Arsenal punish Wolves with late flourish to steal all three points

Arsenal completed their turnaround by scoring two goals in the final 10 minutes against Wolves.

The Gunners couldn’t have started much worse with the visitors quickly taking full control of the encounter, and our blushes were saved early on when Roman Saiss was deemed to be slightly offside to have his goal ruled out.

Those blushes were not spared for long however, as we disappointingly gifted Wolves the opening goal, with Gabriel Magalhaes having his passback to the goalkeeper intercepted by Hwang Hee-Chan, who rounds the Aaron Ramsdale and places his effort into the centre of the net.

The Wanderers remained on top for much of the half, while the majority of our chances in the final third were broken down by Alexandre Lacazette, who had a nightmare opening 45 minutes.

We seemed to find a new level of focus after the break, and really began to grind our way back into the match as the game flowed on. Two substitutions brought a huge change to the dynamic, with the manager withdrawing both Martinelli and Cedric to bring on Nicolas Pepe and Eddie Nketiah, and just into the final 10 minutes of play the two combined to level things.

The English forward’s run in behind the defence was perfect to get our rivals on the back foot, and his cut-back to Pepe left him in front of goal, and he made no mistake in showing his newfound confidence to fire us level.

Wolves then had a couple of chances to move ahead once again, but the defence proved too strong, only for Alexandre Lacazette to force an own goal from goalkeeper Jose Sa in injury time to see us steal the win.

It was three points that we never looked like getting this evening, against a side who looked like they were going to win at frustrating us out of a single point, and this win could well be huge.

This should not only give us the confidence to push on now and assert ourselves in the push for fourth, but will be a huge statement of intent for our rivals, who will now fear that the final Champions League spot is ours to lose.


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  1. Wolves were tough to crack and our defenders/ GK were shaky, but the boys kept pushing it! Now that ‘s what I call warrior mentality

    Unfortunately, there’s still no creativity improvement and we’ll keep struggling to score due to the lack of good headers. Lacazette’s fighting spirit was amazing, despite getting more sluggish

    1. Snatching victory from the jaws comes to mind. No doubt the words “character” belief, never gave up unity will be tossed about liberally also:)

    2. Arsenal will finish in the top 4 because of their defense and the other teams in contention being less consistent.

        1. Unlikely to lose all plus Spurs and Utd form is not that good. Their defense is also worse than ours which is why we will finish there. We are able to hold on to a lead more than they can.

          1. I’m not worried about Man United, because they have a lot of internal problems. But Spurs have one of the best CFs in the world and just signed Kulusevski/ Bentacur

            1. Spurs are not yet fully accustomed to their 3-4-3 and that has cost them in a lot of matches. I still wish Arsenal had played them when we had to because they were even less confident at the time. Man Utd play like there’s no tactics. These two teams are less consistent and we have the better defense. I’m not saying this because I’m an Arsenal fan though. This is just from my observations

        2. Gai
          Nothing is impossible in Football. The creativity you talked about ain’t that bad because they still managed few chances that if converted Wolves would have been down with not less than 4 goals. Westham beat Liverpool at home so we can too. Man United is beatable if our defenders can hold their own. Considering we don’t have a top CF Spurs and Chelsea would be difficult to beat at their stadium, but a draw against them is not impossible. I am Optimistic if we can be injury free.

    3. No creativity you mean? We had over 25 chances but just 5/6 on target . That’s not creativity problem, that’s conversion rate. In a game where the XG is over 2.5, we can only blame toothless striker for not shooting

      1. I just noticed our monotonous passes. We like to make predictable ground passes, long crosses and long through balls

        1. Call it monotonous if you like, but creating 25 shots means it’s effective. Place the blame where it should be – we are lacking in confidence to finish throughout the team.

      2. Agreed we’re creating chances but likeadajim said it’s conversion that’s the issue. We’re in fact crating more chances per game that when we had Ozil and Sanchez and Giroud the difference is conversion

    4. 900 JA posters who were ready to slaughter the team and the manager slink off back to the lair to lick their wounds 🙂 50 million Man United, Spurs and Westham fans crying in their beer tonight
      Sport can be so cruel at times.

