Arsenal really need Thomas Lemar after Cazorla’s career-ending setback

With the crushing news that Arsenal’s little Spanish magician Santi Cazorla has yet again been told that he is extremely unlikely to be playing any football at all in the coming season, it has now become imperative that the Gunners bring in a similar scintillating playmaker, as we should have done last summer and possibly the summer before.

Cazorla is now 32 and Arsene Wenger must surely be regretting that he didn’t see the possibility that Cazorla’s career would come to an end sooner, as we have no-one of equal ability to take over his mantle in the future. But could this be why Arsenal are making a big fuss about chasing Monaco’s Thomas Lemar?

The French international has been awesome this season helping his team to the Ligue 1 title and the Champions League semi-finals. Along the way he scored 14 goals, made 14 assists, and has brilliant passing stats right across the board. He can play on the left, in the middle, on the right, and he will be brilliant whatever position you put him in.

At only 21 years of age, he could be our new Cazorla for the next ten years and become a true Arsenal legend. I really hope that Wenger pulls out all the stops to get him, or if not Le Prof must find a similar talent urgently now we know that we simply cannot hope that Cazorla is going to return any more.

Sam P


  1. the last time I checked.. Lamar is a is he expected to take over from Santi….I haven’t figured.

    1. Yes he is and it’s alright saying get him but if his club don’t want to sell him they won’t!

    2. I literally was about to say the same thing….As i keep saying not every fan can think or analyse stuff…they just keep regurgitating the same garbage the media puts out.

  2. We really do need to replace cazorla but not with a quick fix some one that can be a legend like cazorla for years to come, Would like Lemar but doesn’t look good for getting him.

  3. ….i believe there is nothing special here,nothing to worry about, your source did’not quote a doctor or anyone in the physio room, apart from quoting Cazorla himself talking about his difficulties concerning last season, the rest is just blah blah blah…!!

    …. i believe our little magician will be back this coming season banging his passes as usual!!

  4. Ooow how I love Isco. Can’t we throw in a bid to test Madrid’s resolve in holding unto him. He will be a good addition and the best heir to the cazorla throne.

  5. Fabregas is coming back home and he is set to replace Santi Carzola.

    more news to follow….

    1. Cazorla hits back at stories about he’s already played his last game for Arsenal. He posted a smiling picture of himself with this message below an hour ago.
      santicazorlaKeep pushing!! Onedaymoreonedaycloser! @arsenal @premierleague @pumafootball

      He’s apparently doing double training and even though he hasn’t been given a precise date, he goes on to say it won’t be before 5 months.

  6. If our primary attack next season is lacazette giroud Walcott we will not finish in top four again if it is Sanchez lacazette Perez there is a more than decent chance we will if it is Sanchez lacazette mahrez (or better) .. We should be able to compete at top

  7. matic to Manchester united is stalled and Arsene Wenger has contacted Cesc Fabregas.
    according to my sources, Cesc is worried with the amount to of playing time he’d get in a world cup year when Chelsea announces the signing of Bakayoko. he’s verbally agreed a transfer to Arsenal as long as we can sit Chelsea down and agree a transfer fee.

    more to follow……

    1. Although Fabregas is the one who got me to watch football but i fail to see how he is a solution. We need someone who is defensively sound, can win balls and come out of tight spaces and Cesc has none of those qualities ; the person we need does not need to do much – he has to get the ball out of tight spaces and feed ozil or sanchez but that needs to be done efficiently

    2. Ive had it with you guys and your sources ,now you are trying to be the new Re_source guy .former resource has been his silent for a while now ,ever since he was caught out to be same as the blazing gunner guy who was trolling us last year.pls enough with this pretence

  8. Btw where have hafiz rehman and adam Kemp disappeared? It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from them 😉

  9. Stating the obvious but for those who didn’t know, here you go…

    According to BBC Sport reporter David Ornstein, Arsenal have more players in mind but any deals are dependent on what happens with Sanchez, Ozil and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

  10. Perhaps Jack can step up to his shoes, there was a time he was a maestro at midfield passes.

    1. I think it will be very difficult to find the next Cazorla- the closest in my view being Veratti and Isco and neither will come to Arsenal.

