Arsenal put Spurs back in their place in one-sided affair

Arsenal have comfortably beaten a Tottenham side who clearly never got their team back after the international break.

From kick-off, there was only ever one team in the match, and it was no shock when the red side of North London took the lead.

It was an easy goal in theory, Bukayo Saka picked up the ball in the attacking third after some neat interchanging(which no defender had gotten close to), before he cut to his right and played it into the middle of the box, and Emile Smith Rowe was in the right place to place his effort home unchallenged.

After the goal, there was still nothing from our rivals. We continued to control the game and pushed up in numbers, and when Spurs did try to get upfield, they were hit on the counter-attack, and this was exactly how our next two goals came about.

Our second came from amazingly quick counter, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang flicking the ball around the defender on the half-way line to send Emile Smith Rowe bounding towards the box, before the midfield played the striker back in to strike his effort home.

The third was more of a one-man show, with Granit Xhaka sending Saka free into the final third this time, before he tried to cut to his left and play in his team-mate, before he has to win back the ball inside the box before placing his effort low and hard past the keeper’s right.

We went into the break brimming with confidence knowing that our rivals had an unclimbable mountain to climb, with no fight to try and achieve it.

We came out in the second-half assured of the three points, but that didn’t stop us trying to attack, but that fourth goal eluded us.

Tottenham eventually did wake up after Heung Min Son scored a late consolation goal with just 10 minutes of the 90 remaining, but as they grew into the game, our defence also woke up and showed their might to deny our rivals as they tried to come at us, and Arsenal were fully deserving of their comfy win this weekend.

It is all smiles on the red side of North London, and even more-so when we consider the demise of our rivals who were top of the league going into the international break, and now find themselves below us in the table.

Back to reality Spuds.


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    1. Not even mashed or roasted ones Pat? Personally I think all Gooners love their Spuds roasted and (“s”mashed)! And I believe that definitely includes you, no matter what you say above!

  1. Absolutely brilliant first half from a well-drilled team. Kudos to the coaches, the players and the supporters, because we wouldn’t have pin Spurs down without their supports at the Emirates

    My only concern is Odegaard’s and Saka’s ball dispossessions, because a better opposition would’ve likely capitalized on our bad first touches and passes. Aside from that, all our players worked very hard today

    1. Oh Gai I wanted to beat you today, with our left footed players taking advantage of their right handed twats lol

      1. Am the only one that got the arsenal prediction score correctly…

        Can’t believe that…

        Happy I got the win but arteta & xhaka must leave before December

        1. Haha, you miserable git. What about if we win every game? We’ve won 4 in a row, so another 4 and you still want him sacked? Q E D

          1. If we win every remaining game would mean we would be champions then yes he can stay.. However admin as much as I enjoyed our win I’m with that guy and I’m asking don’t get carried away.. Arteta def is not the manager to take us forward and he might prove me wrong by the end of December

        2. Famochi, As they say, there is always one. And YOU are that one! I pity you and your self harmful utter pessimism. Try being a realist for once, son!
          Oh and YOU DID NOT GET THE WIN, OUR TEAM DID! Some of us proper SUPPORTERS are proud of it! Clearly not you though, but then again you are only a fairweather fan, not a true supporter!

    2. Great first half and an above average 2nd half. That first half may be the best we’ve played under Arteta then the 2nd half reminded me of our old ways. We need not the opposition come to us when we are dominating them. If we had been on the ball more we would’ve score two or three more.

      1. Exactly my take on the game. You don’t surrender to the opposition when you are leading. You’ve got to be above your opponent till the end. Aside that, great performance and acceptable result I asked for

        1. Hi, adiva, the second have was more about game management. Don’over do.trlsx, let them come, we voinet occasionally. Great moments. Lost 3x at start. Won three x. Great game. I

      2. The manager’s and the players’ confidence were obviously still low, otherwise they would’ve made more incisive passes in the first ten minutes. Our excessive backpasses and long passes at the beginning of the game would likely be used against us by a high pressing opposition

        We’re slowly rebuilding our confidence though, and our EPL games next month are pretty winnable

