Arsenal put in an efficient performance to beat Burnley 3-1

Leandro Trossard was inspirational as Arsenal defeated Burnley 3-1 in the Premier League this afternoon.

The Gunners needed to win after losing their last league game to Newcastle United and were winless in two domestic matches. Burnley proved to be a tough opponent in the first half as Arsenal probed their tough defence relentlessly.

Vincent Kompany’s men looked solid and nearly took the lead against the run of play. However, it was mostly Arsenal in the first half and it was fully deserved when Trossard opened the scoring by putting his body on the line to get to a cross from Saka at the back post.

Burnley hit back in the 54th minute through Josh Brownhill, thanks to a wicked deflection and it looked like it could be one of those days for the lads. However, Arsenal restored their lead three minutes later through William Saliba thanks to a wicked corner by Trossard.

Oleksandr Zinchenko extended Arsenal’s lead in the 74th minute after Burnley failed to clear another Trossard corner properly. Burnley worked hard and wanted to get back in the game, but Arsenal was the better side.

Fabio Viera received a straight red card for a high foot he did not have to take, but it did not change the result. Arsenal held on to their lead and saw the game out in fine fashion to move into second place in the standings.

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    1. if they want to give it as red, fine. But refs need to show some consistency and think we’ve all seen those given as yellows before and sometimes red. More scattergun English refereeing. Not needed when we already have enough injuries, but Vieira just also doesn’t do himself any favors it seems and his time at Arsenal has been rough. With Odegaard out you’d think he’d have a shot at the XI but he’s not close to good enough

      1. Yeah, they’re highly inconsistent

        Similar to Havertz, Vieira seemed eager to impress his manager by winning challenges, but he was unlucky

        Now we can only rely on Havertz, because the other AMs are unavailable. I think Nwaneri should sit on the bench as a backup

        1. When Saka pushed the defender for header which was going in goal was given foul, but similar offense was not given foul against us. After Newcastle game, opponents have mentality that they can bully us in our box wrestles us and can score against us, as foul will not be given by referees. Similar tactics was being applied by Burley, and I guess many more team will do that against us and keep on scoring against us as we are not going to concede foul even if we are kicked, or wrestled. To save ourselves from bullying we don’t have options other than making us more harsh and tough and be aggressive ourselves and Viera was victim of this. Yes, Physicality should be there in the game but physicality should be in footballing sense not in the wrestling sense and it’s crime to get away without being punished. Overall, as I have been pointing out all season that we are still not creative enough in final 3rd and relying much on set pieces to effect the game which seems to change no time soon.

    2. It wasn’t deliberate, but still red worthy, studs up. Glad it didn’t happen to one more of our key players.

        1. Now we really need Odegard to be back after int break..
          I still wonder why Elneny is yet to have enough minutes. Well, who will he replace? Trossard is becoming the best bench player we have that deserves to be part of the first 11. A good response after NewCastle loss first Sevilla and then Bunley

    3. And if I may ask gai, where exactly does Havertz fits into in this team?
      He seemingly cannot score nor can he create and easily dispossessed. As an admire of “the big German” I need some insight from you.

      1. Football is collective game and individual performance doesn’t count when overall performance is better. So can you tell any games when Arsenal have played better when Havertz not in the team. Yes, he is not as effective as we want, but this season our game is less open, less fluidity and we are not creating many chances and even our forwards are having difficulty in creating chances and scoring goals. So, I won’t mind him plying games as long as we continue to win.

        1. Football is a collective game as long as they players re performing. Can you have 11 underperforming players and still have wins?
          Unlikely .You also contradict the point by saying we have less fluidity ,not creating chancesand our forwards are not scoring goals.
          We may be winning but that is going to catch up when you start playing stronger teams and not BUrnley at home. Arteta said Havertz was one of the best players at the Newcastle game.
          How did we do there ?