    5. Arteta “It was always in my plan as far back as the summer in fact to bench Pepe for the first 1,732 minutes then bring him on in the 77th minute today to bring us back into the game and that’s also why we did not buy a striker in January. I always trusted Pepe never had any doubts at all. It’s all just part of the process. Just like the super computer knew in the summer too. Y’all believe now eh?

  2. How have we turned this around?? After being tactically outclassed in the first half it seemed like Lage had us figured out as he implied in an interview but we managed to show class was more important than tactics to win it. I must appreciate Pepe today because he produced a goal and in a way pre-assist for the own goal. On hindsight, when I look at the season I can say he and Nketiah would’ve led the team in goals had they started more like the other players. Arteta’s 2nd half subs won us the match and for that he deserves a lot of credit. I will also say it’s not only us that get bad referee decisions as Wolves did today too yet no-one would say it so we should be careful when being over entitled. I wish we would play the same line-up that finished the game in the next match.

      1. You must’ve not watched the match I guess. The point is we should stop whining like we get everything against us called wrongly and that refs have a bias agenda against Arsenal. Incompetence is not bias. I don’t want to go into the ref decisions but if you watched the game and you’re truthful then you’d understand me.

        1. Kev I know exactly what you mean. The ref’s decisions felt exactly what usually happens against us, only this time it was against wolves not us, hehe.

        2. Exactly Kev! Incompetence, which many refs certainly have in spades, IS NOT BIAS! The bias comes from those fools who so blithely call refs”cheats”.

          Were I a Prem ref who has his integritry and his career PUBLICALLY LIBELLED on JA , without any doubt, I would take both the poster and JA, as publishers , to court for defamation.
          I much hope that ere long an actual Prem ref does so. It could happen! And it would, by law , cure the publicly expressed bias of those idiots who call refs ” biased cheats”!

      2. I wouldn’t say they “remained on top for most of the half”. They had chances here and there, they played really well within the first 20 mins, but beyond that, and frankly so, our boys dominated.
        A good day to celebrate our relentless efforts. All the boys deserve all the credits.

    1. I also felt sorry for Wolves at times, everything was been given against them. Ben White with a little theatrical fall might have won us the points. If not for that Coddy might have gone 1v1 with Ramsdale and the game might have finished then and there. But ref obliged to the screaming fans.

      We must stop the nonsense of ref bias against Arsenal stuff, the pressure from fans could make refs make some awkward calls as well.

      1. It is just incompetence. In the future when Arsenal win the league I expect us to be having significant favorable decisions like the others get. That is just the trend and it is likely to happen i whatever season we win the league so we should be careful when making noise about refs having an agenda against us.

      1. The ref was way worse for Wolves and their fans would also be talking about it and not that I care but it shows the agenda talk is a non-starter. Its just incompetence.

    2. I think it’s called “winning ugly” kev! Bit of a rarity for us so difficult to recognise it, but the likes of Man U do it regularly. Agree for once the ref was with us and the 2 subs were perhaps our best players. Beg to differ though – Pepe has I think regained confidence only since AFCON and that was Nketiah’s best performance this season. Happy to see Pepe start over the headless chicken (GM) but Nketiah hasn’t yet earned a start.

  3. Spurs are the Robin Hood of the EPL. They take points from the rich(Man city) and give them to the poor(Burnley)


  4. Wolves hardly loses away and Arsenal hardly loses at home so a lot of pundits predicted a draw. I predicted an arsenal win. 3 goals to one but delighted with the final result. What a great time to get those goals.

    Happy for pepe and lacazette and welldone arteta for throwing everything on the pitch. I love the sub… its been long we defeated wolves at home. This time in a short space, we did them the double

    Football at its best. Arsenal beating a solid Wolves team with a last minute winning goal. Simply amazing. A huge goal and a significant win in the top 4 race. Credit to the team for a great result.

  5. Pros:
    – 3 points
    – Pepe allowed out of his cage
    – Ode was brilliant
    – Starting to look fitter but could be down to less games
    – Overcoming an extremely good Wolves team

    – Xhaka and Partey completely anonymous
    – Gabriel, although a good player, seems to have a mistake in him or red card every now and then
    – Laca starting, yes he contributed to the goal but overall he seems to be getting worse
    – Ben White’s off the ball awareness and positioning leaves a lot to be desired
    – Our press is very poor, light jogging and only half the team presses
    – Squad is very thin, hopefully we can avoid injuries
    – Saka seems to be going through a bit of an off period

    1. I can’t believe you said partey was anonymous. I don’t know which game you were watching today mate.partey was immense today.changing directions and spraying passes to wide areas and infield at times.he had a couple of successful dribbles in the middle too.