      3. Kev and adiva yiu guys are the realists not like sone of empty cans here.
        Arteta ball is counter, and 1st half the spuds like Man city and Chelsea 2 yrs ago allowed us to do thar, we were lucky with 2 of the goals but hey we have missed a lot if luck. and lucikily the spuds did not take advantage of the 3 chances that idiot xhaka ga e them
        2nd half was our usual, unable to break down teams BUT I take an Arsenal win anyday

  2. Not gonna say I told you so or call any one out.
    But to be fair after three games most on here were predicting relegation and calling for the Manager and Xhaka’s sacking.
    A few of us (Admin included) old heads stayed calm.
    After all we had covid, injuries and a horror schedule.
    I predicted top ten by Xmas top 6 by May .
    Not getting carried away so will stay with this prediction.
    So pleased for Mikel after all he has had to endure these last few weeks
    I trusted this seasons process from the off and will continue to do so.
    Because I can see the bright lights getting closer:)

    1. Fairfan I applaud your positive views on arsenal. At the end of August you said spurs would lose there next 3 in the league and arsenal would win the next 3 and climb up and be in the top half (you said 9th) and spurs would be behind us. I am happy your prediction have come to past and I lift my hat off to you. So Awesome fairfan. I was more pessimistic than optimistic when you said it but I am happy that we keep winning. Much love fairfan.

    2. Fairfan- we have beaten three poor sides on the trot. Don’t get too excited yet. A brilliant first half display that highlights what these players are capable of. Kudos to Arteta for bringing Xhaka back in place of Pepe. The correct decision and was proven so.
      Confidence should be high for a tougher game at Brighton next week. If we battle as we did at Burnley then we will win that game too. Has this team turned the corner? Let’s see. Has Arteta finally proven himself? Not at all. He had a long way to go but I’m genuinely pleased he got this right.

      1. Not getting carried away. I did say top 10 by Xmas and top 6 by May. Even with more additions next summer given the strength of Citeh United Chelsea and Liverpool top 6 is more our future.

      2. I don’t think FairFan is getting too excited nor that a corner has been turned, it was too early and way over the top with the scathing criticism just after 3 games!!. 4 points from second spot, lol…funny old game.

      3. Phil good call though xhaka for Sambi was poor choice and the only blemish in an excellent first 45 .. Spurs supporters told me they were not confident given shaky defence and Kane’s post transfer debacle stress syndrome and they were right on both counts … hopefully xhaka will be out for a while again and we can give partey the kind of midfield support he needs .. that is one guy who needs to stay fit for us this season .. I was critical of ramsdale purchase but he was excellent again today and saved us from a nervous last few minutes

        1. Jeez ,Xhaka was great today but the trolls are still trying to infiltrate and slag him Off.
          Blemish In a first half that left us 3.0 ahead?

          1. Xhaka great???? Rose tinted glasses?The spuds were so poor that they could not capitalise on 3 of glaring, no sorry, usual mistakes from xhaka. Mind you, the ref helped in 1 and how that wasnt a penalty on kane,…….finally, decisions our way

        2. 1. Xhaka had a good game
          2. How can you call yourself a fan and say that you hope that one of our players is out with a long injury? You should be ashamed of yourself.

          1. Agree with you bro. We need all our players to be fit and good for the next game.

            Today i think Xhaka played really well. good combination with Partey and Odegard.

  3. Arsenal vs Tottenham combined 11
    Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Gabriel, White, Tierney; Partey, Xhaka; Saka, Odegaard, Smith Rowe; Aubameyang 😜⚽⚽⚽🔴

    1. 🤣🤣🤣.
      This is a well deserved victory. The defence did well. We are taking the rights steps. Kudos to Arteta and the players today. No complaints whatsoever.
      We are making top4 this season. Good game. COYG.

    2. and the coach?
      We need to apologise to Mikel the way some berated the poor chap.Tots slumped from 1 to 11, we climbed from 20 to 10. No more Leno!! Get well soon Granit! Thanks Mikel for making my day!

