Arsenal refusing to sell Szczesny to Roma?

Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny has landed in Rome this morning ahead of another season long loan to SERIE A side Roma. The Polish international has been linked all summer with a move away and it has now been confirmed by Roma’s official website.

Szczesny of course spent last season out on loan at Roma and had an impressive spell in Italy, where he in fact did suggest that he’d be more than happy to return to if he was no longer wanted at Arsenal. Although it seems that he may be out of favour in North London at the moment, hence the loan move, to state that Szczesny is unwanted altogether may be an overstatement considering Arsenal have opted not to include an option to buy in the contract.

“I’m very happy,” Szczesny said on Roma TV. “After a good season last year I had possibility of coming back and I was very happy that the coach wanted me. I’m delighted to be back and I hope that we can improve on what we did last season.”

It was previously reported that a £13.4 million clause had been entered into the agreement, however the latest developments suggest that Arsenal have instead chosen to refuse an option to buy at the end of the contract between both parties, with Arsenal keen to see how he continues to develop with experience. The current agreement supposedly stands at a £840,000 loan fee for the season, whilst Roma will also pay for the entirety of Szczesny’s wages.

I think it’s a good move for all parties involved because although I personally prefer Szczesny over Ospina, I don’t have any problems with Szczesny continuing to get experience on loan elsewhere before returning to the Gunners with some fight for a first team spot. Arsene Wenger must clearly think that Szczesny still has an Arsenal future, despite their previous encounters, otherwise Le Prof would just look to sell the former number one goalie straight up. Hopefully Szczesny has another good season in Italy where he can attain plenty more experience and come back a much stronger and better player.


  1. Szczesny must just be sold permanently because he’s proven over the years that he’ll never be at the level of the likes of De Gea,Lloris etc and after Cech’s international retirement I’m confident we can still get another solid 3 to 4 seasons out of him

  2. THis seems a good analysis. Szczesny has shown a lot more than Ospina in an Arsenal shirt. His real failing has been maturity, and given his precocious advancement at Arsenal it might be hard for him swallow being Cech’s back up. However being first choice at a top European club like Roma is not a very big step down for Szczesny. He’s playing every game he’s fit, and he put on some really spectacular displays for Roma. The fact that Roma bought another goalkeeper, but still wanted Szczesny suggests that they value the Gunner but are in need of insurance if they can’t buy him.

    Ospina is too much like so many almost top class keepers. He can be amazing but he also shows shocking judgment in coming for crosses and in his distribution. Really great keepers, and Gigi Buffon and Iker Casillas are the two ultimate professionals, rarely make spectacular saves because they’re always in the right places. Szczesny has shown he has those types of instincts even if he still makes mental errors. When Cech retires in a year or two he should be ready to come in and take over.

  3. This one is more difficult to assess because we simply don’t have all the inside info.

    Often these contracts include buy-back options or sometimes the selling club wants a share of the profits if the buying later club sells the player for profit. Or maybe the buying club wants some kind of guarantees.

    In other words, the deal could hinge on purely business considerations. We just don’t know.

  4. I find it very sad that people have permanently attached a couple of mistakes to Ospina and he gets judged down for those. One of his bad games was a very poor showing by the whole team and it was a farce from manager all the way down.

    I personally think Ospina is the best 2nd choice keeper in the league by a mile and good enough to be first choice. In fact I think last season, in the league, he played better than Cech who had a couple of howlers himself*

    *Cech is a better keeper. My point is that he made mistakes too however fans don’t seem to judge his whole skill set on those whereas they do for Ospina.

  5. Its a loan, Wenger will not sell him and i do not see the reason why, Wos is a better keeper than Ospina , while ospina is a wonderful shot stopper, but weak in handling of crosses from set plays and open game crosses, the only thing Cech has over Wos is maturity in decision makings and that can only come about by his years of experience. I am hoping Wos stays injury free and has a wonderful season, i expect him to be the number one or fighting for the number one slot in season 17-18

  6. I have always thought that while Szczesny was a fantastic reaction keeper, on par with some of the better keepers in Europe, it was always his decision making and positioning that let him down and gave up some needless goals and chances. He was constantly in the wrong place and caught watching the ball rather than adjusting to a runner coming in from the other side. The difference in Cech, who is as good on reactions with top class positioning and communication skills is just ridiculous. Ospina came in and was the best keeper in the league for most of a season only to be replaced by Cech, who is superior in pretty much every aspect. But just in that time Ospina proved that positioning and decision making are generally more important than being a top class on reactions.

    IMO, Szczesny always had the talent, he is bigger and more athletic than Ospina, who is much better positionally and on decisions. If Woj ever develops mentally, he is probably the better keeper but right now I think Ospina is clearly better. I still think we got rid of the wrong Polish keeper as well. Fabianski had his issues, very similar ones to Woj as well, but he developed well and has turned into a fantastic keeper. If Szczesny does develop like Fabianski, hopefully it is before we sell him.

  7. We are lucky to have 3 quality GK including one WC keeper
    One area where we shouldn’t be depressed about
    Szcesny is still young and loaning him makes sense

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