Arsenal put dismal Sheffield United to bed by three

Arsenal have beaten Sheffield United by a 3-0 scoreline this evening.

The Gunners have been on top throughout the match, despite the manager opting to ring the changes after losing players to injury and illness.

We started the game well in possession, but the centre-backs of the Blades were managing to deny us entry into their box early on.

Just after the 30-minute mark we did manage to break the deadlock however through some fine passing and interchanging, with a neat backheel tricking the defence to leave Lacazette with just the goalkeeper to beat.

We went into the break ahead by one, but knowing that we should be further ahead, and we didn’t come out after the break with the same focus.

The Blades were allowed to dictate the game a little, and carved out some chances early into the second-half, but we managed to keep it tight and didn’t allow Leno to come under too much pressure.

After 15 minutes, we were back on top, and that buffer came when Martinelli was in the right place to tap-in after Nicolas Pepe’s effort was parried by Ramsdale in goal.

We certainly hadn’t been at our best, but when Alexandre added another goal to the scoreline, the commentary on BT Sport claimed that everything had gone to plan today, but that was more down to the poor level shown by our rivals.

Sheffield United look destined for the drop, and on that performance, they deserve it too.

Were Arsenal good today or was it more about Sheffield being bad?


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  1. Arteta used a weird line-up that hopefully can surprise Slavia Prague four days later. Lacazette is my MOTM, because he was almost everywhere, linked up very well and made two nice finishes

    I just noticed that Leno should’ve caught the ball at around 46:10, instead of punching the ball, because he wasn’t under heavy pressure. I’m worried he’d lose his composure again in Prague

    1. I noticed at 58.47 we were out of digestive biscuits. I immediately produced a Red Card for my wife for this offence. She automatically misses the game in Prague but returns for the Fulham game next week. If selected of course.

        1. The most important thing I learned yesterday is that both Phil and I share a love of digestive biscuits.I like the ones covered in dark chocolate, what’s your preference Phil?As to the match,I doubt if anyone could have predicted the positional line up used by Arteta and it’s easy to see why Sheffield Utd have been relegated, no disrespect to them .Without getting carried away, the clean sheet was most welcome and Laca proved to me that he is still out best CF.Martinelli brought some badly needed energy and drive to the team and Ceballos ,who is not my cup of tea, displayed some quality skills.I cannot predict Arteta’s team for the big match on Thursday, but I would not play Gabriel in his current form.

      1. Look at the first goal you don’t teach that
        We looked good today because we actually played football not just trying to maintain shape there was movement
        Just leave the lads to Express their safes on the pitch not just teach them to maintain positions and shape
        Look how ceballos looked with a little more freedom and playing higher up the pitch…. release the lads to play they are professional footballers and play them in their more natural position

        1. You are wrong.
          You actually teach that because at that point for that move to end well and in goal, position play and timing of the run is very very important.
          Because, almost all the players are moving in different directions to confuse the opponent and create spaces to exploit. And positioning is very important because of you get it wrong and lose the ball, a counter attack from the opponent can be very very devastating.

          And that is not the first time they are doing that 3rd man or is it 2nd man run and leading to goal under Mikel Arteta if you have followed our games really well.

  2. Martinelli and Laca play well together, both have a great work ethic

    Cellabos thrives when he can “float” in a game. No pressure from the opposition was ideal

    Partey had a great game, solid!

    Back 4 looked great although rarely tested. Only Sheff United I know but when Mari plays we look better

    Leno looked shakey st times

    Willian anonymous even against SheffU, pathetic!

  3. Good win. Thursday is a must win game. We have to be aggressive and be ruthless. Pepe should raise the bar.

  4. Yes a good 3 points, most of the team played well, never let utd into the game. Hope the injuries aren’t too severe and we can go into Thursday with a bit of confidence.

      1. Im realistic Sue, at the moment it is justca moral boosting win and 3 points against the bottom team in the league. Always good to see a win.

