Arsenal put in a composed display to overcome a tough Burnley side

Burnley tried their best to stop Arsenal from playing the way they wanted to this afternoon, but we managed to scrape through with all three points.

The Clarets side are known for their physical presence, and they didn’t disappoint in that aspect, causing all manner of problems for our side as we attempted to play open attacking football.

Every time we looked to break away upfield, our rivals would put a foot in or force a clever foul to stop us in our tracks, but that philosophy eventually cost them the goal.

Bukayo Saka found himself in behind the second line of defence and in a dangerous area before being brought down, and Martin Odegaard made no mistake in putting his placed effort over the wall and into the top left in tidy fashion.

Our rivals tried to play more on the front foot in the second half, and did threaten to level things, and our worst fears struck when the referee blew to give the home side a penalty after Aaron Ramsdale was deemed to have taken Ashley Barnes in the box.

VAR stepped in however, with replays clearly showing that the goalkeeper had cleared the ball, although the controversy continued when the official opted to give Ramdale a drop ball after the decision was overturned, instead of the corner which would have rightly followed confirmation that he had in fact got the ball.

There were very few clear-cut chances in the 90 minutes in reality, but it was still an intriguing battle of whit and might, while the only shock for me was that no player was sent off with a number of strong tackles and emotional flare ups from both sides…

Two wins on the bounce means that Arsenal climb up to 12th place in the table at present, but we next take on rivals Tottenham in the league next, with EFL Cup clash Wimbledon up first in midweek.


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  1. Lucky win, but we were the better team. Unlike the Norwich game, we played with low confidence

    White made two big mistakes which fortunately didn’t cost us the game, luckily Ramsdale was highly reassuring with his great ball catching ability. White is supposed to be our ball carrier from our defense area, so hopefully he can improve his performance in the next EPL game

    Magalhaes was our best CB and I think Tomiyasu won all his aerial duels again. At least Burnley won’t do a double against us this season, unlike in 2018

    1. One question GAI, do you prepare your comments in advance? Cause you comment very fast and are first most of the time. Just curious

      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. GAI comments after each game is always fast.
        Good game. 3 points is all that matters. If we can win our next 4 games, that will be lovely. COYG.

        Man City drew at home.

        1. Yes GAI is almost certainly Admin.
          Their writing styles and views are 99% identical.
          Both are positively Arsenal so that’s good 🙂

          1. I can honestly say that I only comment when I have annoying idiots on site. I have enough ideas when writing my articles.

            But I am sure GAI is really flattered@

    2. I will agree with pretty much everything you said. ,Gabriel was by far our most composed CB ,white looked nervous and his price tag looks way overpriced just for a ball playing CB (obviously he needs time )
      Tomi and Odegaard best 2 on the pitch .
      Tactics still look amateurish to me but spuds next weekend is I’ll see where we are at .

      1. Thanks bro

        Arteta and White can use the upcoming League Cup game to fix their confidence problems. The team’s nerves are the reflections of their manager’s

        1. Didn’t White win 4 of 7 duals and won 6 of 6 headed clearances?
          I don’t think he has a confidence problem.

          1. I’m worried about his two big mistakes and his inability to carry the ball forward. He should’ve been able to make the surging runs with the ball from our defense, like he did at Brighton

  2. Up 8 places in two games 🙂 But a really tough win. Two 1-0 score lines. Two predictable wins after two predictable losses. Hard to know where the team is at. Too early to say we have recovered but we have hope that the process will work long term. A worry that our 200m strike force is still struggling. Now for the Spurs.

  3. well needed win. Really liking this back four, espescially, Gabriel, Tomi, and Ramsdale all look fantastic. The issues in the final third are very very troubling though. So happy Odegaard scored that freekick because iwas not confident we could score from open play. Saka and ESR need to step up a bit more and be clinical in their passing and decision making in final thrid. Not something i’d thought i would have to say about Saka who has been pretty reliable in attack in past seasons. Overall, finally starting to build a bit after the disaster start to the season so glad to get back to back wins.

  4. Composed Burnley? I am laughing right now. If Burnley was half a good team, we will still in 17th place. Win, not good performances, its like watching a horror movie and the monsters are pushing you!

  5. 2 goals in 5 games is a huge worry, especially when you think about issues of last season. Creating little chances and fluffing the few chances we get.

