Arsenal ready to meet the salary demands of Premier League target

Arsenal has agreed to meet Tammy Abraham’s contract demands so that he can join them this summer.

The Chelsea striker remains outside the plans of Thomas Tuchel, despite being a favourite of their former boss, Frank Lampard.

The Blues are now looking to offload him as they target a move for a top striker in this transfer window.

The Express says Abraham currently earns £80,000 a week at Chelsea but wants £125,000 to join Arsenal and the Gunners have indicated during early talks that they would be happy to meet that amount.

The Blues are open to allowing him to join Arsenal on an initial loan deal that would see Mikel Arteta’s club make it permanent for around £40m.

An agreement hasn’t been reached yet, but the report maintains that signing him has become a priority for Arteta.

Arsenal has an abundance of striking options at the moment and their move for Abraham might suggest that the likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah will leave this summer.

This transfer could also make Folarin Balogun start questioning if the club can keep their promises of the first-team action which persuaded him to sign a long-term deal with them last season.

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  1. This better be fake news.

    This guy is not as good as Laca, age profile yes, but holding up the ball, bringing others into play, not even close.

    AFC better pass on this, as they need a CAM to supplement ESR or another creator who helps are scorers score!

  2. However good he is, we’d better be sure – if we sign him on 125k pw and he doesn’t work out, we’ll be stuck with him for a while. Feels like a mistake we’ve made before…

  3. He’s tall, quick, deceptively strong and doesnt hide, I’ll say that much for him. For his height he should be better in the air, but at least he’d be a presence. He reminds me of Kanu on a bad day – he rarely scores an impressive goal – he shins or scuffs a lot, and his control and passing as well as his pressing are not exactly tiki taka. If he sorts out his finishing he could be an asset but that’s a big IF., and he’d need a lot of good Arteta work to integrate At least £125k a week is for one not three years. If he becomes worth the £40m after a season then that means we’ve improved him a lot, as for me he’s currently not worth half of that.

    1. guy, Personally, I will be content to accept MA ‘s judement on this player. I believe the vital point is his relative youth and MA ‘s coaching ability, esp with younger players who are often far more determined than CERTAIN older players to make the best of their career in front of thm ,rather than coast on past glories.
      Also I’d point out our curent complete lack of forward ability in the air Abraham will alter that for the better. A loan with promise to buy would be fine with me and, lets be honest, we badly need some forwards with their career in front of them and not ones who have it largely behind them!

      1. If the player’s age and MA’s coaching ability are factored, we could have promoted Moller to the senior set-up instead of sending him out on loan. I wonder how we’ll manage two forwards with the same profile next season when our team plays with a lone forward, IF we bring in TA on loan with an obligation to buy.

        I’m not against the signing of TA. But, against spending 30-40 million quids, on a position blessed with multiple young talents to pick from, while not being able to bring in even a fraction of that cost through player sales this summer.

  4. What is Arsenal doing! This better be a joke 125k! a week for Abraham no no no way. Quality wise he is no better than what we already have? Trying to bring in another Aubameyang (can’t hold the ball). Pls, do not break our hearts this summer we sincerely urge those at Arsenal.

  5. Arteta has made good buys so far this summer – I’m sure Lokonga, Tavares and White will all be excellent, but we all know that Arteta is equally capable of getting infatuated with real duffers. It seems that if he likes players he can’t see the risks and if this and Ramsdale turn out to be real he is taking two huge chances. He will be hung out to dry by the fanbase if either of them prove to be the disasters we all fear they may be.

    1. The season hasn’t even started, how on earth can you say buys have been good? You can only realistically say that after about 10 games, even that’s a bit early.

      Keep in mind most players under MA have gotten worse the longer he’s coached them…Gabriel, Partey and Willian to name a few.

      1. MTB, as you should know by now, the only individuals who speak out of both sides of their mouths more than our current manager are his most ardent supporters…that’s why, like yourself, I’ll remain highly skeptical until we witness some actual results

  6. This is just paper talk imho and I can’t see laca leaving anyway but if he was to, I believe ings or edouard would be better value for money. Signing a striker is not a priority, we still need a dm, am, rb and backup gk. Zakaria(£25m) sabitzer(£17m) Aarons(£25m) johnstone(10m). Top 4 challenge possible then.

    Aarons White Gabriel Tierney
    Zakaria Partey Sabitzer
    Pepe Auba Saka

    This team with speed mobility and skill would be able to execute what arteta wants which, for those who consistently ask is to press high and dominate possession in our opponents half.

  7. Abraham has scored consistently wherever he has played be it Derby County, Aston Villa or Chelsea. He doesnt suit into Tuchels formation as of now so he is at odds at Chelsea. His plus points are his age on the younger side, is height and he keeps running hard all game. However, I agree he has to improve his finishing and this transfer is possible only if Laca and Nketiah leave. And more importantly for Arsenal right now is a DM, CAM, RB if Belerin leaves and a back up GK. lets wait and see.

    1. If we manage to get at least two among Auba, Laca, Nketiah, Martinelli and Balogun leave permanently or on loan for a season, signing TA on loan for a season makes sense. But, no obligation to buy at the end of the loan, as we’ll welcome back Moller from his season long loan spell at Germany who is similar in profile to TA.

  8. £120,0000 a week and £40 million for what?
    If this is true then what a joke.

    I hope it’s just paper talk.

  9. Out of all the strikers in the world, why does it have to be a Chelsea reject at a hefty price? If Tammy’s “worth” 40M£ then Nketiah is easily “worth” 30M£.

    To me, this transfer is a sackable offence for both Edu and Arteta. And I’m not kidding. Should they get him under these conditions and he flops in the half season, as he most probably will, I wouldn’t be surprised if both were fired around Christmas.

  10. I won’t let Arsenal waste any money on Abraham,l rather buy our jerseys and play for arsenal free

  11. Chelski

    EPL App’s / Goals

    2019/20 34 15

    2020/21 22 6


    2016/17 Bristol City (Championship) 41 23

    2017/18 Swansea (EPL) 31 5

    2018/19 Aston Villa (Championship) 37 25

    6 Goals in 14 App’s F A Cup goals over the period for all clubs listed.

    5 in 10 League Cup (ditto)

    4 in 13 in Europe (Chelski)

    1. TA’s Championship returns are great. 20+ each season.

      I fear that our management is preparing for life in Championship next season, if they are planning to sign TA this summer.

  12. I remember telling my Wife who happens to be a Chelsea fans that Tammy is an average striker and nobody seems to notice cos he his scoring goals in his first season under Lampard at Chelsea.
    I told my wife to noticed him well against big, average and below average teams.
    She came back telling me, Tammy is truly average cos by then, she noticed Tammy only scores against his fellow championship teams and relegation favourite.
    He scored against Arsenal but anybody can break his goal drought against Arsenal, so that doesn’t count.

    I saw someone saying Tammy can hold up the ball, play with his teammates and all that. It shows he has not been watching Tammy who always fall over in the 18 yard box when needed to score.

    A. Tammy is a poor man Auba. The only good it about Tammy is his turn and shoot technique and that’s all.

    Someone said, Tammy is a consistent scorer, scorer at where? Championship?
    Why didn’t he prove that in EPL for Swansea?

    Tammy was lucky Lampard fell in love with him that he centered all his team move on Tammy and Mount which dully deserves a sack.
    Nketiah will score as much as Tammy in that same team.

    I just pray all this is rumour and nothing else.

    Is better we give Laca a yearly contract or 2years contract and option for another year till he fades away. By then, Moller, Balogun, Martinelli and even Mika Biereth would have be ready by then.

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