

    Wolves had good chances but we had more quality when we needed.Sakas finish and lacas first touch and finish are out of this world.
    COYG!We can do this!

    Still looking for those “Its only norwich…” gooners to speak up…😂

  10. Blimey this site moveS quickly.

    My thoughts copied from earlier (incorrect) thread:

    Three words :




    Reminiscent of the Arsenal of a bygone era.

    Superb. We set our stall out, and invited Wolves to break us down.

    Carried the managers game plan to a tee – brilliant lads.

    I’ve been very critical of two players on here.

    One is sorting itself out – done.

    But as for AMN he should thank his lucky stars the day Mikel Arteta walked through the door.

    Already ANM looks more focused, aggressive and his body language has improved 100%. Not saying he’ll turn out to be the answer , but fair play much improved.

    “Man of the match” – MIKEL ARTETA !

    Great team spirit. Well done boys, a well earned 3 points!

  11. Enjoy the win everyone!I I’m off the site for today while I’m still in good mood 😀COYG.

  12. I’m pleased after previous failures, Arteta is really improving the team all we need to do is our support.COYG

  13. So many positives it’s hard to pick just one but I’ve been so impressed with AMN in his last two appearances. He completely shut down Traore when he came on and looked totally comfortable on the right. For a guy who I thought was probably on the way out he’s looking like a useful piece for many years to come.

    1. I hope AMN commits to being a fullback because he’s really grown into the role tremendously this season. Very smart of Arteta to swap Tierney out for AMN once Traore went out wide and was looking for 1v1s. Tierney’s weakness are those types of situations unfortunately, but AMN really rose to the task.

  14. I hate the title of this article. Prey on what? We
    We won in a satisfying way.
    Wolves wastefulness? We kept 3 PL clean sheet in a row.
    Respect please.
    We did allow them to score and we scored them two.

    1. Emi is very confidant, Leno will have a tough time getting into the team. Good defensive performance by all the lads, don’t underestimate Wolves, they are a good side too but we won ugly.

    2. Fair point Godswill,

      I thought we didn’t give them a sniff, on the back of a very disciplined performance.

      1. AJ
        I usually have my heart in my mouth
        Arsenal normally leave me a quivering wreck
        Not today
        They were confident in themselves which means they believe in the boss

    3. And there was one shot on target from them… They only had one real opportunity all match too. Arsenal had several.

    1. Yea Goonerboy.. Martinez is more composed and commanding in the box.
      His height and size are another advantage.
      Safe to say our goalkeeping position is sorted for another 4 to 5years once those guys stay consistent and improve

    2. Martinez seems to be more composed, more commanding, better in the air and in catching the ball, whereas Leno is faster, more athletic and has much better reflex

    3. Martinez is a better goalkeeper compared to Leno??
      Alright that’s it.. I’m out of here tonight, I have some beers to gulp

      1. 🤣🤣 he’s good though playing from behind is very nervy for him and me of course

    4. You have already forget how Manu times Leno had safe us. Emi has been fantastic, I’m very proud of him…but leno one of the best gk in EPL IMHO

      1. 👍 Leno is superb… but Emi has done equally as well covering…. been really impressed!

    5. I love Martinez’s ball distribution n urgency, playing from the back is not under must for him.

    6. Martinez’s performances have been excellent since he came in; safe hands, good distribution, excellent saves and he commands his box, as exemplifies by his closing down of Traory (?).
      Ceballos and Xhaka were excellent shielding the back three.
      Also great to see Arsenal having better quality of substitutions off the bench.

  15. Long awaited win against Wolves, for long they looked way better than us and the table supported that… Bt it’s nice to show WE ARE THE ARSENAL not some walkover.
    Boy I’m loving these clean sheets, serious confidence boost for Martinez in particular… I don’t really think Wolves threatened to score except the Traore’s miss and Jota’s block.
    Now I can fully say we’re progressing. Next stop… Emirates. UP THE GUNNERS

  16. Great result felt like 6 points in the end 😀😀 3rd clean sheet in as many games . welcome back torreira and congrats to pepe 👏👏👏👏

  17. Amazing result. Resilience and mental toughness was essential to winning this match. We havent seen that much from Arsenal over the years. Even players that we are used to seeing errors from, Mustafi, Xhaka, Luiz, were all reliable today and made the right choices for the entirety of the game. Soares also another great game and is much more reliable at defending than Bellerin. Saka w/ a beautiful finish, Emi again with another performance where nothing seems to bother him. This was such a huge win we pulled off. Wolves are very very tough to beat.

    1. Also, Joe Willock came on and put in a great performance from the bench. We were able to relieve pressure several times because of his willingness to run with the ball and exploit space Wolves were starting to leave behind. Also came up w/ an assist, and couldve had a goal himself. He gets a lot of criticism, but Arteta seems to believe in him, and I hope he can come good.

