Arsenal refuse to aid Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s move to Barcelona

Arsenal have supposedly made it clear that they will not pay a single penny of his contract if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wants to leave to join Barcelona.

The Gabon international travelled to the north of Spain today, which fuelled the rumours that he was set for a move to the Camp Nou, but latest reports seems to claim that is on the back-burner at present.

Auba’s current wage appears to be the big issue, and whatever has happened behind the scenes seems to have left some sourness between the parties, and we are now claimed to be willing to reject his move to Barcelona if that means that we must still pay him to play elsewhere.

The term ‘don’t cut off your nose to spite your face’ could ring true here in more than one sense. If Auba is in the wrong, then why should he be rewarded with the move he wants, while we continue to pay him handsomely. On the other hand, when we have the opportunity offload part of his monster wages, and move a problematic player on at the same time.

Without a signing in his place, we could also be considered to be hurting ourselves by allowing him to leave when we haven’t found a replacement also, which could also be considered as spiting ourselves.

Do you think Auba could work his way back into the team? Should we consider paying part of his wage to recoup some cash?


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  1. Interesting turn. So, most likely this will end up like this:

    1) Auba will stay put but won’t be played
    2) Auba collects his paycheck until summer
    3) No one wants to pay for Auba because he didn’t really play the past season
    4) Arsenal realize the situation, too late as usual, and ends up terminating his contract

  2. IF this report is true, then shame on the club for being so petty and small minded.

    If they don’t want him around the club or players, then loan him away. Any wages Barca pay saves the club on payroll, and perhaps draw interest from another club this Summer.

    To leave him out, refuse the loan, and pay him massive wages to do nothing is so petty.

    Arsenal usually ooze class, but this is disgraceful. It’s not on Arteta, but on anyone at the club who thinks this is the way to handle the situation.

    1. Why should Arsenal pay part of Aubameyang’s wages? Barcelona is a big club, the are taking the player on free loan and still want arsenal to pay part of his wages?! It’s a no no for me. It’s like they are doing arsenal a favour when they are actually in need of a striker too.
      Good decision Arsenal. I feel sorry for Aubameyang, for his experience and level as a player , he should have sorted every the wages issues before traveling to Spain. He just embarrassed himself, his agent should be sacked if he’s involved in this embarrassment.

      1. Because they want him gone from the club so badly. After all, they wasted millions paying Ozil to do nothing they ripped up 3 player contracts to get them out of the club.

        If he is so toxic like they say, then they would not be responsible for all his wages but only a part if Barca pays part.

        Unless it is about something else, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors at the club.

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