Arsenal reject Everton’s £30m Iwobi offer but that is not the end

It is all starting to happen at a rapid pace, first Everton bid £30 Million for forward Alex Iwobi and then almost immediately Arsenal reject the bid.

According to a variety of sources, it was £25 Million plus add ons bringing the total package up to £30 Million.

But that is not the end of it as Everton are expected to table a further bid later today, according to reports on Sky Sports News itself and online.

If Arsenal are adamant they are not selling Iwobi that would be very strange, he is not going to be a regular starter and £30 Million is more than I thought he was worth.

But this is the new Arsenal and maybe they are going to play hardball and try and squeeze more money out of the Toffees.

One thing is for sure though, this one is not over with just yet, Everton are desperate to strengthen and it will be very interesting to see their next bid and Arsenal’s response.


  1. Sell him and use the money to fund moves for upamecano and possibly Tierney.

    Reiss nelson will take his place .

  2. Not enough for a player with his talents, if players like Wan Bissaka are going for 50Mil. He is also home grown. Keep him for the Europa league and the cups please

    1. So, what is enough?? You clearly don’t think he is a first team regular.

      Personally, I’d take 40 million!!

  3. Should be sold…good offer for a player surplus to requirement and never good enough as a assist provider or finisher

    1. @Saeed .you do realise he had the second highest assists for arsenal last season .Iwobi is a player everyone loves to hate . HE is not so bad but not so great either . Struggling to think Nelson will be better as yet . Getting Zaha will be nice if we sell but a part of me remembers Zaha from MAn utd . Tranfers are dicey every now and then you get a Guinouzi and other times you get an Elneny ,

  4. Why are Clubs not bidding for all this deadwoods like Xhaka, Ozil, Kolsainac and Mustafi….

    Am not a Nigerian

    Iwobi is one of the game changers we limitedly have…
    This guy always plays very well against the Big teams most especially when coming from the Bench…

    He is a threat going forward

    Why all this hate against this young dude…
    He is not yet a finished product
    He is still going to get better than this…

    He is far more better than Ozil
    Why all this Hate

    1. “Why are Clubs not bidding for all this deadwoods like Xhaka, Ozil, Kolsainac and Mustafi?”

      Maybe the answer is in your question oh great Zen master!!

      1. Liverpool

        and some matches i can’t just remember now…..

        Iwobi is not our problem but the deadwoods are the ones setting this club backwards

  5. The difference between Iwobi and Zaha is the media, Alex Iwobi is a very good player who’s only limitation is scoring goals which comes with age. Sterling is a perfect example. The same arsenal fans calling for him to be sold instead of Mhkitaryan will be the ones crying when he begins flourishing in another team. I say play Iwobi on the left, Pepe on the right then Auba/Laca as 9 and see how exciting Arsenal would be in the coming EPL season.

    1. Arsenal and Everton consider Iwobi as a good young player, that’s why their value him highly. He can play well in different positions and has good resale value

      I hope they can sell Ozil and Mkhitaryan instead, because those two are so limited, especially Ozil. If Ozil is really skilled, why cannot he play on the wings or in other area and why is there no club bidding for him?

      Arsenal need to keep versatile homegrown player like Iwobi and bench the old mercenaries

    2. Honestly, U are an intelligent analyst.
      I av this in mind as well. In most of the matches, expect this to happen.. people don’t see beyond now. Cos of 30m, We av all forgotten iwobi’s incisiveness when it comes to ball passing.. he’s a forward thinking player, one of the few dribblers we have. He only needs our support. Fans have all forgotten the number of times he was played by the coach last season… Iwobi plays well in the midts of ball retaining midfielders. He did very well when Santi carzola was here. One of the few midfielders that can even play as a number 10. Let’s see how the window ends…

    1. 30m can’t get decent player currently in football transfer..Gremio rejected Arsenal’s 37m for evaton Soares
      That tells you 30m for a proven epl winger like iwobi is unacceptable

  6. Reiss-Nelson is already better than Iwobi, who has always thought too highly of himself. Even though he’s supremely talented, there are parts of Iwobi’s game that are weak and need improvement. But he has shown little inclination to work on improving in those areas. Meanwhile, Reiss-Nelson, Saka, Smith-Rowe and Martinelli are showing that they already can offer nearly as much as Iwobi, if not more.