        1. Yes, a win is a win. Beating Sheffield United only gets Arsenal the same 3 points as beating any other club, but 3 points just the same.
          A clean sheet as well.

    1. Yes ceballos was good today. good win today. We need to be 3 times better than we were today though to get the result we need in Prague to go to EL semi. Martinelli need to start against Prague and pepe although had an ok game today is just an impact sub. But Prague here comes the gunners.

  5. Clean sheet ✔
    3 points ✔
    Martinelli’s back 👍
    Laca my motm… 50 PL goals for him 👍
    Decent performance, just the job before Thursday..
    I hope Saka will be ok.. already sweating on ESR and Odegaard…

    One last thing –
    Dani Ceballos,
    Dani Ceballos,
    He drinks Estrella,
    He eats Paella,
    The boys f*****g magic…🤩

    1. The last line doesnt rhyme Sue! Been saying it for a while – a much better player when you play him up the pitch. Trying those flicks in attack causes havoc. Play him as a DM he tries those tricks in front of his back 4. Havoc again – but for us. Excellent performance from him tonight.

      1. But he was played at CM next to partey. Which is where he generally plays. Being as Xhaka was not in midfield, the room on the left was there, so he kept filling it sort of playing Xhaka’s role in build up. I don’t get the CAM vibe people seem to be alluding to.

        1. The system was not 4-2-3-1 as usually fielded. Arteta changed it to a 4-3-3 with Partey as the most defensive of the 3 midfielders thus leaving Ceballos and Saka as advanced midfielders. That is why you could see Ceballos having much freedom to slot in the midfield from the left side of the pitch

        1. Ceballos is no mug and gave a good performance in his best position as AM. Unfortunately it is difficult for most players, when they don’t get a consistent run of games.

  6. I predicted 0-3 so got one right this weekend 😊
    May well be the start of a great end of season run.
    Will Arteta start the same X1 v Prague if Saka is ok of course?
    Maybe Gabriel to come back in.
    Is Martinelli ready to start twice in a row? Probably not maybe Auba yo start and bring on Martinelli later.
    But some good options available.
    Odegaard or ESR to replace Sska if need be.

    1. As usual Wy – depends on who’s fit. I like when Martinelli starts – he ensures we start at a fast tempo first half. Not overly impressed with Mari so Gabriel for me. Chambers played very well barring his crossing. Concern right side was Holding & Chambers have no pace.

  7. I would like to know where all the MA boo boys have gone tonight ..😁
    They feel like that game where they pop there heads up and you have to whack them down with a hammer..
    Good game tonight
    Clean sheet
    Let’s not get carried away. Sheffield weren’t great but you.only beat what’s in front off you. up for a good Monday to Thursday evening and hopefully a good win on Thursday sees us all good for a blinding week
    Onwards and upwards everyone

    1. I shouted that out once Alanball08 and got the equivalent of a verbal battering
      It was a much better evening and a confidence booster.
      Onwards and upwards to you

    2. @Alanball08. BOO BOYS? We beat a Sheffield side that is rock bottom and move from 10th to 9th and Arteta suddenly is the miracle to save arsenal. Do you watch other teams play at all. Why are you satisfied with mediocrity. Please let us enjoy tonight and don’t get carried away.

      1. Did you actually READ Alan’s post Alex? Does he imply that Arteta is a miracle worker? Did he not himself say don’t get carried away?
        And you wonder why people like me argue with you!

    3. I’m not an Arteta boo boy as you put Alan but i do want him replaced like you said it was only sheff Utd but let’s not get to carried away until we see what happens Thursday night ,and I’mpretty sure if it goes pear shaped we won’t hear from you calling out said Arteta boo boys .
      One game at a time buddy and remember all fans can have an opinion without feeling that they should be judged if it does go against their opinions .
      Good win and I’m happy but let’s see what happens for the rest of the season

      1. Agree Dan – I think most of us are just chuffed that they all (ok not quite all) made an effort, that martinelli played, and that we weren’t bad. Its been a while, and it may well be again…!