      Going back to who we have my sense is Chambo can play that role but his vision and passing is suspect – Ramsey is the best person to play that role; lets hope that he comes to the party this year.

      Wilshere would have been ideal but we got to accept it by now that he is not a solution

      1. Ramsey? The one who always tries flicks and gets one right out of 10? To replace the little magician in the middle of the park? Replace the magician? Really the same Ramsey who had only one good season and still tries to replicate it but to no avail?

        1. Well in all fairness Ramsey and Xhaka were really solid in the center after the formation change…maybe they can carry on their form into next season.

  11. Feel sorry for Santi though a great guy and has given us gooners lot of joy. We wish you well Santi, hope you get the strength to go through these tough times. Our best wishes are always with you Santi

  12. Rumor of double bid of €80m for Sporting duo William Carvalho and Gelson Martins.
    I dunno if that rumor holds any truth but Carvalho would be a welcome addition to the CM.

    Although I would prefer Carvalho and Lemar if I must be honest, those 2 as well as forcing Alexis to run out his contract on top of Lacazette could win us the EPL, got to be a gamble worth taking IMO.

  13. I really was inlove with Carzola in the middle of our Park…. But.. . Once Sanchez has been convinced to stay and Mahrez bought, Ozil too is highly sensitive when it comes to creativity but minus strength.. If we get a better pair for Xhaka in Carvalho then the creativity instinct is more than enough in the team we don’t need to forcefully be looking out to replace with a Carzola-esque.. and the workload on Sanchez will greatly reduce..
    In addition, I’ll so much be excited about a James Rodriguez…

  14. Why can’t we try Ceballos?? The guy z the next bug thing in mid…looks like Madrid aren’t selling Isco…

  15. Seri, Keita, Fabhino,Gonalons, llaremendi, Hamsik, Carvalho, Gueye are names I can think of for central midfield

    Isco, Alacantra, Vidal, Henderson, Fabregas, Rakitic are NOT going to happen.

  16. I think Ceballos would be a perfect replacement, release clause of only £10m however Real and Barca are interested. Alternatively, Roque Mesa from Las Palmas would be a great addition, he has way too much quality for Swansea and would cost £12m, he has a perfect blend of technique and aggression. Seri is another option as well as Goretzka but Goretzka is more of a box to box midfielder.

  17. Not sure how many fans will feel about this comment as his departure left a bad taste in our mouth but I would be happy if we were to resign cesc back to the club. I wanted him to be a flop at Chelsea and wanted to see that he has lost his touch and vision. Simply put cesc could sit in our midfield and pull the strings. I believe afc still has a special place in his heart and that he would fight for the team. At least he has the experience in the league and is proven class.

  18. I dont think we need another defensive midfielder we have Xhaka who in my personal opinion had a decent first season (made some early mistakes but we saw him adapt to the role and learn as the season went on- i aspect him to do develop even more next season)

    Who we need is a box to box midfielder some one who can win the ball deep and take it forward..someone who is up for a right old fight in the middle of the park and can get in to good striking positions

    ENTER= Leon Goretzka- I have been saying for the last 2 season I would take him over Ramsey any day (now more than ever because he will compliment Xhaka and we will have the bully 2 in the middle)

    Yes Schalke have said they will not sell him this season but with 1 year left we have to offer them a fee that they cannot turn down that easily £30m-£40m..he is worth it we just need to spend it and solidify our team

    1. I know i will probably get thumbs down for this but there is this one player who is under the radar, still a talented player and would need a coach like Arsenal Wenger to help draw out his potential – Geoffrey Kondogbia. He is strong, has incredible dribbling and a powerful left foot. Looks to not fit into inter milans playing style due to constant change in managers and lacking a bit of confidence but his talent is still there. What concerns me is that the whole team plays too slowly for him. I can’t tell the amount of times i’ve seen him win the ball back drive into the opponents half like a rampaging tank and even the forwards of inter are taking their sweet time to catch up with him. Under Arsenal and with granit as his partner i believe he would be a beast and he would cost us somewhere like 15-20m. He’d be our new diaby – not the one on the treatment table. The one didier never leaves off his squad sheet – the one that would boss most midfields and unlike ramsey he wouldn’t leave us exposed defensively and he has pace, power and technique.

