Arsenal quoted €60 Million for number one target

Real Madrid’s asking price for supposed number one target Martin Odegaard has apparently been set at €60 Million this summer, with Arsenal believed to have prioritised his return.

The Norwegian international captain arrived at the Emirates in January on loan, and quickly established himself as a first-team regular in their ranks.

Odegaard’s vision and leadership were appreciated in North London, and manager Mikel Arteta admitted that the club was interested in securing his services beyond the terms of his loan.

Real Madrid’s managerial situation did leave question marks however, with Zinedine Zidane leaving the club and his replacement yet to be named, but the hierarchy themselves are claimed to have been annoyed by his stance in January.

Odegaard pushed to leave the club in the previous window having grown frustrated by his lack of playing time, and Real Madrid are now willing to allow him to leave for the right price.

DefensaCentral insists the player will be allowed to leave for €60 Million, while TheAthletic insists that the midfielder’s return this summer is their ‘number one target’.

This could well be the first test for the Arsenal owners who are should be keen to show their intentions to fans after weeks of protests, and amidst an attempted takeover by Daniel Ek.


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  1. hasse andersson says:

    Give up on Ödegård. Get Buendia.

  2. MartinelliTheBench says:

    Odegaard is a great player but if we don’t change our style and speed of play he’d be a waste of money.

    1. Kelvin says:

      Seconded, another Ozil loading

      1. Gogo says:

        Give him some well deserved credit please. Hes not another ozil, he presses and defends. Even though i think hes worth just 35mil

  3. D4NN_UP says:

    No 1 summer target eh? An offer of €50 million + a couple of add on’s like goals scored + International appearances? Should be submitted today!

    1. Gogo says:

      Thanks for the info Vinai Vintekashshshshen.

  4. Supertuur says:

    That is way too much 40 mil and no more than that.

  5. Rafer Austin says:

    Odegard is a bit overrated. Buendia would be perfect at £40million

    1. Grandad says:

      Agree with you on Odegaard.As for Buendia, who is basically a right winger, where would you play him, and at who’s expense?

  6. Pmwatson says:

    Odegard good player but over priced more like $50 0000 go for norwich player priced about right kronkes need to invest big if they are really for the club

  7. Martin says:

    Odegaard is a fantastic player and good with the ball at his feet, but I don’t think he is a player that Arsenal need. I don’t think he is physical enough and also not too fast. I think he will do well against small teams but will struggle against the big clubs and we will an Ozil problem again. I said it before, what we need is Jack Grenlish.

    1. Val says:

      i agree, i would much rather us go for Grealish if the club are willing to pay 60m euros for Odegaard.
      I get Grealish is probably more expensive and there will be more competition for him but he is a player i think would literally make us a top 4 team again,

      1. Kelvin says:

        I don’t think Arsenal can afford Grealish with ManCity showing interest in him, Villa will raise his asking price and we can’t compete with ManCity. Besides, Grealish will prolly choose ManCity over Arsenal…

  8. OT.S says:

    This must be a joke. 60m what!
    2goals and a single assist since joining AFC.

  9. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    For that sum, I will pass, thank you very much but no.

  10. Reggie says:

    NEXT! Worth a punt for 20 mil but not worth that amount ever. Too passive to comnand a big fee, technically good but not a great footballer.

  11. Walego Brian Nabri says:

    I think it will be a great deal and wil help create more impact at Emmirate

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