    Best performers Tomi and Ramsdale, which is again a worry when you think how well other new players started and how they soon regressed.

    1. Our attack is indeed a big worry. Saka and Pepe are really poor in almost everything. I felt Auba was in the mood today but was hardly supported. Only Odegaard was inspiring in that attack. The best player to me was Gabriel. He bailed out White on some occasions and barely did anything wrong. He looks even better than last season as he’s become calmer

      1. Pepe laid the ball on for ESR, yet again he could not put the shot on target. He would have needed the goal to be twice as high. Arsenal has to increase the goal output from midfield.
        Why does Pepe get criticised when he produced more than Aubameyang and Saka?

  6. Lokonga is a gem considering his age. He bossed the midfield and proved to be worth every penny we spent on him.
    Xhaka can now leave

  7. Not pretty, and who expected that – and who cares ?

    Today was all about digging in and getting the 3 points.

    We had to be strong defensively and in the middle of the park.

    Shape, discipline and determination was everything and to a very large degree we produced ​this.

    Up top we were an non-entity
    ​with a set piece winning it very apt.

    Saka and Pepe poor, with Auba being anonymous (he would claim lack of service).

    At back Tomi, Gabby & Teirney superb whilst Ben W struggled with the physicality of the game and wanted too much time on the ball in possession (this led to the penalty claim).

    Ramsdale in goal – superb. Handled all Burnley threw at him (legal or not).

    As for Dyche – made for the saying “can dish it out, but can’t take it”.

    He will no doubt watch the 2penalty” claim and still swear it was a pen’.

    No chance – the ball was played (sloppy back pass from White).

    All in all a gritty 3 points well won.

    1. Bear in mind White has joined a team that is supposed from a team that was losing…so the mentality for games is different and he can only learn from game time.

      Seems like there are good solid defenders with the back 5 now in place and playing together

      Big game against Spuds but lets hope Laca and Martinelli play against Wimbledon as we need some strikers hitting some form

    1. Good win today. But there is still plenty to work with our attack. it was really poor today. Make no mistake, the 3 pts are great, but we’ll need to improve fast if we want to win against some other better opponents. But lets enjoy this one for the moment. That would be great if ramsdale keep on like that. We could sell leno next summer hopefully for 10/15m. And geet rid of his 100k per week (big save) while promoting promising youngsters Hein and Okwonko to 2nd GK. I wonder though, baring injuries, where will play xhaka. Even worse for elneny, not even mentioning kolasinac. We should have sold these last two.

  8. White was pretty poor, but solid overall defense.
    Would be tough to drop Ramsdale, though I also believe Leno would be back against Spurs.
    Saka, ESR and co all been poor this season.
    Really our creative players need to up their game, if not PEA will keep being starved.
    Happy with the win, hope to see better in the next game

    1. agree. Auba will get blamed for being invisible, but nobody besides Odegaard could even complete a simple pass to the man. Saka so so poor today and this season so far. Pepe gives you small moments of hope but the quality and overall package just isnt there with the guy. Coaching a few bad habits out of him could make him so much better but ive been saying that for a couple seasons now so may just have to accept that this is the player.

      1. RSH, Agreed while attacking we’re always too slow with decision making and everything we do on the attacking front always seem premeditated and predictable.
        Once players line up and spread themselves across front of the 18 yards box, none of our Midfielders can attempt defense splitting passes to unlock the game.
        Once defenders line up, our players run out of ideas and just take the ball back.
        I don’t think that problem is from the coach even though I wish he’ll point it out and work on it with the team

      2. Pepe might have played better if they passed the ball ahead of him on counters not put sidespin on the pass so that it went back and he had to stop his run. Happened couple of times atleast. Guy might have scored a goal if he kept going…but I get your gist.

      3. Saka is young. He worked and played a lot last year. Tough on the body and carried the team many times. Tough mentally not even mentioning his penalty with england. Arteta should rest him especially in games like that where he seems under his level. otherwise who knows what injuries could hamper him. I know it is unlikely but look at what happened to wilshere in the early 2010’s

    2. Eddie thanks for saying it as you see it, Auba was not given any chance today, Chelsea always creates at least 4 clear chances for Lukaku In a game. About Ramsdale it will be so foolish of Arteta to Bench him against spurs for a very poor Leno.

