Arsenal reignite interest in Serie A midfielder available for a bargain fee

Arsenal is being linked with a move yet again for AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie.

All last summer Arsenal was rumoured to be interested in signing AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie. It seems those rumours are back following a report in Corriere Dello Sport as cited by the Metro.

Kessie was one of so many names that Arsenal was apparently interested in the last transfer window that no one should really be surprised that his name has popped up again.

The report claims that Milan would be happy to sanction his transfer if a club comes up with a fairly reasonable £21 Million.

Kessie is still only 23 and has had a decent season so far, he would certainly be a bargain buy at £21 Million if he adapts to the English game, however, Arsenal are only looking at loan players right now and it is not clear if Milan would agree on a loan as opposed to a permanent deal.

Arsenal are not the only club looking at Kessie, West Ham United are also keen according to the report and they would probably not hesitate to splash the cash if given an opportunity to do so.

If Kessie is available this winter and his price really is £21 Million they could end up kicking themselves if they allow a team like West Ham to swoop in and beat them to the Ivory Coast international.

There really are not that many highly-rated midfielders from a high profile league that come with such a bargain price tag.


  1. Mohsan says:

    Don’t need him, first you want club to buy an bang avg player then next year you will complain that squad is not good enough to qualify for champions League n we have dead wood. no thanks. I am a firm believer in quality rather then quantity.

  2. Atid says:

    There is a reason he is valued at about the same as mustafi and only slightly more than elneny.

    If we can only afford young midfielders, then we as play our homegrown talent. Who is to say this guy is any better than what we have already? I would rather give the likes of willock, olayinka, burton, Smith and coyle some minutes than stock pile players for the sake of it.

    Same goes with any other position. We have 2 sides that can play the way arteta wants and we have a 3rd side of young talent that could come in for injuries.

    As it stands
    Bellerin holding luiz Tierney
    Torreira xhaka
    Pepe lacazette aubameyang

    Niles mustafi Sokratis kolasinac
    Guendozi ceballos
    Nelson martinelli Saka

    Swanson Ballard Medley Bola
    Smith Burton
    Coyle Azeez Olayinka

  3. gotanidea says:

    Looks no better than what we have

    If Xhaka is leaving and Arteta wants to keep the 4-2-3-1 formation, we need Xhaka’s replacement. Someone who can play as left DM and left CB seamlessly

  4. Ahaha!sometimes I feel you choose to post absurb rumours just to wind up readers and force a reaction out of them! Surely, Kessie? Is he supposed to be an improvement on what we currently have? I guess deadwood-out deadwood-in is a solid strategy for success! Our squad is already reeking with mediocrity without having to add yet more garbage from AC Milan.

  5. ArsenalwinsWorldcup says:

    Get Cavani for free

    Swap Lacazette & Mustafi for Koulibaly (Napoli will need an attacker after mertens exit)

    60 mill for Ziyech

    So that means we manage to get a world-class centre forward, midfielder and centreback all at just 60 million. This would suit Auba and Cavani as both will get enough time at CF as they are old and can’t start every game from next season

    1. ArsenalwinsWorldcup says:

      So the lineup would look like


      —Martinelli— Ziyech— Pepe—


      Tierney– Koulibaly– Saliba– AMN


      1. Sue says:

        I love Cavani… but think he’ll end up at Atletico.

  6. Innit says:

    We should be improving our squad not adding similar quality players to it. We need to sell a lot of players we do have and get better ones. This player won’t improve us

  7. Sean Williams says:

    Wrong spirit, wrong structure, wrong owners, wrong Arsenal. We can see it. Arteta is a good-un. It really does not matter an iota other than we have a poor defence and midfield and need players. We are in a poor position and really need players. Are the present ones good enough……No. I don’t know if Franck Kessie is good enough, but I think the whole structure of our management setup is not doing Arteta any favours. We don’t need to break the bank, but we do need players to improve us. We are way closer to relegation than the top four….and we look it.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    I’d like the look of us entering that South American market. Bring over a few of the best under 23 players. Martinelli for 6m was it. It’s difficult to find attacking players like that anymore, everyone has the french league well scouted. What could we buy out that way if we’re willing to outbid teams, you could probably get three cracking players for under 90m. We should make the most of Raul, Edu, and our returning SA scout. The PL could do with a bit of the old Arsenal flair to light it up, va va voom.

    1. Diogenes says:

      Although, when it comes to fullbacks or box-to-box midfielders or even DMs the French league still offers value for money if your scouting is at least not blind.
      Players like Kante may be rare, but Doucoure level of quality is available every year.

      RB, LB, B2B, DM – Ligue 1
      CB, RB, LB – Championship
      CM, AM – La Liga
      AM, RW, LW, CF – South America

      This is too simplified, but that’s how I would focus value-for-money scouting.

      Top goalkeepers are spread out evenly.

  9. DDK3 says:

    Don’t think we should engage in any panic/budget buys now and then compromise our options in the summer.

    Lets first see how things shake out. If for example we manage to win Europa then we would have CL to offer and have a larger budget to work with. If we don’t, sell the deadwood, Elneny, Mkhi etc. and put that money towards players that Arteta is keen on. If Auba refuses to sign then sell him off too and go for the next big thing.

  10. DDK3 says:

    It really grates me that we are forever linked with attacking players, sincerely hope that it is just the media doing their thing.

    We don’t need Lemar and he has been pathetic at Atletico, Mertens also isn’t a priority right now. I hope that Ceballos starts to get some game time, especially if Torreira will be missing a few games. Hopefully there is still an outside chance that we will be able to sign him for a decent price, especially if Pogba does end up going to Madrid.

  11. DUKU SIMON says:

    Our main problems is to find two more dependers who alternately can play as midfielders at the same time other than selling the super players.

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