Arsenal really ARE going for Aubameyang! Yay!

I seriously have to admit that I was extremely dubious that Arsenal would be trying to replace Alexis Sanchez with both Henrik Mhkitarayan AND Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. I only expected that one or the other would be coming in during this transfer window, especially after the Dortmund heirarchy kept saying that they had received no offers at all for PEA, and Arsenal were being disrespectful.

But now it appears it is not just hot air, and Arsenal really are going to try to bring the unhappy Gabonese striker to the Emirates, and it seems that Dortmund have softened their stance as their chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke has now confirmed that the Gunners have made their opening move for the Dortmund striker.

“I can confirm that there has been a first enquiry from Arsenal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang,” Watzke said, although he refused to talk about the money aspect. But at least that statement reveals that Arsenal really are interested and the Bundesliga side are talking to us.

Personally I think he will be a fantastic addition to the team. He will certainly score more goals than Sanchez has this season for sure that’s for sure, and hopefully he won’t give away the ball so much! This really is exciting news for Arsenal fans, If we get both Aubameyang and Mhkitaryan I won’t miss Sanchez at all!

What do you think?

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Sam P

Updated: January 21, 2018 — 12:18 pm


  1. There’s going for him & then there’s actually getting him!!!
    I hope we do as I’ve always liked him. Come on Arsene, pull your finger out & splash the cash… and if we do get him…. Don’t at a later date give him to United!!!

    1. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.. Auba will be played out wide in a 3 at the back formation.. Effectively a wing back with lacazette up top. One of the worlds deadliest strikers after suarez lewy is going to be played as a wing back under arsene wenger.

      1. What on earth are you babbling on about?

        1. For heavens sake put the bottle down.Laca and Auba up Top in a 442 system

      2. That makes about as much sense as when you claimed that Lemar had already signed for us lmao ?

    2. #rememberlouissuarez

  2. I still can’t quite believe this one, if we really get auba it will be a coup of the highest order. BUT probably best to stick with arsenal fan policy and DON’T get your hope up!!

  3. There is not much to think. Never believe the tabloid media even if on occasion they have a good/valid story.

    If Dortmund says to it must be true.

    Aubameyang is there due to his previous work with Mihki. (Check out the dozen plus goals that the two had together at BVB.)

    Aubameyang + Mihki > Alexis + Theo for Wenger’s system.

    1. Wenger’s system? What system? Playing players out of position system, if that is the one you are talking about then yes. They will probably do better out of position then the others did.

      1. You got your handle right… at least.

        1. By the way you referred before that Sanchez, is 2 years older than Mkhi but Mkhi is actually just a month younger.

          1. Thanks for pointing this out, you are correct! Actually, I was thinking of the Chile coach being upset about with Alexis, as his production dropped off early this season. I think Wenger made a mistake by keeping Alexis, and should have auctioned him off early, but hind sight is 20/20. Alexis’s game is weaker now because of the loss of speed, and he gets out paced unless the ball is precisely passed to him as with Ozil and even Wilshere, whose game is excellent for that one area.

  4. Seeing in this case will be believing for me. There’s no point making just enquiries and not seeing it through so that later we will be told, ‘o but we tried desperately to sign PEA but Dortmund wouldn’t play ball’. Wenger’s tried, tested but weak excuses! That man has made our club a laughing stock and I say, Enough is Enough!

    1. Actually, the fans have made Arsenal the laughing stock. (The Liverpudlians, for example, support their team so much that they get a lift… Pep says so.)

      1. good point – their supporters use the 12th man element and it works. the will of thousands can reflect positively on players – if there’s joined up thinking.

        1. But they change managers looking for success, we are stuck with same lying, old, out favor, tactic inept, stubborn, manipulative expired veteran who won’t leave his post for us to try with someone who can take us to another level, surely the old one will never do that, his time is up. That’s why those you mentioned have seen the struggle and commitment of their management to please them that’s why they give their all, we are manipulated every season, what do you expect???

          1. another good point – wenger needs to step aside or be forcibly removed. however, the fans cannot go about matters in the most reckless of ways. if the lowest of the teams think we’ve no support and fans don’t give a f***, then opposition team and their fanbase will fancy their chances all the more? So, we may be up to our ankles in it, but without support we’d be up to our necks in it – ie up sh** creek without a paddle.

          2. Yet another nasty diatribe against Wenger. What ‘lies’ has Wenger told? How has he ‘manipulated ‘ fans? What makes you think another manager would have won more trophies than the three FA Cups that Wenger won in the last four years? What makes you think that another manager would take us ‘to the next level’? The only thing which would allow us to compete with the likes of Man City and PSG is a huge injection of funds so as to buy the best players. That is up to the owner.

          3. Wenger has been direct most of this illustrious career.

            The problem he faces is limits by the stingy ownership, and we should not attack the manager for the fault of the owner.

            There is also a degree of entitlement in the attack on Wenger. That is wrong. There are about five teams above Arsenal in the world with spending power to lure a Sanchez, and Man U is at the top.

  5. I always said we must get auba not laca, never wanted laca, but hoping laca comes good as he is already a Gunner.

    1. I think Malcolm is better…or Fekir. Auba and Lacazette cannot play together Wenger never uses a 2 striker formation.

    2. Laca and Auba both started as wingers, so I’m guessing Wenger might use Laca on the wing when both available. Although, Auba will prove too expensive for us, and with no resale value at his age, I think we should not offer more than 50 mill. pounds.

  6. It’s goodbye to Alexi.
    Thank you Chilean warrior.
    You shone like a meteor and gave us
    all your amazing passion skill and goals.
    All the best for your future.
    Mkhi you are welcome.
    You are a fine Armenian player and a gentleman.
    We hope you settle here and have great success.
    The slate is now clean for every one at the club.
    We can all move forward now.

