Arsenal pull-the-plug on Remy battle – Wenger’s ignorance prevails

Arsenal have reportedly pulled out of talks with Loic Remy over a possible move to The Emirates, leaving Chelsea FC in pole position to sign the highly rated frenchman, according the Sky Sports sources.

Arsenal had been linked with the signature of the QPR hitman all summer, but Arsene Wenger declared earlier this month that he did believe they needed another striker. Although since that day he has lost first-choice striker Olivier Giroud to injury, suddenly striking alarm-bells.

Just like every other year, Wenger refuses to listen to the fans calls of want for more squad depth, and a crucial injury threatens to scupper what could have been a title-challenging season. For months we as fans have said we need another striker, with young Yaya Sanogo and predominantly wide-man Alexis Sanchez not satisfactory cover. We should have signed Remy months ago, and now we have 36 hours left to sign some back-up.

Manchester City have 4 out and out world-class strikers and are title-challengers year-in-year-out, and have squad strength in every position. Chelsea have strengthened their squad in an amazing way this season. Yet we have done very little to combat this.

We are a top European team and should be challenging for the Premier League every year, but as usual, our manager does not listen to the people that matter. Ignorance is bliss…

We all know we need squad depth to challenge for the title, and we have been told we have the funds. Time is desperately running out for us…

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  1. it’s smokescreen where gonna wake up tomorrow to jimmy white announcing where in for a striker we weren’t even expecting like last year wid ozil

          1. We don’t need Remy, I firmly believe Campbell is as good as Remy. He just needs to START a few games and get a couple of goals and he would be ready. Still our priority should be CARVALHO+A DEFENDER

    1. Was going to say Jimmy white!!

      Who would believe anything he had to say? Snooker playing, coke sniffing alcoholic.

      I would rather believe Leo or even!

  2. Transfer indecisivness might cost us again. Remy would be much more realistic target than getting hopes up for Cavani or Falcao, I just hope we have our sights on someone.

  3. Maybe we can go get Zigic now. But according to reports, the legend is no longer interested as he was unimpressed with our preformance against Besiktas.
    He will be taking his world class hold up play elsewhere.

  4. “But as usual, our manager does not listen to the people that matter” about as far from reality as is it is possible to be. Which people exactly is he required to listen to: his employers, the fans that agree with him, the fans that don’t agree with him, this forum, the SS pundits, his players, other managers, none of them – come on man how does that work?

  5. Arsenal beats Leicester 4-0 today, and gunners will forget all about Falcao, Cavani, Carvalho and Remy.

  6. The difference is, Liverpool sell their star striker, buy another star striker, Chelsea have lack of quality strikers for one season, they sort that out starlight away in the transfer window, even a couple of seasons back, United loose out on title to City, they go straight out and buy Van Persie. There’s a difference, Wenger lacks ambition still.

  7. All I do know is that if we do not sign another world class player before tomorrow night then it is another season finishing fourth or lower and no trophy.

  8. There are some positives if we do not end up getting a new Cf, although I agree 100% it is an area we have not improved on since RvP left.

    1.) Sanchez has proven he can play that role comfortably. It is against the more physical teams like Everton, Stoke etc where he might not be as effective.

    2.) If Sanchez or Theo get the nod as CF (that is when Sanogo is injured of course), players like Campbell, Ox and Gnabry will be sure get more game time. All those players have what it takes to make any defense shake so it is not like we do not have cover on the wings.

    I know it is NOT ideal and if Wenger was really hell bent on competing this season, we will sign a world class Cf before the window ends (here’s holding thumbs). But what I am saying is, even if we do not, we still have quality up front that can cope while Giroud is injured. It is not sire straits in that department. Our DM area is a massive problem and I would rather Wenger bring in Carvalho or someone like him first before we get a new CF. It is our no1 priority as we saw last season Arteta and Flamini were ok against weaker teams but couldn’t handle more aggressive, quicker teams.