    4. You seriously think a win against a already relegated side papers over all the cracks then your more deluded then the rest of the Arteta fan club! Let’s see what happens on Thurs when the pressure is on to win the game!!

      1. We’ll obviously win that . Not to ridicule, but I don’t see a reason to doubt it. Unless we completely fail to score, Prague have to beat us. We are away. They need to keep us out more than we need to keep them out.

        1. No Joe sorry – it’s the opposite. WE have to score, and as we know that often is a problem for us.

          1. Thing is , one goal gets us to safety and puts them on the backfoot. What would you depend on to imagine we wouldn’t even get one goal?

        2. The only reason Arteta beat man city and chelseato win the FA was playing more defensively and using counter….auba and pepe. Including liverpool in the community shield.

          Playing open football is very difficult for him, dis season proved it.

          Should he stick we his defensive game or still experiment with open play? Cos this season is almost done.

      2. Deluded
        I beleive I have seen you use that word before on other people 😄
        I am far from deluded Danny
        Unfortunately I see you don’t read too well so I will put that down to poor education.
        I get carried away and it’s only Sheffield but a win is a win and unlike you I wan’t us to win all the time. Unlike you I dont want us to lose so the manager can get the sack
        I will settle for us to win what every way and against who ever from now to the end of the season which could mean a trophy
        When the end of the season comes to an end, then we can discuss the manager position
        Does that sound deluded to you.
        I SAY BOO BOYS because they are getting boring
        Everyone is entitled to there opinons and I respect that but we are at the business end of the season, so support is needed regardless if you le.or dislike the managers tactics and belive me I have almost slung the TV out the window only occasions this season due to poor tactics and team selection.
        The league was gone months ago
        Top four was gone months ago
        Top 6 is just about doable
        Didn’t think MA should have got the job ahead of a few other candidates but what can you do
        He is our manager and until he gets the sack or moves on I will support him as I have supported BM, TN, SH, PR, GG, UE, AW FL, BR in the past ..
        Did I miss anyone out?
        And amongst some of the initials there were some dross managera

        1. One man’s Boo boy is another man’s objective realist … and the reality is that everyone on this site is an arsenal fan … which means that in our hearts we want the team to win everything but when that’s far from happening the head kicks in and we ask ourselves are we doing as well as we should be doing and if not why not … in the case of the current state of arsenal we are performing at a clearly substandard level and Badly so … that’s because we have some squad players who just should not be in a team that sees itself as part of the European elite and I am not going to support them just because they don the shirt … they are partly the reason we are in the worst position we are in for years … however I believe we have enough quality players to be performing better … not enough to get in to top 4 probably but certainly in to top 6 … that we are not there is down to a manager who is learning on the job and it turns out doesn’t really have a style of football that can move us forward .. keown recently said we have only played the same team twice in the epl all season not sure that is exact but it’s more or less true and the sign of a manager who lacks confidence and clarity … yday was a good example … xhaka in the middle drags us back because of lack of skill and vision … one of those who should have been moved on years ago … that drags partey back to compensate .. seeing ceballos as a sub for the hapless performer forces him to play xhaka’s role which limits what he does best as a more forward oriented midfielder in the Santi role… not as good for sure but clearly what he does best … arteta was forced to change that yday by putting xhaka at LB … where he did ok against a none attack … and complemented by adding more effort and mobility on the left with martinelli which gave ceballos more options ahead of him and we looked a better side immediately … same poor decision making with picking willian over Martinelli and with Gabriel and Luiz over Mari … who is the calmest and most skillful of our centre backs in a defence that needs both as has been obvious all season except to arteta … and with bellerin over Cedric and chambers … wanted the man gone at Xmas want him gone at end of season … a good performance against the leagues worst team doesn’t change that

        1. Nothing today about inverted wingers and left footed DM ?(and how good and indispensable is Xhaka?)

          1. Please leave GOA alone Antonioro. He is always polite and positive – is it a problem for you that he has an opinion? If he had spoken of these subjects today then you are entitled to address them but he has not. This is not intended to be a troll site. I am asking you nicely not to pick on people who do not deserve such comments.

