Arsenal reaping the benefits of striker competition

All summer long Arsenal fans were berating Arsene Wenger for not investing that so-called “war chest” in a new 50million striker, but the Frenchman kept insisting that Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott were more than enough to get the Gunners challenging for the title.

Now it seems, in hindsight, that Wenger was absolutely right, and we have both of them popping up with the goals in just about every game now. And it seems that the competition is making both strikers try just that little bit harder to try and earn themselves the starting spot.

Before the Everton game, Wenger admitted that he had a tough decision to make, but had confidence in both of them. He said: “Once you have two players you have to be happy and make the right decision. It’s always hard. It’s not only hard for Giroud and Walcott, but for every single player who you leave out.

“It’s a difficult decision but it’s part of our job as well. We are in a job where competition exists and we have to accept that.

“They are top players, I consider the form, the game on the day but at the end of the season both will have played their share of games.

“At the moment it is Theo but in a few weeks it might be Giroud. What is important is that both contribute.”

They certainly are, and although Wenger said Walcott was first choice, he actually picked Giroud to start against the Toffees, and sure enough, he scored the first goal to calm our fears. It does seem to be beneficial for both of them to be rested occasionally and they both give a different dimension to our play.

Olivier seemed happy to be sharing the spot and said after the game: “The main thing is that the team is doing well. That’s the best thing for me. As long as we are winning, I am pleased with that and I try to bring something else to the team. We have a different profile with Theo, and a good understanding with each of us up front, so it is okay. Before, Theo was in good form and now it is me, so we need to both contribute to the big matches.”

I’m not so sure that Olivier is in better form than Theo, but they both have their uses. It looks to me that Wenger has worked out how best to utilize them both to our advantage, so we should just let him carry on doing what he’s doing. It is definitely working!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. yeah there is an advantage of having striker competition.But i think the two players feel they have something to prove.
    With giroud he comes in the final minutes and always tries to get a goal.With walcott he tries to prove why hes number 1 using his dangerous movement

  2. yeah giroud has looked in better form since international break but both are equally important to our setup . Now all those transfer experts who were desperate to sign Jackson Martinez during the window and shouted he would break the league just check his stats .He is struggling badly

  3. both offer different styles of play
    giroud provides link up/hold up
    play adding strength to our attack while walcott injects pace movememt and offers one dimensional style of play.So these are special features that distinguish them from other attackers thats why wenger stuck with them.So whenever each one of them is in attack they try prove themselves to justify wengers selection

  4. Its a good thing competition has made both Giroud and Walcott to sit up and this is the reason behind our agitation for a new cf in the summer. I hope they keep getting better. Howbeit, i think the decision to not sign any outfield player may still come back to haunt us, hopefully not much…… #Coyg

  5. Competition is good for both walcott and giroud, fighting for a place sometimes brings out the hunger in a player to show how much he wants that starting place!

  6. If the Boss has decided to alternate his starts of his 2 strikers of, Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott in Arsenal games. To me, it’s a welcome decision. Because, that alternate option of the 3 strikers start of, Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott for Arsenal games without resorting to sign a new striker has been my belief before the season campaign began. Even without the injured Welbeck, I’ll still say, my belief has been vidicated by the productive performances of Giroud and Walcott so far in this campaign. Furthermore in my belief, I don’t know if the Boss will not mind to reactivate his interest to sign Aleksandr Kokorin who has shown the potential of being a 3rd good striker option for Arsenal during the 2nd half of the season as Welbeck’s recovery is ambiguoused. And possiblly on a serious considerations, Could the Boss considers his possible signing of Ross Barkley and John Stones as reinforcement options for Arsenal’s attacking mid-field and CB positions depth? I know the duo will be costly to sign.

  7. That game sucked. If United and City are our title rivals then we definitely have to win this season. As for striker discussion, AW has been spot on with his selection of Giroud and Walcott. It seems like they’ll be our strikers for the whole season too because no top ST’s are available in January usually. If we just keep everyone fit I think we have a huge shot a the title

  8. I would say that by signing another defensive midfielder, it would help Coquelin going home assured rather than having to see Flamini and arteta to see them play with anxiety. Arsenal have enough attackers they just need that elusive defensive mid.

  9. Listen Baby Please

    We are still tied at the top on points if not goal difference so draw wasn’t the worst result. As long as we are close to the leaders we can pounce when they make a mistake, but we need to win every week now

    It’s cool to be ahead of Chelsea by 11 points too lol.

    1. Martial? Are you on the wrong website? Arsenal have two strikers that both score more goals than any Man United player.. Are you a Man United troll in disguise?

  10. Before the season began, I liked the idea of playing walcot as a CF. And I said if I choose the player department to buy, I would go for a DM. I wasn’t far from the truth u know. Instead of a CF I would prefare a wing forward i.e Levezi is iching for a move away from paris. This is more of a short term plan(help in wining Bpl) as he is 30 with loads of experience. This would help for better rotation:ramzy playing his preferable box to box role were he gets d goals. U could rest carzola or ozil in some games,even sanchez.

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