      1. I can’t believe anyone would think Xhaka was anonymous in the second half!

        Agree.on your assessment of Partey as well although his shots from outside the box are turning into a sideshow…

      2. Fair enough for the second half but the first half they weren’t great. They were very deep 1st half, 1 of them needed to step up into that hole in the midfield like Xhaka started to do only near the end of the game.

        Also anonymous doesn’t mean bad, just weren’t great in the overall game but that’s just my opinion.

    2. I do not agree with the cons part PJ.

      Wolves are arguably the inform team aside the top 2 in EPL currently with a top defence…we had over 25 attempts

      Partey and xhaka put in a nice shift esp. xhaka moving up to join the attack allowed odegaard drift to the right

      We weren’t outplayed, the issue was our poor decisions and hesitations in the final third… probably ESR would have converted some chances earlier as he seems to shoot accurately than others..

      A massive win, kudos to the lads for fighting for the points…

    3. WOW

      JUST WOW

      Xhaka and Partey were practically the best performers today

      The Forwards were disappointing
      The back were very shaky, Ramsdale inclusive

      Just the midfield was our light today; Xhaka, Partey and Odegaard

      1. Didn’t have his best game but certainly wasn’t bad. Tracked his man when required, created chances and worked hard. Had very little support as Ode tends to drift more to the other side of the pitch in general.

        1. Out of all our attackers he was the most unproductive and should’ve even come off earlier. I’m not having a go at him but him coming off is a big reason why we turned up the heat on Wolves.

    4. Not a good observation of Partey, I’m afraid PJ. He especially and xhaka controlled the entire midfield. Kept neves and moutinho quiet for the most part

    5. Totally agree on Laca and Saka. GM also returned to his headless chicken game. Reckon the press energy was saved up for the last 20 mins when we battered them into submission. Yup, I reckon Gabriel has a bad game in him a couple of games every season.
      Can’t agree (shooting aside!) on Partey though – I thought he did a lot of very good work tonight.

  6. Credit to Ramsdale for not getting sent off in the Gabriel howler that led to wolve goal

    Credit to MA for the tactical tween and formation change
    Credit to the boys for keeping the faith and not losing hope. Xhaka prove what a leader is
    My motm is between Ode and Pepe.
    Big up to Nketia too

    1. I thought I was the only one who noticed the bundle of energy Nketiah brought to the game. I was much impressed with him

      1. Yea..noticed it too, the lad is a bull now, very strong..also it seems like two strikers up top worked the wolves defence couldn’t handle the physicality and movement of laca x nketiah…

        Pepe can be a great CF is coached right…the turn for the goal was a world-class CF move…

  7. No complains at all. Wolves had their work well cut out for majority of the game, scoring two late goal gaianst them was a good thing.

    We held them for long with 10men 2weeks ago, we should beat them with 11 expectedly and we did it, not quite easily though.

    Confidence is up now, complacency must not set in though.

    We did the double over them, good one.

    Now 2 games, no red card.

  8. Was nice to see some of our elder statesmen leading the line. Laca worked his socks off, Xhaka was massive in the second half and great cameo by Pepe.

    My only beef in the game was Atkinson. Both sides were flopping anytime anyone came near them and Atkinson bought almost every one hook, line and sinker. Shocking performance from him.

    So great to see such controlled passion and character in the team.

    1. What else could he do! PJ-SA glad for the boys and the 3points. So that’s the first of the 3games in hand won

  9. This kinda games are the games that we would look back at the end of the season and appreciate the 3 points. Just wow! Not the first half of the game but for the winning mentality that was evidence in the second half. I see fighters on the field who believed they could win the game. And they did. Kudos to all the players today. Well done Mikel for tweaking it when the original plan doesn’t seem to work. Up Gunners.

    1. Well summed up Julius – credit to Arteta for going all in (for a change) with the subs.
      For me as much as the result some vital other plusses and lessons learned:
      – confidence built on
      – momentum sustained
      – playing until the final whistle can reap rewards
      – winning ugly can be just as satisfying as winning beautifully

  10. Only big down side was the blatant cheating from Ben White, def benefited us no doubt but don’t like to see that in any football match.