    Being that Everton are trying to challenge Arsenal and are desperate, I would try to get as much as possible from them, but I wouldn’t hesitate to sell Iwobi. It would be a bit of a risk, but I don’t think that Iwobi’s field awareness/ability to see the whole pitch as the play develops will ever allow him to realize the full potential that his physical talents promise. IMHO he will be a good to very good player at best, but not a superstar. Arsenal can do better, so the club would be wise to cash in on him while it can. He buys Tierney or is a down payment on a quality CB.

  7. And some fans said he no one will bid over 15m for him, thank God they are not Raul.
    Though i feel he can be a good squad, 30-35m is a good price, selling him means we need to replace him, as no one can tell how Martinel and the lads will perform, so if we sell him, lets buy Everton Soars , Grameiro has already rejected Napoli €37m offer, if we offer £35m possibly with add-on, its such a good bargain. Pls no one should tell me to use the money for defence, we already have budget for that.
    Am a Nigerian, i feel Iwobi isnt improving his game, he needs to move on.

  8. How do you mean “its not the end of it” ? So there won’t be injuries, suspensions and burn outs to the first team players in his wing position??? I will be shocked if Arsenal sold Iwobi, home grown talent remember?

  9. Please tell me I am dreaming.
    Everton want Iwboi and rumours that DC want Ozil.
    Please someone wake me up. This could the best summer transfer window in the last few years.

    Let all this be true.

    Can I pay for the Uber rides to the Airport?

    The biggest smile on my face ever. ?

    1. Iwobi is not for sale
      Maybe mikhi can be sold for 30m
      Iwobi is maturing season after season
      Imagine the price of ZAHA today
      Iwobi will be 80m in the next tw0 yrs

      1. Fantastic stuff you’re smoking. Iwobi shown little progress last couple years, thats why he can’t crack starting 11.

        Same poor decision making and still woeful trying to score. More likely Iwobi’s bench spot gets taken by Martinelli or Saka than Iwobi valued at £80 million.

        Keep smoking and daydreaming

        1. Arsenal ain’t gonna sell Iwobi now and forget your deluded wish that is full of hatred against him whether you admit it or not it’s inconsequential. Mark my words the way you haters of IWOBI including the negative media made the board to force Emry last season to drop IWOBI for Ozil that ended our winning run and ushered in the free fall out of top four is coming again. Emry quietly proved a point when he boldly dropped off your Talisman, razor sharp, world class, killer pass giver Ozil in the last match away where he featured IWOBI & co and they came out with excellent result. Unai Emry have learnt, he’s made IWOBI an integral part of his exciting squad for the upcoming season you can call for his head if you like. Lastly, you all have to change whatsoever stuff you have been smoking and drinking because it’s affecting your brain and heart negatively, no matter how much you wish and desires these trio Saka, Smith Rowe and Reiss Nelson to topple IWOBI he is going to prove you wrong period.

  10. lol and yet some football expert on justarsenal said he will end up at brentford, the same thing they said about Ramsey ” Wenger boy” they say, Ramsey will end up in an average team because no serious top team will come for him, the same was said about oxlade chamberlain which if I remember correctly he rejected Chelsea to go to Liverpool, Giroud they say only plays because of wenger now he’s a World Cup winner and an Europa cup winner, thank goodness the fans are not the ones making the decision. I said it in one of the countless iwobi articles that if he will be sold it won’t be less than 40million, the boy clearly have talent only a biased fan will say otherwise the only issue I have with him is his finishing which am very sure he will improve on, am French and have seen some great midfielders, the way iwobi controls the ball and go past players is pure genius,for a 23 year old player who has more assists than zaha is not an easy task, even though last season was his full season as a First team player, I really wish they sell him to Everton and see him play as an attacking midfielder it will bring out the best in him.

  11. Selling iwobi for 30+ would be pretty good business for arsenal. can get a good cb for this price and iwobi homegrown place can be given to nelson/saka. remember we gave iwobi a chance at 1st team at same age as saka/nelson.

  12. if they like they should sell iwobi, then they will be looking for a LW/attacking 10 next season at 80M /
    goodluck to that.

    instead of us to sell. miki,ozil,elneny,mustafi.
    those are the deadwood.
    even kolasnic is still good.
    iwobi is direct and changes games.
    yes he need to improve on his finishing.
    he should learn from pepe.
    but to sell him.
    well good luck next season.

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