Arsenal puts a first-team regular on the transfer market

Arsenal is ready to cash in on Gabriel Jesus at the end of this season as the Gunners aim to keep only players they can rely on.

Since moving to the Emirates, Jesus has been injury-prone, and the Brazilian has also struggled to score enough goals for the team.

The Gunners are expected to sign a new striker at the end of this season, and Jesus could be on his way out.

Having admitted in an interview that scoring goals is not his biggest strength, Jesus is unlikely to find the back of the net frequently enough for Arsenal to win major honours.

This makes him a player the club can sell and replace easily, with The Athletic claiming that Arsenal has made him available for transfer.

Jesus will not struggle to find suitors, and if Arsenal signs another striker, he may be forced to leave the club rather than stay on the bench.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Jesus is a key player for us, and his movement in attack makes it easy for other players to score even when he does not.

However, we need a frontman who has a lot of goals in him to lead the line for us.

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  1. What’s the point of selling Gabriel Jesus only to replace him with Joshua Zirkzee?

    Not exactly sure this will be a serious upgrade.

    1. Firstly , we will plainly NOT be after Zirkzee at all. Secondly, I posted many weeks ago that to me it is obvious that both Jesus ans Zinny will be moved on soon.

      I saId hopefully both this summer and in any case no later than summer 2025 at latest.

      I posted that same thought several times , though I have not seen a single other post saying it.

      Till now, when it seems that finally MA has seen through non productive JESUS AND WILL TRANSFER LIST HIM,JUST AS HE OUGHT.
      I am convinced that is the correct thing for our club and MA will be obviously upgrading with a better, more physical, and inparticular a more SCORING striker this summer.
      I predict it will be Isak of NEWCASTLE too.


      1. Jon
        I have been saying the same thing. Jesus should be sold and Zinchenko is surplus at LB and should be sold as well.

        I think we have found ourselves in a similar position as City was several years ago regarding Jesus and Zinchenko.

        Jesus was not scoring enough and Zinchenko a defensive liability at LB, so City sold those 2 to us and moved on.

        They have taken us as far as they can, so time we sell them both and move on as well.

        1. yep, agree

          perhaps Arsenal has moved forward faster than expected, but it seems these two are being left behind, they are not at that next level Arteta et al are aiming for

          they are not alone in that, and will not be alone going out the door this summer

          with Man U doing a clear out, and i suspect may be a few from Liverpool too, the transfer market will be awash this summer

      2. I wanted Isak when he was available, when Vlahovic ignored us a few years ago. Isak would be a great signing, but not sure Newcastle would sell for a reasonable price. I think I read quotes of 100 million, which might be market value ATM but seems too steep.

        Isak would a big big upgrade.

        1. John63, I assume you are well aware of Newcastles PSR troubles and that they URGENTLY NEED to sell this summer to raise some SERIOUS AMOUNT OF CASH?

          Consequently, they are in no position to outprice themselves, which is what you are suggesting they do.

          We will IMO, be well able to afford Isak who will be sold FAR BELOW the figure you think!

  2. My three dream acquisitions for summer are Gyokeres, Zubimendi, and Grimaldo. That would give us a very potent and highly intimidating team. If we move enough players out for decent fees it may be doable.

    Would also be happy with Isak or Osimhen up top.

    If we can’t afford any of the three strikers named (or don’t have the ambition, perhaps due to trusting Havertz to play the key role), Gimenez and Sesko would be reasonable more affordable fallbacks.

    Not that impressed with Zirkzee to be honest, talented but not proven and doesn’t seem an obvious fit for our team dynamic.

    1. Osimhen would be a great addition. May be his price will be a certain turn off.

      Over time we have learnt that our prudent culture of not always spending too much on single player is just the best. Players we sometimes thought we had missed due to prices have ended up with some of the superior alternatives ……. Trossard vs Mudryk for example!!

  3. Absolutely ridiculous headline. Why the F*** would that be announced with 4 games to go? Irresponsible Admin Martin.

    1. Don’t shhot the messenger!
      I thin you will find that is was the reliable website The Athletic that announced it, not Martin!

  4. Gyokeres has 38 goals and 16 assists in just 45 games. If we are hoping to catch up with City, that’s the way to go.

    Sell Jesus, Zinchenko, ESR, Nketia, Nelson and Partey (all those the manager isn’t using) and
    bring in 2 new midfielders of Partey’s profile with a left back and promote Nwaneri, Duberry and Skelly to the first team.

    1. Please add to selling Saka, Rice, Saliba on your way opps!

      We keep saying how we need enough cover like City, but everytime a play in the team hits ground running, people are quick to throw other out – why would you sell Jesus – cause Havert has turned up for what 6-8 PL games since Jan? – We have seen how it has worked for Chealsea by selling key players to go for multi 100M fancy names Caicedos/Enzos/Mudri etc. For any sensible manager you keep both Jesus/Partey monitor how their replacements gel in before you throw everything to the dustbin.

  5. Joshua Zirkzee imo is just a smokescreen to not inflate the price of the actual target. Chelsea and the likes are always after a player we try to buy. This is called being strategic.

  6. i’m OK with moving Jesus on

    great initial impact, exactly what we needed in terms of energy and mentality shift

    but influence has diminished, and now seemingly injury prone, perhaps the two are linked

    either way it feels like this Arsenal XI has out grown Jesus now, time for an upgrade and we will need cash and wages released to do that

    sell, probably at a loss, but rarely make money on signing this age, like Partey

  7. I don’t think it’s going to be a simple case of selling GJ. This should really only be contemplated if there is to be a massive upgrade. There are others such as Nketiah who should probably be closer to the exit than GJ.
    Despite his limited goal tally GJ gives us options across the frontline. He was also a key part of our impressive start to last season before injuries became an issue.

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