Arsenal promotes impressive Edu to a newly created role

Edu has been named the newest Arsenal Sporting Director, a promotion for the successful Brazilian.

He has signed some of the finest players at the club, who have helped Mikel Arteta’s team to sit atop the Premier League table.

The former midfielder was the club’s technical director, a report on The Sun reveals they have created the new position and promoted him.

It is a deserved recognition, considering how poorly run Arsenal was before he came on board.

He has shown he understands the history of the club and where it deserves to be.

Edu said of his new role as quoted in the same report: “I’m delighted to have this new role which I see as an evolution and consolidation of the way we’ve been working.

“We are making good progress in all areas of our men’s, women’s and academy and we are all excited about what can be achieved.

“I look forward to building on the hard work of so many people and helping all of us grow together and enjoy more success, and am thankful for the trust the club has put in me.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Edu has been a major part of our success this season as he has helped to sign the players who are making us the leading side in England.

He deserves to be given more powers because we can trust him to make the right choices.

Hopefully, his new role will see him contribute even more to the development of this club.

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  1. The signing we’r seeing since 2019 at the club are impressive…..Edu/Arteta are not affraid of spending money which sadly was an issue when AW was at the hlem.The frenchman was too dogmatic and was reluctant to spend….You cannot challenge the Big guns in the pitch if you’r not challenging them off the pitch

    1. It wasn’t Wenger, the Kroenkes didn’t assume full control until August 2018. The next transfer windows, they started spending.

      Wenger was hobbled by the loans and soaring costs of the stadium rebuild (since before 2006, when it was completed).

      The problem is that it’s impossible for people to comment meaningfully on football matters unless they understand the financial matters, which set the context for what happens in the transfer market and on the field. That’s a general comment, not directed at you btw.

      1. Money was always there, it was the naivety not to hire wisely.
        Xhaka (until Mikel’s coaching has made him what he is today)
        Petr Chek

        All poor to extremely poor signings. The only meaningful signings were Sanchez & PEA as they were at their prime (coached by others).

            1. To loose Canon
              In comparaison to our Rivals we’r left behind in terms of spending power,it’s COMPETITION….. Ozil Laca Cech were not bad signions and Xhaka has Always had a lot of abilities since he was in Germany so he ends up being a good signins….MA coached him very well but even AW saw the potential in him…..Hitzveld praised him, Mourinho wanted him …….It’s only Arsenal fans who were exagerating in getting on his back all the time

              1. Even if you make good signings,your oppenents are more likely going to make BETTER signings given the money they have.,…It’s a business with it’s rules that we must master…..

  2. Wenger always said we could spend as much as we wanted,he always said funds were available,he just saw it against his ethics as an economist to spend big,,Wenger was the issue,the man sunk Arsenal into an abyss and planted the dumb believe that top4 was equal to a trophy and that bred visionlessness in some faction of the Arsenal fans

  3. I got your point about the stadium building but since 2013 ,by AW own admission ,we didn’t have the same restriction.He admitted himself not spending more than he was earning as a club which is ,if you ask me, an economic non-sens the more you invest in the club (wisely of course) the more you have a chance to succed in the pitch and therefore make profit and revenues off the pitch…..The risk is a worthy one to take.”To spend more then you make” is called investement input that’s brings output….

  4. Part of the ‘Big Club’ package is a big modern stadium. In my opinion our 60 000 all seater stadium just about makes the grade.
    The belief was with it, it would bring in the big stadium would bring in money to buy the best players when we needed to buy.

    However the ‘little world’ that is not Arsenal had a better and quicker way of making money – sell the club to a billionaire or a country who would throw money at the club like children throwing sand on the seashore. In other words would splash the cash without a care in the world.

    So when it comes to the Premier Money League we can’t compete.

    Ok This season we have broken the mould and lead the way without splashing record amounts of cash.

    As we can all see the ‘desert oilers’ are right behind our backs, where they belong.

    Whether we win the league or not I think depends on “our friends” at the PGMO permitting.