  1. Good solid performance from everyone. Kai also did fine besides for his lack of confidence in the final third. Trossard has been showing that he deserves a lot of playing time and thought he brought a lot more fluidity to our attack. Very pleased with this team getting back to being deadly from set pieces this season as well.

  2. As I said before the game. Tossard should be Arsenal’s number 9 ahead of Jesus and Nketiah because he is Arsenal’s best clinical finisher in that position.

  3. We need more of solid performance but still not convince with David Ray as number one.we also need rotate our players

  4. Good win, generally played well. The same players seem to be producing, and the same players seem to be lacking, but we will leave it there. We haven’t got too many more options at the moment. I hate them, but international break come at the right time, hopefully. I hope Arteta can see now, how good Trossard is and how Zinchenko needs to be tried at no8.

    1. Please drop some names.
      Players producing and players Lacking. Because for me, I think Martinelli and Saka have not produced up to Expectations this season.🤨🤨
      They seem to have problems connecting with any Center Forward we play.
      Even if Osihmen came, I wonder if they will connect with him. 😒😌

      1. So you would have us drop out two best attackers then? And finish midtable!? That comment is so….. well , polite words fail me!

      2. This season teams have started to double team Saka and Nellie.

        In addition they seem to be tackling these two much harder.

        The same is true of the attention Odegaard has been getting.

        This has been compounded because the referees have let a lot go when it comes to fouls committed on these three.

        I think this situation has contributed to their drop in form!!!

        Last season we had Xhaka and Partey on the pitch, to provide a little “quid pro quo”.

        Sadly Rice and Havertz are a little to nice.

        I very much doubt that Arteta will buy a “solid” DM in January, so I fear for these three for the rest of the season.

        This is the main reason why I think we will continue to struggle this season.

        1. JW glad you brought up the issue of Saka and Martinellii being double marked. Clearly it is also a sign that these two are our biggest threats and that the likes of Harvetz, Jorghinio and our wing backs are rather toothless. I guess a fully fit and motivated Partey would be able to give our two star boys some assistance by also taking the pressure off Odegaard. But how many of you believe that Partey will return to his best.

      3. Agreed. It is shocking to see Martinelli who btw is my favorite player dominate at the Sevilla game
        but after 15 crosses the net result was nothing.
        Most of the crosses did not go past the 1sr defender and the rest sailed into nowhere.

  5. havertz is shocking 1st touch in tight spaces how 130 million was wasted on this weak useless Sunday league player is mindblowing

  6. A solid, if unspectacular win. Saliba proved that he’s of this world with an actual error😱that led to Raya having to bail him out with a good save.
    If Chelsea are going to have a resurgence, let it start temporarily tomorrow.

  7. Delighted with the victory, the red card didn’t impact us much, given that we were essentially playing with ten men due to Havertz’s ineffective presence on the pitch again. Hopefully, Arteta has now recognized that Havertz adds no value and we are better off without him, regardless of who replaces him.

  8. Arsenal is a fantastic team, even without playing our best football we are top of the league. Our stubborn manager with lying habits, according to an article writing fan, have definitely winning habits as well 🤠

    1. So he’s told the truth over Ramsdale ?

      He’s finished 8th 8th , 5th and 2nd so no he doesn’t have winning habits lol.

              1. My thoughts are did we win the Prem ?
                Factually …’s no we didn’t win
                So logically how is that a winning habit

            1. No
              Nothing to do with Arteta , it’s just a bad use of English
              If a club is not winning trophies they do not have a winning habit
              I like Arteta and he did great last season but he doesn’t have a winning habit till he wins trophies .
              Man city have a winning habit

          1. Not really funny. It’s probably useful to clarify your definition of “winning habit”. From your comments, amongst PL managers we can really only consider Guardiola, and maybe at a stretch Klopp, as having a “winning habit”.