  4. Ok so to tell it how it is, in the first half we were truly fantastic. We looked completely different from how we’ve been playing in the past weeks. I thought we could’ve even pushed for more than 3. In the 2nd half I was annoyed with our football and passing. We sat back too much and allowed pressure. We needed to press more. It was like our old self. This Spurs side were there for the taking and we could’ve had two or more if we wanted to. We may have conceded but I’ll still stick with my MOTM in Tomiyasu. He may be an unpopular pick but he completely shut down the left side.

    1. We started the game nervously and cautiously. It was understandable though, considering the negative news/ comments about Arteta and the importance of the game

      I believe Tomiyasu won almost all his aerial and ground duels again. If we keep overloading the left wing, he’s very important to stop the opposition’s diagonal passes from that side

      White’s long passes were very accurate again. Saka and Smith-Rowe were incredible in the first half, very smart play from them

    2. Tomiyasu is becoming one of my favourite in such a short space of time. hope he doesn’t regress though after such a fantastic start.

      1. Mine too Kori, I watched highlights of him when we were linked with him earlier this summer and then Totts were supposed favourites to sign him and I was actually annoyed, I said to my mate we need to get him signed before they move in.. and then after we signed him people were banging on about how we missed out on Emerson Royal… I bet they aren’t crying for Emerson now 😜

          1. He was superb, Kev, worked his socks off!! 3 great goals… when I get in I’ll watch the recording of it to see if I can spot my son and I 🤣

          2. Brilliant Sue, he’s already looking like a bargain 😀 haha I think you’ll be too busy watching Saka tear Totts apart 😜 great day all round for you Sue 😉👌

    3. I think we were knackered Kev. We put a lot into the first 45 whereas Spuds didnt. The last 30 they were stronger and HAD TO attack. Arteta’s subs were too late. Plus honestly we didn’t need more goals and defended ok. Maybe you thought it was like the old days but it wasn’t. Last season we wouldn’t have done already what we needed to.

  5. I thought first half was great but second half was very nervous once again. Zero chances in second half? It got a little squeeqy at the end..

    Ramsdale, wow..

    Why cant the players get this hyped up about every game?!

  6. Get in there boys!!
    This is what football feels like, credit to the full squad. Hope they all enjoy the win and enjoy their week. It’s been so long that I saw the manager this happy, even he deserves that after the tough past months.
    Hope Xhaka is really fine and not injured.
    He’s important to us no matter what biased fans say.
    Yes he has his shortcomings, but he’s been out best Midfielder for two seasons now.
    Tomiyasu seriously and honestly reminds me of Sagna.
    Solid performance.

    P.S: I hope we all learn to support the team and manager after he drops his lineup and always leave the criticism till after the game, because the toxicity on here immediately the lineup got dropped was embarrassing. Xhaka ended up starting two the attack that got two of the goals.
    Good win overall, how many win this month?
    Surely Mikel Arteta for Manager of the month?

    1. Nice one bro. You’re absolutely right. Wish we can continue to support our team both through thick and thin. Xhaka for me should always be supported, irrespective of his shortcomings. If he leaves Arsenal today, whichever team he goes will value him

      1. Me crediting Xhaka is reactionary?
        Do you read my comments on Xhaka at all?
        I’ve been one of the most loudest Xhaka supporter on here since last season.
        I’ve constantly said he’s been out best Midfielder.
        So for you and others, it might be reactionary and surprising, but for others who know what I think of Xhaka, they know this is not me being reactionary

        1. Oh, my bad, just consistently wrong then. I mean I don’t even really have to make much of an argument, we had a much higher points per game average when he wasn’t in the midfield last season than when he was. Kinda hard to be the best midfielder when the team does better without you.

    2. I mostly agree Eddie, but not about the accusation of bias (unfair prejudice for or against someone) against Xhaka. Football is a game of opinions, and whilst I condemn personal abuse, preferring another player ie Lokonga to Xhaka does not make someone biased – let’s face it, Xhaka has his faults, as do all players. I myself would choose Lokonga, but if Lokonga was not here I would opt for Xhaka. Does that make me biased? Are you biased if you prefer Xhaka to Lokonga?