    5. Alanball08, sorry my friend, but I thought you were better than that!

      I’ve just watched a very good and rounded performance against the side rooted at the bottom of the table, so does that make up for what’s gone on previously?

      Why have we waited until now, to see Martinelli showing what he is capable of?
      He’s been fit for weeks now and gave us what, to date, Willian hasn’t.

      This result changes nothing with regards to the season as a whole, but I fully intend to enjoy it – the performances of Chambers, Holding, Xhaka, Pepe and Lacazette… all considered not good enough by fans who seem to spend kronkie’s money like it’s gone out of fashion.

      Let’s hope Slavia Prague are as bad as SU were tonight and we progress to the semi finals…. and that we have some good news on the injury front.

      1. Hi Ken – as somebody who used to be an Innie but is currently an Outie (I”m not talking belly buttons here) I want to stand up for Alan. His first two sentences were provocative, that’s all. If you see later posts it worked. The substance of his post wasnt over the top at all if you read it again. Great to see Martinelli, but I am still concerned he has a long term ankle problem that isnt going away , which would explain why he is being held back.
        If he plays though he must start, as his presence galvanises us out of those lazy first halves.

    6. what a stupid comment, so you think arsenal will never win a game? because as soon as we win a game arteta boo boys are called out? Dont talk bullshit, its obvious that we will win some games but that doesnt mean arteta should stay.. he should be replaced at the end of the season

    7. I’m not Arteta’s biggest fan. J would remind you we played Sheffield United. Hardly a team to be too excited about is it?

      1. Phil
        As a golf lover like me, are you concentrating on an Arsenal win against the bottom club or what’s going on in Augusta?

        1. SueP- I recorded the golf and watched the football. NOTHING comes before football. So I’m / hours behind the actual live golf and as always resisting the option of bringing the game up to the present.
          Cannot seeMatsuyama letting this slip
          But if I had to bet on an outsider it would be Jordan Spieth. Long way to go for me still

          1. I won’t give the game away but as I’m playing tomorrow in a friendly match feel it’s best to be fresh in the morning
            There has always been something magical about Augusta

        2. Im golf crazy too. I thought I may be torn but it was no contest. Couldn’t miss any of the football…

    8. Alanball08- might I remind you we played Sheffield United. There was a time we would expect that result, not hope for it

      1. Phil
        I know exactly where they are
        A poor poor team and I am not getting carried away
        We are far from brilliant but there’s nothing like winning
        I have hated coming away feeling depressed, angry, frustrated over the past weeks so tonight I am dancing around as a win is a win and I love winning and have missed that feeling and yes in yester years playing Sheffield and the likes of these teams would have been a guaranteed 3 points but the last year’s I don’t and can’t take any thing for granted anymore…
        Nothing like getting reaction from people though .
        Good or bad.. 😄
        Keeps us knowing we are still alive and passionate

        1. To be fair AB08- the performance was very good. Those games are always a banana skin ax you are expected to win. I thought Ceballos was very good. Chambers also. Mari? Looks better than most who seem to be selected before him, Xhaka- very disciplined. Pepe frustrating again. Martinelli will only get better. Pleased he got his goal. Lacazette was very very good.
          Saka I hope is a dead leg.
          Must win game Thursday snd I think we will. But for me I just do not see Arteta leading this club upwards.
          Enjoy Thursday- if that’s possible with Arsenal

      1. You’re missing the point Leno. We had a good game, we are not saying we are a good team. Some selections and tactics worked against a very poor team. But we’ve been losing to poor teams all season so its a celebratory night. Some people here (whether it’s because they are totally obsessed with Arteta getting sacked, or they have just forgotten why we watch this game) prefer not to enjoy us winning a game or playing well. So busy criticisising they forget how to say anything good. To me that’s strange.