    1. I have no issues with it.. Ramos cheating got RM a champions league they did not deserve against Liverpool.. 10-20 years from now no body will care about what he did.. But RM being champions for that year will be remembered forever..

  11. A proud gooner tonight!

    That said, Pepe should start ahead of Martinelli for now, we need end of the season Pepe

  12. We made hard work of that and saved by Pepe, who had been binned because he scoes goals? 😁 Great games from Lacca and yes Xhaka (credit where it is due) Odergaard and Partey. We need some better build up play and some creativity, which improved 150% when Pepe came on. Tough game and a tough watch until last 15 minutes but a great 3 points.

  13. Gotta say, although it wasn’t convincing, I thought Odegaard kept going and a great goal by Pepe did it. We missed ESR a lot, but credit that the team stuck to it. A massive win.

    1. Odegaard man of match.
      Arteta doing the job for us.
      Love Lacca’s energy but Vlahovic would have scored at least 2 tonight.
      We know he was never coming to us.

  14. Delighted! This week ends really well!!
    New Job, Massive Arsenal win & Bday celebrations 🍾 on Saturday.

    Well done Mikel for the tweak in the system and the subs 👏 nice move from the bench. He is learning as he goes along I guess and that was a really clever change up.

    1 pt behind Utd in 4th with 2games in hand, 5 points behind Chelsea with a game in hand & the wheels have completely fell off Contes Bus down the road.

    1. Congrats on both Sean. Crazy too how 10 minutes of football can totally change our moods for the next few days!
      Enjoy Saturday night (;-))

    2. How I wish this game was played on Saturday, it’s my birthday too. But I should not complain, we won.

      Congrats Man

  15. We were playing against one of the best teams defensively; I expected this match to be challenging but them scoring 1 before we could get back to the game was something else!

    We want more!

    ODE and PePe seems to have similar chemistry to Saka and ESR!

    1. They will wonder just how they got zero points from 2 games against us. They didn’t get what they deserved but they got what they got, zilch!!!

      1. Probably the only team in the EPL that we have the Indian Sign over, Reggie! Feels great though, because they’re a seriously good team this season. Nice to see Arteta making a brave substitution decision for a change, too.

  16. What a game! I missed the second half but y’all would understand how happy a Gunner is after seeing the scorelines at full time. I come in peace

    1. Great match! Never had this feeling for I can’t remember how long. Love the team spirit ATM. Watched the game after 71 minutes. Love what ode bring to the team lately. A 30m bargain. Not the same level as Ozil’s artistically (miss him! No copy cat of him tho) but offer different qualities and he’s a better team player. Ode is the glue for our attack. He’ll be immensely lead this team in the future. I reckon he’ll be the next captain. Inspired performance from Xhaka too! He’s playing much better with this new role. Love too see more from pepek! Will be epl’s scariest winger to play against once he got his consistency. Don’t want to see laca leave! He’s so good leading our young fwrds with his linkup play and they’re playing better when he’s in the team. That late goal hopefully will boost his confidence to score more often soon. He was a pretty good finisher honestly. For me he is still one of the top striker in game and he’s a real fighter. This kind of character is priceless. He just need his goal scoring touch again. That’s the only way for most fans to appreciate him more. Howdy GAI?

  17. huge credit to the team and the fans in the stadium today, great atmosphere, everyone kept going to the very end and we won the game. Well done! We are well in the top4 race if we keep this up.

  18. I have to say, I see why Pepe ain’t starting – our form and pattern is founded on being a very compact team defensively

    (Saka will make it hard for attackers before they even meet our RB, same as Martinelli/ESR on the others)

    But Pepe marks very carelessly, almost gifting Wolves a second goal after he equalized cos of his poor marking on 2 attempts.

    1. Yes it’s def his weakness but in sll fairness the main chance you are talking about wasn’t Pepes man in the first place. He was marking another player and recognised the danger and tried to get back to cover but yes he’s not great at it at all.

      If you play to his strengths his positives outweigh his negatives but that’s why a swuad should rotate and you start him vs certain teams and bench him against others.

        1. True Reggie – it’s obvious when stated that simply! I’m just not sure what system you could play to suit Pepe – the unpredictability that confounds the opposition does the same thing to his teammates!

