Arsenal ready to unleash Wilshere in Premier League

According to reports the Arsenal and Germany international Mesut Ozil is currently carrying a minor injury and that is why the play maker has not featured for the Gunners since the win over AFC Bournemouth in the Premier League, almost a month ago now.

Other sources, however, have suggested that Arsene Wenger is not playing Ozil because of his attitude. The former Gunners defender Martin Keown has said that the boss cannot trust the German to give his full effort anymore because he has made up his mind to leave the club and not sign an extension to the contract which runs out at the end of the current season.

We have no real way of knowing whether the supposed knee inflammation is the real reason for Ozil’s absence from the Arsenal side, but the fact that the German national manager Joachim Low did not mention the player having an injury when not selcting him for the squad, merely saying he could do with a rest, does make you think.

Apparently Ozil will be available again after the international break, but even if he is, will he play? To be fair to Wenger, he does now have a very good option in the fit again and in form Jack Wilshere. In fact the England midfielder has looked sharper and more dangerous than Ozil so far, although he has only played two full games in the League cup and the Europa League so far.

Next up for Arsenal is the trip to Watford and Jack will have had two more weeks of full training to prepare, so is he ready? And will Wenger unleash him on the Premier League after this break?



  1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    The question isn’t whether Wilshere is ready to be unleashed on the EPL.

    The question is whether the EPL is ready for Wilshere. We have to remember that we live in a political world. Let’s not forget that Gerrard and Terry will be remembered for ‘slipping’. Has Wilshere ever done that?

    We need to remember what we are being fed as lies. It is in a lot of people’s (read former player’s interest) that Wilshere is painted as the bad guy. This is all while Ozil gets his 19 assists before Christmas and goes to sleep for half a year but gets plaudits for that.

    We need to remember that we have people at the club like Ramsey, Wilshere, Holding, Iwobi, Bellerin that can propel us with their true loyalty to the club. That counts for more than the nonsense the likes of Ozil and Sanchez bring…..

    1. AUGooner says:

      Bellerin is not one of those – but your point is still a good one

  2. Sue says:

    Yes play Wilshere, he has spoken of his love for the club and he clearly wants to be here, wish I could say the same for Ozil

    1. Vlad says:

      Unfortunately, you can’t rely just on his “love for the club” thing alone. He needs to stay healthy, and fit. And I’m sorry to say but that’s nearly impossible.

  3. Big G says:

    I still think wilshire’s time at the club should come to an end but until that time we should play him ahead of Ozil, at least he has Arsenal in his blood.

  4. arsenal4life says:

    Arsenal have played ten
    competition games so far.
    7 league 2 Europa 1 FLC
    This is Wilshere’s record so far.
    Cologne. Sub. Played 13mins.
    Doncaster. Started. Played 90mins.
    West Brom. Unused sub.
    Bate Started. 90 mins played.
    Brighton Unused sub.
    2 starts one sub none in the league..
    3 out of ten games none in the league.
    Is Wilsheres fragile body forcing Wenger to manage
    Wilshere like Klopp’s handling of Sturridge at the ‘pool?
    Depending on your point of view Wilshere could have been great,
    is an average quota player or is simply an over rated Pratt.
    May be we just don’t know yet?
    Perhaps the only way to find out the truth is to start Wilshere
    in seven of the next ten league games starting with Watford.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Kroenke has offered Usmanov £525 million for his shares

    Please don’t do it Usmanov
    Kroenke already has 60%, with Usmanov’s shares Kroenke would have over 97%

    I wish Usmanov could buy out Kroenke

    1. lcebox says:

      He tried not long ago…

  6. Midkemma says:


    This could be a great game for Wilshere to come back and I think he could excel from a deeper role, bench Xhaka and give him the fight to start in the team as he has been pretty regular in the starting lineup even if his form doesn’t exactly warrant it.

    While in possession we would expect to see Bellerin and the Tank playing more like Wingers than WingBacks and Wilshere can drive forward a bit leaving Elneny to play the def role, Alexis attacking with intent (as per usual) and we could end up playing like;


  7. Simon says:

    Play Jack. And move Ramsey forward into Ozils role.

    Been saying this for a while – and I still believe this is the best approach.

    Will give us much better defence up the Field, and through the middle.

    Huge energy and pace, both Ramsey and Jack have skill to find a pass, go past a player, and score a goal – and hunger and desire to win the game.

    Whilst neither has the finesse of Ozil on his best day – ultimately they contribute much more to the team.

    Leave Xaka and Elneny to fight out the remaining defensive mid-Field role

    This will provide great team shape

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