    2. We’re talking about a team that beat man city twice in a season, tho Manchester united has that same feat, but wolves was the more shocking… They’re a scary team to face, Even I as an Arsenal fan though Traore will run through us and Jimenez will disgrace us again, but am I wrong.. We are one the few teams that made Traore change wings cos he wasn’t having enough chances. And little did I know that Mr Arteta was watching and decided to block him by bringing AMN into the game. The combination play that led to the second goal was very brilliant as the players disorganized the organization of that disciplined wolves defense to make it 2 goals with a clean sheet!!!… What is Mikel Arteta really cooking in this team? I’ve noticed that Arsenal players don’t miss passes in the final third of the opposition half as they do before which leads to a devastating counter Attack but now, if they do, then it’s a lucky deflection their passing accuracy has increased dramatically and as well becoming more dangerous going forward every player is a predator and you don’t even know where the goal will come from… Even the wolves manager Espirito Santo was clueless on how Arsenal beat him judging from his body language cos that man believed that he did everything right. He even went as far as saying that Arsenal were becoming more dangerous in the counter attack as the game went on. This trait of progressive and possessive counter attacking play has been shown in other games too especially from the shefield game. This isn’t a fluke Arsenal that just get in form and then lose their form, this Arsenal is a very predatory Arsenal that will get you when you don’t expect it… They’ve started playing quick counter plays that lead to dangerous situations in the oppositions box.. These guy called Mikel Arteta looks nice on the outside but I suspect we’re dealing with a very cunning and dangerous coach capable of taking teams when they least expect it… My dear gunner fans, I end my writing by confidently telling you that Wolves didn’t know what hit them as they’d thought they will walk over Arsenal, that wolvehampton team is confused… They dont know how they got beat.

  18. Missed the game but happy we got the result! I always knew we could do it. Good job to the boys!

      1. I caught the game in the dying moments, just in time to see Xhaka get his customary yellow card. Am happy Traore was contained though.

        1. That yellow goes without saying… surprised it took that long 🤣
          Auba had Traore on his arse in the first few minutes, so I knew from that moment we’d deal with him 😜

  19. If AMN does not start against Leicester it will be an injustice.This lad could be a top class player but he needs a run of games to prove it.

    1. Yes Sir! He is fast proving that he could be our own Milner, although he can be much better!

  20. I said way back that Martinez is the best goalie we have…. No tense passing at the back nonsense.

    Of all the defenders we have only Luiz and Mari are comfortable with the ball

    Now bring back Mavropanos and Saliba and you’ll see what’s called passing out from the back.

  21. Have to eat my words and say Luiz was excellent today along with Cedric and tiernay … Ceballos was a bit subdued but no support lacazette showed his class and saka though not great took his one opportunity …. NM did a decent job and as soon as terriera came in there was movement in the middle … Need to find quality midfielders ASAP but no complaints with result though it will leave man utd fans the happiest

  22. Solid game must admit was nervous everytime they had a set piece ….clean sheet away to wolves ! No complaint

  23. It will be interesting if we finish above Spurs this season. Celebrating St Totteringham’s day with Mou as coach of spurs. COYG

      1. Yes Sue. If we win against Leicester City and Spurs, we have a chance of playing Champions League next season.

        1. Still a very remote one when you properly study the remaining fixtures. WE HAVE TOO MUCH GROUND TO MAKE UP FOR CL but Europa is looking likely

  24. Got to say that was very impressive in the end Luiz, Ceballos and Auba ran the show. If only Mustaffi, Xhaka and Kolasinac didn’t keep giving sloppy balls away, it would have been a hammering. We done Saka and lacca, great finishes. That was a proper result.

  25. THE MOST SATISFYING PREM PERF OF OUR SEASON. Lots of plusses. Solid at the back , a tigerish will not to be beaten, top perf from Martinez who looks a reallytop keeper on recent games. Saka of course was terrific , but also such as Soares, AMN , who must now play in midfield where he belongs. Mustafi had a stormer but I am not taken in by anything but a string of fine perfs and I have yet to see that. Still find Xhaka far too ponderous but he played well today. Luiz had a good day too but ditto as with Mustafi for my money. Top all round team display with no one playing less than heroically. The many foolish Arteta doubters on here must now be wiping that egg off their rather silly faces, I’d suggest.!

    1. Jon
      I seriously wondered if I’d ever see another game when Arsenal didn’t look as though they’d throw it away
      Tentative game for a while and I do believe the players are buying into his plan, vision, call it what you will. They don’t look like that blessed rabble under Emery
      They all took responsibility!!

  26. Solid..Solid..Solid!!

    Every player today was ready to fight. MA made the right calls all the game, this is how they should play in the FA against Man-city.

    Just a reminder, in our last three matches in the PL we scored 8-0 !! Great work all!

  27. Kev.. Bloody hell Kev, why are we always on last or thereabouts??! Wrighty and Keown – nice!!
    I hope he is backed by the board, Kev.. we could start dreaming 😊

      1. Congratulations to Mikel Arteta and the players on the best performance of the season. Just shows what can be achieved when the application, commitment, teamwork and disciplined shape are there. The harder you work, the luckier you get.
        Now for Leicester City, COYG with no fear!

    1. Media Sue ? They have never liked us 😂 it seems Mike Dean has grown a beard during lockdown 😂 for the first time in years.. I think we deserve it Sue 😀 who’s going down this season? My guess is Norwich, Bournemouth and Villa 😛

      1. Aww it’s horrible ain’t it?! 😆
        I was just gonna ask you that… great minds! Yeah I have to agree with you.. they’re my 3… I feel quite sorry for Eddie Howe… ooh and it looks like Leeds are defo coming up..

        1. Haha yeah at the 16th time of asking Sue 😂😂 west brom too 😀 yeah I think he stayed at Bournemouth too long Sue, he’s a good manager but played it too safe staying so long, there’s not much more anyone can do with Bournemouth! Woohoo we’re up next on MOTD 😉

          1. Haha yeah it’s amazing Sue it’s not often we hear it so let’s enjoy this one and Arteta got praised too 😀 good job Danny Murphy wasn’t on he’d of said it was a fluke and Wolves deserved the win 😂😂

          2. Well Sue Sheffield United vs Burnley tomorrow I know you’ll be tuned in for that as it affects us 😀 I will watch the Arsenal game again after a shower 👊😀

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