Arsenal put two midfielders up for sale as they prepare to make Partey move

The Telegraph claims that Arsenal has made Lucas Torreira and Mohamed Elneny available for transfers as they look to finance a move for Thomas Partey.

The Gunners are rebuilding their team and after landing a defender and an attacker, they will look to bolster their midfield.

They are reportedly set to bring back Dani Ceballos for another season on loan, but the Spaniard might not be the only midfielder that joins them from La Liga.

They have had a long-standing interest in Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Party and the Spaniards have made it clear to them that they can only sign him if they pay his release clause.

The report claims that the Ghanaian is also keen to make the switch to North London, it is left for Arsenal to come up with the cash to make the deal happen.

Elneny spent last season on loan at Besiktas and he has been involved in Arsenal’s preparation for the new season, but he is not in Arteta’s plans.

Torreira struggled to convince Arteta that he can fit into the Spaniard’s team last season and the Gunners will be happy to cash in on him.

Both players will not lack suitors, but Arsenal’s asking price might be a sticking point. 

Arsenal needs all the money that they can get, but getting a huge transfer fee at this time will be tough.

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  1. Err, won’t we have to sell more than just Torreira and Elneny to afford TP?! 😄 Add Kolasinac, Sokratis and another and that should do it!

    1. His release clause is £45M, If we cash in on Bellerin and Torreira, we’ll have more than enough to activate his clause.. Now add Elneny, Guendouzi to the list

      1. Guedozi and Elnely will be difficult to offload, arsenal will be foolish to reject PSG offer for Bellerin so to me, he is as good as gone

        1. So seeling a player of Bellerin’s quality and experience with a 3years contract hanging over his head for merely €30mis a good business.

      2. Keep Elneny. Low wages. Can deputize for Dani in cups or in case of injury. Mo’s tidy first-touch is necessary (like Dani’s) in the tightest of spaces to play from the back.

    2. Cash in on pepe too. We have martinell willian smith rowe and saka for cover.
      Sell elneny mustafi bellerin sokratis and kolasinac.
      We need new culture and energy in that squad

      1. Cash in on Pepe?
        Another fan overhyping and comparing our young players to a proven footballer in Europe?

  2. Once again, if you see some rumours about Arsenal pulling out of the Partey deal because they can’t afford it. Ignore those rumors, I repeat Ignore those rumors..
    I shouldn’t have to be the one to tell you or remind you that we’re yet to spend anything this summer at all.
    If you believe those rumors, then you’re saying you believe the club only gave Arteta 30M in his first transfer window to biy Gabriel.
    Also I shouldn’t have to be the one to start reminding you that David Ornstein still Insisted and reported last night that Aouar is our target and Partey remains top priority for this summer.
    This is why I ignore a lot of websites and stuff they report whenever it’s transfer season.
    A lot of false information just for clicks

    1. You have said almost half of our team has been put up for possible transfer and i quite agree, I just hope JA refrain from posting all rumour such as this and the Upermenco one. If the right offer comes, either Elnely, Xhaka, Guedozi Ozil or whoever, will go, except AUBA which will cause unrest if sold, other players will be sold if the right offer comes, so as an arsenal fan who understand our team and transfer needs this summer, such report should not even become ‘news’

      1. Adajim, the selling of Aubameyang, will not cause unrest with sensible Arsenal supporters. The Club has made a very generous contract offer to Aubameyang, which if he does not sign he should be sold. Arsenal cannot afford to have Aubameyang leave on a free, given the pressing needs elsewhere.

    2. IF you believe the rumours the Party’s release clause is 45 million plus his wage demands are 200K /week. Aouar’s quoted market price is 60/70 million plus I am fairly sure his wage will be about the same. Even selling half the current squad, in the current climate we would not get enough to buy both those players. If we get one it will be good but I personally do do not believe it will be Party. Just to remind you Ornstien is a journalist and as such creates just as many rumours as the next.