    3. As much as I had battered Arteta, I have to admit he did brilliantly to sign Tomiyasu. This Japanese player is brilliant and totally shut off Son!

  7. I promised myself before the game that regardless of the result I wouldn’t get too up or down. I said to myself that a win doesn’t mean we’ve turned the corner and a loss doesn’t mean sack Arteta.

    But damn that was a fun watch. A night for all Arsenal fans to celebrate.

  8. Was a good win today . If Arteta get the boys to play like this week in, week out then he will have my support. The team was up for it today and Arteta made the right decision with his starting team. On a side note Xhaka is still the weakest link in this team and I dont think Arsenal will progress a lot with him in the middle. Overall extremely happy for a top performance from the boys today. COYG

    1. Talking trash. Xhaka makes the midfield tick. He will fare better because he has defensive cover behind him. Lay off xhaka please

  9. Best 45mins of football I’ve seen since Arteta came in .
    Saka and tomi made that right side their own and tomi my MOTM .
    Only nit pick for me is For some reason Xhaka seems intent on picking up silly yellow cards and was at it all day again today ,jumping in two footed at one point and constantly pulling players back and this is after leaving us in the Lerch for his latest red card .
    Overall a great first half of football and the defence looks very solid ,not so good second but that was probably to be expected ,ramsdale with a great save at 3-1 as well.

    1. People need to stop overrating him and others should not be hoping for his downfall at the expense of the team. It’s pathetic and we should raise the bar. Imo he’s just a frustrating player.

    2. Glad you came around Dan Kit.. We need to get behind this team and I think they will grow in the right way.

      1. Oh I have t changed my opinion of Arteta mate ,just giving my thoughts on today .
        He would need to do alot more than get 3 wins over very poor opponents.

  10. It’s a long time since we have played like we did in the first half. I remember we destroyed Man Utd some years ago 3 goals very quickly.
    Thought the team played well and ESR, Odes and Saka came of age…..and Gabriel was immense. Fast direct commanding, intense football, that we now need to last for 90 min. A great game for football, a shite day for the imposters from Tottenham.

  11. I bet Sue is still at d Emirates, celebrating..
    Jeez can’t say I’m envy of Sue ryt now, that atm in d stadium will b glorious
    Sue I’ll like to join u there one day 🙃😉😉🥺

  12. Great game honestly. Mught have to bring in Tomiyasu for my Fantasy PL team with the way he has been playing. Saka always great at the right side, should stay there unless emergency occurs. Pepe could be tried at Left but today’s lineup was perfect to counter the sitting back Spuds. Aubameyang and ESR back in goals, nice. Ramsdale was epic! Gutted he missed his cleansheet.
    Only concerns, happened once but Kane was free on a corner, Rolls Royce had an almost fabulous run out so good but he may have done better on the goal and closing down Kane for a chance, second half intensity dropped, and maybe MA could have brought his subs on a little bit faster, but all minor concerns.
    Amazing game! Next week against Brighton is a tougher test IMO. Lets hope we continue our form. Also those who were at the match, so glad that you were able to enjoy the result and hope you all had a fantastic experience.

  13. Well-done boys. Kudos to Arteta, so happy for him after d challenge he went through this past few months
    Can we say he deserves d manager of the month award

    1. I just noticed Smith-Rowe’s and Aubameyang’s teamwork move failed in their first attempt. Then they tried the same move again, which gave us a goal in their second attempt

      The move was obviously well-rehearsed and Arteta did a fantastic job in preparing the team against Nuno’s tactic

  14. We should build on this. We will make top4 this season. No European games. If we can get Partey, Saka, Gabriel and ESR fit, we will surprise the Premier league this season

    1. Old saying
      One swallow does not make a summer but wow Loved that winning filling and especially against the arch enemy
      I know we have read lots of negative comments in the past weeks and some are totally justified but just for this week can we bask in the glory of winning this game amd in the manner of how we won it
      If some of you think we have problems with this team then spare a thought for the spuds
      They are bang in trouble 😃
      Onwards and upwards

  15. When we signed Tomi a lot of moaners wanted Royal instead. We signed Odegaard they were crying for Madison who seems to be struggling to justify his huge price tag right now. Now Brighton is holding our spot and standing in our way. Just hope we have no injuries though.

