Arsenal ready to take Tottenham on for one of their targets

Tottenham may be trying to hijack the William Saliba deal but that does not mean that Arsenal will just roll over every time their bitter rivals are on the scene.

Reports today are claiming that we have joined Spurs and Juventus is chasing the signature of Roma midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo.

Juve and Tottenham have been seen as the frontrunners for the 20-year-old but you can now add Arsenal to the list of suitors if the reports in Italy are accurate.

Zaniolo is clearly a talented individual, he had a great season for Roma which culminated in a call up to the Italian national team.

The youngster is said not to be too keen on leaving Roma but does want a better contract and significant wage increase and that is where Juve, Arsenal and Tottenham come in, they can offer far better terms than what Roma can.

The main obstacle for Arsenal would be Champions League football, both Juve and Spurs can offer that, we cannot and if all three clubs were to meet his personal demands then lack of participation in Europe’s premier competition would put us at a severe disadvantage.

No fee has been mentioned but he will not come cheap and that again may well hinder Arsenal but even so, the fact that it is being reported that we are in the running is a positive sign.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Always got him mixed up with Nicolo Barella. Both are CMs, but Nicolo Zaniolo is much taller than Nicolo Barella

    Zaniolo had good goal tally as a CM last season. But I don’t think Arsenal would bid on him, since we have more pressing needs in CB and winger departments

    I also don’t think Spurs would buy him as well, since they have got Ndombele. They would more likely get Saliba

  2. Georgement says:

    I laugh in spanish,which Arsenal is biding? Please dont make me laugh. Joke of a club. I cant be decieve again.

  3. McLovin says:

    We are not challenging anyone ffs. We are an embarrassment.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Agreed. The club has fast become a complete embarrassment.

      What ever happened to challenging with the best like man utd, Chelsea , city etc? When the years of prosperity were on us with the Emirates being built we were sold the dream that we would be able to compete with the best for major honours.

      So whilst man utd still pay out big money to improve their chance of returning to the champions League we prolong, fuss and generally make a pig’s ear of any transfer dealings because if our cheapness.

      Something is very wrong at AFC at its because we have an absent and non caring landlord at the head of the club.

      We need an owner that wants to invest (within Fairplay restrictions), attends matches, gives a s£it when we loose because he wants us to win major honours. Not someone who is just content to see us midtable as long as his sports franchises are stable and there is marketing income growth.

      The club is a mess; where we have too many people deciding what transfers to get therefore immediately extending the process.

      Sick of this club as it’s lost its soul to football tourists, the prawn sandwich brigade and Satan Kroenke ripped it from Arsenal’s beating chest.

      Perpetual mediocrity and a complete embarrassment is what we have become.

      1. Where has all that spending got Manchester United today? And apart from Tottenham who have 3 signings so far, the rest of the top six teams have all signed 2 or less players. LIV 1, ARS 1 MAN UTD 2, CITY 2, CHE 1. So are they also an embarrassment?

        1. Mr patrick says:

          Quantic I couldn’t agree more everyone seems to think arsenal should sign anything in football boots, unfortunately we have to use what we have at the moment or alternatively stop the present owner being comfortable by not renewing season tickets thereby hitting him where it hurts, it’s worked by getting rid of wenger who is partly to blame for the mess we are in now

        2. McLovin says:

          You mean City who just won the title? Or Pool who just won the CL? Or Chelsea who smashed us to win EL and won the title 2 years ago? They are not an embarrassment.

          We, 16 years withouh title and 3 seasons in a row out of CL, are an embarrassment.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            McLoven, I am trying to hold on to my sanity until the end of the transfer window. ??

  4. Mobella says:


  5. Goonster says:

    We keep haggling over £15 million rated player and now we are challenging for big money players?

    1. That’s the thing, no one really knows who the club is trying to buy and whether or not any bids have actually been tabled and subsequently rejected. It’s all guesswork. It is, therefore, really unfair to bash the club based on failed/failing deals nobody really knows for sure are not fantasy. Can anyone say for sure Arsenal placed pathetics bids X, Y and Z, for player ABC and dragged the deal on for 4 weeks till it collapsed? Why do we expect the club to just dish out money and pay price tags like they mean nothing?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        QD, thank you for trying to help me maintain my sanity until the end of the transfer window. ??

      2. LUIS says:

        You mean ant-arsenal media is dwelling underneath with fake news to distablize fan base and bring disunity amongst the club?

      3. ken1945 says:

        QD, we have our difference of opinions, but your statement “no one really knows” is the most truthfull one I have read, regarding our transfer dealings, to date.

        The same goes for any players who might leave the club, no one really knows…except The Arsenal themselves.

        All I will say though is this, is anything different this window from the media point of view?
        The have linked us with over 150 players to date…jeez that’s more than Kenny Rolfe’s and my age put together!!!

  6. Players will move to whichever team offers them the best contract i.e the biggest salary. Champions league is only relevant to the player because it means the club can generate a high revenue and offer them a good salary. Should the club promise a good salary regardless, even without champions league they will still join like we saw with Aubameyang.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  7. Agu Emen says:

    Of course Zaniolo is coming 🙂 🙂 🙂
    With all the other players reportedly coming to
    the Emirates this guy will be wearing number 275 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. towny254 says:

      Hey, don’t blame the manager for this mess. He is trying his best to clear up the mess the previous clowns left him with

  8. ozziegunner says:

    Correct towny, without even referring to the past, people seem to forget that in the revised structure under Vinai, Raul and now Edu, Unai Emery is contracted to coach, not scout and contract players.

  9. Reyes says:

    I wish I could stop supporting this club…I just cannot. I love arsenal so much.
    Now lets agree we don’t have money to spend..but at least let’s identify our low budget players quickly and sign them up to lift the atmosphere of the club…its been all gloom gloom and gloom. Koscieny just added his own drama..just annoying

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