Arsenal refuse to respond to frustrating offer for international midfielder

Arsenal are claimed to be frustrated with the recent offer from Fiorentina for the services of Lucas Torreira.

The Uruguay international enjoyed an impressive season on loan with La Viola, so it came as a shock when the Italian side refused to trigger the option to buy which was included in his initial loan contract.

It was then reported that Fiorentina had a fallout with Lucas Torreira’s representatives by claiming that his client wasn’t worth the agreed fee, and insisted that a deal could only be done for less, and they are now claimed to have angered his parent club also by offering less than half the pre-agreed price.

We are claimed to have refused to respond to the dismal offer, leaving a move for Torreira in huge doubt, while Football.London adds that the two club’s already had issues around our failed attempt to sign Dusan Vlahovic in January.

Fiorentina look set to punish Lucas Torreira at the end of the day, whilst punishing themselves in the meantime. The midfielder was one of the better players throughout the campaign, as highlighted by him picking up three of their club’s Player of the Month awards in 2022 alone.

I just hope that Torreira finds another suitable move, with a club who is willing to show that they want him for the right reasons, and not have to deal with someone who is going to mess with character in such a way. I also struggle to imagine that we will be doing any further dealings with Fiorentina in the near future…


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  1. Release too many players for free and this is the kind of reactions we will get from the buying clubs!

    1. It’s the players being average, poor and on massive wages.
      We sold Willock for £20 million.

      Aston Villa were willing to fork out as much as £40 million for ESR last season.

      If other clubs deem a player good enough then they would have no problem spending money on that particular player..

      Most of our players have been loaned out long enough for other clubs to not be as skeptical as they are to spend even £10 million on them..

      These clubs are willing to walk away. What does that say about our players then?

      1. I agree with most of what you have said but definitely not the first paragraph.
        If there’s anything, we have let go many players for cheap money even when they are not poor or on high salaries.
        Willock was too cheap for 20m considering the performance he put on before he was sold. He almost equally Saka EPL goals in less matches and minutes before he was sold. Liverpool sold their unproven kid with zero EPL go for same amounts of money or slightly less.
        Guenzo wasnt average for the team he was loaned too nor was he on high salary,
        Same goes to mavaporans, and others.
        Other teams have just found us out. This doesn’t mean we are the only one doing this, but others are not quite like us.

      2. If you followed the Series A and its media I think you would have to come to the conclusion that Lucas was well regarded. This contradicts your first sentence in this case.

        I think it is simply a case of Fiorentina trying their luck and haggling a couple of million of the original agreed price.

        1. I disagree. Goonster’s first paragraph is spot on. If Torreira was that good Fiorentina would not be the only team interested in signing him.
          For all those players highlighted how many other clubs were interested in them?
          The hardball approach will only work if you are willing to accept that you may be unable to move these players on.

  2. Exactly what happens when a club/manager releases players for free and makes it clear they don’t want their own player = devalued

    No surprises

    1. Exactly correct in every word.
      I hope MA might take on board, the fact that Torreria was awarded three player of the month recognition and rethink.
      He must be worth a minimum of £200,000,000, but as usual, we’ll probably give him away and pay his salary for the rest of his contract.

  3. This story is not surprising and IMO our ongoing daft loan policy, which is way overused, has ,TOGETHER WITH, our ludicrous andongoing contract disastrous policy for players vastly overpaid and not sold at the optimum time , when we COULD have got a realistic fee but chose to dither instead, HAS LED to this fiasco.
    Fiorentina have read us like a book and unsurprisingly , have then done the dirty on us

    IMO, we asked for it by our own regular dithering and not having the ability to employ someone of the brilliant and worldly wise level of DAVID DEIN.
    Ever since DD was foced to leave us ,we have had one disastrous financial and contract decider after another!. Sob!

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