    1. Yeah Ødegaard really, I’m glad I kept my faith and support in bringing him, because I watched him played football and chose not to judge him based on 6 months with us.
      Now that he has a proper home and stability here like I said before, he’ll keep improving and proving to be a great buy.
      Credits to Arteta for picking these players he brought in, he got it wrong with Willian last summer, and managed to let go of Willian once it didn’t work, he gets blamed for a lot of things, so credit to him so far too with his signings. They’ve been great.

      1. 👍 Martin Odegaard is a class midfielder and will find his feet, now he has a permanent home. He worked his socks off today.

  16. Love Ramsdale’s aggression after saving Lucas effort late on… Pure annoyance that Lucas was allowed to shoot😅…
    I think our defenders are actually scared of him, they could get a serious mouthful from that guy if they mess up…
    Now that’s what I/we want to see… Just imagine what are crazy team we’d be with subsequent acquisitions. 👏👏
    I’m really impressed with the overall performance. Good Win

  17. The first 45mins, I thought I was watching ManCity in red n white. Smoith one touch football. Wow!
    I knew it won’t be easy to continue at the same place in the 2nd half, so hats off to the players..
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Arteta this animated. I’m happy for him.
    At the start of the int’l break, we were bottom of the table and Spuds were top. Now we’ve overtaken them and we’re 5pts off the top. Cool.
    If Arteta can get the team to play like this consistently, then we’ll be in for an interesting season.
    Onwards and upwards!

  18. That game was NOT one sided!

    Posted this on another site.
    If Kane scores that one v one, or the header, got a penalty and Ramsdale did not make that amazing save, and somehow that game ends 3-3, then yeah gtfo Arteta…

    For now, he wins a reprieve, but we shall see, that second half was dog poo, stand back, and do the opposite of the first half, however, closing out the game is important too.

    But, spuds started to dominate the game, did we even have a shot on target in the second half? Auba’s at the post maybe….

    Not convinced yet, at all.

    Tomiyasu was awesome and his heading was incredible.

    Team Win.

    Yet, will take that W, and London is Red!

    1. If Partey’s ball in the first half went in and Saka’s curler also got in, what would have happened?

      Chill Aaron!!!!!

    2. Cmon Aaron – seriously? I hope in those games we lost last season and this because we couldn’t finish you said the same thing on our behalf? I doubt it! Other than a few fans on here I have not heard one pundit say that we weren’t by far the better team and deservedly won. There were no cries of “lucky Arsenal”.
      No the second half was not “dog poo”. The difference is that we had a great first 45 and DIDN’T NEED TO keep creating chances. We were never, except it seems in your eyes, in any serious danger of losing.
      Nobody is saying this means we are a top side, but its a start -and if we can do it once we can do it again, so let’s enjoy it today at least.

      1. No she would not! She would simply be still your Auntie but with balls. She would need a lot more AND a lot less to become your Uncle.
        A problem for her no doubt, but still not your Uncle!

        PS: Aren’t pedants irritating?
        Don’t answer that!

  19. My glass off red wine was delicious!!!!

    This was an emphatic win against a very poor Spurs team, made to look even worse by the skill and energy we exhibited throughout the match.

    The “Young Boys” were outstanding. A pity we cannot play Man U next…….

    Our next 5 games are all winnable, fingers crossed!!!!

  20. World class save from Ramsdale. Leno will not get a look in. Ramsdale commands the penalty area and he has taken me by surprise. Looks the bizz.

  21. Great result and no reason why we cant improve again and get among the top four. Outside of city and Liverpool, the top four is up for grabs. No excuses now lets kick on and play like the money we have spent.

      1. Jon fox, you dont really deserve an answer, tell me when the last post i wrote “sack Arteta” i may think he hasn’t been or isnt good enough for Arsenal but i dont write that every post and even if i did, that is mine or anyone elses perogative. So i suppose your constant put down of xhaka is different?