    2. Agree. Should be our supersub for the time being. Will cause plenty of havoc for the opponent when they’re tired by the end of the game. Love to see more from him! His dribbling skills is crazy!

  19. Looking back at the highlights, Wolves missed three good chances, which would have sealed the game and shut up the Artetaheads sending them back into their dark corners. Love the win, but it was not the performance of a dominant team, more one based on effort and grinding out a result. Nothing wrong with that either, but looking at the big picture, even beyond this season Arsenal are short of a midfielder, a striker, an attacking wing back and a William Saliba.

      1. On one game a week I think we can, Reggie, although I worry that the level of effort and determination could drop drastically as soon as we lose even one game.

  20. Great game, Credit to Ødegaard, Pepe, Nketiah, Xhaka and Partey for tonight’s performance.
    I still can’t believe people keep saying Ødegaard brings and adds nothing to this team.
    Lacazette has three goals contribution in the last five games, fair play to him but he needs to do better than his performances.
    Martinelli struggled today.
    Fair play to Arteta for figuring out the change in Pepe since the AFCON and backing him.
    Happy with the three points, I hope the players all moonwalked back to the dressing room so those Wolves players can cry all they want

    1. Ode was great today, MOTM by a mile!

      The only change I see in Pepe is that he’s actually getting on the pitch now, maybe seeing him play matches reminded MA that he has decent ability.

    2. 👍 Eddie. How can that shot be considered an own goal, when Lacazette’s shot was deflected by the Wolve’s keeper into his own goal? If the keeper had missed Lacazette’s shot, it would have been an assist to a goal from Saka.
      Gabriel had a “Barry Crocker” with that no look pass to Ramsdale leading to Wolve’s first goal causing his relegation to the reserves in the George Graham, Tony Adams, Martin Keown era.
      Martin Odegaard improves with every game and hopefully with financial support from the Kroenkes, he can bring Haarland to the Emirates. He., Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka were solid in midfield. As for Nicholas Pepe, the poise and composure he showed in his goal and preassist against a top class Wolve’s defense surely must ensure his future selection by Arteta. To Eddie Nketiah’s credit he took the right option in passing to Pepe and not selfishly shooting himself.

  21. A great win and sets me up for a great day tomorrow
    Whilst I would have preferred to win 3-0 because it would be easier on my nerves and heart.
    The last minute winner would have given the team a self belief that anything is possible if we keep going to the end.
    A truly big 3 points for us against a very good side and rival for the 4th spot.
    A long way to go but we have given ourselves a major chance of 4th spot.
    A crazy stat .Wolves have not lost in close on 44 games once they have taken the lead so a big big big result tonight
    Onwards and upwards

  22. Wrighty sums it up perfectly

    “When you calm down after the last minute win you have to look at the game as a whole and look at the chances like Rauls that was missed that could’ve cost you if it’s 2 nil.

    This is why as great as it is to win you have to look at those things that could’ve lost you the game, especially against the top teams, and work on that”

    1. Exactly, it was not a dominant performance. We are sloppy especially at the back and in the middle. It irritates me to see our defenders taking too much touches on the ball before they pass. We are lucky to come out with all three points which is the most important.

    2. A great win but we were very lucky to be still able to be in with a chance too win it. It is easy to forget just how sloppy we were in the first 30 minutes at times but we got let off and punished them.

    3. And also look at having 25 shots – almost all of them fluffed. These guys are top class professionals and I can’t believe it’s a lack of skill so maybe we need some group psychology sessions on not losing the plot as soon as we sight goalposts.

      1. Guy, we did make 25 efforts but they weren’t great chances. We actually only created 2 clear cut chances and that was a statistic, not my opinion. We aren’t creating “good” opportunities.

        1. Truthfully Reggie I was stunned to learn it was that many because I can hardly remember any of them.
          I had 2 contradictory thoughts last night. The first was that the whole team caught Martinelli-itus – running round like crazy things, playing just too quickly for our brains to keep up. The rhythm was wrong and caused an overall poor performance. But that same urgency was also the reason we got the two late goals.
          Sometimes upping the effort brings a better performance, but not last night, but against Wolves it was just…frantic!