    1. Barryglik, that is a gracious and level headed sentiment thank you.

  7. Last summer my slogan read “say no to laca, yes to auba”. That still stay true.

  8. Can’t wait for Auba!

  9. This would be my best window if we get Miki+PEA and another defender. It’s a good deal for a player who was to leave for nothing in summer. My hope now is for Ozil to sign that damn thing

  10. I will be thrilled if we can get
    the Auba deal over the line.
    However there are issues.
    CB’s. Gabriel gone CB. Mertz retiring.
    CB Koz (archilles) said to be retiring.
    DM. Coquelin sold.
    Wingers. Chamberlain and Walcott sold.
    Yet we are buying striker Auba just after spending a club record
    46m on Laca and we still have have Giroud Wellbeck and Perez!!!
    Surely Giroud and Perez will be heading for the exit door
    with Wellbeck retained as a winger perhaps.
    After the huge financial loss the club took on the Alexis fiasco
    lobbing another hopeful 55m in the direction of a 29 year old
    may not be the best move right now.
    Perhaps this mornings win and a triumph over Chelsea Wednesday
    may convince fans we do not any more attacking options.
    There is more intrigue in this window yet.

  11. we need PEA and more – if in the last window wenger was soo interested in lemar – why dosn’t he follow up that interest with even greater interest (now, in this window)?+ there should be steel in our mid field: in all fairness we’ve not found a player with character able to command our central-mid. we’ve lots n lots of catching up to do. imo

    1. As an Arsenal fan, a Dortmund fan and an AS Roma fan, I’d say that while I wouldn’t mind seeing Auba in an Arsenal shirt, i don’t know how he’d really fit unless they move ‘Zette out wide and have Auba play up front–no denying he’s a talented player but he’s also very one-dimensional in that most of his goals come from short balls into the box and really, at the moment, aside from Ozil and Wilshere Arsenal’s attacking tactic are long balls from the back and is why ‘Zette isn’t banging them in.

      As far as CM is concerned, last summer I was saying Arsenal should get rid of Walcott and bring in Mo Salah. Watching Roma every week, I’d love for them to sit Xhaka and bring in Raja Nainggolan. Guy is tough as nails, can fire laser beams from outside the box and unlike Xhaka, he can tackle and pass the ball to his actual teammates.

      1. @ MKEgunner – i’m sensing that the one to benefit by the arrival of PEA is going to be laca’ and we are in agreement that we need a “guy is tough as nails” (CM) – thanks for follow-up.

  12. Wenger plz plz, am so hopeful that aubameyang will join arsenal in the next 48hrs,,,, Emerek is a super~fantastic signing whom we have waiting you to bring in the team.
    I belief the combination of Mkhitarian, Xhaka, Wilshere, lacazete and Aubameyang will bring good stricking force to our team????

  13. Wenger must sign aubameyang for arsenal to perform more better☝☝☝?

  14. all i have to say is a dm and defenders or a future keeper maybe, but lets not prioritize. hope we are getting some cash for the sanchez deal a straight swap would be bad business, i would rather get the 20 mil from man city if that was the case. 35 plus miki is ok and still that’s hoping we get the dortmund miki which is a long shot mou has sapped the life out of him, so not on the edge of my seat when it comes to transfers in but will give the guy a chance. Also hope we keep giroud!!

  15. PEA is a good signing for Arsenal

  16. why is everyone worrying about Aubameyang signing will affect Lacazette?

    dont the fans always call for 2 strikers to rotate and provide competition?

    1. 2 world class strikers cannot rotate…no world class striker will accept to sit on the bench..that’s why all top teams only have 1 top striker ..e.g Real- Benzema, Barca- Suarez, Bayern-Lewandowski are the only exception and they changed their formation to include 2 strikers.

      1. isnt that is what all the fans wanted? rotation and competition?

        even normal players do not like to be benched for long

  17. that arsenal horse dude said it was done

    1. Auba and Mik are gud signings if we get them but we still need a top class D/M and push Xhaka further up in no. 8 role where he is best gud then get rid of Wilshire and Ramsay as they are average, Arsenal is too big for them then have them replaced by one gud central attacking midfielder. In summer bring in a good center back n a goal keeper to replace Cech.

      1. With Auba coming, we revert back to 4 4 2 formation – playing Auba and Lacarzet as two strikers but for it to work, u need a strong D/M to protect the back four as was the case during the invisible ( Gilberto, Viera or Viera, Petit) with gud wingers Pires on the left and pacey Jubeg on the right.

      2. Xhaka is among the worst players I can recall in an arsenal shirt … 30m quid down the drain … Cut losses and move on or he will become our next Walcott

        1. Xhaka is a link-up player as well, and we need a DMF like Elneny in support. Then you get Xhaka’s full value.

  18. If PEA comes in- assume Giroud would leave. A proven goal scorer for Arsenal who has excelled from the bench and gives us a different option

    If that happened, we would reduce not increase our options

    Think Giroud and Lacazette is better than PEA & Lacazette

  19. I for one don’t understand whats going on!

    Personally I am not convinced about Mhkitaryan and feel he won’t even raise our game to seriously challenge for top four! Would feel more excited about Fekri or even Malcom…

    If we buy Aubameyang I wonder what will happen to Lacazette??? If this is the case we seriously need to sell Welbeck as well as otherwise overladed in terms of squad size.

    Finally we are still not addressing potentially the more important areas of CD and CM!!!!!

    Feel the mismanagement of our club continues!

  20. I hope Wenger does not pull a Suarez move………..

  21. We can get Aubameyang if Wenger doesn’t keep offering low bids and piss off the selling club like he did with Lemar. If Wenger has identified him as a player he wants then stop mucking around and match the selling price.

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