Arsenal ready to announce Cech transfer today?

There is one last bit of anxious waiting for Arsenal fans today, but as long as the medical team at the club do not find that the Czech Republic keeper has some never before realised problem that stops him getting the all clear, then Petr Cech will soon be confirmed as an Arsenal player, joining his international captain Tomas Rosicky in north London.

Sky Sports is about as reliable a source as you can get, until the contract is signed and the transfer is officially announced by the clubs, and they are reporting that the 33-year old´s medical has been brought forward from some time next week and will happen today.

It may already have happened as far as I know and I assume that there will be no delay in Arsenal and Chelsea confirming this well reported transfer once the player has passed his medical and the deal has been completed. There is no explanation as to why the transfer, reported to be costing the Gunners just £10.9 million, has been brought forward, but perhaps it is to get it done before the transfer window opens on July 1st.

As the two clubs involved are in the same football association, we do not have to wait but one or both of the clubs might be planning to do business abroad when that window does open next Wednesday. Whatever the reason, Arsenal fans should be able to have a very happy weekend after completing this key bit of business.

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  1. Amazing start to the summer if true
    Finally a WC GK. According to Bob Wilson the third best in the world

    Hopefully, more to come 🙂

    1. Still don’t believe it….I will believe when I see it on arsenal. Com.. I don’t believe we can get a WC player from chelsea, its like a dream…can’t wait till its fkin confirmed…for the love of god get it over with

      1. If Chelsea were in a position to block it they would have just laughed us off as soon as we came in with an offer. Only thing that will stop this deal is if Cech fails his medical. Unlikely, but you never know, he has had that head injury after all, not that it stopped Chelsea playing him.

        1. Yes, I don’t want to put a dampner on it but it crossed my mind as well – heard a few Chelski guys chatting s**t recently and mentioning some “long-term” shoulder or back condition he has been carrying – likely to foreshorten his career and limit how regularly he plays. Don’t know if that was spite or wishful thinking – or maybe even true. Sure if they know about the AFC medical boys will be on it.

  2. Be great to get this finally confirmed-

    Assuming it does – this is another great transfer- one that will significantly improve our squad, and move us an important step forward in our attempt to win the league.

    I know us fans will always demand more- but this really is a great piece of business and please join me in welcoming Cech to the Gooners!

    1. Let’s not get carried away, too soon to be welcoming cech… Its not over till the fat lady sings.

      1. Hey seancali – you’ve been having kittens about this for weeks now, I’ll be glad when the fat lady sings so as to give you a bit of joy and relief!!!!!!

  3. Cech is a master stroke from Wenger and Gazidis. Shows that they’re willing to be ruthless to bring in world class talent, given that Ospina did little wrong but is still leaving.

    1. That’s true. In past years we would have happily settle for less. Remember the long Almunia years

      But getting Cech after an excellent season by Ospina shows a new attitude, not just splashing money. Sometimes WC players can be found for £11 million

      1. Must admit I didnt see it that way. I thought moving for Cech was the easy decision as he was known to be keen on London stay, and who other than us could bag him. In fact I wouldnt be surprised if it were Cechs camp which first approached us. Then I thought Wenger let his emotions decide who should stay as no2.

        But like you say, we have been settling. We seemed to not take this position as seriously as others have and have suffered for it. Long may this type of signing continue.

  4. Welcome Czech…I know the blue bus really toughened you and as a result you are the best keeper in the world…Come on guys, give it up for the blue bus for once cz it has toughened OUR goalkeeper..
    Now remain tough and forget about the bus cz here we do things differently and in style…I bet you there are some games i’ll be sneaking in a magazine for you to read because the kind of football we play here doesn’t give opponents control or possession…we dominate teams and all you have to do is to make those two or three vital saves per game and then enjoy the rest of the match like us

  5. ooooooooooooooooooooooospina…….You did nothing wrong really but CECH will bring alot to Arsenal… Quality attracts Quality…. We started with Ozil then Sanchez and now CECH. More to come from Arsene. A mixture of experience, world class, youth, hard workers will make Arsenal a great team….COYG!

    Cech wanted to remain in London…That says alot in wanting to come to Arsenal.

    1. Cech means we will strengthen our defence as a whole, anybody who says otherwise isn’t a real football fan.

    2. I’m sure that pretty much every football manager/coach the world over since football began will tell you what the most important position on the pitch is – the GK. Unglamorous and boring for some footie fans but if PC shows his world class form we will notice, make no mistake about it.

  6. Chelsea fans should know he was disrespected for being benched for Courtois so there shouldn’t be any hard feelings aii?

  7. Will have a very happy weekend…..definitely

    Almost half our starting lineup are WC (in my opinion)

    And these players are top quality if not wc

    Hoping to see improvement or more playing time from

    Unknown ????

    Just another DM and top striker is all we need.

    1. I think welbeck is quality, he is a star in the making, mark my words…welbeck is a new henry in the making. All he needs to do is improve a few part of his game.

