Arsenal register interest in English Gabriel Jesus alternative

Arsenal are claimed to have made their interest in Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford official, days after our interest in Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus was seemingly confirmed.

The Gunners are firmly in the hunt to add to our front line in the coming window, with a forward and an out-and-out striker wanted, and we appear to be keen for one of those to be from the Premier League.

Rashford’s future at Old Trafford appears to be uncertain at present, especially with him not playing a key role in their side for much of the current campaign, while he has been criticised for not concentrating on his football by former boss Ole Gunnar Solksjaer also.

While the player will already have been contemplating a future away from Old Trafford, Arsenal are now said to have made our interest official, with the Football Insider claiming that the club have already set aside over £45 Million for his potential signing.

While I would love for us to sign Rashford, he has very little form over the last 18 months, although the same can be said for most players playing at the supposed ‘Theatre of Dreams’. We know there is a serious player in there, with the potential to be a world-beater, but I do have reservations over where his priorities lie, and I have to lean towards Gabriel Jesus as the forward that I would prefer of the two.

Does anyone believe that Rashford has the higher potential than Jesus? Could Arteta be just the man to bring Rash back to his best?


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  1. I do not like both. Someone said Jesus does not have that killer instinct of a finisher that arsenal are looking for, and i believe him. I would prefer we go with Nunez of Benfica.

  2. I see some say Nunez! But have they seen his injury record? And he plays in a far insuperior league. Sure Rashford and Jesus are not Haaland, but I would take both over lacazette and Nketiah.

    Whatever we get we get, I will support them.

    1. He’s only missed one game due to injury this season and I think about 6 last season when he initially had his knee injury.

      The fact that he’s missed only one game due to injury this season and is banging in the goals means he has recovered well enough in my opinion.

  3. Why is it that Arsenal must always be the team to try and resurrect flops?When is Arsenal going to be ambitious and forward thinking? When is Arsenal going to challenge the top teams in buying top young quality players?, instead of being the Dump yard for underachievers and players that have passed their best. Just look at mid-table teams , Newcastle, West ham and Aston Villa, they , are challenging for the best emerging quality talents across the Globe, even if they can’t offer European football. If Arsenal want to still pride itself as one of the biggest teams in Europe, then it must behave so, by being ruthless and fight for the best players too. Rashford is not one of them. Sorry, but, no thanks Arsenal.

    1. Some of the so-called flops from certain clubs aren’t necessarily flops but are not playing due to:

      1. The level of competition at the club e.g Alexis Sanchez at Barcelona
      2. Off field issues e.g Aubameyang at Dortmund
      3. Clubs looking to balance the books e.g Ozil at Madrid
      4. Arsenal’s style of play not suiting the player e.g Olivier Giroud

  4. I don’t think even EDU is stupid enough to make this deal.

    (unless there’s a brown paper bag involved, that is!)

  5. People talk about inferior leagues, yet most of the best talents and performers in the premier league come from the so-called inferior league’s. Just to name a few, Ruben Neves(wolves), Jaoa Cancelo(Manchester city) and Luis Diaz(Liverpool). Manchester United has no chance of qualifying for a top four finish, but, they are looking to buy Darwin Nunez and Victor Osimhen. Have Arsenal agreed to fund the acquisition of one of them, for Manchester United by purchasing Rashford. What Nonsense.

    1. @Wayne
      I always laugh when I read a comment about all other European leagues being “inferior” or “Insuperior” as Atid put it. But fail to acknowledge that players fron those so called “insuperior” leagues are whats propping up the EPL…IJS

  6. So many top strikers available this upcoming transfer window, so few clubs with money to spend. Armed with all the wages we will be saving from Laca’s and PEA’s exit, (over 500K per week), we should be in the driver seat to sign at least three top targets. And even better, top players are dropping their wage demands too.
    No more expensive, big ticket players, please. I would limit transfers to 60M maximum, leaving big ticket purchases for the likes of City and Chelsea.

    1. I agree with most comments above, we should go for the best and not players who have gone over the hill

  7. Rashf scored a lot of goals at PL and International
    I’d take Rashford at 25mill fee and 100k p/w.
    Unfortunately Utd would want 70m+ and he wants 200k p/w so no deal.

  8. Rashford kind of seems okay but I would prefer we go for a more technical player, say a player in the mold of Liverpool’s Luiz diaz,

    Darwin Nunez would be great,

  9. Rashford would certainly cost somewhere in the range of £40-£60m and over £100k per week in wages.He is certainly not a natural goal scorer,prefers to play out wide and seems to have list his “football focus” over the last couple of years…instead attempting to ” put the World to rights”…Given that there are many better alternatives out there I would really worry about Arsenal spending so much money on a player who’s scoring ability is questionable and who’s effectively unwanted by a main rival.

  10. No. Gabriel Jesus is better, younger, hungrier, faster, more clinical and more focussed.

  11. Please no! One of the most overrated English players I have seen. Also, he’s been so poor for about 2 years solid, maybe more.

    It NEVER works out buying off our rivals! Willian must be the last one!

  12. Rashford gives me the Danny Welbeck vibes plus his current salary is £200k per week and I don’t see him dropping that.

    Whoever that buys him Man Utd will have to subsidise his salary I’m sure. Unless it’s Newcastle.

  13. Too risky. It might turn out really well but it might be a dud decision – I know that is always the case but the uncertainty is greater.

    We can’t afford gambles.

  14. Yet another ludicrous rumour that wiser Gooners will dismiss as the nonsense it plainly is!

    No thinking fan seriously imagines MA will be paying a vastly over the top amount for a “done nothing whatsoever in 18 months and fast disappearing from all view” and a committed United supporter to boot.

    Its arrant nonsense,so forget it!

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