Arsenal refuse to sell Xhaka for cheap – “They have to pay up”

The rumour that Jose Mourinho wants Granit Xhaka to be his top target for Roma this sumer has been rumbling on since the first day of the summer transfer window, but despite everyone saying that this was a done deal, the two clubs are still miles away from getting near to an agreement.

To me for Arsenal to sell their most consistent midfielder makes no sense at all, especially when they would have to pay much more for a like-for-like replacement.

But, according to Charlie Watts, who is a well-known Arsenal expert with insider knowledge, the deal could still go ahead, but only if Roma meet the Gunners valuation in full.

Watts said on his own YouTube channel: “Lots of talk over in Italy this its now getting closer and closer. But from what I understand this is still not a done deal,”

“I was speaking to someone at Arsenal yesterday about this and the feeling at Arsenal is that they have to pay up.

“They say they are not going to give Xhaka away for cheap. Arsenal are open to selling Xhaka and he clearly wants to go to Roma.

“There has been talk that he will be meeting up with Roma in their pre season training camp in Portugal next week but as far as I’m aware it’s not at the stage yet and they still haven’t agreed a fee with Arsenal.”

I can certainly understand that Granit Xhaka would like to move to Italy, where he will get a better rate of tax and a last big contract, but I still maintain that Arteta would be making a big mistake if he let him go on any terms.

The Swiss captain still has two years left on his contract, and after his immense performances at the Euros he is surely worth a LOT more than 20 million to any big team…

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  1. Roma aren’t meeting Arsenal’s valuation because Jose knows they don’t have to.

    Xhaka had a good Euros. He was also one of Arsenal’s best performers over the whole of last season. But he’s not what Arsenal need going forward. The club’s mission this summer is to find the right kind of profile (progressive play and dynamic) – Xhaka does not fit that profile.
    Arsenal need Xhaka to move on in order to sign someone with the profile that fits their needs.

    Xhaka wants to move to Roma for the reasons you suggest plus the fact he will have a much easier time and look far more impressive in Serie A than he does in the Prem. He’ll have the time and space he needs to flourish. No-one else is coming in because they all know he’s keen on Roma.

    Jose knows Arsenal will relent and he’s
    probably right…. unless it is all left too late to find a replacement.

  2. I’d go as far as to extend him for a year in order to boost his value. I believe he’ll be even better in 2021/2022 so I agree with the club for once.

  3. This guy plays better for his national team.
    We obviously cant get the best from him in how we use his talents , so let him go , get rid and start a fresh.
    Arteta needs a solid reliable sort there , Xhaka isnt his type , so why wait.
    lts going to be another tough year , even tho i think its going to be much better , dont be fooled we still havent the squad to challenge the best (not yet)..

  4. How desperate are Roma to land Xhaka?
    How desperate is Arsenal to sell?
    What really is the post covid market?
    10% down 20%, 50%?
    If 120 mill Coutinho is being given away
    and 150 mill Ousmane Dembele is almost worthless why pay more than 10 mill for Xhaka?
    Why pay 150 mill for Haaland when you get him for 90 mill or pay 100 mill for Sancho when you can get him for 60mill?
    Why pay 30 mill for Maitland-Niles when you can get him for 9mill?
    Why pay anything for Lacazette Torreira Kolasinac or Bellerin when you can get them free next season or the one after?
    Nobodys going to buy old man Willian let alone pay his 200k per week salary.
    Clubs are offering well below market prices and looking to loan. They know they can wait as cash strapped clubs will be forced to sell at much lower prices.
    Xhaka is one of the few we will get a decent fee for but below last season’s prices.
    10mill is the best we’ll get for any one else.
    Clubs are buying cheap, loaning or making do with what they have.
    Its how it is that’s all.
    30mill for White -take it or leave it.

    1. the media and fans pressures the club to spend big

      no one likes cheap buys or free transfers

      juz like Haaland….media is pressuring the clubs to spend 150m to sign him…..Haaland 60m clause can be activated end of the season

      the same goes to Pogba, Mbappe, Varane and etc….they have 12 months left in their contract and will leave for free

      However the media is pressuring Utd to pay the 70m and sign him instead of getting him for free next season

  5. 14 mil for a player like xhaka is horrendous, he was one of our better palyers last season and will flourish in seri a. its better to keep him as a squad player than sell for 14 mil.

  6. Don’t get this view that he was one of our best players last season. He really struggled through almost all of it and I can only remember a few games where he really looked comfortable and improved the side with his passing.
    Saka, Laca, ESR, KT, Holding and Partey(?) were probably our best players, taking the season as a whole, and some of them only played about half of it.

  7. If Roma is not ready to pay £20million, then he should remain with us. If we sell below the £20m, we are sending a signal that we do sell our players according to how buyers see fit.

  8. Xhaka assisted a burnley tap-in goal against arsenal,that’s what i remember about him last season.the sooner he goes,the better for we suffering fans

  9. keep him until January, if his standard improve, then we can sell him for the set price.

  10. the likelihood of us ever getting our desired fee was most certainly lost when Xhaka spoke publicly, in jest or otherwise, about his Roman desires, as who would be so stupid as to pay full ask once it became glaringly clear that this largely underperforming player, who appears to have no other serious suitors, has had his head turned…just sell him already so we can get this albatross off our collective necks

  11. The reason we are struggling to get a fee for xhaka is because he is a donkey. One good game against France proves absolutely nothing, he did play well but that doesn’t make up for all the mediocre to diabolical games he played for us. Ask yourselves this, Where is the queue for xhaka if he is such a bargain? There aint one!

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