Arsenal priced out of yet another striker transfer?

There have been some ridiculous things said about Gonzalo Higuain, one of the strikers that has been the subject of many Arsenal transfer rumours this summer, by the president of his Serie A club Napoli. Aurelio De Laurentiis does not seem to be able to help himself either, as he is in the papers again this week saying that he will not allow Higuain to leave for any less than his wild valuation of something like £65 million.

Yes mate we have got it, you do not need to keep saying it because no one is offering anything like that. Trying to drum up some action by any chance?

Anyway, it now looks like the president of Lyon Jean Michel-Aulas has joined the party, although his numbers are not quite so eyebrow raising as the Italian’s. The Lyon chief was speaking about their striker Alexandre Lacazette who topped the Ligue 1 scoring charts last season with a very impressive 27 goals from 33 games.

It is no surprise that Arsenal and other clubs have been linked but Michel-Aulas has declared, as reported by the Daily Mail, that it will take a massive offer in the region of £40 million to persuade the French club to sell.

He said, “Of course, if a €50-60m (£35-42m) bid was tabled, I will no doubt have to prepare for his exit and wish him good luck. I really feel like he wants to stay.”

That goes against many reports in the media that claim the striker would like a move away, but Lyon really are unwilling to sell for less than the president says, have Arsenal been priced out of yet another striker transfer?

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  1. For 30 to 35M pounds…yes, for 65M… de laurinaitis is a freaking lunatic. I think somewhere from 30 to 40M is good for Lacazzette and 35 to 45M for Benzema. 40M to 50M for Cavani is not bad.
    But why are we bothered about signing a ST anyways?
    I thought Giroud and wenger lovers are happy enough with the 4th place trophy.

  2. Why do we, as fans, obsess on players who are clearly in Wenger’s “over-priced” category. They will not be coming to Arsenal so what is the point???

    1. Its not about Wenger’s over-priced category. Higuain for 65 million pounds is over-priced even for Man City and PSG.

  3. 2 Arsenal players moving in opposite directions.

    CAMPBELL: A couple of years ago I watched him play for Costa Rica vs. the U.S. and he was clearly the brightest and most dangerous player on the pitch. Fast forward 2 years and he has frankly been consistently very poor in his recent Gold Cup games. He is just not improving at all – quite the opposite. Funny how that works?

    BELLERIN: Every time I watch him play he does something to impress me even more – Awesome move and assist again vs. Singapore. He just keeps getting better very quickly I really believe he is a gem of a player. And right now I already see him as the #1 Arsenal RB. He is a great bright surprise.

    1. This is what some Arsenal fans have to understand. Are we more happy with a Sanchez/Ozil bought in or with a Bellerin/Coquelin coming up. I personally could not decide this. But i know one thing for sure if some of these youngsters stop coming up because of buying big players i would start falling a bit out of love for my Arsenal.

  4. Wenger will sign nobody. He is the supporters party pooper. He seems to develop a magical belief that last season’s team, that was not good enough to win the league, will mysteriously win it this year without upgrading . Well with our rivals improving we know in our hearts we will be chasing 3rd/4th place again. Wenger is a wonderful coach, loyal to his players players, but totally deluded in so many ways. This season he has once again gone back on his word and conned the supporters. Shame with a quality DM and Striker we really could winthe league.

    1. Dude, don’t throw your assumptions at us as though it’s fact based on absolutely nothing at all.

    2. You do realize that it is only July 16th, and we’ve already signed Cech, right? That right there shows that Arsene is not content with the current squad, that he still has ambition and that the FA cup is not enough for him. Arsene of 3 or 4 years ago would have said that Ospina and Szczesny were good enough. In fact, many people here this that they ARE good enough. Instead, Arsene went out and spent 10 million pounds for one of the best keepers in the world. Why would ARSENE of all people buy Cech if he wasn’t trying to win the league, or the CL?

  5. Personally.. I’d be underwhelmed if we were to sign Lacazette. I’d support him, and I think we’d have a brilliant player on our hands a few seasons from now. But if history has shown us anything, it’s that a lot of players success in the French league rarely equates to instant performance in the premier league. I don’t think any fan would dispute that if we were to get more efficiency from our CF position it’d be brilliant for increasing our title chances, but personally, I feel if we were to start the season with Lacazette as our number one option his first season with us would be underwhelming.
    There’s obviously quite a lot of debate on here around Giroud. Some think he’s horrible, a lot of fans, myself included think there are better strikers out there, but I think the majority opinion is that he’s a good striker, not a great one, with a limited skillset and is relatively efficient at getting the most from that skillset both for himself and the team. I get the criticisms, I truly do, but a lot of fans blindly deny the fact that he does score goals for us, and highlight his drought at the end of season as though that was the story of his season with us, neglecting the fact that before that he was scoring near on a goal a game in a time where we desperately needed it to secure CL football when it was in no way guaranteed.. I’m not suggesting that CL football is an acceptable target, but Giroud came back from injury there was realistically, only two teams in the running for the title…
    If we are to sign a player in the Marquee bracket (35-45mil) I personally think it should be/we need someone who will make a sizeable impact this coming season. Long-term, odds are Lacazette would be an upgrade on Giroud, but with success in mind next season, I’m far from convinced.

  6. Arsenal will be out priced on most cf players because the current bench mark for a cf is 40 mill and the real reason is most quality world class cf wages are easily 150.000 a week. Wenger is a cheap skate that would rather buy a winger and pay him 100.000 a week and try convert him into cf ie Walcott. The truth is Walcott is not Marc overmars on the wing how ever with his pace and lack of strength skill and power when shooting I think Walcott is best suited as a winger.

  7. Arsenal have a valutation for every player in the world and the best get sold for more than 50 million and higuain is at 65 which is absurd for which we can see desperation from the Napoli president. Only way is when will higuain force himself out of the jail cause Wenger is a person of cheap alternatives and won’t mind about it at all. Walcott is unreliable source who performs on a limited scale,welbeck has less goals,giroud is just not enough.
    The best option is to sign benzema and forget the others .

  8. I don’t disagree that Giroud is a good CF but ee need two, not one

    My problem is NOT with Giroud but Welbeck really

    Chelsea have Costa, Remy and Falcao. Welbeck is simply not good enough (yet) as a backup. Walcott as CF is a risk and Akpom hasn’t proven himself. I know he scored a hattrick but didn’t also Sanogo last summer?

    Get lacazette, Cavani, Benzema, Ibrahimovic. One of them. All are better than Welbeck

  9. higuin is not worth anything above £32…i value him in the region of £28-£32….otherwise leave him..tho eminent that we really need a striker we cant allow teams to bully us into paying un deserved sums.

    about BELLERIN: i see him one day playing as a winger…just like bale converted i see it in BELLERIN:

  10. The problem Lyon will have is if a bigger club (including Arsenal) makes a decent offer, Lacazette will be unsettled. There is already decent talk of him wanting/having handed in a transfer request so even if they don’t want to sell, the player COULD force it.

    Higuain is a different kettle of fish. He might be cool staying where he is and at 65m he is massively overpriced. I still think if we’re gonna go HUGE than we may as well go for a Bale or someone who isn’t hugely settled.

    If we cannot sign a player though it may also be down to wages. Remember we have 0 players earning over 200k – most of the top top strikers would need to take a pay cut to earn the amount we’d offer. That is problematic…

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