Arsenal record signing slammed for lack of ‘confidence’ and ‘concentration’

Jeremie Aliadiere has slammed Arsenal star Nicolas Pepe, claiming that despite his talent he is doing the easy things wrong.

The club record £72 Million signing of last summer has come under criticism for much of the campaign, although his performances have begun to improve under new manager Mikel Arteta.

Former Gunner Aliadiere has added to the list of players to attack Pepe, although he is more frustrated by the player’s decision making, claiming he is doing the easy things wrong for such a talent.

Jeremie said: “I saw what he did with Lille last season and he is an amazing player. So, I’m not denying his talent.

“What I’m seeing, though, is the most expensive player in Arsenal’s history and even if you don’t want to think about the money, the fact is that money is, unfortunately, a big thing in football.

“And when you spend that much money on a player, you expect more goals and you expect more assists. If you look at his stats, I would say he has had an alright season.

“Now, obviously it is not easy, as I know having been there, but the thing that has disappointed me a tiny bit is his decision-making during games.

“For a player who cost £72m, it’s the simple parts of the game that sometimes I see him lacking. And that’s what I pick on a bit.

“Yes, he goes on a good dribble and goes through two or three players – that’s amazing. But when you have Aubameyang on your left and all you have to do is pass the ball in the right spot, and instead cut it back at the wrong time, that bothers me. And I’ve seen that quite a lot from him this season.

“Maybe with confidence, with more games, that will improve. But it’s that sort of thing – when he switches off and seems to lack concentration – that gets to me.

“That is something you can’t really have with top, top players who come for that sort of money. The easy stuff has got to be done properly.”

Pepe has certainly improved in recent months, but he still has some way to go to pay off the investment placed in him last summer.

There is usually certain allowances given to players who have only recently arrived in the Premier League, but when you arrive for a club record fee there is added expectation on you, and he has so far failed to meet that level.

Has Pepe shown enough to warrant his first-team role this season? Is the jury still out on whether he will prove to be a good signing?


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  1. jon fox says:

    With just one(nearly) single season behind him and although he has disappointed , I think the jury IS still out but I worry most about his lack of spirit and desire, not his talent. I see another Walcott and Ozil attitude developing and that worries me much.

    Most of all I just cannot see Arteta keeping ANY player longer than need be, who has not true desire ,heart and character in his nature. I see very little, if any, true evidence that Pepe has that in him and that is my honest view. He comes over as an overawed and hesitant teenager, rather than as a potential top player with true self belief and THAT is a worrying sign. But for NOW the jury is still out. Just!!

  2. Dan kit says:

    New team ,new country ,new league ,the guy as talent that’s obvious to see .
    Next season I expect to see a different player .

  3. Goonster says:

    His whole aura / personality screams out “Ozil”.
    I hope I am wrong but from what I have witnessed so far he has talent got that Koala-bear like personality.
    Needs to man up, seems very sensitive and a very low key / confidence type.
    Please don’t be another Ozil.

    1. jon fox says:

      Spot on! If only more could and more importantly, WOULD, choose to see this truth. Half hearted coasters and timid little boy types are poison in any ambitious team. I’D NEVER HAVE A SINGLE PLAYER OF THIS TYPE WITHIN A MILLION MILES OF ARSENAL , WERE I IN CHARGE. Same as Klopp and Pep don’t either and it hasn’t done them any harm, you may notice! In football as in life , success doen’t come to those who wait around hoping other will bringit. It comes to those who demand it and get deeply personally involved . So many naive fans seem to think important football principles are different from real life principles. They are NOT different and as an arch REALIST, I know that deep in my soul, mainly from my own long life experience.

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