Arsenal remaining games of the season forecasted, with Mikel Arteta’s side tipped to finish impressively

The Premier League is set to get restarted in just 12 days, this is good news for most fans with the competition now suspended for well over two months.

Mikel Arteta will be hoping to lead his Arsenal team into the top five when the competition eventually commences.

He has already done good work at the Emirates, helping the Gunners get back to form and staying unbeaten domestically since the start of this year.

When his team returns to action, he would hope that his players are now more at home with his ideas and that they hit the ground running.

Sun Sports certainly thinks that the Gunners will have a fine end to the season as they predicted the outcome of Arsenal’s remaining league games.

The predictions were quite impressive with the Gunners starting their return to action with a 2-2 draw against Manchester City.

The other games for Mikel Arteta’s side are predicted to end this way:

Brighton 1-3 Arsenal, Southampton 1-2 Arsenal, Arsenal 3-0 Norwich, Wolves 1-1 Arsenal, Arsenal 2-0 Leicester City, Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal, Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool, Aston Villa 1-4 Arsenal, and Arsenal 4-0 Watford.

If these predictions turn out to be true, the Gunners will have finished this year unbeaten in the league and they would have amassed a total of 64 points, which could help them get into the Champions League positions.

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  1. And then I woke up
    Would be nice but let’s just get a ball kicked I find results atm are least of everyone’s worrys.

  2. I hear u guys…Sounds as a total joke, betting predictions!

    Even if this was possible, Sheffield Man U and Chelsea would need to lose, 1, 2 and 3 more games than we do in order for us to finish 4th or 5th. Leicester losing for would place us to 3rd place.

    That’s a lot of ifs, math, guessing and betting; reality is on pitch and we know that smaller team fighting for their lives at this point are harder to play than big teams.

    Team above us are all after a goal, while we been experimenting coaches and trying to get back on our feet and heads on shoulders.

    It is no way to predict upon these two factors and even more so without team’s formation. We on for a draw or lost if formation is wrong, and for a win or draw with better formation…

    As soon as we see it, we know already, been same issue all season long ..

  3. Wow! Unbeaten for the rest of the season. On this form we will win the league next season as well as the FA cup and the Champions League.

  4. Lol. Those are not very realistic result predictions. I think we will lose against City and Liverpool.
    The rest games are winnable with the right selection.

    But knowing Arteta’s respect for the big names he will play Ozil and Xhaka together in midfield which will slow our play and cost us the games against better teams.
    I see 2 losses and 3 draws for the fixtures we have left. Hopefully they perform beyond my expectation and get a better end result.

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