      1. Sorry mate, but your negative attitude regarding Arsenal/Arteta/Edu and Viennese waltz are just pathetic 🤫

        1. No mate it’s the two extremes
          Not going to lie
          When we start winning trophies again we can say we have a winning habit

          1. Sorry mate, but me and you do live on different planets.

            Has Arsenal been a serious title contender many times between 2006 and 2023? For most of these years there have been several clubs with more resources and better squads than us, and you expect us to win the league? During these years the winners have been predictable almost every season, the only unexpected winner was Leicester City FC.

            For the first time in many years I believe we can win the title. Now we have the resources and players to do it, and it’s a realistic achievement.

            1. Exactly you answered your own question
              Has Arsenal been a serious title contender many times between 2006 and 2023

              How many times in that period did we only finish top 4 and he mocked for it
              We now do that once in 6 years and we have a winning habit back ?

              So therefore how can we have a winning habit?

              We win trophies, we have a winning habit
              I promise you we lift that Prem then I’ll agree

              1. Top for was a great achievement by Wenger and his players, when comparing our resources and squad with our competitors. Most of these years it was a remarkable achievement based on what we had, and I don’t blame Merci Wenger.

                Last season was the first season in almost two decades that we came close, but we lost the title to the best club in the World. I believe we can do it this season and I’m sure we will manage top four, most likely #1 or #2. For me it’s a big difference between #2 and #4. Being fourth means often 20+ points behind the winner.

                Now we have a squad with similar qualities to Man.City, but we are lacking a world class striker. He will probably get signed next summer, or in January if possible.

                1. I agree mate
                  Simply said a winning habit hasn’t returned
                  A winning habit is a habit of winning
                  We finished top 4 once in 6 years !

  9. So I take it no one is going to acknowledge Raya’s good performance today-making some crucial saves early on and dealing with bad back passes from his defenders on accasion. Not bad for a keeper whose inclusion in the lineup is considered a mistake by some fans,despite the numbers painting a different picture.

      1. Every player makes mistakes in almost every match,including Ramsdale; sometimes they are punished,sometimes they are not. For instance,today Saliba made a mistake that could easily have led to a goal if not for Raya. It’s just that people scrutinize every single Raya play.Errors are part of the game and if you were to scrutinize all Arsenal players on the pitch today, you’ll realize they all made an error at some point during the game. You mention the teams you mention; I could easily do the same with Ramsdale, particularly towards the end of last season.

        1. I agree Ramsdale made mistakes in run in but that’s over what 40 odd games
          Raya played only 11 times and I can ne you 4 errors that cost us points
          So Gooners have a right to says that’s not okay

          1. I’m not sure you can put all the blame on Raya in the matches we dropped points. For instance, against Spurs,Jorginho was the most culpable party in us not winning. The Newcastle goal was very controversial and even if it counted, you can easily blame the attackers too for not scoring, then it wouldn’t matter if Newcastle scored. I won’t go into all those matches, particularly because the entire team was generally poor on all accasions and it’s unfair to single out one or two players. All I’m saying is give credit where it’s due-it will make you look more objective when you inevitably write another article to scapegoat Raya for the failures of the entire team. Also try to look at the statistics- you may just be surprised.

            1. Look at his errors leading to goals and you will be surprised
              If he doesn’t make another error , no one can write anything can they?

    1. Some of us, probably MOST of us, need to see far more from RAYA, including the ability to match the very many WORLD CLASS SAVES made by RAMSDALE during his previous two seasons, and far more consistency and less erors and REGULAR top class play, BEFORE annointing RAYA as being even RAMSDALES equal, let alone his superior.

      As yet, for me, RAYA is miles away from showing enough of the above.

      1. I think Ramsdale is a better shot stopper than Raya, but Raya is better with his feet, and that’s the main reason why they signed him.

  10. It was a shame the Viera sending off soured the day. It was by far a great performance, we just seem to faff in the penalty box, rather than shooting when we have a chance, then the opposition block the whole box up, but it was a good atmosphere at the Emirates … Saliba!

