Arsenal prioritises strengthening two areas in their team in January

Arsenal will look to bolster their squad in the January transfer window to keep it competitive.

The Gunners are having one of their best seasons as a football club and hope to end it with at least one trophy.

Mikel Arteta’s side is overachieving now and will need reinforcements to stay in form.

The Spaniard has now identified two areas in the team that need to be strengthened.

A report on Football London reveals the ex-PL star wants a central midfielder and a winger.

Arsenal pursued an interest in players for both positions in the summer, but none materialised and they have since had to make do with what they have.

The Gunners will now try again in January and hope they will find the right target to sign.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need to bolster this group even though it has been very good in this campaign.

A move for players in these positions will make us stronger than we are now, especially because we will have fresh legs to introduce when our key men are injured or tired.

The players must be individuals who can at least play as well as our current options now. This is important because bad signings make us regress.

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    1. Are you kidding me? A player who cannot get into a regular playing position in Southampton!
      Look, we just have to accept that Arsenal goofed by not selling him to Wolves when his value was up there. Can’t see AMN with any future in Arsenal.
      If you talk of Reis Nelson, maybe; but even he may have to work really hard to attain Arsenal quality.
      Which is a great pity indeed seeing they are both home-grown.

      1. The other player who needs to be loaned out or sold is Nketiah, and we bring back Balogun. Nketiah will never improve , he looks like he is satisfied with the way he plays, which is not convincing of being a striker. Defenders don’t fear him.

      2. So true about AMN so often being way overhyped by non wise Gooners, like those two posts above . He is just not anywhere near the quality we need to maintain a title challenges and ALL realists havelong known that.

        Oddly, some people have their own private fantasies but our wise manager knows better and ignores them!

  1. Does that make sense? Arteta has no faith in him after having given him opportunities which he didn’t seize.
    We need players who can improve the squad and keep it competitive.

  2. I don’t think it’s just giving a run of games to be playing that matters. But what you’ve done with the run of games when you are given it that mattered most. Moreso if you are consistent performing in high performance when you are given the run of games to be playing to prove that you are up to it. For, it matters a lot to your manager who gives you the consistent run of games to show him you can consistently perform for the team at the high level contributing to the success of the team on the field of play in games winning. Consistently.
    If after the spell of the longtime run of games you are given to play. And prove you are up to it in consistent high performance in games playing and winning them as it comes for your team. Sorry! Your club manager could start to overlook you in his team selection to play games if you aren’t up to the required standard his looking for. Consequently, he may keep you as a squad player in his team. Or send you out on loan to a club side to improved on the area of your game that you lack top quality to improved on your lacking.
    And after you’ve returned from your loan out spell and shown you have drastically improved on the weak point or points in your game. Your manager could promote you to his first team squad after seen that you have drastically improved on the average quality level of your game to a consistent high quality performance level.

  3. Every Jack man on planet earth knows by now Arsenal main areas that needs strengthening.

    This is a hungry gaffer in which I detect a sense of impatience in him with players struggling to get their speed up to par, its always easier for a manager to act decisively on a player inherited as opposed to one brought in by said manager.
    It’s for that reason why AMN and Pepe may never plays for Arsenal again, though I do sympathize with the former.

  4. I think the dream scenario for me would be to bring in Danilo and Mudryk in January. Marquinos will go on loan. Possibly make a move for CB Edrink but maybe summer?
    Summer – Elneny is released, Sambi is sold and we bring in Teleimans on a free and go all out for Bellingham. Cedric will be sold/ released and we recoup further funds with Pepe, Mari and the like… one can but dream 🙂

  5. I think the majority of gooners would be happy with those positions being addressed in Jan, would also like us to try and agree a pre-contract with N’dicka to provide competition for Gabriel moving into next season and maybe look at selling Holding.

  6. Am hoping some sort of gentle man agreement already in place.

    But Arsenal should target young former players like Musah and Buccaneer too from AC Milan as they still got Arsenal in their blood

  7. How fans believe Niles is a good midfielder is what I don’t know. At best, he is a wing back. He is never gonna be a good midfielder for Arsenal.

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