Arteta refuses to blame his Arsenal players for Newcastle defeat

There was controversy about the 1-0 Arsenal loss to Newcastle, but that game (including the Arsenal boss’s rant) is now history.
That said, Mikel Arteta highlighted his resolve to improve the morale of his players after his club’s controversial 1-0 loss to Newcastle. The Arsenal manager is eager to motivate his team for the upcoming games.

Despite the fact that his team lost, after the game over the weekend, Arteta commended them for their efforts (one approach to inspire them) and stated that forces beyond their control prevented them from winning. He observed their determination to keep Newcastle at bay.

“I have to praise them; it’s not in their hands; it’s not in their control. I have to praise the players the way they play here, and what they did, and how much they limited Newcastle to what they did and how much we tried. It’s incredible. Honestly,” said Arteta on how he would pick the players up after Newcastle result.

Going forward, it is obvious that Arsenal must strive for unity and recognise their accomplishments. This far, we’ve learned that staying positive throughout difficult circumstances is critical. The club stuck with Arteta even in moments some thought they should have dismissed him.

When they play next, Arsenal can come back stronger than ever before with unity and Gooners support. After two losses in a row, a strong win over Sevilla may be the turning point the Gooners need.

Darren N

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  1. Forget about the bird eye view with the ball across the line.

    But how on earth the two hands miss on Gabriel back, common sense has disappeared in the wind from the officials, time for Howard Webb to be removed.
    PGMOL need leadership as the body is too incompetent.

      1. I don’t know if it will help people who just want the goal to have been disallowed, but i appreciated this. Explains the ‘inconclusive’ result effectively to my mind

  2. Good on him.
    Both players and manager rightly feels robbed.
    The players gave everything and stood their ground in a very physical encounter.
    It is his job remind them of that to build their confidence going forward.

  3. We didn’t offer enough in attack – I hope he recognises that behind the scenes, otherwise we’re making victims of ourselves rather than addressing a real problem.

    1. We were victimized and they have every right to voice it. Nothing suggest we won’t go on to win or at least draw the game as proved against Chelsea and city, you have also failed to recognize the quality of the opposition and their behaviours/antics all through the game amongst several other bad calls against us such as TWO obvious penalties.

      1. Sure, if you say so. All I’m saying is it’s not useful to see ourselves as victims when we didn’t exactly play the perfect game. We might well have tied the game, we might have won, or Newcastle might have scored on a different attack were it not for that goal. It was a close match.
        I don’t mind arteta saying anything to the press, really, so long as internally we focus on the things we can control, which includes how we ourselves play in games. Some areas need to improve if we want to win the title this year.

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