      1. PatH I’ll explain it to you, if we sell half the current squad like you said, we can get both.
        Athletico wants Party’s fee in full.
        That’s 45M.
        Lyon are not being stubborn and insisting any team pay the full money for Aouar.
        Pepe’s transfer? Recall transfers do happen with payment plans?
        Also, you talk about Ornstein as though he’s one of those journalist out there who just say and write stuff for click and stir controversy.
        The man hardly talks about transfers unlike others, but when he does he’s always reporting what’s happening.
        I didn’t give him the name The Oracle for Arsenal fans did I?
        Subscribe to The Athletic and for once you’ll enjoy reading insights about football and our club. Not the crap those English sites do post for clicks.
        The fee is high, but totally worth it, the articles and insights into our clubs.
        Also I do get where you’re coming from though, the point is if Lyon want it and Aouar wants to come, Aouar and Partey won’t cost us 90M this summer.
        It’ll definitely be payment by installments

        1. Sorry Eddie, selling half the squad for two players is madness – plus we don’t need to anyway.
          At the most, Bellerin, Guendozi and Torreria would pay for them and, if we get cash up front, we can do the same.
          Bellerin up to £45 million.
          Torreria up to £35 million.
          Gwend up to £40 million.

          All three are, reportedly for sale and have had enquires made… if one believes the media and Ornstein is one of them.

          1. I agree with you ken. Players have to go out, not only to generate funds, but to free up squad places for those Arsenal are bringing in. Even without selling players, given that KS&E have bought Arsenal’s outstanding debt, and Arsenal’s cash reserves, Arsenal can buy both players. Given the low (almost zero) interest rates Arsenal could borrow money to fund transfers. No excuses.

      2. his rumors are based on reliable information, unlike most journalists who are usually way off the mark. Only transfer he has missed in years is the Pepe one. Also, Partey’s wage demands dont come from a reliable source, speaking of rumors, and no way would Aouar’s wages be near 200k either.

        1. Thank you RSH.
          I don’t know why anyone would think Aouar will demand 200k.
          Also actually he wasn’t wrong about the Pepe deal entirely.
          He said the fees were too high and we couldn’t afford it.
          Nobody saw Arsenal pulling it off, you know about how fans lost their head here seeing we just broke our transfer record.
          Ornstein wasn’t entirely wrong, as we couldn’t afford the fee, it’s why we made arrangements for the fee to be paid bits by bit

      3. PatH, just getting Mhikatarian’s wages (£180k reportedly) would cover Partey’s wages given the £200k per week is unconfirmed.

  3. I see Marc roca is having a medical at Madrid does this mean a replacement for partey?
    Let’s hope so ..

      1. I would have been happy with Marc Roca at Arsenal.
        There is no doubt AM has bought Roca, in case they lose Partey.

  4. Arsenal recruitment see major need for both Partey and Aouar, but truly I don’t see them getting both in this present market. However, if they eventually have to get just one, and that will most likely be Partey.

  5. I want Partey more to balance our mid, if we can get him then I believe even Ozil would be effective in that mix.
    Party can help us retain more of the ball and reduce the number of teams that dominate our mid

    1. Hez, with Partey and Diawara in, I believe Mezut Ozil would be worth another chance, if Arteta wanted to select him.
      With Partey as box to box and Diawara as DM to do Ozil’s tackling and ball winning for him, if Ozil was not able to perform, it would certainly put to bed the opinion that he is not finished at this level.

    2. doubt arteta is going to compensate the team for ozil. Mesut is not the type of midfielder he wants starting. You see how hard every single player works off the ball. If even David Silva was able to change his style of play to Pep’s demands, Ozil sohuld be able to as well but has not.

      1. RSH, I don’t disagree, note I said “if Arteta wanted to select him.”
        I was just pointing out the type of players Ozil would need around him to compensate for his lack of the attributes Arteta wants. You must remember there are those on justarsenal, who believe that Ozil’s lack of performance is due to the players around him.

  6. I find it difficult to follow some of the thought patterns produced by the media, as to what is actually happening at the club and also being claimed by some on here.

    First of all, it was only yesterday, that we were being told that our club had turned down £27 million from PSG for Bellerin…if that is true, then the club must value him at least in the £30-£35 million range.
    That means as a maximum, £15 million has to be raised to meet the release clause – Saville are reported to want Guendouzi, supposedly also up for sale in the region of £30 million as well…so do the maths and we have Partey on a plate, if this is all true…it patently isn’t, especially as it is, again, reported that Partey is our No. 1 target.
    If that was the case, the Bellerin and Guendouzi bids would have been accepted and just two players would have gone, not half the squad!!!!