  9. Article in BILD says “BVB now have a replacement playmaker, should Marco Reus leave the club.”
    hmmmm come on arsene do it

  10. It just sickens me that we are meant to be title contenders and Yaya Sanogo is the knot out and out striker we have seeing as Giroud’s injured.

  11. So we were after Loic Remy for about 12 hours… this means
    1. We have a better deal lined up.
    2. We’re a joke.

    I’d say theres a fair chance its either one.

  12. I know you all want arsenal to succeed bu theres a reason we all are sharing our thoughts here and wenges is the manager of arsenal

  13. I just see how good the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea look this season and can’t help but expect us to get a battering next time we go to Anfield or Stamford Bridge unless we do something big in the window today or tomorrow.

    1. Stop clinging to this belief that money spent today or tomorrow suddenly vanquishes all our weaknesses and makes our trips to the Bridge and Anfield a walk in the park. Mate, a decent Championship team could go to the Bridge/Anfield with the right game plan and 9 times out of 10 not get thrashed 0-6 or 1-5. And lets hope the boys are not as scared and in awe of Chelsea and Liverpool as you are.

    2. why are some people so obseesed with a LW? We still have no CDM, 3 CB’s, and a limp strike force. Reus a great player, but a waste when we have Poldi, Campbell, Ox, Cazorla, Alexis who can all play on the left. NOBODY is getting Reus, its just the truth, and BVB has been saying it just about every week this whole summer.

  14. Stan Kroneke has been spotted at leicester game today. Hopefuly he is there to oversee a large transfer.

  15. What a joke of a site…who writes these articles? Arsenal supporters or Spud/United/Chelsea fans?

    IF Remy was signed the SAME author of this article would suddenly shift gears and suggest Arsenal showed no ambition by only signing a player of Remy’s class…this site loves Arsenal as much as a man who beats his wife…

  16. Sanogo starting. Score your first goal please… And hopefully Ozil is playing CAM… And thank goodness Wilshere and Ramsey arent in same lineup, or it would be another disaster. Decent lineup, but I always like when Ox starts honestly.

  17. Think we all know that cavani or falcao will not happen so Reus/Draxler plus Schniderlin/Carvalho must be the minimum if we want to realistically compete on all fronts.
    Draxler/Reus to finally have some pace and balance down the left. Then between Draxler/Reus, Cambell, and Sanchez one of them could become/be trained to the mobile striker role a la RVP.
    Fingers crossed till Monday night!!

  18. Admin where are your predictions and win the T-shirt competition.
    Bdw Sonogo starts. Mesut through the middle.

  19. guess title is over for Arsenal…

    Liverpool, City and Chelsea

    not to mention Utd have strengthen with Di Maria, Herrrea, Shaw, Vidal and Blind….

    4th place every season

    same shit again

    1. Dude Man Utd will take a lot of matches to compete for top four. And if we win today we will be 3rd in rankings with 7 points. What are you wailing about?

  20. Don’t know why but I’m still convincing myself he’ll pull Reus and Carvalho out the bag. I’ll never learn.
    Let’s give Leicester a new arse hole now. Gooners!

    1. he will come out and say “we do have enough strikers, and we didn’t find better strikers available”

  21. God i wish our attack had the passion and pace and movement of Liverpool’s. Unbelievable how good they are going forward. Cazorla or Ozil on the wings is where we fail miserably for that very reason. Campbell and Ox would be played there if we played under Brendan Rogers. Liverpool are certainly gonna be main challengers to City and Chelsea.

    1. Bit early for that. They played well for sure, but they did the same last season.

      Nowt like positivity about our chances…and that’s nowt like positivity!

    1. Another interesting question:
      Does Wenger love Arsenal as a football club?

      PS: #WengerShouldLeave

  22. I don’t mind Remy, but I hope that us pulling out of getting him means that we’re aiming for someone better than him.

    Guess we’ll find out very soon, looking forward to deadline day.

  23. for the first time in my life i must say if wenger doesn’t sign anyone else this summer then we need to fire him and bring in a new’s too much.. We Want to be Contenders not a participant In Epl or Ucl !

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