  22. Wow, that was incredible! It was electric!!! The place was rocking!!
    Fantastic result, we were awesome!!
    Great seats; loadsa close up photos, even got one of Raymondo as he greeted the fans! I’ve totally lost my voice 🤣

    Dan Smith.. it was worth every penny! And just one more thing :
    You’ll always be sh*t
    You’ll always be sh*t
    Tottenham Hotspur you’ll always be sh*t 🤣🤣

  23. Overall, Arsenal was better, great dominant first half, but we played with fire in the 2nd one.
    In the 2nd half, Kane missed by few inches and Ramsdale made a heroic save to deny L. Mora. If they were lucky, they could have drawn.
    I think we should have made more early substitution but I get it, it was a winning formula and Arteta did not want to spoil things and jinx it.
    Happy to have 3 points, and we really need a partner for Partey, Sambi is not ready and Xhaka is more mature in positioning, passing but feels like a time bomb, you do not know when he will make the fatal error of gerting a red card or a miss pass, in his defence he has been away for 3 games and it was a tough Sp*rs midfield.

    1. Spot on, Ba. Sambi’s faults are mainly positional and tactical errors, which are usually fairly easily rectified by exposure to the EPL, so I’d be inclined to give him on the job practice. The boy is smart and I think a quick learner. One of our risk areas is passing out from defence. Looking at his earlier games. Sambi always shows and distributes forward and well. Xhaka always troubles me when he receives on the edge of his own box.

  24. i think, at last, that we hhave found a world class right back, i am not overstating this fact because of a superb win, but tomi is a true intellegent and his reading of the game is amazing.what a day , positivity once again.

    1. Agree Gerry – with Tomi, Ramsdale, Lokonga generally acknowledged by all to be excellent players already, and Odegaard, White and Tavares being highly rated by many (me uncluded) and all being 23 or below, we may have hit paydirt with our summer buys. Throw in Gabriel, ESR and Saka and we have 8 regular starters 23 or below, plus Tavares, Martinelli, Balogun Nketiah, ESR in the squad. The oldest player in our defence taday was Tierney, who is 24! Interesting times ahead…

      1. Agree guy, let’s hope Arsenal can keep them all fit, including the options from the bench. In particular, Thomas Partey’s continued fitness and availability is critical to Arsenal’s progress

  25. A game of two halves, but a deserved win nonetheless.I won’t dwell on the performance of the players but our Manager must learn to make substitutes quickly when cramp sets in.Xhaka and Saka ought to have been replaced with 20 mins to go but we’re not .It cost us one goal which could have been two.Fresh legs were clearly required to stem the tide, in the last quarter and his failure to take the appropriate steps disappointed me and could have cost us two points.Hopefully someone in his management team will bring this up with him.

  26. To destroy the scum like that….3-0 before half time is like the best caviar and lobster. An on-point display. Hopefully Lokonga will start against Brighton. Happy happy happy day.

  27. I am listening to these TV pundits and to be honest I think they are talking dung!!!!! They are talking more about Spuds lacking ability than Arsenal’s superb win, get a grip Souness!!!!

      1. Perfect indeed, Kenya!! And thanks for your comment on the other article 🙂
        Now if we can play like this every week…

  28. I got all my predictions this week in terms of winners and losers. Arsenal, Man City and Aston Villa. London is Red. Quietly Going Up. One match at a time. Who is next?

  29. Fantastic day and great performances from virtually every player. We fell off second half – mainly because we put so much energy in in the first half, but also because we just aren’t practised enough yet in what to do when we are so dominant.

    Ramsdale – great job and so vocal, determined and spirited. Far from being overpriced, he’s looking like a bargain. He will have an outstanding Arsenal and England career.

    Tomi – MOM. Solid defender, positionally sound, great in the air, creative in attack, good passer, superb engine, unflappable. And he’s loving every minute at Arsenal. Fantastic buy – changes the feel of the whole back 4.

    Odegaard – still underrated by many. Finds and creates space for others. Always available. Great engine, amazing pressing, leader and motivator. More suited deeper as an 8 than a 10 as he finds more space and, paradoxically, causes more damage. Real team player. Will keep improving.
    and be at the heart of our team for many years.

