Arsenal rejected a big-money deal for the Emirates naming right

Not so long ago, Stan Kroenke faced a serious battle to keep hold of Arsenal after Spotify’s Daniel Ek declared he wanted to buy the club.

The Swede was serious about his bid and he even formed a close relationship with some former Arsenal players.

He eventually failed in his bid to buy the club from the American billionaire, even though it doesn’t seem he has finally given up on buying it.

However, Mirror Football claims Spotify originally approached Arsenal to do a naming rights deal for the Emirates.

That encouraged their co-founder to pursue buying the club.

Arsenal rejected their bid to rename the Emirates, and the Kroenkes weren’t interested in selling their controlling stake at the Gunners.

The music streaming app company has now secured a deal with Barcelona to rename the famous Camp Nou.

It would fetch the Spanish club around £236m.

Just Arsenal Opinion

£236m is a lot of money that we could easily have invested in the transfer market or other areas of the club.

However, Arsenal’s executives are well-trained business people and they would have studied the proposal very well before deciding against accepting it.

If the club intends to rename the Emirates, we could get a better deal in the future.

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  1. sounds more like a dangerously petty decision based solely on the company involved than a savvy/shrewd piece of business…hope I’m wrong, as that would be quite a windfall, especially considering our questionable business model

  2. This is NOT a story at all but simply a failed attempt by Spotify to usurp Emirates Airlines, which was sensibly rejected by directors who know which is the better AND more long term and stable, financial deal for our club.

    Initially, I welcomed the attempt by Daniel Ek to buy us out but I now know how relatively “poor” he is and how tenuous is his Spotify business in the medium to long term.

    I would love to see Kroenke bought out, BUT only by someone far richer than he is and who actually supports us for real. That is very unlikely in the foreseeable future!

    1. Spotify is using Richard Branson free advertising tactics by going after impossible tasks knowing full well they cannot buy or obtain it, with the worlds media reporting the offer the name Spotify gets free advertising

      1. Strange that they wanted to sponsor the naming rights of the bowl, considering the Emirates deal doesn’t finish until 2028.

  3. Look out for Thierry sitting in the stands with his billionaire bro in the Nou Camp soon resplendent in a retro Barca shirt!

  4. ” Not so long ago, Stan Kroenke faced a serious battle to keep hold of Arsenal after Spotify’s Daniel Ek declared he wanted to buy the club. ”

    And Kroenke’s answer was?… Nah. Now that IS a serious battle. Must have lasted 10 seconds or more?

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