  11. Forget about Raya – why is Havertz being slagged off again?
    I can only assume lots of you weren’t at the game.
    His interchanging with Saka was excellent and he was making runs that weren’t picked up.
    He is slowly, but surely, starting to earn his place, although he’s still not proving that he’s worth the transfer fee… YET!!

    1. Totally agree with you Ken1945. We are watching the same game but notice different aspects of the game. I believe that Arteta will make Havertz great again, and I really hope he will be successful. This is his first Arsenal season…

      1. Oh come on, he isnt wet behind the ears. We paid far too much money for him and pay him far too much for his weekly or weakly contribution.

        1. I respect your opinion, but not your preconceived attitude. I will conclude when the season is finished…

          1. Nothing preconceived, how disrespectful, its what i see. When he has proved his worth over a period of time, then there will be recognition. He has not done so so far. We wont win things with too many players performing like him at the moment and that is what its all about. Not excusing.

      2. “….. will make Havertz great AGAIN”?

        I’d love to know if you can point out exactly when he was EVER “great” before now?
        I have to assume you do know what “AGAIN” means!!

        1. I recommend that you update yourself on his play for Bayer Leverkusen 2016 to 2020. The general opinion about him during these years which also was the reason why Chelsea bought him in 2020.

          He was a gifted football player, and came to a club replacing managers and philosophy several times a year. Which I believe hasn’t been positive for his progression nor his career.

          1. I’ll say one thing for you Didrik; you are not a person who worries about the PRESENT, or wht mattres NOW, thats for sure!!

            He had THREE extremely underwhelming seasons at Chelsea and I know several Chelsea fans who wanted him gone long before our own MA incredibly stupidly , WASTED £ 65 MILL on him.

            With no disrespect to Leverkusen, that level is WAY INFERIOR to our PREM , WHICH IS WHAT COUNTS.
            Someof us Didrik, prefer to live in the PRESENT and concern ourselves about NOW and the immediate future.

            Perhaps you should become a historian, if you are not one already. You are suited to be one!

            1. We have bought him and I support him until we eventually decide to part ways with him.

              I guess you remember Arsenal has sold a few underperforming players that have been great elsewhere. In the Premier League you can find many. MA believe he can fix him and I believe that MA is capable of doing it.

              I wish you a wonderful week Mr. Fox 🙂

    2. Ken, he wasn’t that great either. He fluffed two, more than decent chances. Had a pass sucess rate of 76% and just didn’t show what the other players around him showed. Im not satisfied with the way he is, or more to the point isn’t performing. He slows everything down. Im not into making exceptions for Haverz while we wait. I think at the moment, we have no choice but to play him. What worries me more, is he isn’t exactly seizing the opportunity. Of all the players out there, with the exception of jorghino, who can be described as similar, he was for me, always the one that needed subbing first. Im just not impressed.

      1. Reggie, I’m not saying he’s the next Messi!!
        What I’m saying is he’s improving with his work rate, understanding his teammates and beginning to make runs that he hadn’t been doing.

        1. Ken, i just think he isn’t as good as some people think he is. This is his ability, thats it. I dont think he cuts it. But we need him too for us to win things.

      1. Jeez Ken, he must not have been doing anything at all in previous games if you see that as an improvement. Making runs etc is what is expected from any pro in any league, isn’t it.

        1. Well isn’t that what everyone was saying Joe. S?
          I’m just giving my opinion on what I saw yesterday versus his earlier games.

  12. I don’t understand why their goal was allowed to stand – Tomi was literally pulled by his shirt or the ball and thrown to the floor.

      1. Ken Tomiasu had a massive handful of his shirt. The Burnley player didnt have hold of Tomi. Tomi was pulling him and thats why Tomi went down. He basically pulled him into him. It was no way a foul.

        1. Reggie, I don’t know what pictures you view, but Tomiyasu was having his shirt pulled and ge was pushed, that’s why he went down.

