Arsenal remain keen on signing young Brazilian midfielder (plus video)

It is being reported in the British media today that Arsenal are interested in signing Eric dos Santos Rodrigues, better known as Ramires, who currently plays for Brazilian side Bahia.

According to the report in The Mirror, we have been tracking the youngster since January 2018 and it appears this has been confirmed by the Bahia executive director Diego Cerri.

“Ramires is a boy of great potential, a bright future,” he said.

“We are talking with Flamengo and also with other teams.

“There is also the interest from outside the country, representatives of European club teams that come back and half go to the games to observe him.”

He does not specifically name Arsenal but the implication is that he is talking about us, that is certainly how the press have taken his comments.

I must confess I do not know anything about the 18-year-old but I have done some research and come up with this video from YouTube and he does look a bit decent.

I will say this, if we have been monitoring him since January 2018 then we must be interested and I trust our scouts to scoop up the best talent available and if they believe that young Ramires is suited to us then I would definitely look forward to seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Ajax beat Juventus because the spend big?

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Amazing run they’re on, but looking towards next season, and beyond, you almost feel sorry their fans because this team will be broken very quickly. Like what we saw with Monaco over the last two years.

  2. gotanidea says:

    No need to gamble on other youngsters

    Chukwueze is young and proven to be highly talented

    1. Malik says:

      We need clinical wingers, Samuels just another iwobi. Promote Nelson and sign Florian Thauvin for goals from the wing. Get rid of myhkitarian, paying him 180k a week is criminal

      1. gotanidea says:

        Chukwueze always performs well when playing against Real Madrid and Barcelona

        His name might not be written as a goalscorer or assist creator, but his off-the-ball movements, dribbles and link-up plays helped Villareal when facing the two giant La Liga sporting clubs

        I agree on Thauvin though. If we can’t get a younger left-footed RW, Thauvin would be okay too

  3. Okiror says:

    After Ajax has eliminated madrid n Juventus i dont think they will fear man city, barca or liverpool in next rounds

    1. Sue says:

      And rightly so…. they’ve done brilliantly… I hope they do go all the way!

    2. Malik says:

      I hate how the media has been Down playing how phenomenal their football has been. Juventus and Madrid didn’t flop. Ajax destroyed them, both legs they looked the better team

  4. Midkemma says:

    Ajax has a pair of wide players I feel Arsenal could benefit from.
    Not only Neres but also Ziyech, that Moroccan is jaw droppingly good on the ball and I’d like him on the right for Arsenal.

    Left Forward: Neres and Nelson
    Center Forward: Auba and Laca
    Right Forward: Ziyech and Nketiah

    I’d personally use Nketiah as competition for the right forward role and be telling the lad to prove himself, he is being given the opportunity to gain first team minutes with the aim to replace Auba in CF with Nketiah in a couple years, this will give other youth wide forwards a couple years to hopefully progress enough on loans etc to be a squad player.

    I doubt we’d get them though, Ajax are not short on money and if they are losing De Jong and De Ligt for good money then it’ll make any transfers for their forward players a bit more costly, they do not need to sell so pay or go away…

  5. Break-on-through says:

    When they make these clips they should also print his stats up, this guy looks to be a decent passer, so it would be good to know his overall accuracy. Like if it said that he has a 76 percent accuracy, then you’d know that a lot of the time he is not as good as these clips. That little dink he done inside the box over a couple of defenders, onto his teammate, that was really nice. We have not got a player doing that since Kanu or Bergkamp, esp Kanu though, this boy looks to have good close control and can do the unpredictable. No pace, he’s all about the ball work, I don’t think I seen him trying to dribble before eating up the ground in front of him, he must have confidence, because he receives the ball with players around him but he still gets his head up and looks for movement. He looks talented, if he also had pace to go with his abilities he would remind me of a City target, someone Pep or his scout would identify. There was another South American though wasn’t there, one were it said the deal was basically done, and that kid had good pace height and strength for a youngster, he looked good on his clips too, but this fellow seems more talented with his ball control and his vision.

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