  9. I know its early days but i did say during the Euros when we were linked with Ramsdale that i liked him and thought he would be a good signing

    ppl on here basically called me mad lol

    He was very good today, everything about him improves that back 5, the commanding goalkeeper we have lacked since Lehmann really except for 5 or 6 games Martinez played upto the FA cup win.

    TT18 – love this guy – big big future if he continues like this

    White made a few mistakes, but i would say after watching the game that the pitch looked very very slow and that caught out alot of our players today, but i am sure that he will improve once the team is more settled .

    Great to see Partey get some more minutes and i did like the Partey – Sambi partnership, it looked good, MO8 looked better today going forward, worked hard as he did against Norwich and took his freekick very well.

    Overall, it wasnt a great game but more positives this week as teh team looked more composed, especially at the back than we have done for a while.

    turf Moor is a very hard place to go so to get a clean sheet and a win there was a very good result imo, the performances will come, there were a few spells today where we played some lovely stuff.

    Not sure Auba actually fits this team now tbh and was surprised he didnt come off

    Lets see how we do against spurs, that will be a test

    1. Great points Val, couldn’t agree more

      Im still not convinced that MA is the long
      term answer on the Emirates sidelines but I
      do commend him and Edu for identifying
      this collection of young talents that are
      beginning to stamp there authority in the
      starting 11.


      IMWO Xhaka and Auba should be either
      moved on in January or used sparingly as
      2nd half subs. There days as being 1A and 1B
      on the first 11 team sheet are long, long gone.

      My team against Spurs


    2. Good point re the pitch. I thought it might of been my stream because to passing looked woeful.

      Pretty brutal second half – at times it looked like a training session for the defenders – defend and then give the ball back to the attackers to go again.

      Still, winning breeds confidence and that’s what this young team needs.

    3. Ramsdale certainly saved White’s arse and thank goodness for VAR. One thing about Ramsdale is his decision making exemplified in making the tackle when he judged he wasn’t getting to White’s back pass. He has better hands than Leno, communicates with the defense better and I am starting to warm to him. White needs to step up to match Gabriel. Thomas Partey showef his class playing in front of the back four.

  10. I don’t care what haters says…… 3 point away at Burnley is one that even the likes of Liverpool, man City man u Chelsea will be happy to get. Well done to boys as they keep improving game by game. Ben White was really shaky today, seems he is lacking in confidence

  11. 3 more points; another clean sheet – what more could you ask for?!
    Really impressed with Tomi and Gabriel. And yes you read this right – Ramsdale is growing on me 😊
    Well done boys (hopefully something similar next weekend 🤞)

    1. Cheers Sue, Mikel’s signings have clicked Aaron, Tomi, Gabi, Sambi, Ody so happy. Ben will need a few more games to adjust. Thats why we paid 30 grand for Aaron and Ody.Pure class. Bring on the noise makers next week, we will quieten them. 1-0 to the Arsenal!!

  12. A good result but not a very convincing win. So do we hope for another 1-0 against Spurs to do the job? Just seen Kane is rated 90 and Son 89 on FIFA22. Will be difficult to contain them.

  13. Rolls Royce White! Rolls Royce White!
    The tires are flat but the sidewalls are white!
    So we pay~~~50 million right!
    Rolls Royce White! Rolls Royce White!
    Lol bad chant I know, but his performances have been like that so far. Caught out again today and almost conceded twice from his two mistakes. So glad Gabi and Tomi are playing well.
    Saka might play well in the right side, same with Pepe on the left and also I think we should try out Tavares in place of KT, especially as he had a knock today. ESR and Ode should work in a different setup but positioning wise they were all over the place.
    Forward Aubameyang needs more service and to better weight his passes. Might be Lacazette time against Wimbledon.
    Very nervy win, lack of composure I would say, but a win is a win is a win!
    Beat the roosters👊👊

  14. I hope partey wasn’t injured
    I feel like all our substitutions were all forced. This is a big worry considering how vital partey is to that midfield.

    Saka is low on confidence.
    Should be dropped and replaced by martinelli

    1. Arsha.

      Definitely noticed it was Partey who signalled to the bench to come off .

      A concern, as he was pivotal today.

      1. Shouldn’t have started the game straight back from injury with his recent record. Poor management, we had Sambi.

        1. 👍 Thomas Partey was excellent in front of back four before he went off. Hope it is only cramp and he recovers quickly, as Partey is vital for the performance of the team.