        1. Sorry, wasn’t intending to invent a new word. Criticising. Must consider switching to speech to text!

    9. I’m here, and have no problem giving credit to Arteta for a solid selection and tactics tonight.

      I thought the players were very active from the whistle, and played together as a team.

      If we can put in consistent performances like that then half our problems are solved.

      I try to be consistent; give praise and criticism when either are earned. It’s 3 points, I don’t care who the opponent is, a win is a win!

    1. Kobin
      Agreed and acknowledged
      Will pipe down and enjoy a good Sunday 😁
      Krish …it all about opinons and what you define as BS is another’ persons opinion but one thing we all want going forward is a successful club challenging for honours

      Onwards and upwards

  8. Clean sheet, for its ardent lovers, has come with Pablo Mari again after a long spell. Why doesn’t Arteta play Mari more often? He is our most consistent defender.

  9. Great game by the boys. Kudos to Arteta, great starting 11. Now more of than on Thursday please.

  10. A good display against a Championship team. We did what we had to, and won. One cautionary comment though. Lacazette played very well today, but his contract ends this season, so he is playing for his next contract, whether with Arsenal or another team. Remember, last year was Auba’s contract year, and once he signed it his performances this season have been less than stellar. I thought Ceballos had a good game, but I temper my praise by the standard of the opposition.
    Again, I feel that Arteta’s performance as manager must be evaluated at the end of the season. If we do not get into Europe, we will see what the Kroenke’s think of him!

    1. A cynical view JW. I dont doubt it happens but it’s not that common and I certainly don’t see it in Lacazette, who is one of the tryers in the squad. But if you are right I guess we should only offer one month contracts from now on.

  11. What a difference scoring goals does for the team, the result and the spirit of the fans. When we lose it’s always the defense which gets hammered.
    Our attack on paper is world class and it this area which has let us down.
    Now with Martinelli and Laca firing Pepe and Auba need to step as well to give us this much needed edge going in to Thursday’s decider.

    1. Pepe gets some real slagging but has scored more goals than any other of our wingers, saved our bacon Thursday night and was involved in two goals tonight. Yes he is frustrating but he actually produces.

      1. Agreed Reggie ,Pepe was very decent tonight and when he plays without pressure he can be a beast ,it just depends on how Arteta manages him because when he is low on confidence it effects him but give him freedom he’s quality

      2. Agreed Reggie ,Pepe was very decent tonight and when he plays without pressure he can be a beast ,it just depends on how Arteta manages him because when he is low on confidence it effects him but give him freedom he’s quality

  12. Good to see a number of players – Martinelli, Chambers, Mari and Ceballos in particular – making selection headaches for Arteta on Thursday.

    1. Play Ceballos forward, not as a DM, and you have a class player. His tricks around his own area are a disaster waiting to happen. Around their area they can be genius.

  13. Nice feeling with a win and a clean sheet! Lets make a good end to the season!
    Ps- Nice tactical change by MA. This is one of my complaints against him, his sometimes predictable play style and he has done really well today. The other complaint is not allowing certain players consistent gametime, sometimes if they are in form. But our injury problems and the inconsistent form also contribute to that. So I take that back.

  14. The body faint by Partey for the third goal is messiesque. I love the way Partey take risks when playing, most times he gives the right pass. His playing is typical of a Real Madrid style.

  15. I expected us to lose tonight and I was wrong, very wrong, thank goodness. Saka was everywhere but certainly not at left back as everyone predicted, Xhaka played well there and I have to admit too that Ceballos played well. Mom for me was Laca, he was like the Duracell bunny. Well done!

