Arsenal refuses to cancel the contract of outcast

Arsenal has refused to cancel the contract of Hector Bellerin so that he can re-join Real Betis as a free agent.

The full-back moved to the Spanish club on loan in the last summer transfer window and he was in fine form during the 2021/2022 season, where he won the Spanish Cup.

Betis enjoyed his talents as he played over 30 matches for Manuel Pellegrini’s side.

However, he has been forced to return to Arsenal as Betis struggle to keep him. The defender has a good relationship with the club, having been a boyhood fan.

But they cannot afford to pay and sign him from Arsenal permanently, which has forced them to rely on him cancelling his deal at the Emirates.

Estadio Deportivo claims Arsenal has refused to grant him his wish to terminate his contract a year early and they will look to sell him this summer, instead.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bellerin will struggle to play at the Emirates in the next campaign, but that doesn’t mean we should allow him to leave the club as a free agent.

The defender is one of the finest loanees we had in the just-concluded season and we need to make some good profit from offloading him.

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  1. Arsenal have set a really bad precedent, now they have deal with clubs and players who this is a charity organization.

  2. Firstly nobody regards Bellerin as an outcast. He is just returning from a loan like all the others Saliba Torreira Niles Nelson Mari Runarrson Balogun.
    Secondly nobody is asking for the club to cancel his contract and let him walk for free. It’s just normal business.
    Bellerin came for free and is entering the last year of his contract. He is on 100k p/w so he can just stay at Arsenal pick up his salary and cruise to leave on a free next summer. Arsenal wants 9m but will settle for 5m and getting his 100k p/w off the books. One of the smaller deals to be processed this summer.

  3. Well done MA znd Edu

    Exactly what us negative fans said would happen when they started their ridiculous contract management stuffing around. Now everyone sees us as a joke, even Real Betis.

  4. It’s unbelievable what this Management has turned this club to.
    I wonder if it’s all worth it at the end.
    We have had numerous players run out there contract, let go freely, or paid to leave under this management..
    Don’t even get me started about how we sell players cheaply..
    The lack of experience is showing big time..
    But since we are running youth project, every other thing is being overlooked.

    1. It baffles me when people still make comments about our so-called “youth project”. Every club targets young players, so what’s this about a “youth project” at Arsenal? I also learned that more academy players have featured for Man Utd and Chelsea in the past few years than Arsenal, yet no one there talks about them doing a “youth project”. Having the youngest squad in the league is not an achievement

      1. Mate I am with you. The youth project is there to cover the failure and nothing else.
        I am amongst the people who keeps record of what you heard. In fact forget past seasons, this concluded season, both club had more academic products player play for them in the league more than we do. Only Saka played regularly in out team out of our academic products. Esr to some extent and nketia.
        Man you had greenwood , Henderson, Rashford, mc tomaniny, lingard, elenga. And I don’t even includes those who had their debut. You will never see them scream youth project because it wasn’t new to them. It was part for the core you like it was with our.
        The last 3 champions league has been won by players with under23 of ages.
        Bayern with Coeman , chealse with hervet , now Madrid with junior. Nobody is screaming youth when they did.
        It’s only us who go ahead and scream youth project up and down.
        How are you surprised when we are being seeing 5th as a progress something we sacked two managers for with a better record mostly, but since we are running youth project that as never been done before in history, all can be forgiven and excuses shall be given.

      2. I think the term ‘project youth’ is a bit of a misnomer as the media seem to refer to anyone under 23 as ‘youth’ when in fact a youth is under 18 as that’s the age you become a man. We have a young team, that’s all.

  5. Much as I have fervently wished Bellerin to leave us for good and this was almost since he first started when it was blindingly obvious that he had NO IDEA how to defend- a rather basic necessity you might conclude in a full back and therefore a”defender”- I do think we should try to get SOME FEE , at least.

    We have a dismal reputation going back many managers and even before Wenger came and ever since, for throwing away fees for outgoing players by not selling them when we had the chance IMO, WE would have been wise=-as events have proved- to sell Bellerin five years ago.

    On JA we have many diverse opoinions but one thing I truly believe VIRTUALLY ALL GOONERS AGREE ABOUT , is this fatal “infection” that our club has had for decades past, of failing to sell non productive players at the most realistic and opportune time.

    This “infection” has been becoming WORSE not better, that is until around last summer, when active steps were taken to at least reduce it. But it still persists right now, even so.

  6. so now we finally grow a pair?!?…surely they could figure out some sort of financial middle ground, especially if we have no interest in him returning

    1. I’m sorry, but I believe this is the only management team that have given players away, while still paying their salaries.

      Let’s not muddy the waters in order to let the present situation seem as if it’s been the “norm” for decades past.

      Of course we have made mistakes in the past and, if I thought it worthwhile, I could go back to Billy Wright for examples…. BUT!!!!
      We have never given players away and then paid their salaries – this is a phenomenon that has arisen since MA and Edu became a partnership.

      It could be because kronkie wanted the wage bill slashed and MA /Edu obliged, but PLEASE let’s stick to the facts.

      1. As for Bellerin, never let the club down and faced the morons who attacked him behind their keyboards.
        Good luck Hector – you deserve it!!!

        1. Some of us DO think he let us down regularly, simply by being completely unable to defend properly.


      2. You were absolutely right.
        It’s only in this management we started to pay players to leave or have stars run the contract down.
        There were so Many things wrong with the past management but this particular one isnt one of them.

        Ozil, Auba, laca, mikhi, sokratis, mustafi, kola. Those are the ones I remember. They were bought for more than 150m and we couldn’t get a penny in return cause they either run their contract down, or being paid to let got, and terminate the contracts. All this happen in 3 years of this management. That’s more than Wenger did for like a decade or more.

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