  15. Though we win, but we need improvement in attacking milfield and play maker
    Congrats Arsenal

  16. mid table performance brought deserved win. Freekick skill compensating for abject forward play.
    Aubamayang 3/10 Pepe 4/10 Saka 2/10.
    Partey’s importance showed, but another injury? Ramsdale clearly our Number 1. ESR needs bulking up as to easy to knock off ball. The CB’s worring in 1st half, Gab improved 2nd but White had a poor game and has clearly not adapted to us

    1. ESR, needs to practice his shooting, as his miss from Pepe giving him the ball on a plate, was very poor. ESR has to get that shot on target. Someone like Fabregas or Ramsey would have buried that.

  17. We need flying wingers like maxima of Newcastle. PEPE is not suited for Arsenal. He is soooo average and poor. Though he scores a few times but he is holding back our midfielders fro being fluid and appreciated. Auba too is too pedestrian and just wondering why laca remains on the bench. Saka to my mind is overrated and bang average.

    1. Agree with 99% Yinka – especially re Pepe.
      My only disagreement is Saka. He’s been poor since the Euros, but that happens to a lot of players. He will come back. He can have relatively poor games and can’t hit a barn door, but on a couple of occasions a game (normally) he takes defences apart, so we need him, as we do ESR as his running off the ball makes space.

      1. Saka is not at his best at the moment, i agree but he remains a constant threat to opponent’s defense. Don’t forget its the freekick he won that got us the goal. I think that’s some kind of stat nowadays

    2. Pepe is the whipping boy, should have had an assist today if ESR could shoot on target. Apart from Odegaard the midfield provided little in the way of decent passes to Aubameyang, Pepe and Saka.
      Again Arsenal allowed Burnley too many shots on goal (more than Burnley allowed Arsenal).

  18. A hopeful performance. Burnley are a tough side and they didn’t manage to bully their way into a result. If the boys keep on improving at this pace, we could see them fight for the top 6.

    Still not convinced fully and still very much Arteta out. Again, I’d want nothing more than to be proven wrong about him.

  19. I’ll take it. Burnley away is not easy. I hope Partey coming off early was a condition issue. He’s literally the one guy we cannot afford to lose. Great midfielder. Gabriel MOTM for me.

    Another 3 points. Another clean sheet. Well done, Boys!

  20. good 3 points but we were very slow in attack, i agree the pitch looked slow but so many of our passes were too soft, pepe and saka way off the pace. but welcome 3 points. helps with the currently fragile confidence.

  21. Fighting for it and got the result, building on the work being done with this new squad…
    Win lose or draw against Spurs doesnt mean anything should change in our thoughts, we just keep going…. long season ahead but big jump up the table 👍🏽

  22. Happy for the win, with that said Rolls Royce BW struggled whilst Gabriel was superb. Tomi will get one of Cedric or Chambers sold lol just saying. Ramsdale is no.1 at least for now. Like to see Tavares more. Auba pedestrian most of the time, MØ very good today. ESR lack finishing ability or final ball pass. Saka and Pep both average. Hope the get better. Laca will offer more that Auba.

    1. im just so glad this club has finally seen the back of bellerin. for years we could’ve had a much better rb and it’s so refreshing to see a player do well in the position. early days but good early signs.

  23. Arteta will be foolish to drop Ramsdale for Leno against spurs. The boy is so calm and his good at handling the ball.

    1. AOT
      a a win is a win
      Wins breed confidence and right now I take any win all day long
      We looked nervous at times on the ball over thinking the next pass but that.comea from a lack of confidence
      Most people agreed on here with the team selection bar 1 or 2 positions so this is the team MA will live or die on
      Lucky….who cares
      A win = a.more pleasent weekend
      Yes I am easily pleased bit I have had some.crap weekends so far
      Onwards and upwards

  24. Great performance by majority of our players today bar Aubameyang,i hope the coach does something soonest about him&also Ben white holds on to the too much…good also to see gotanidea is disappointed that we were able to contain his burnley surpporting long balls&target men’

  25. Happy for the win. team still need a lot of work. A more attacking side would have beaten us if we keeping playing like this. a win is a win and I’ll take it any day.

  26. That’s how you grind out a result,
    Wasn’t a convincing performance but can’t complain because 3points is all we went for and the maximum points is what we got plus a clean sheet as extras.