  5. Wenger just didn’t have that type of hunger in my opinion, he was more obsessed with ensuring the book was balanced.

    The Frenchman is a gentleman that wasn’t really prepared to move in that direction most modern coaches were moving in, there is a massive difference between the present gaffer and Wenger.

    Sitting on top of the league with a five point gap, you can tell the gaffer smells blood and will be pulling out all the stops to strengthen and drill his outfit for the next half of the campaign.It is this kind of passion and hunger that I found missing from the Frenchman and I find so depressing.

    I like and admire the Frenchman, his handling and Management of the youngsters is second to none, his mannerism is sheer class, it is he who gave Arsenal the identity it has today and for that am truly thankful.

    Selling our best players and refusing to strengthen at crucial stages, while saying players returning from injuries were like new signing was just a little too much to take.

    1. Surely you have been around long enough to have noticed that the detractors of all matters Arsenal refer to Mr Wenger as “the Frenchman”

      Those who have respect refer to him as they refer to everyone they respect – Mr Wenger.

      Before a match against one of the Sheffield teams he was repeatedly asked “Why are there no English players in your team today?”

      I forget Mr Wenger’s exact words but it was along lines of : when choosing the team I do not consider a player’s passport I consider his football skills and his suitability for the team I want for that match.

      As we know Mr Wenger wasn’t invited to be manager of the club because he is French but because of his record as a football manager.

      Interestingly (I think it is interesting- my opinion), the win rate percentage of his two successors his higher than his.

      His two successors come from the same area of Spain. I have yet to hear or read of either of them referred to as the ‘Spanish man’.

      1. CV
        Honestly I didn’t realize it was almost an offense to refer Mr. Wenger as the Frenchman.
        So for that I sincerely apologize, respect the gentleman too much to show him that kind of disrespect.

        Maybe it’s my style of writing as I frequently refer to Arteta as the gaffer and some time the Spaniard.
        Other coaches I like very much is Klopp and Emery and i some time refers to them as the Germans or Spaniard respectively.

        Mr Wenger was a master of choice words unlike me, he was head and shoulders above his peers.

        But it is his direct involvement of changing the modern game at Arsenal and by extension in Britain with the French contingent that will continue to be admired and giving Arsenal that identity.

        1. Hello GS. I have read many of your comments here and as a result I believe you to be a person who has respect for others by the bucket load.

          The use of the term ‘The Frenchman’ by the then leader of the ‘pack’ at Man U. who when asked what he thought of the appointment of Mr Wenger as manager of Arsenal snorted

          ‘What does a Frenchman from Japan know about football?

          The handle was set in place. what the shepherd of the flock says the sheep will bleat. You hear it often enough you copy it.
          A example of the ‘copying’ and possibly not realising that is what you are doing is this:
          The time was that in reply to ‘How are you? the reply was ‘I am well’.
          We hear a lot of American English so now we say as they do ‘I am good’.

          The English media we are lumbered with . love to have an enemy and so joyfully swung onto the lead provided for them the Scotsman.

          But you and I are better than that Scotsman by a long, long way.

          1. Thanks Sir Charles and ofcourse for the enlightenment.

            Though I read of countless jab the Scotsman took at Wenger, for some strange reason I miss that rude introduction by the Scottish.

            I always think there is still a place upstairs Arsenal for Mr Wenger

  6. Yes, somewhere down the line Wegner lost his mojo or ambition. He put too much faith in certain youngsters who either through bad luck with injuries or simply were not good enough to succeed. Having Ivan Gazadis around would not have helped but often Wegner was his own worst enemy and gave the impression that taking on Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs with all their resources was too much for one man alone.

  7. I was very unsure about Edu in the beginning. Much was made of his relationship with football agent Kia and in the end it appears that Sanhelli was the villain.

    I’m delighted that he and Arteta are working well together and long may it continue

    Perhaps his elevation is down to other clubs circling, ready to pounce if Edu wasn’t rewarded

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