      2. It looked to me (watching on TV Ken) as though they were both hustling in a typical and committed way.
        The ref wasn’t great, but It didn’t look to me (watching on TV) as if he made any match changing errors, but did look so smugly content when issuing the red to Vieira.

      3. Oh yes we are! And we do!
        But to call them cheats, as you and many others do is not fair, even though it is allowed.

        I repeat a previous post which I believe you missed KEN, when I wrote that being cheated by gross inefficiency, by both pitch refs and VAR, is NOT at all the same as saying individual refs are CHEATS.
        Rubbish yes, cheats no!

        1. I repeat, once again Jon, that I have never called any individual referee a cheat.
          Being cheated by gross inefficiency is still being cheated of course, leading to corruption within the game… simple really!!

          1. Yes KEN it is indeed being cheated, but by inefficiency and not by any particular ref being a cheat personally. Gross ineficienct ic cheating those any organisation sets out to serve The NHS with its deeply embedded inefficiency, is a perfect example despite the mostly wonderful fiolk who work in it who have hearts of gold, individually.
            They know that ineficiency and chaos is cheating our people and dit grieves them, as it does us too. But its cheating all the same, even though that is not the intention of any one person inside the NHS

            I agree that how football is run has been corrupt for many decades past, referring to top level.

            Players almost ALL cheat and most of the time.

            FANS ARE ALMOST ALL BIASED, which is cheating our own expectations and our own hopes with false expectations. That includes me too, naturally.

            FIFA and UEFA are corrupt from head to toe.

            So, after all our many debates(arguments ) about football, it appears, glory be , we are at last on the same page with this subject.

            Where huge finance is concerned, corruption is almost certain in so many walks of life and football is no different.

            Many of my observations on football are simply because I have been a life long close observer of people and how our race behaves.
            Being in the theatre world as I have been, that is quite usual.

  13. So excited, hopefully chelsea and Brentford do us a favour tomorrow. oh, those scumbags called Newcastle have been beaten again, long may it continue and please check on your “real deal” spursy neighbours, they’re in need of your help in times like this. lol

  14. A good win especially After Spurs AND Newcastle loose….Ange’s honey Moon seems to Come to an end….I ‘v been pleased with Bournemouth battering the cheats geordies….And the Van Damme kik from Zinchenkou was beautifull…..Jean Claude Zinchenkou

  15. We didn’t really break a sweat, job done. Hopefully the international break cures the injuries of Odegaard, White and ESR. Shame about the red card, but it was the correct decision regardless of whether the player was injured or not.

  16. 3 points for us, is the bottom line. It’s a good result because we scored from a set piece and an unorthodox chance by Zinchenko.

    Sometimes you can’t create beautiful chances, and have to find ways to put the ball in the net.

    Proper attitude today, well done to the fellas and manager.

  17. Good win
    Trossard needs to start more often
    Great job by most of the team
    Red card was justified. Reckless

    We win and Spurs lose. Fantastic day
    The thing that can make it a perfect weekend is Chelsea taking point(s) off City


  18. Ken/Reggie
    there is no way you can believe Havertz was actually effective. His touch is garbage for a technical player of his stature. Maybe it is confidence but nevertheless he is completely inefective. Watch the game again and you will find he is actually blocking
    passing lanes rather than offering an option.
    Something quite different than Odegaard or Rice when he plays as an 8

    1. CAF7, i dont think Haverz has the ability some think he has. He has no killer instinct, close ball control, no eye for a pass, cant hit a barn door at two paces, slows the game down, and doesn’t influence a game. When he sorts that little lot out, we have a player

    2. I’m not comparing him to anyone am I CFArsenal#7?

      I’m just giving my observations on what I saw first hand during Saturdays game…. after reading the normal negative remarks about Havertz on JA.

      I suggest YOU watch the game again and see how many times (especially in the first half) he switched with Saka, who was being double marked out of the match once again.

      Over the years, I have seen numerous players, who have been made scapegoats, come good.
      Jon Sammels, David Price, Granit Xhaka to name just a few.