  27. Composed ??!! I appreciate the rashamon effect but that’s just silly … 3 points against another lower half of the table team always welcome .. But just move to next game and hope for a better performance

  28. Another good 3 points…we ain’t there yet buh it’s looking good at the back….

    Tomiyasu is the best signing for me…he has solved a major issue in the team at RB….the lad won Aerial duels, joined the CBs at times, He’s also quick , disciplined and physical …

    Ramsdale brings confidence to the back line….He would get a lot of clean sheets this season

    Odegaard is the plug for the team..just needs to be a bit quicker in movement

    I’ve always been vocal about the prospective juicy Partey-Sambi partnership…it would be one of the partnerships of the season…

    Tavares is the last piece yet to be utilized by arteta…the lad has more tools and is a better goal threat than Tierney and would terrorize the left flank soon if given a run in the team..

    I still feel that our problem up top is the continuous wrong positioning of Saka and Pepe in the formation…

    Saka will keep having poor games till this issue is resolved….even today he had to run over to the right side to make any meaningful impact like winning the freekick….(most of his goals and assists for club and country has been on the right flank)

    Hope arteta resolves this soon as we can’t win 1-0 all season….

  29. Which arsenal did you all watched today? Composed game? I was so irritated by there sloppy irritating passes that had a feel of paper taped ball was being used for training. Auba Pepe, saka, odegard, white were guilty of making weak passes as if they were all afraid the ball was made of steel. What irritates me the most was the way we slow down our attacking transition. It’s either the attacking ethos is not understood by the players or the players are DELIBERATELY trying to make a mockery of the manager. I could care less if we lose a game but I would applaud the team if there was style, hunger and dexterity on show by the team. Sadly we are going to remain a midtable team if we continue to let the opposition re group when we ought to be counter attacking with pace to severe thier jugular . This present team does not inspire confidence.

  30. We usually don’t find it easy against Burnley. I have lost count of one goal margin tough wins against them, so this is hardly a surprise.

    Up next!!!

  31. Until recently we would have lost that one. Love the new guys, love the determination to hold on. Love that defence. Burnley away is tough on any team – you don’t see many playing beautiful football there.
    Another 7 games and we should be on zero goal difference!
    I think the publicity affected White – shaky but look at the stats and he was better than it seemed.
    What a CRAPPY foward performance. I’m fed up with people excusing Auba doing nothing, and even doing that badly. Do we say “ah but nobody passes to Laca”? If you don’t get the ball its because youre not in the right place!
    As for Pepe! We witness 85 minutes of negative, poor skills for one or two reasonable moments? So many moves slow down then break down when he gets the ball I would happily forego those times he bumbles through a defence for a more reliable player. He’s an ideal sub when we are losing. That’s it.
    Saka has that common fall off after a major tournament. Poorest I’ve seen him since he made the first team. Don’t know if we should rest him or hope he plays through it.
    PLEASE don’t drop Ramsdale. He IS the leader of our defence!

    1. I’ve said it in previous article,pepe is not a starter more like an impact sub. Today at one stage he got pass the defender on the right and then slowed down for the defender to recover and then he trying to beat the defender again. his football brain is not turning over fast enough. in other words his decision making most time on and off the ball is poor. would love for him to improve but I dont see it. he is like a next gervinho, one moment of brilliance but 10 crappy performance.

  32. Couldn’t get to see match but expected win against an inferior team and well warmed up for our next proper test against the spuds. Was told we looked pretty sterile in attack and that is getting to be a massive problem that wasn’t sorted in the summer. White was a worry and so are the niggling injuries. Ramsdale our new No1 keeper i hope and we should be wound up for the spuds.

  33. Like Reggie above I caught five minutes on the radio when it was a penalty… and then it wasn’t

    Everything I have picked up on is that it wasn’t beautiful, but Burnley are notoriously awkward. Even in better times I’d worry about Burnley.

    Partey by all accounts isn’t injured but was cramping so with moregame time will get more minutes

    Overall the impression is it’s getting better but with a couple of concerns to sort out. I’ll never complain about a win

    1. Sue, im not happy about the way i have seen and been told we played, the win is most important but we will get knowhere with turgid football. We have to be more dynamic and quicker in transition. The spuds test will tell everyone everything we all need to know. These were winnable games and we have, we now have to step up.

      1. We do indeed have to step up. I understand the turgid football analogy, I really do. For now, I’m holding off getting too ahead, and the spuds will show how much progress has been made.