  16. Nice win and hopefully some confidence going into Thursday’s game, well done Laca moving up the PL goal scoring charts but strangely Anthony martial with one penalty this season is picked ahead of him for France 😂 maybe it’s a man Utd/ Chelsea thing 😆

      1. I want him to be superb on Thursday can he be ? 😉 Haha yes Sue it’s not often we win so comfortably so all in all a very nice day 😃 haha I have to give him credit he’s been excellent for West Ham but can’t help but not like him 😂😂

        1. My nephew is loving it! I’m rooting for them to grab 4th… imagine them in the CL instead of the chavs/scousers 😝
          I think he will.. was a fantastic with Martinelli scoring and hopefully Auba returning, we should be all good up front 🤞

          1. He better enjoy it because it won’t happen again Sue 😛 I don’t think they will be any good in the champions league when they haven’t even played europa league football so it’ll be an out of body experience for them 😂 yeah definitely and I think we’ll need all 3, an early goal would be perfect and then we can go for that killer 2nd.. that first goal is crucial and the sooner we cancel that away goal of theirs the better for us so I think they will try and be very tight and hit the odd counter but as we seen at the emirates they aren’t very good defensively but worryingly neither are we lol

          2. 🤣 He’ll ask me to pinch him!!
            Just been reading about OGS and Maureen… never a dull moment! Cavani was excellent yesterday.. and when that 3rd went in, I even cheered 😂
            No doubt they’ll keep us on the edge of our seats, Kev!!

          3. Haha yeah no doubt I can’t even remember the last time West Ham played a european match 😂😂 haha yeah something about not feeding his son ? 😆 Pogba should have been sent off though 😲 oh Sue you cheer that lot on ? I could never I despise both team I want them both to lose 😅 yeah of course we do not do things easy but I will be more relaxed if we score early.. everyone talking about slavia prague haven’t lost at home in years yeah but they play in a farmers league so that record doesn’t bother me 😃

          4. I can’t stand them either.. but the predictions points may have played a part in my cheering 🤣

    1. For me the biggest surprise is benzema not being picked for france😔
      Laca has been on form as well
      Something weird is going on with the france selection👎

      1. I think Benzema doesn’t get called up because of a scandal mate you’d have to read about it.. but I know Deschamps played for Chelsea and that could possibly be a reason he doesn’t call laca up, he’s definitely in much better form than Martial he couldn’t hit a barn door most games

  17. Arsenal are flat track bullies. We saw it often enough during Wegner’s final seasons. Great to see those two goals from Lacazette but where was he last Thursday in a game which really counted? The problem with extending Lacazette’s contract is that Arsenal will be stuck with him, Aubamayang, William and Pepe, players who are either reaching used by dates or as in Pepe’s case will continue to frustrate. Moving forward ruthless decisions need to be made and hungrier, younger players brought in.

  18. I wish we were flack track bullies Joe, but we lose as many of those as we win.
    I think many of us agree that youth is the way forward – in theory a fire sale is great but most of the older players are on silly wages, so won’t be easy to sell and won’t fetch anyhere close to what we paid if we can. Alernatively they leave for free at the end. Our own kids are not all ESR or Saka’ we’ll maybe end up with 4-5 good enough including Ballogun and Azeez – hardly a full squad! Remember how we rated AMN, Nelson, Nketiah, Willock? In all honesty probably none will be top grade. The best external youngsters go for huge money, which we don’t have. So some of these we have now have to say or we won’t be able to put a team out. Sounds like a Second Division team I know, but its kind of where we are.

  19. Agree with most of your points, Guy. A smart, ambitious club however would find a way to get William off the pay role and get rid of either Auba or Laca. Not all the youngsters need to come out of the Arsenal youth system. God forbid, we already know that Nketien and Willocks need to be shipped off permanently. At the same time this is a period of generational change in football and it is Arsenal’s responsibility to find emerging talent which won’t break the bank. Wegner used to have ” the eye” to spot these players but how can we trust Edu and Arteta?

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