Arsenal really do need to find a solution to the Mesut Ozil problem

Will Arsenal find a buyer for Mesut Ozil next summer and what other options do they have?

It is amazing that a team that is as shrewd as Arsenal was held ransom by Mesut Ozil when the German was negotiating his last contract with them.

Arsenal felt they had no choice but to bow to the pressure from Ozil and his agents as it seemed like he was set on leaving the club, possibly on a free transfer.

Although I knew that players performances get worse with age sometimes, I never expected Mesut Ozil to decline so much so soon.

He is now a major liability to Arsenal and getting rid of him is no easy fit.

Will Arsenal get a buyer for Ozil? I doubt that very much and with just a year left on his current deal next summer, teams will be looking to take advantage of the situation to land him for free, though on a much-reduced wage.

I believe that we are in a similar position that Manchester United was with Alexis Sanchez earlier in the season and the solution they found is the best for us too.

The Red Devils managed to ship out Sanchez to Inter Milan but they still pay a huge chunk of his wages.

Arsenal would struggle to find a team that will buy Ozil outright but we need him out of the dressing room, so our best bet would be to loan him out to a team that’s willing to share in paying his wages.

Otherwise, his presence will continue to undermine the dressing room and cause issues for Mikel Arteta in the same way it did for Unai Emery.

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  1. I do think we have done Ozil to death now, i think we can all predict what posters are going to write without even looking.

    1. @Reggie, AdMartin just can’t help himself. Anyone with anything to say about Ozil HAS to be offered up. Yet Ozil seems to have far more support than he believes. Still, it keeps him happy I suppose.
      AdMartin, do yourself a favour PAL and try to get yourself out a bit more.

    2. If he plays rubbish on Sunday Reggie, which he almost certa9inly will do, then yes, you can take it to the bank that will be reported.

      1. Im not an Ozil groupie but it does get a little tedious. Yes wait while Sunday and then give him a bashing but day after day repeating whats been said before gets monotonous and loses its meaning.

        1. No one has to read them, Reggie, there are at least 15 articles a day now and so there is a vast choice for every user. If anyone wants to ignore transfer rumours and just concentrate on opinion pieces it is clearly laid out on the site. Same applies with Ozil articles. All we are doing is giving people choices now. Judging by the traffic figures anything Ozil related remains popular, not the most popular I admit but definitely among the top articles. As they say, we are giving people what they want. The ones that are complaining about too many Ozil articles are a distinct minority and in no way reflect the majority view. Finally, whenever Ozil has a bad game, which is almost weekly, the number of negative comments aimed at him on this site far outstrips any of other player. That is not us but the site users. It would be incompetence to ignore the majority view on here. We cannot and will not neglect what the huge majority of our readers want.

          1. Well looking at the content of this article/posts, it doesn’t back up what you are saying. Not much debating going on regards the subject.

  2. Ime-can you please explain when you sat that Ozil’s presence continues to undermine the dressing room and is causing issues for Arteta. If that is so, do you not believe the first thing Arteta would have done is exclude him from the team? And had him training with the kids?
    Yet what has the manager done? Started him in every single Premiership game and made certain he was on the bench for the FA Cup 4th round tie st Bournemouth.
    It seems a strange thing for a manager to do with a player causing* that many issues don’t you think?
    Or have you just written this so you can cuddle up to AdMartin!
    What a pathetic article to write. Next time PAL I would get your facts right before hopin* to see your name in lights.

      1. Phil, If I had taught you, you would be wise and not love Ozil. Typos are irrelevant and only criticised by people who have lost their own personal argument.

    1. Tut tut Phil, attacking Ime will not deter him from holding Ozil to account. Rather beneath you the cuddle remark but again, you are consistent with your tantrums whenever anyone dares to critique that man you refuse to see any fault in.

        1. You are dead right there Phil and I knew I would get reprimanded for calling you a deluded cultist twat. Seems we both know restraint, good on both of us.

  3. @ To whom it may Concern: I am certainly sure that nowadays, the Article posted ‘Title’ and the ‘Contents’ of the Article doesn’t match…
    Especially writer of this particular one who always comes up with muddle up issues.🙄🙄

    1. There are free courses on the Internet you can take that will help you to understand the simplicity of this article.

      1. You!! Hahaha.. No article you posted is ever not simple enough to understand when it comes to you.

        Mr Admin! I’m now being cogent, I think you need a replacement as-well.

        1. I thank you for reading the articles on this site and finding the time to comment on them even though, through your own admission, you struggle to understand them. Good for you.

      2. Admin MARTIN , Glad to see even you get frustrated at Phil and his Ozil worship and so even you use languge that in other would get banned. Not a criticism though, just relieved to see you too are human and sometimes overreact, to stupid comments. We have all been there and doubtless will again, before long.

        1. Sorry to disappoint you Jon but it was a joke in response to a joke from Phil. It was deliberately done in a light hearted mananer and Phil took it that way as I did with his original comments.

          1. Good try MARTIN BUT THERE WAS A SUB TEXT OR DOUBLE BLUFF IF YOU PREFER. You DID tell him, though skilfully as in jest, exactly what you thought and I agree with your original post and do not believe your attempt to con me about your clever use of language. Why would I worry about the truth being spoken by you in your original post? I do NOT worry and in fact applaud it.

  4. Ozil’s been done to death man ffs. theres like the same article every day on how we need to get rid of him no originality at all. Yes we all know hes on high wages but nothings going to get done now so instead of bashing him back. like a proper fan would ffs

    1. I am not sure which part of there is no chance in hell that I will ever support a useless player that does not deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt and will report it every single time it is deserved that some people simply do not get.

      1. A useless player you say? i still believe hes the best we have in that number 10 role at the moment. in almost all our games up to now hes been involved in all the build up towards the goals. granted he hasn’t assist for a while but his contribution in the final third is still one of the best in the sqaud in my opinion.

        And to say he does not deserve to wear the arsenal shirt. well unfortunately that isn’t your decision and its MA

  5. Agreed that we are Oziled out!

    Looking forward to football this weekend and whilst the winter break is great for the team it’s pure hell for supporters being fed the same diet every day

  6. I like to point out some facts.
    Against burnley
    50 touches
    39 passes
    87.2 acc pass
    2 accurate long balls
    2 key passes(the most by an arsenal player that day)
    2 interception(joint most)
    1 shot
    yellow card

    Anti ozil fans wont see what ozil offers and they dont use stats when they should have.He remains our best player with the ball and without the ball he has improved significantly.

    1. The only issue(not a problem with Ozil is high pay). The man is good in spraying passes. We did not proactively plan to sell him and this should be the focus. When you want to sell a cow, you fatten it and that is what Arteta is doing. Stop bashing him because it devalues what arteta is adding. When you want buyers to see, you display and Arteta is doing just that. Look at a man the way you perceive him and he only gets worse, look at him how he could be and you get the best. The truth is that Ozil is a good player. Let’s be positive.

  7. what problem. you really do not have anything to write. let the manager handle his players not us. that is why he is paid.

  8. Fans your talk about Ozil been rubbish is the major reason why the whole team underperform every time…

    Leave this guy alone… Support the rest of the team, just let him be, ignore him and his work, we might win more… Then when its time for transfer, then come with ur complain and he will certainly be sold…

    One constant thing is that Arsenal always sell their best players…

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