  23. Good three points. But, there are few concerns. Saka seems to be experiencing some fatigue, as he’s been overplayed. He should come off the bench in the next match. We need Tomiyasu back asap. Defensively, Ben White is too often found out of position and asleep at times. Going forward, he needs to be quicker in playing out and cut down on the long balls. Ramsdale seems to be losing his sharpness in playing out quickly. Finally, what a great finish from Pepe. I don’t see why he is not given more minutes. The squad is thin,therefore, players rotation will be vital in keeping players fresh and fit. Top four seems nearer for sure.

    1. Agree Wayne – Ramsdale, GM, Saka and Laca have all IMO lost form over the last 2 matches, and (as we have no replacements) it’s concerning.

    2. Agree Wayne. He need a bit of rest ATM. We need Tomi back asap! Our pots and warrior! The defence is tighter when he’s in the team. This current ma’s system doesn’t work really good with pepek on the flank. Should be try as false 9, anyone? One of my fav and would love to see him get more minutes. Might be better as a super sub role? For now…

    3. The call for Tomiyasu should not be seen as criticism of Cedric, as he has not let the side down in recent games.

  24. Wolves haven’t lost in the last 44 matches in which they have lead. And we broke that today. That’s how impressive the win is. I can really sleep well tonight.

  25. Hope this gives some confidence to Pepe and lacazette to score more goals. If Arsenal can start scoring more goals then even 3rd place is possible now

  26. Good win. Atleast another 3 points on the board. Hope the team can continue to dominate and score goals even without a scoring centre forward

  27. Congratulations to the team and the gaffer for the comeback win against a stubborn Wolves side. Special mentions for Pepe and Eddie for their impact off the bench. No one can dispute Nico is a goal threat and has to get more minutes in future, hopefully after today Mikel will have more confidence in him going forward and will turn to the subs bench a little bit earlier when we are struggling in games.

    1. Agree ELG – not convinced Pepe is a shoo in starter but he should be first sub every game and get 30 mins every time.

      1. Look at Pepe’s goal and assist contributions last season. Arsenal cannot afford to have Nicholas Pepe sitting in “Coventry” on the bench. Big mistake!

  28. Man that felt good!

    I felt Wolves played really well, so credit our boys for getting over the line. That was tough!

    Are we allowed to celebrate?

  29. A fantastic win by a determined group. The one thing that Arteta has imbibed into this squad is the fighting spirit and unity. In the first half, our performance was a bit worrisome but we improved as the match wore on. The second half was totally dominated by us and we deserved the 2 goals and the win. A crucial win that keeps us in the fight for the top 4.

  30. I am trying to remember how games we have played this season that we consistently asked questions of the opponent’s goal for 90+.

    We have usually played this season with some spells in during games.

  31. Glad for the win. The boys were tenacious and had passion to win. Wolves defended like they wanted to draw and did waste a lot of time and also were easily falling to the ground. The way I shouted at the two goals made my night sleep too sweet. What a game. The sweetest win of the season. Thank you boys.

  32. It’s now 7 wins 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 9 games for the gunners and for me that is impressive. Keep going lads even top 3 is achievable from where we are at the moment.

  33. Great win good display from the team and 13 games to go. Look we have some tough fixtures but so do Wolves, West Ham, The Spuds and Utd. All having to play games against eachother as well as games against City, Liverpool, Chelsea and us. We’re in the great position of being the team everyone on chasing metaphorically speaking as we have 2 games in hand.

    We need to concentrate on ourselves, every win by us puts the pressure on everyone else. All the rivals for 4th are woefully inconsistent added to that so are Chelsea in 3rd, who seem to do okay against the big teams but drop points against weaker opposition.

    We’re in it now I honestly think 9 wins from 13 games will get us 4th guaranteed because of other teams form. Other teams have only got 11 games to play so there’s less margins for error. Spurs away and Utd home are big ones, come away with maximum points from these 6pt games and were in a strong position

  34. It’s kind of ridiculous that the last goal wasn’t credited to Laca. Does that mean that any goal that the goalkeeper gets a finger to is an own goal? The ball was going in anyway if the goal keeper wasn’t there, and it wasn’t an easy save – I don’t get how it can be an own goal.

  35. congratulations to the boys for their determination; congratulations to arteta for making good substitutes; congratulations to those fans that will settle for nothing but winning. gunners we move

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