    Saka – back to his best, not surprisingly as he was moved back to the RW. He and ESR must be played together as they are almost telepathic.

    Xhaka wasn’t bad but he still made more mistakes than any other player. He is a crude tackler and an accident waiting to happen. Lokanga is a much more forward thinking, quicker and safer player. Any rough edges such as positional naivety can be quickly rectified. He should start.
    Pepe was not needed and look how much better we were as an attack. He is an inconsistent luxury we cannot afford and honestly dont need.

    1. Guy, agree totally, particularly in your assessment of Martin Odegaard, Tomymazu and Ramsdale, but would add the importance of a fit Thomas Partey to Arsenal’s control of midfield.

  30. I think we can compete for the top 4 as man U is not that far from us in terms of quality unlike the other three …We should go for it .

    1. Also, Guy considering we have exciting or well-reviewed prospects like Saliba, Guendouzi, Mavro (both these guys can do a job or be sold well if the contracts are not set in stone), Nelson(hopefully has a good season), Ballard, Clarke, John Jules, Moller(One I am most excited about), we seem to have a great future. Also not discounting the existing academy guys.

      1. Arteta and Edu are trying to do a Sir Alex Ferguson with his Class of 92.We should make sur that we’r keeping these promising lads by starting to compete ASAP ,Otherwise they will end up like Van Persie diging for silverware elsewhere

        1. That’s pretty negative Pires, today of all days. I think winning three on the bounce and moving up 10 league places may qualify as “starting to compete” so cut them some slack for now please!
          Are you also saying that any manager putting together a young team is simply trying to copy a master blueprint designed by Ferguson? It’s not rocket science and I am sure many have tried this approach both before and after 1992. All you need is a very good youth squad and an eye for buying the right players.

          1. @guy
            I am not “negative”.I am juste seeing the bigger picture and not been carried away by a single victory may it be against Spurs and with Champagne football.We must avoid the same mistakes of the later Wenger Era where we educated players to only see them leave and serve our oppenents….I will agree with the” process” IF and only IF we start to compete for SILVERWARE( that’s the meaning of competing for me) in the forseable futur.I predicted our downfall in 2008 as i saw the exodus of our best talents coming because of the lack of trophies begining with Hleb …..

      2. Patino & Hart the next 2 stars coming through.

        If we manage to get Saliba, Dino, Moller & Matteo back ready to go into the squad we would have a unreal young team (Guendouzi & Dino big doubts but I still hope) after we get rid of Elneny, Kola, Mari & Laca.

        I would take a punt on Toney from Brentford when Laca leaves.
        Pepe is going to have a hard time getting Into this team..

        We have a bright future.

        1. I like Toney aswel

          the beauty of the squad is he has options to change tactically as most of our attacking players have differnt qualities

          very bright indeed

      3. Agree Sid – of the guys on loan Moller (and of course Azeez) look good. Of the academy I like Hutchinson and Biereth, of course not forgetting Patino and Taylor Hart. A lot of choice though…

  31. I know it may sound like adrenaline or something but that 1st half was the best 45 mins i’ve seen under MA.

    I said the other day about how to get the best out of Auba and that was to play fast counter type football.
    We were fast and aggressive and dominated that first 45.
    totally impressed with the performances from the team, great win!!

    2nd half, we managed the game very well, Xhaka going off hurt us and we conceded within 7 minutes, im not saying that it was sambi’s fault or anything but ppl shouldnt underestimate what Xhaka brings to the team.

    If the team can consistently perform like that then we should have a very good season – but lets see how we go now till November interlul.

    Very happy with the result and performance today

    1. This is how I envision all Xhaka fans… stating factually incorrect things to make it seem like he’s more important than he is.

      We literally conceded because Xhaka was on the ground and some players on both teams stopped playing.

      Sambi wasn’t even on the pitch until after the goal.

  32. Yes what a great day of football, thrushing Spurs like that and ladies demolished city by 5_0! To be gooner🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  33. Ramsdale reminds me of Lehman, his command and connection to his defenders gives me Joy. Hopefully he keeps up this form. Great win for us, and definitely a confidence booster.

