Do Arsenal have a problem with Welbeck’s fitness?

The Arsenal and England striker Danny Welbeck was a long time out of action due to the unpredictably long injury lay-off that began last season, so I can understand why Arsene Wenger has been cautious about bringing him back. But it is now over a month since he scored that last gasp winner over Leicester and we are still hearing about him not being right.

I wonder if the Arsenal boss is trying to get his England counterpart Roy Hodgson to go easy with Welbeck’s fitness in the upcoming international break, because he has been saying once again in An report that the forward has some problem that is stopping him, or threatening to stop him, playing every game.

The boss said, “We had a long uncertainty with Danny today. [We wondered] If he could absorb a second game.

“I would like to give Danny credit today because it was not obvious he would play because he had some problems. Overall, he was very strong and had a good performance.”

He certainly did and we need that to carry on, especially if Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and all cannot find their shooting boots. It would not be the first time that an Arsenal player is nursed back to health only for a national coach to overplay them and cause more problems.

At least with the likes of Sturridge, Vardy and Kane all in the squad, England should be able to use the Arsenal forward sparingly but is there still a worry about what is wrong with Welbeck’s fitness?

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  1. Arsenal has had 15 players
    injured this season.
    Cech Ospina Debuchi Koz Gabriel
    Coquelin Arteta Flamini Cazorla
    Wilshere Ramsey Sanchez Walcott
    Chamberlain Wellbeck.
    9 have escaped major injury.
    Gibbs Chambers Campbell Iwobi
    Ozil Giroud Monreal Bellerin Mertz
    So the team has done well all things considered.

  2. I think we have a problem with the fitness of Wenger.If the rumours re.Ozil and Sanchez are true He must sit them round a table and let them air their views. How many world class players now have already left the Arsenal under his watch?
    Haven’t seen many leave Man u,Chelsea city etc unless the manager wanted them to go. No player is bigger than the club but then neither is the manager. Top top players want to play with top top players.
    Question, Ozil is 1 short of record assists,if our mediocre strikers had put away even a smattering of chances they should have what record breaking assists would he had.More’s the point how many games would we have won or draw extra.

    1. “i think we have a problem with the fitness of wenger”

      ………Hahaha…… My favourite Line!

      1. That piece about Ozil leaving if Arsene stays, well, it is bullsht. Ozil along with Cech and Alexis – Choosing AFC, a deciding factor were how Arsene plays the type of football that they admired and are happy playing. Aso they said they seen how he improved other players and they hoped for the same. That’s why I laugh at some of the articles that come out .

        Some comments are just dumb. A comment is dumb if it is hating on someone even though the evidence points to the opposite. At the least it should open it up for debate, but you get your serial thumbers in here who click on anything negative about Arsene, this is a silly thing to do. From what I gather is, every so often their is about eight of them, but altogether I think it is 12 to 15 of them. You could right anything, doesn’t have to make sense, so long as your having a pop in the right direction that is all that matters. The other side, I wouldn’t say they have serial thunmbers who thumb on everything positive, and I don’t see people making things up about Arsene just to say another positive thing, no. They do have about between 2 and six people who will defend Wenger even if hanging on with finger tips though. Just some observations of mine.

  3. Right, I’m really starting to worry now. Keown has said he thinks tott are going to go on and win this league. Hard enough losing out on it, but watching this lot achieve at same time will be a killer. They are only three points ahead of us if we bag our game in hand, which I think we will, so how are they in a so much better position. Well, that’s easy, only 7 games left. Three points? I can understand where Keown is coming from because I was always a believer in the team chasing closely behind is in an almost as enviable position as the team leading. The one in front is usually almost certain to stumble in at least one or two games, then by the time the chasing team pounces, the league is all but over. Tott are in that enviable position, we would have been in it too only for our Swansea embarrassment, and Coquelins red card. We had chances in other seasons too, when we where the chasing team, but we never learned how to pounce.

    If spu do this at their first ever opportunity, I don’t know how to finish this sentence because it’s just plain unthinkable. I was on the point of ranting though. Ill finish by saying come on you Gunners drag ourselves back above tott, no matter the cost. The season is not over till we make sure it is impossible for tott to win the league, if we don’t do it, and then lei stumbles, we may never forgive ourselves ..players, club, fans, manager, board, god, dog, everyone & everything.

  4. Wenger mentioned indeed having a worry about the knee of Welbeck and that it is till not right.

    Makes you wonder if he will ever learn. He played Sanchez into injury and burn out, he has rushed back may players too soon in the past (to his own admission) and now with the season over he pushes Welbeck to start whilst he admits he still has a knee problem!!

    You would think if he trusts Giroud so little that he risks Welbeck by playing him with a crocked knee that he would rush to buy a quality striker as soon as the window opens, but we all know that is unlikely to happen.

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