Arsenal ready to keep Unai Emery as their manager, at least for now

Arsenal is ready to keep Unai Emery as their manager despite their recent run of bad form.

The Gunners’ failure to beat Southampton at the weekend means that they have failed to win in the league since the start of October.

There have been calls for Unai Emery’s sacking but the club came out in defence of the former PSG boss.

The Independent claims that the Gunners have no plans to fire Emery at the moment but that position might change after their game against West Ham.

Southampton was the start of a set of winnable games that the Gunners will play before the end of the year and the club hopes that they can get some good results from them.

According to the report, the Gunners have hopes that a win could spark a set of wins that would build some confidence in their players.

They claim that there is still belief in Unai Emery’s vision but the club is worried that the application of it hasn’t been effective enough.

The report also claims that several of the club’s players still believe in Emery’s method even though they haven’t been vocal about it.

Arsenal is not looking for a replacement for Emery yet, but that situation may change if the Gunners fail to win their game against West Ham.


  1. No, they won’t sack Emery because the Board Has No Balls. They’re too scared of the Compensation costing more than what they would lose from the empty seats, after all, they already conned the majority of season ticket holders before the season even started, by noting the long waiting list causing most to hold on to their seats.

  2. Well, that’s it.. might as well stop watching the rest of the season games. Leave the seats empty for the useless board to see, guess that’s the only way to make then listen.

  3. I know that Emery needs sacking but the players have to take some responsibility for the shambles also my other point is if u compsre what Emery has won in comparising to potch who hast won any silver wear AT any Club how can u want him to take us forward

  4. S, no season ticket holder has been conned, as you put it.

    I got notification of the price for my ticket, with a date that I had to renew by. It was my decision to renew and there was no pressure from the club whatsoever.

    There is a long waiting list of course, a friend of mine has been on the red list since the Emirates opened, so each individual with a season ticket realises they are in a very fortunate position in deciding their own future…by all means slate the club for what they are at fault for, but renewing a season ticket is not one of them.

    Why does it always folllow after each game, that the quote is always “his position is safe for the moment, but will be reviewed after”…?
    Just review the Southampton game and put UE and the rest of us out of our misery.

    1. 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽!Ken is dead right on everything,no one conned you, give up your ticket,a lot of us would be happy to be able to watch and support our team!

  5. I have tried thinking logically, I have tried patience, I have said well I am not a manager or a chairman maybe they know better, maybe it is just time and he will turn it around, 3 points from the last 5 games that should have all been winnable for a team with top 4 ambitions, but in reality that’s relegation form. I don’t like to see anyone sacked, but there comes a point when things need to change, the Southampton game was the final straw and the board needs to act. Maybe they have been working behind the scenes and have a replacement lined up, look at Spurs one out new one in whole process took less then 24hours.But sorry I have to say it is time the board moved UE on.

    1. People keep saying patience I would have been a doctor if I had patience EMERY must get the chop today if we are to save the season

  6. Even if Emery gets a result or two he’s lost the fans already.

    Emeryball is agony to watch, and I for one hope that boring, lifeless, and cowardly football without any recognizable style or substance is not what Raul and Edu consider the way forward for Arsenal.

    The fans love the identity and DNA of our club; Emery seems hellbent to change that, and Raul seems happy to give him the time and space.

    Raul has no love for Arsenal, only power and a paycheck for him. He will be a problem for us in the future, wait and see. Already sent Sven packing, and now fighting board over their desired appointment.

    1. @Durand
      Yeah, the fans love the “identity and DNA” of the club so much, that they rallied tooth and nail to get they guy who instilled it, sacked. 😂😂😂😂

      1. What of it? Wenger taken club as far as he could.

        Clearly change of manager was needed, 14 years without serious title challenge.

        New manager is VASTLY different than reinventing the identity of club; which no one was asking for.

  7. Yes, we love our identity that our lovely and a true legend “Arsene-arsenal” built (I remember he stuck to this identity even though he was not performing on the required level)

  8. I want Emery out too though why do you feel the situation may change after Westham? It didn’t change after collecting the Leicester L and certainly didn’t change after scrapping a late draw AT HOME vs the mighty Southampton.

    They just went through the trouble of issuing a statement that they back the manager so we can be sure he will be here for a few more weeks, possibly till the new year. At that point results will have improved or they could fire him without looking like flip flops. I don’t think it’s always about money with the board, Wenger was fired 5 months into his brand new 2 year contract. The board must genuinely believe in Emery. Or they must genuinely believe top 4 is gone so Europa is the which case Emery is a Europa league specialist and the right man for the job. Just speculating.

    1. You make a good point about the board wanting to keep Emery because of his Europa League success. And I think too they have written off top 4 position in EPL this season.

  9. It would be incredibly shortsighted on the part of this club if they don’t act quickly…as a new management regime, with no real ties to the hiring of Emery, they can ill-afford to drag their feet for fear of possibly alienating a highly motivated and mobilized fan-base again…they must not forget that one of our only silver linings from the tumultuous period surrounding Wenger’s dismissal was that a substantial portion of loyal supporters joined forces and expressed their general disgust for the way things were being run both on and off the pitch…as such we simply aren’t willing to let our club become complacent again or settle for the mediocrity when it’s clear action is required…maybe if they didn’t take advantage of our loyalty for so long we would have given them the benefit of the doubt during a downturn, but they lost that luxury a few years back…now that it’s clear Emery isn’t the man to take this team forward, the powers that be must finally act in a decisive manner, bite the financial bullet and move on…it’s not like the previous administration didn’t foresee this possibility, after all they only gave him a 2 year guaranteed contract…if they truly felt that he was the best man for the job he would have surely got a bigger commitment from the get-go…I don’t believe for a second if they had hired someone the quality of Klopp or Pep they would have pushed for such a short term, especially considering how long Wenger’s reign was and what the rebuild would entail…time to get things right, right now

  10. ”Raul has no love for Arsenal, only power and a paycheck for him. He will be a problem for us in the future”who is this man? i could have liked to have British as one of the board member.

  11. I think that the Board(Raul Sanhelli) acting on instructions from Kroenke is prepared to let Emery run down his contract unless that by Christmas we will battling to avoid relegation.They already realized that there is no hope for CL neither EL and with no investment in new players a new expensive coach can not reverse the situation with the actual squad.So;save the money and forget everything else.
    Raul could do what Gazidis did!!!!

  12. Just to clear it up. The Arsenal board is:
    Sir Chip Kenwick
    Stan Kroenke
    Josh Kroenke
    Ken Friar
    Lord Harris

    Raul Sanllehi is an employee.

  13. Well,just lookk at what Matt Law says in The Telegraph about what the players think about Emery, according to a “source”:
    – they have lost faith
    – they are confused by his tactics
    – he makes bad decisions
    – the team has no identity
    – there is no progress

    Anybody surprised? We, the armchair critics, can see this and have seen it since last year. Where is the rocket science in this? Exactly the words used have been expoused on this site numerous times.


  14. It can only happen to us!! Everyone else learns from their mistakes.. make changes to improve their situation.. but no, not us.. we’re going backwards, just like our passing.

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