Arsenal recruit top new Head Scout from Bayern Munich

Arsenal famously decimated their scouting team during the early days of the Covid pandemic, but now with the Gunners new youth policy it seems they are intending to widely expand their search for the best young talent in the world.

Per Mertesacker explained last week that the Academy had become much more important to the club, as such spending as we saw last summer was “unsustainable” by Arsenal, when they should be looking at promoting from within.

The big German said: “Edu and Mikel did a lot last summer, but that’s not sustainable for us as a football club.

“We’re not going to do that on a consistent basis, so we need to make sure that the flow of top players from the academy is constantly there.

“So they don’t need to look to the market. We made a big effort, but that’s not sustainable for us in the future.”

With that in mind, the Gunners have appointed the ex-Bayern Munich man expert Florian Blüchel as their International First Team Scout with a focus on Germany. He spent nearly 12 years with the German giants, with the first half concentrating on performance and data analysis before rising through the scouting ranks to end up as Bayern’s International Scout with focus on the Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, USA & German markets, so is perfectly placed to now which youngsters are budding stars in the lower levels of German leagues.

So, it looks like Arsenal are definitely preparing to invest even more money in developing players for the future, as do many other big clubs.

Let’s hope we can see many more Sakas, Smith-Rowes and Martinellis nurtured through to the first team in the future….


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  1. Without having owners who have the inclination to invest in order to keep pace with the elite Clubs in Europe, we have no alternative but to take the route outlined by our Academy head.Let’s hope Bluchel can unearth some gems who can bring pleasure and success to our Club.I wish him well as he has a hard task ahead.

    1. The reality is we have actually spent a lot! We have just spent poorly for the most part and been even worse at at selling.

      Would we sell Saka or ESR if a big offer came in, of course not. Most on here would laugh if you suggested even considering offers for them.

    2. If only our club had hired a German scout before now to unearth gems. Someone who had a “diamond eye” and a track record of finding and signing young talent.

      1. my thoughts exactly…I was about to post something similar, but saw that you had beat me to the punch…not only did we chose the used car salesman Raul over Sven, but then we basically gave him Mavro for nothing…most teams wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, in that usually when a player is sent out on loan for developmental purposes, on someone else’s dime, then you bring them back once they’ve come good, whereas we offer up a budding first teamer on the cheap, then sell him for pennies on the dollar to the very team who coveted him so highly…mindboggling decisions on both counts

          1. With Arsenal and player sales I don’t hold high expectations. We mugged Liverpool when we sold Ox, and mugged Everton when we sold Iwobi.

            Then turned around and mugged ourselves with the Mavroporas pennies on the pound sale, and Guendouzi price rumor less than 10 million.

            The club has made a right mess of things when it comes to that. The Alexis swap for Mhki has to be up there among the worst. Didn’t sell him to City, then trade him to Utd, and both us and them end up worse than before the trade.

  2. Bayern scouts? They pluck the latest paper and see the best talents in the league and have a free picking. 😫

  3. I wish you had made mention of some of the players whom he had supposedly unearthed, as that would seem only logical considering the fact that you’re trying to pump the tires of our newest scouting hire…the fact that you didn’t do so does make me wonder, which may or may not be justified

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