  34. Glad to see Auba score that goal and from the parts I was able to watch, it looked like a good performance all-round. This is the first time in well over a year he’s put in a convincing performance against anything like PL-quality opposition, and I don’t think he’d have finished that chance a few months ago (maybe even a couple of weeks ago!) – hope this is the sign of things to come. I honestly thought he was finished, but I’d be very happy to be wrong.

    1. Ditto Davi – I didn’t think he would ever perform to that level again. He was seriously impressive, and looked enthusiastic and full of life. Delighted he proved me wrong.

  35. The first half was excellent but they had us in the second half. Kane missed a good chance and we couldn’t really hold possession for more than a few seconds. Anyway, the performance was a huge improvement from the previous 1-0s and if we can gather some momentum we will quietly but surely force our way into top 4 calculations. Good job to ze boys!

  36. Well done MA and team. Deserved winners of that there is no doubt. Kane missed some sitters and on another day it could have been a very different match HOWEVER it was today and not another and we won resolutely!

    Hats off all..

    Now let’s try and do this consistently eh!?


  37. Best first 45 mins in quite a long time. A great team performance and for me ESR was the star performer.

    Icing on the cake, the women hammered Man City 5-0!!!!

  38. A word to all those at the game, including those on this site:
    You were amazing today – starting with the impeccably observed one minutes applause for the late Jimmy Greaves, who played for practically every London club EXCEPT Arsenal, through the respect for taking a knee, and then throughout the game with an incredibly positive and vocal wall of noise in support of our team.
    Kudos to every one of you – you were worth at least a goal to us.
    I could hear you in Bedfordshire.

  39. We’ve waited a long time for a performance like that and in the first half it was superb. Now we need to take that style of play……YES a style of play, forwards with us. If we keep playing that way, without any fear, we will get far more points than we will lose. Today ESR, Saka,Odes were the three musketeers and Aubameyang was d’Artagnan

  40. Love the headline. Wish it could be like this every week. I know there will be bigger tests to come but The Kids are Alright as The Who song says Please look after them Mikel. Also great to see Henry and Ek at the game. True Arsenal men.

  41. Credit where it is due to Mikel Arteta, staff and players on a great win. Hopefully with improved fitness, consistent selections and developing teamwork and structure Arsenal can continue to move up the table. Some very promising performances from existing and new players, introduced to the team. Onward and upward.

    1. Agree again Oz. Pressing was key, and that is a very exhausting style that no team can sustain for 90 minutes – both Man City and Liverpool for example only press at various periods in each game. So we must work not only on fitness, but also our tactics for those periods (as yesterday) when we aren’t pressing. For me, pressing for almost all of the first half was why we looked vulnerable for the last half hour.

  42. Indeed back to reality Spuds. Amazing performance from Arsenal, gave them no chance whatsoever. ESR was brilliant and Ramsdale played his part when called upon. All in all a marvellous performance and one on which a platform can be built for future success. Up the Gunners!

  43. Let’s hope that this is now ‘the Arsenal Style’ under Arteta. This is the first match with a clear ‘style’ of play and it was quite electrifying. No doubt if we play like that, without fear and with intensity we will win a lot of points and keep me, the supporters, the pundits, Arteta and Edu, the Kroenkes and the European places happy. We now know our aim. High paced, brave football. Viva our new syle!

  44. Can we do the Gerry Cinnamon chant for Tomiyaso…it goes like this Tomi Tomi Tomi f*ckin Yaso or if it’s too harsh for little ears just say Tomi 4 times…Tomi Tomi Tomi Tomi…Yaso. Been to a few gigs where this chant really gets the crowd going. Be great to give our new RB the credit he deserves and have the Emirates rocking at the same time. Great win

  45. This match was more about Arsenal playing well than Spurs being rubbish… It’s easy to say ‘It’s Spurs lads’ & dismiss the quality Arsenal showed. This is the first time they really thrashed Spurs in the last five seasons & hope it inspires them for the rest of the season!😹👍

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