Arsenal reliance on Ozil showcased by struggle at Man City

First of all I would like to say well done to Arsenal for hanging on for a point away to Man City, which makes it virtually guaranteed that the Gunners will be in the draw for the Champions League again next season. It was tough though, and I think that we got really lucky in coming up against a team that was feeling the nerves even more than we were.

Arsenal hardly deserved the point but we got it and that is what mattered but really we should have taken even more from the game, especially with City struggling for form and confidence, so why was it so hard? You do not have to look much further than our inability to stay calm in possession.

And perhaps the reason for that is fairly simple; we did not have the magician that is Mesut Ozil pulling the strings. The German may have his faults and he definitely has plenty of people waiting to criticise him when he does not have a massive impact but I have never heard anyone say that he panics or is poor in possession.

What Ozil gives Arsenal, even when his precise passing and vision is not opening up defences, is control and composure on the ball and the lack of his presence was woefully obvious today as the likes of Elneny, Ramsey and pretty much every Gunner on the pitch rushed their play and kept handing the ball and therefore the initiative to Man City.

It has been said that Ozil is like the oil in the Arsenal engine, enabling our fluent football with his movement, class, ability and sheer skill and that, for me, is the main reason Arsenal struggled today. Do you agree?


    1. I didn’t think he’s the only one. Elneny and Ramsey were struggling to get or to maintain the ball. Like it or not we’ve to thank to Giroud (that’s sucks). One goal and one assist he should be MOTM. Overall, this result was predicted by majority of us. Only one point for Arsene to get his 17 years (or 18 correct me) of ECL involvement. What a long weird streak in football because very few of gooners will happy with it. Anyway, I don’t want us to play Europa league, hell no, not in this world.

      1. Ya it sucks we have to give support to an arsenal player who was motm. Muppet….

  1. He is indeed the key to us unlocking the opposition’s defense, that’s how vital he is to us!

  2. I think it was a fair result. They could have blown us away in that first half, but they failed to capitalize. We worked hard that second half, looked dangerous on the break, and got a hard earned point.

  3. If we lose at home to Villa, we may find ourselves in the Europa league! .. And you know what normally happen’s when there’s too much expectations from the fan’s before games, So don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

    And Boy, have we witnessed some chicken performances this season. ???

      1. Arsenal were one nil up at home to swansea and lost it. Consistently bottling it at critical times is why we are where we are. Anyone can beat anyone in this league and regularly do so. I just hope that the players and manager are approaching this game in the correct frame of mind and do not concede a goal and then panic.

    1. I sell all my chickens to Colonel Sanders, you’ll find them ready to eat. You’re too hyperbolic dude. One point should not be that hard.
      Forget something Fatty? Arsene is a record holder of 3rd and 4th place trophies, LOL! I wonder why Guiness Book of Records not recorded that yet. That’s a complete freak streak. I’m SERIOUS, why you all laugh at it?

      1. How to do ot is on Wiki How, if you want to try.

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  4. To see Ozil’s true potential he will need better than Oliver, Theo and Danny

  5. Very pleased with Jack’s performance today.
    Nobody goes past players quite the way Jack does it 🙂

    1. That’s a sarcasm was it? Jack still think he plays for Arsenal U21, where he can skip pass players.

      1. If our layers left it all on the pitch like Jack ALWAYS does, we’ll not be perennially fighting for fourth place. The irony of it is that we make fun of his injuries when his sin is always putting in a 100% commitment in every game he plays, I lost count of how many times he still flicked the ball to a team mate even when he’d been taken to the ground in last night’s game, fighting for every inch of grass…six man of the match awards for England of the seven games he played, that should count for something now, shouldn’t it?

        1. @incarnate
          Jack was not all that impressive out there. And what he did a few seasons ago, don’t count today…

          1. @ ny

            Dude what game were these kids watching jack was poor a couple of cuts here and there and he supposedly played great. I don’t think he created a single chance or had a pass in the final 3rd

            1. you people are genuinely clueless … he had the highest pass rate of any arsenal player including a couple of ozil quality … he is the only central player we have who can open up play from the middle…he holds on to ball too long sometimes in part because his support is from donkeys like ramsey and walcott

  6. I think you guys don’t understand that Cazorla is the most missed here. Today, with or without Özil must have probably happened the same. Not saying that Özil is bad but he is just fading away at the end of the season and need to rest to recharge his energy and be the electric player he was in the first half of the season again.

  7. Today there were a lot of cases where arsenal players were muscled off the ball. We do need a least one or two players who can withstand this kind of physical play and maintain possesion. As far as Giroud is concerned, he had a good game today, and as AW said the first one in several months. Arsenal needs a more consistent clinical striker who can do multiple things. Go hard for Cavani, Abumeyang, Ibra, or any strikers of that quality.

    1. @jperiod
      I think the majority of our players need to grow some spine and tough it out…

  8. It was so hard because
    1. manc played well, I think pellegrini said that in the first half manc played the best they have all season at home.
    2.They have Aguerro, the best striker in PL, stats bear this out, minutes played per non penalty goal and aguerro is way ahead af everyone else.
    3. It was a must win game for them
    4. After poor performance midweek they had to bounce back
    5. Players want to impress incoming manager
    6. They have probably the best squad in PL.
    7. They were playing at home

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