  8. I really feel Schneiderlin was neither ours or Utds primary target for the DM role but it seems Utd will be his destination. I think Vidal was ours all along to be announced after the Copa America. Let’s see

    1. @ jAmerican I agree with you totally that vidal will be with us next season and I also think that he will cost less than MS something wenger has looked at as we all know he loves to save money, so after cech and vidal im hoping for an attacker then on to lifting the cl, pl and fa trophy

      1. I wouldnt bet on it, not that it wont happen I just wouldnt bet. Vidal could prove to be a bad influence on Jack Alexis or youngsters. Thats not the way I see it but I reckon its the way Arsene will see it.

        The way I see it is we need players of all type characters. Its usually the bad influences which makes things a bit more lively, theyre also more likely to give as good as they get and sometimes dish it out before receiving.

        For too long we have been getting nice young well behaved players. The worst thing anyone has done is take a few puffs of a cigarette. The backlash was either fair or unfair depends on how you see it but I could imagine what Adams Keown Parlour Merson Wrighty must have thought and had a pretty good laugh about.

        1. The Vidal deal is far from done, and I don’t have that much confidence that he will be an arsenal player next season. It won’t be that easy. There are number of teams after his signature, I hope we can get Vidal. He will bring in a different dimension to the midfield. I think he would be the biggest signing all across Europe this season if happens

    2. not buying the Vidal rumours. Its a shoddy SA source that probably just connected the dots that Sanchez and Vidal are both Chilean and would like to play together. Need more evidence personally.

      1. Vidal and Sanchez are best buddies, they are very close friends. In fact Sanchez can play a huge part in signing Vidal. London and a club like arsenal and playing alongside your buddy won’t be bad after all….I hope we get Vidal,he would boss the midfield and pop up with goals for fun. It would be a huge buy if it goes through.

        1. I know they are best buds but it doesnt automatically mean Vidal will come to us. This is why I said anyone could make up this rumors easily. Would be a dream if this did happen though.

          1. Exactly – Ozil and Draxler are best buddies probably half the reason there have been links with him as well.

  9. CAUTION! Ospina should be kept at Arsenal by the Boss. Arsenal will compete to win the fifthdruple next season – Charity Shield, Capital One Cup, The Premier League title, The FA Cup and The Champions League. That are over 60 games that could be played by the Gunners. So, Arsenal must be properly prepared against the incursions of fatigue and the occurrence of injuries to handle them without suffering any setback during the campaign. If the signing of Cech is over successfully for us, I give my Kudos to the Boss, Ivan Gazidis and Arsenal transfer Chief negociator – Dick Law for this unexpected good surprise signing. More grease to your elbows. I will be waiting for the arrivals of a lb, and a rw. Will the signing of a top quality dm be financially possible after may be buying Aubameyang and a top quality lb? I pray so. But please don’t fail to buy the lb & rw.

    1. Why do people want Aubameyang tho? Not an out and out striker, not a good finisher either? Same quality as Walcott honestly.

  10. i’m sick of this cech blah blah.. he is just a goalkeeper he is not gonna win us the league unless wenger buys a world class striker and dmf

    1. or you just dont realize the importance of a GK. We haent had a topclass one since Seaman. Lehnman the closest and that was right after Seaman. De Gea dragged United to UCL, Courtois saved chelsea a lot when they lost form during the 2nd half of the season, Neuer consistently pulls off miraculous saves in UCL. Having a top GK makes a massive difference. Agree that more needs to be done to get the title though and not just Cech, but dont undermine how big this is.

    2. dude! You miss the big picture. Yes, he is a goalkeeper but we’ve potentially acquired him and it’s not even July yet, not to mention that we lured him from one of our biggest rivals and against Mourinho’s will. Shit like that doesn’t happen every day. I call that progress. We used to be criticised for being a selling club now we’re taking quality players from our rivals. We will have one of the best keepers in the league. Any team would be be fortunate to have him and any fan would be excited to have him in their team.

    3. Dude! You miss the big picture. Yes, he is a goalkeeper but we’ve potentially acquired him and it’s not even July yet, not to mention that we lured him from one of our biggest rivals and against Mourinho’s will. Shit like that doesn’t happen every day. I call that progress. We used to be criticised for being a selling club now we’re taking quality players from our rivals. We will have one of the best keepers in the league. Any team would be be fortunate to have him and any fan would be excited to have him in their team.

  11. At first I was really happy about this transfer actually happening. I still am, but now it’s dragged on for so long that at best I might manage a monotone ‘yay’ when it does.

    1. On the same page? I bet the book isn’t called “The Fundamental Importance of Having A World Class Goalkeeper”.

  12. If you ask me, crafty Wenger has allowed Rosicky to stay for another year not because he plans to play him next season but because he needed his help in convincing Cech to make the switch to us! That’s all!!!

  13. Medical today but who’ll take the photos? I read that Stuart McFarlane, (club photographer) is at Glastonbury!

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