      Yes, we overpaid, yes he’s not worth the reported weekly wage, yes he’s not proven anything yet… but Mikel Arteta sees him as a player he can work with and as we are 3rd in the table, doing well in the CL, I’m not writing him off just yet.
      You, of course, can do so but I hope your completely wrong.

  19. I hope sooner than later my friend.
    I see all those $$$ and my head spins on how on earth MA was allowed to spend that on a player that will be debated as much as Ozil in the season to come.

    1. Don’t even compare him to the mighty Mezil Where were you when we won three FA cups in four years and those wonderful assists and crosses which Giroud and Ramsey took advantage of but also too frequently stuffed up. At this stage compared to Ozil, Havetz is what exactly,? and I’m sure that there are many in Germany who would also agree.

      1. ” The mighty WHAT”!!
        Presumably, you are another who never had the ability to see how Ozil your apparent”hero” and our laziest, most idle player in history, effectively “retired” for his last five seasons here, even while still wearing our shirt in games.

        He had one great season, another great half season the following year, before rapidly losing interest and coasting through the rest of his time here, mercenary, shirker and injury faker that he was. As ALL REALISTS can see!

        You and your “wilfully blind” ilk continued foolishly to see him in the long past, long after his one time great talent had waned through SHEER LACK OF INTEREST IN OUR CLUB.

        As I have written many times and as a fan attending ever since 1958, I seriously consider him our MOST DAMAGING EVER BUY!
        Not ONLY financially damaging either. NO club needs his sort in their club

        1. Jon, you obviously didn’t have the ability to see what a player Ozil was.
          You are NOT a fan who has attended since 1958, nor do you intend to be.. as you stated in a recent post.
          So don’t give out all this BS about how long you’ve been attending – your an armchair critic these days and it shows!!

          1. Neverthe less I ATTENDED REGULARLY FOR MOST OF AL THOSE YEARS, AS YOU ARE WELL AWARE So my point is fair and stands as truth.

            My views and yours on Ozil are about as far apart as it is possible to be.

            Dont you, as an intelligent man, think we ought not to keep on quarrelling or even discussing a matter we will NEVER agree upon?


            1. Jon, I only reply to your pointless and repetitive rants about our ex players / managers because you keep going on and on, making the same remarks – what is the point?

              Yes, we disagree regarding Ozil, but I don’t keep on and on at every opportunity and even making opportunities up, to relentlessly hammer someone who left the club seasons ago.

              As I’ve always said regarding Arsene Wenger, as well as Ozil etc, if anyone tries to make up things about his tenure, I will reply.

              Otherwise, I have moved on from Arsene, Mesut and even Aubameyang – perhaps you should also?

              1. I moved on and also celebrated the day they left, as I cannot abide lazy and SHIRKING players being anywhere near our club.

  20. A lot of comments about Arteta, Havertz and other ridiculous notions about the club is getting embarrassing. You think we are playing against football bots? Play this player at this position, this player is not good enough and blah blah blah. You think other club teams just gonna sit and watch Arsenal play and score? Playing at home seems more difficult than playing away because a lot of teams come to Emirates and park their bus in front of their goal. The league is getting tougher with other teams improving with the money they get from TV. We already played against Man Utd, Totties, Man City, Chelsea and Newcastle in our first 11 games. We had constant injury problems with Jesus, Odegaard, Partey and Trossard. Players we thought we can’t live without. We are third place now. Success is not inherited, it is earned.

    1. Btw, Newcastle totally abandoned their attacking game and defended their goal with brutality we rarely seen in EPL. In St James Park. With the referee in their pocket, they have set the standard of comforting Arsenal, home or away. Hope our players don’t get serious career ending injuries this season.

  21. Good result and nice to see Trossard start instead of Nketiah, we’re a much better side with him on the bench, shame Havertz can’t sit alongside him, what a flop he’s starting to look like, ineffective once again.

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