What Arsenal REALLY need to do to win EPL title?

Despite the fact that Arsenal are not out of the Premier League title race yet, at least not mathematically anyway, you will not find many people other than Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players who are willing to even entertain the possibility that our hopes are not over for another year.

A clear example of this is the number of articles in the football media discussing what has gone wrong for the Gunners this season and what the boss needs to do to have a chance of ending the long wait for the trophy next season. A Sky Sports report has pointed to five key areas which have let us down and which Arsenal need to improve on.

One is mentality, highlighted by our tendency to lose points from winning positions or to falter when expectations are high. Another is the poor finishing that has seen us struggle to score anywhere near as many goals as our possession and creation of chances should have seen. A third is the transfer business done by the manager and the board. Whoever is to blame it has simply not been good enough. The final two are linked, with our defensive frailties in general and more specifically the individual errors that have led to chances and goals for the opposition.

That is a lot of things for Wenger to fix before the start of next season, but can he do it? Or is the real problem the fact that all these problems stem from the top and the one way of fixing them is to get a new manager?

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  1. We need to sign an unknown championship player for £500,000 who’ll stun everyone by scoring 25 goals in a season. Kapish!

  2. Change the attitude for starters. ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB IS RUN with full of excuses. Admit our flaws and then improve. Our players lack tough mentality. Look at Athletico Madrid, they just have the winning mentality and passion, look at city , even with money grabbing players they played with more zeal against PSG. We lack that. We just go to lose in big games and wenger , fans and players already have excuses for their loss.

    Patrice Evra years ago called our players and fans “cry babies”, he was correct in calling us that. Mourinho , Alex ferguson all know Arsenal lack mental strength. Let us admit that for a change and then start from the scratch. Let us stop making fun of other clubs, we have achieved nothing in last 10 years and have no right to laugh at other clubs. Concentrate on our club and dont act in delusion , things will improve.

    1. With Fans like G-Rude, Trevor and NY Gunner, it shows the mentality all round. They love mediocrity.

  3. We need to do three things get rid of:
    1 Stan
    2 gazidis
    3 Wenger
    Bring in:
    1 Ronald koeman or joachim loew
    2 Alisher usmanov
    3 David dein

  4. what arsenal really need to do to win EPL title!
    Already talking of Next season? L()L

    Arsenal’s 2015/2016 season

    Verdict: – “WASTED”

    1. Absolutely wasted. Our greatest opportunity and we won’t get one like this

      Chelsea was out early-getting new manager
      United were never really in it.-maybe getting a new manager
      City were in the race but we’re very beatable – getting a new manager
      We were top of the pl in January – out of ALL trophies and battling to stay in top 4- Wenger bought zero outfielders in summer- he stays

      PL Champions – Leicester or Spuds
      League Cup- City
      United could win fa cup
      Possible City could win CL but unlikely (then again it was unlikely Leicester would win the pl)

      The only way to win next season is to get some WC players and spend at least £150-200 mil+ wisely

      ie…winger/cm: Isco, CF:Morata, CB/lb/ RB: Howedes (Can play all 4 defense positions), CB: Stones, CM (both DM and AM): Xhaka

  5. Arsenal need to buy two horses and give them to wenger, and give him the thaks for the awesome work he did 13 years ago. The go for a younger coach, someone who could motivate the players…we need to be agressives, players eith passion that run his socks on the pitch…sell walcott pls…eatchinh him in the pitch burns my eyes…how can one player could be so f* cold?? He was in the bench becusd if a boy, then the coach gave him the oportunity and what…he walks over the pitch with his sick face…he really irritate me…one of the best payed players for being injured or worst, being careless…hid attitud and wengers atritude is repulsive

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