      1. When i compared him to diaby i meant in terms of talent because kondogbia hardly ever gets injured. The lad is built like a tank – a french one btw 🙂

  19. Santi is an awesome player but you have to admit in the last season he barely played so needs to be replaced. He was a relative unknown when he came there must be some more out there.

  20. 1st of all let’s get our midfield sorted out, if we are still playing the formation i guess we don’t need Mahrez. I would want Wenger to put in a bid for Idrissa Gana Guaye of Evertonand sign him a very solid Midfielder. Kante was the Best CDM player in EPL for two season and won PFA player of the year last season, but check out his statistics comparison on and check for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 for both of them Idrissa Guaye played for Aston Villa in 2015/2016 while Kante played for Leicester, in 2016/2017 they both played for Everton and Chelsea respectively.
    Arsenal fans always wanted Kante-Xhaka pairing but after this statistic check you wiill realise that Guaye is very similar to kante and would be the best for us.

    1. I agree..I’ve seen Idrissa Gueye play and man he’s good…definitely better than El neny and coquelin..but then again, everyone’s better than those two.

  21. Can you blame him? typical us we need a cm let’s go for a winger instead!! I would like for us to fill the void for once before spending all our cash on players we don’t urgently need, with the condition that no front line players are leaving and we get zette I’m happy so far with what we got and won’t be greedy, selling Walcott is a plus ox needs game time and so does iwobi ,and Giroud wanting to stay in a WC year I think we got options upfront, got to point out how much respect for Giroud I have for wanting to stay and fight for the shirt, that’s why his name gets chanted and fans know what he brings to the team, target man that few players can replace, as for what he brings a plan b for teams that shut the channels sit deep and defend, in those games you must have a Giroud. hope you have a great season big guy.

  22. As for Cazorla replacement, he’s the original two footed maestro there are no replica’s some players who are very similar but unattainable: verratti, Tiago Bayern, Koke, maybe Saul haven’t watched much of him, modric, Iniesta 33 but still class, etc…anyway they all play for teams that target the champions league so let’s not even think about it, they won’t come. There are only three or four that I could think of as a possibility to replace him this window, 1) fabregas: I personally don’t want him back, you wanted to leave to barca when we needed you most and you are not getting any younger so enjoy Italy buddy. 2) Seri: African cup of nations bound so we will lose him for a month or so every two years, great passing, great vision for clear cut chances, pace is superior to both Ramsey and granit but that doesn’t say much, he doesn’t have what I find to be Cazorla unbelievable quality which is the use of the ball in tights spaces, Cazorla was a master at that!! 3) Rabiot: for this to even happen verratti has to stay at PSG and they would still need to be silly enough to go for another CM, but it’s PSG you never know in the transfer market they are like a kid in a candy store.this is the only way we could lure him with a guaranteed starting position, he will be WC soon he’s got it all height, passing ability, strength, I got to say France are spoiled in mid, what a talent pool they have so with WC on the way the young players would need an opportunity to shine, we were interested in him a few years back so we never know. 4) yes Keita: he’s got a release clause that get’s activated next year it’s around 45 mil if I remember correctly, i highly rate him as the all rounder Dm/Cm/Am does it all and can fill the cazorla void instantly, for anyone that are reading the 70-80 million valuation I don’t see any team paying that, but making him the most expensive African player will sure tempt him to move Bid 45 mil with add ons and there is a big chance of getting him, if they don’t accept that offer to make a red bull commercial that should boost the sales of that terrible tasting energy drink, Sanchez Ozil Ramsey ox bellerin wenger it’s time to get drinkng that’s Just good marketing for redbull, a team with no history or fans shouldn’t have a say in who to keep in the first place they are a stepping stone to bigger things and we are the team to make you world class, wanna eventually play in barca or real look at our track record we will get you there!! if signed slap a 125 mil buy out clause and watch someone pay that in less than five years, win/win/win Situation its just good business. the director of football is not bad either Ralph Ragnick he would a smart acquisition to aid wenger in the transfer market if it could lead to a long term relationship with red bull we’ve hit the jackpot!

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