  34. People need to be patient on white. That is a huge weight on shoulders this price tag. Guy is 23. Hopefully he will prove his worth soon. We might have pay a bit over his value but on the contrary, we probably made very good deals with Sambi, tomiyasu, tavares that appear to be great players for the future. Odegaard might also prove a very good acquisition for half maddison price. Ramsdale signing in a way is a well done repair of martinez sale. Seems that edu/arteta learnt from this.

    1. Why do we have to be patient with a 50 mil England International? I dont agree, we cant afford patience with him, he either has it or he doesn’t. No ifs no buts.

      1. “England international” LOL. Thats true in the text but come on. Ben white is young and just got a call up late may as a reserve of the reserves basically… We are not speaking about stones or maguire. Ben white has potential but is not the finished product yet. I dont mean waiting 2 years for Ben white of course, but you can’t ask him to be straight at his best in this new team after 3 games. Might take few weeks…

        1. Thats what you pay 50 mil for, if not, we should have got someone who would. He should be better than he has been so far by a mile. Im not happy with his input so far, in fact he has been a liability.

          1. Saliba nominated for Golden boy award and staring, we shoved him of to France because he wasn’t ready, dont tell me his replacement at 50 mil needs time. I dont buy it!!!!

          2. Reggie i agree that saliba should have been given a chance. We also threw away for nothing guendouzi which could prove world class and has already became french international. So bad job from arteta/edu on this one. But he rates xhaka and elnent more lol. I agree for saliba but that does not mean we cant wait few weeks for ben white now

  35. I’m happy we won. It’s hard against Burnley, but I hate the style of football we play. If we let go and attacked more we would not play so poorly and would win more games. We play ‘scared’ football. C’mon Arteta, be more natural and let go a bit.

    1. Arteta has a lot to do to win me over, the football is awful, slow and not dynamic. It seems we haven’t a style or a way to play, it is just pass pass pass and no urgency to get the ball forwards. I hate it!!!! It has to change, lets not kid ourselves.

      1. Agree but problem is that we can wonder if it will happen anytime with him… He might be a good “manager” to build/bring a group together and learn them to fight and defend but i am afraid he won’t and can’t bring anything when it comes to attack. We have this problem since he is here. It is too early to judge definitely of course and hopefully i will be proved wrong in the upcoming weeks/months

  36. Job done!
    Not happy with the way we played but still 3 points is what we are looking for at this point.

    The real ‘test’ is coming soon then we can decide if MA deserves to stay ..

  37. Imagine some other defender from another country in place of White & same level of performance. People will be all over him & asking for his removal. Not that I want that for White but the point is we should care & provide equal treatment for all our players without considering the nationality. Ofcourse British players will & should get that extra attention & love but not by criticising other Arsenal players or by shifting blame. Partly may be injured again so we need Xhaka. He may not be that player to make our team great on his own but still a very good player. He is not alone responsible for our current conditions. So we should welcome & support him while he is with Arsenal.

  38. Vithal – I don’t see anybody “shifting blame” from White to any other player. Can you give an example as I find what you say very strange. If anything I think fans have been harsher on White than he deserves. He’s only just arrived. Has he been sent off or given a goal away? Are you implying that Xhaka gets bad press from fans and pundits just because we are racist, rather than because he makes mistakes, gets sent off more than any current premiership player, is slow and negative (at least for Arsenal), slags off the fans and twice wanted to leave? And he’s been doing that for years, whereas White has been here a month. I would endorse your comment to back Xhaka as he plays for our club, but by using such a poor and quite frankly paranoid comparison and insinuation your whole posting becomes absurd.

    1. I think you misunderstood my comments. I didn’t mean racism but this
      foreign players vs ours in the context of club some times is too much. Just as an example some people are suddenly calling Mari out while he did very well in many games last year. Again I am not saying we should start over criticising White after 3 games but extend similar treatment to others.His price tag is clubs problem not his.Regarding Xhaka sending off you know how Arsenal players are treated by referees and some pundits in the media.

      1. Vithal
        What you are on about?
        BW has only just arrived and is already receiving a lot of criticism.
        He is a young defender who needs some time to develop and to form good partnerships.
        Mari is not good enough to be a regular starter. He’s been called out because of his performances. Sure he has had some good games but he is at best a squad player.

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