Arsenal ready for BIG push and FA cup defence in January

Barring any more disasters (hey you never know), Arsenal should have an almost fully fit squad at the start of 2015. Our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere is not due back until late February but Arsene Wenger should be able to call on Ozil, Debuchy, Arteta, Walcott and all after Christmas.

And that Gunners squad has some serious talent in it, with the January transfer window giving the manager the chance to add a few key players to strengthen certain areas. So as long as we can keep in touch with the top of the Premier League table in the next few weeks, Arsenal fans could be set for an exciting and much happier second half to the season.

One of the features of the last few years has been Arsenal putting a brilliant run of results together and although it may be too late for a title challenge this time, we still need to secure a top four spot, as well as having the knockout rounds of the Champions League to think about – and the small matter of defending the FA cup trophy won in dramatic fashion last season to defend.

A good second half of the season and possibly even another day at Wembley or an extended run in Europe would be great, of course, and could set us up for a proper go at the title next year, but would it be enough to compensate for the disappointing start we have endured this time?

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    1. Not if we meet one of the big three teams Man utd, Chelsea, Man City. Our way to the final last season was a lucky one. Had met one of these teams we wouldn’t have made it. So unless we have the same luck, I don’t think it will happen.

      1. We beat a Liverpool side that was arguably the 2nd best team in the EPL and it was after they humiliated us 5-1. We also played Tottenham who always give us a tough time.

    2. okay! In today’s rumour column, Arsenalare targeting one 18yr old striker gabriel barbosa from santos ……… Buahahahahahaha……. If this is true(which we all knw its highly not)……then its clear Arsenal don’t know what she really wants…… Don’t tell us sh*t bout an unknown striker from some continent….. When u can’t even make use of those in ur hands E.g Benik afobe, chuba akpom, J.campbell etc

      1. he is touted the next Neymar and he looks really good. If we cannot afford to buy the Cavani or Falcao, gambling on a player like him does not hurt. He can start for us as early as 20.

        1. work permit issues will mean he will be stuckin spain second tier for a few seasons which will effect his development. just more BS

  1. If Wenger still does not sign a DM and a CB in the January window then he has taken his stubbornness to a whole new level….he will be digging his own grave…the way I see it, if we had a Wanyama in our squad we could be about 7 points better off than we are now

    1. Reguggitating media rubbish does not make you sensible. Your Wanyama could not stop flamini’s arsenal create 9 clear fut goal scoring opportunities against their one in the entire match. Wrestling has never been part of football and if it were not for the ineptitude of the rwferee Wanyama would have been red carsed last night.

      Can you pin point the games in which arsenal dropped points because defebsive midfielders failed to do their job? The team dropped points because it was not defending as a unit. Offensive players were not fighting to win the ball back once they lost it. It is no cioncidences that we are having clean sheets when our offensive players are fighting hard to win back the ball when they lose it in offensive positions. They even resort to fouls to stop counter attacks. So points dropped were down to poor defensing as a unit.

      1. Someone who has actually used reason and logic in their analysis. I agree, the kind of football we are trying to play is totally dominant. This means that strong tactical awareness is vital to create fluidity between positions in order to make space and cover. A bruising enforcer type is not necessary in this system; strength and speed are good qualities, but not at the expense of intelligence.

      2. You are exactly right. I just feel we don’t absorb pressure well. In the counter, we are not confident and scrambling to get back. Having players that can diffuse pressure on the defense and keep it building on the offense is what we need. I like Schneiderlin over Wanyama. Your right, it’s a team problem

  2. “would it be enough to compensate for the disappointing start we have endured this time?”

    Not really as the disappointing start could have so easily been avoided.
    We will have a seriously good line up with everyone back and I do hope that Wenger gets his finger out and starts to rotate the team and show some grasp of tactics, even bringing some of the youth players through for some game time if a game is safe.
    For the sake of not buying 2 players Wenger completely blew it this season.
    Penny wise pound foolish…

  3. The second half of the season should be much better than the first. But if Wenger doesn’t get a CDM and another defender in January he should be shot.

  4. @Analyzer you didn’t really mean that when you asked can anybody pin point any games we lost because we did not have a DM? I quote “Can you pin point the games in which arsenal dropped points because defebsive midfielders failed to do their job?”. Are you serious? We’re have you been these past three seasons?

    1. It’s truly sad. We’ve just conceded defeat. Heck even Sam Allerdyce knows how to motivate his players. He went on to say they can win the league. Is he deluded or just ambitious?

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