    Secondly we are told that Elneny doesn’t feature in Arteta’s plans…where has that come from?
    As far as I am aware, MA selected him for the two matches we have played since he arrived back from loan and was man of the match in some fans eyes when we won our first trophy of the season at Wembley.

    It seems that, not only the media, but our own fans are now putting the entire team (apart from Auba, Leno or Martinez and our new signings) up for sale (and we are still waiting for Auba to sign a new contract!!!) so that we can buy Partey.

    Just a few articles ago, we had everyone saying how Elneny had improved, what a game he had and why would MA want to let go a solid squad player – now he doesn’t feature in his plans?!?!?

    When will this madness end? It’s all just a complete waste of time, as nobody, outside of MA and Edu, ACTUALLY know what the club are doing.

    1. Ken you of all people with your experience should know transfers don’t work like that.
      You say that as if it’s easy as buying groceries in from a store.
      Yes 27M for Bellerin + 30M for Torreira or Guendouzi would cover the fee for Partey but were you really expecting we sell Bellerin that cheap and other players very cheap because we need the money?
      PSG only made the bid yesterday, and Arsenal are negotiating, Arsenal want more than 27M. Are you really saying they should’ve accepted it just because it’ll pay half of Thomas’s fee? Chilwell left for 50M.
      Bellerin should be sold for 27?
      Torreira for less than 30?
      Come onel, us fans complain about letting go of our players too cheap, now comes a director who keeps negotiating to achieve higher fees and we’re still dragging it?
      You’re aware of how many times clubs tried to rip us off, demanding high fees for their players, we are victims of clubs ripping us off.. Why can’t we allow the club do the same thing?
      Wait for the best offer before selling?
      These are my own thoughts though.
      Personally I said PSG can f##k off if 27M is what they want to pay for Bellerin.
      I’ll be mad if the club let go that easily.
      You’re not viewing the big picture, you’re only looking at how we can get Partey in on time

      1. No Eddie, what I’m saying is that we have two players who would more than cover Parteys buy out clause.
        We are told that the club have already turned down the initial £27 million bid for Bellerin, so we ARE in negotiations already it seems.
        We are also told that UE wants Guendozi, so that assumes the two clubs are in contact…. there is the £45 million needed for Partey plus plenty left over, if it’s all true and not BS.

        We are at last, it seems, actually negotiating and your view that, if we raise said £45 million, it is a done deal.

        My point is, we don’t need to sell three quarters of the first team squad to do this and invent situations that are just not backed up with facts, the Elneny not in MA’s plans being a perfect example.

        1. I don’t know about Elneny’s situation.. You should’ve noticed i don’t talk about him or include him in anything, that’s because I really don’t know where he stands, if Arteta wants to keep him or not, but personally I doubt he’ll stay if an offer comes in

          1. Eddie and ken, Valencia are also interested in Guendouzi. So I agree with Eddie, that Arsenal has to negotiate with various clubs to get the best transfer value for its players.
            The problem with the transfer of Thomas Partey is that to activate the buy out clause, Arsenal must pay the full €50 million up front. As has been discussed previously, most normal transfers are paid by instalments, so the full amount is not up front, but over time.
            As for Elneny, I believe he is worth keeping as a bench player and to provide depth fo the four competitions Arsenal are competing in. He cost the Club a minimal fee, is on relatively low wages, has improved due to getting game time in Turkey and will not return the sell on value of other players, or reduce the wage bill by as much.
            If Arteta wants him in his squad, that’s good enough for me.

  7. Elneny £6m
    Papa £4.5m
    Chambers £12m
    Torreira £30m
    Guendouzi £30m


    £22m Gabriel
    Willian Free 200k wages (mhiki wage)
    £45m Partey
    £5m Cabellos loan

    Just need Stan to step up for Aouer!

  8. Dont forget Geandouzi and Mustafi,Kalasniac,Chambers and the other deadwood.
    Plus Hector great guy and player but we xan get 30 million for him and we have Amn and Cedric in that position.
    Same goes for Laca could get same for him and Martinelli and Eddie could have a go in his place might not be as good now but Martinelli possible star and Eddie useful goal sneak.

  9. I tried getting my sunday league team to buy Ozil Afc agreed a fee £2.50 and a box of Maltesers but the player declined the pay offer of you get what you deserve.

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