Arsenal ready? Man United ready? Let battle commence…again!!

Well it did not last long Arsenal fans, and to be honest it was a bit weird having a kind of non-aggression pact with Manchester United in recent years, when the biggest talking point was the little boy and his little boy dreams. This season, however, the rivalry is right back on.

Louis van Gaal has made sure of that with his recent comments about Danny Welbeck, claiming that the new Arsenal striker did not cut the mustard at Old Trafford and so suggesting that he has taken a step down by joining Arsenal, as reported by Sky Sports. Yeah Louis, a step down into the Champions League!

You cannot blame the new United boss I suppose, because he has had nothing but grief about the sale of Welbeck to Arsenal, including digs from United legends like Scholes, Ferdinand and Bryan Robson. And the capture of Falcao seems to have been forgotten with all the talk of Welbeck.

The other real issue is that United are casting green eyed looks at out Champions League record and they now see us once again as a serious rival, even if it is for a Champions League spot rather than the title. Hopefully, of course, Welbeck will bang goals in all season and we wonโ€™t even be thinking of fourth spot, but donโ€™t be surprised to see the gloves come off and for Wenger and van Gaal to start the mind games.

It does make football interesting, though, so I say bring it on, letโ€™s have it, come and have a go if you think youโ€™re hard enough. Let battle commence!

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  1. Reporter: “What did Sir Alex say to you about Welbeck?”

    Wenger: “I would like to keep that conversation to myself!”

    I am sure they were talking about him & not looking at the girls sunbathing out there

      1. yes, and i do not see him fit enough no for premier…but akpom, wow, is 100 times better that sanogo, strong, fast, with pace. I really like akpom every time that i see him. The other player that looks similar to akpom is the number 7, Maitland-Niles? i think, well, both have a great future with arsenal, i hope…

          1. You are right, but he looks like a very good prospect for the future, and would like that wenger give him a chance in the cup games. well, is just a subjective view, pal.

            1. @medvet
              Understood. No doubt the young gun is ready for “prime time” and it would be good to see him, Maitland-Niles, Bellerin and Hayden given some 1st team pitch time. We’re one of the only EPL teams who don’t have faith enough in our youngsters to play them in regular matches.

              *Him being 100x better than Sanogo is debatable. YaYa has held his own as”target man” against top opposition. Whether he scored or not is irrelevant…

        1. Put Sanogo to play U21 and he will start bangin’ goals just like Akpom. In fact that was exactly what he did before being called for the first squad. Anyway, a good idea would be to send Sanogo on loan. Premier League prefferably.

                1. There are no guarantees in this world. His chances to get game time will certainly increase elsewhere. Welbeck is here to stay.

  2. We have to beat City this saturday, will be a great morale boost for the team and fans but it will send out a huge message out there.

  3. Can Arsenal be magnanimous to allow their neighbours-Tottenham hot Spurs use the Emirates stadium for their home fixtures during the void spell of building their new stadium? It will please me if Arsenal could become their brothers keeper, should that brothers approach us and agrees to pay the cost for any services rendered. Let us love our neighbours as ourselves.

  4. Reporter: “There’s talk of a ground-share with Tottenh…”

    Wenger: “I don’t think that will happen!” yeahhhh

    & diaby playing for arsnal u-21 + Isaac Hayden, Hector Bellerin and Chuba Akpom are now officially part of the Arsenal first team squad good news

  5. Wenger ~ “If I’d stayed at home he wouldn’t be here now.”

    What on earth is that supposed to mean??? ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Only him, Welbeck and some mysterious person he met early that day know what he meant. In any case, he said that he will tell us one day.

      1. Strange really!
        Did he say that he was working that deal, not in home for rest? I didn’t get what he was trying to say..

  6. Akpom is shit hot. Watch the u21 game. He’s tearing the Villa back four a new one. He’s got a touch of Henry about how he picks the ball up and drives at the defense with complete control of the ball. I’d like to see him play in the capital one cup in front of Sanogo. Akpom is a real prospect and should be able to get game time with the first team.

  7. Akpom should be away on loan getting some first team experience in the championship so he can come back in 2 years and play first team football.

  8. Wenger commenting on welbeck annoyed the hell out of me. What an ego, should have stayed home where you belonged and taken cate of business then! Priorities all wrong!

    1. Think you’ve got your lines crossed on this one Ronny331. We need the full story before drawing any conclusions. This has been misreported and misrepresented to hell already without us lot piling in. Wenger is being cryptic and meant no disrepect to DB – DB will be fully in the know as to what went on.

  9. @jonestown1. You are right but more reason for wenger to quickly come out and qaush reports and be 100% supportive of dw. We need unity at our club and even if wenger was not consulted he needs to show solidarity, we’ve got enough to compete with the press already.

    1. @Ronny331
      You know that ain’t AW’s style dude. The press is constantly throwin out their hooks and AW never takes the bait…

    2. I agree and I hope he does. I think what AW was alluding to was that the signing of DB was not entirely straight forward and the “goalposts” shifted throughout the day and there was some quirk of fate related to him being abroad that facilitated the move. Cannot for the life of me think what that could be though!

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