Arsenal remains in the lead as player agent flies into London

Arsenal has remained interested in a move for Gabriel Jesus and reports that they are the favourites to add the Manchester City man to their team.

The Gunners want to bolster their attack with new signings, and Jesus looks set to leave Manchester City.

The Citizens have signed Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez, and these transfers have pushed him further down the pecking order.

He will now leave so he can keep playing regular football, and he would get that at Arsenal.

Alexandre Lacazette has joined Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang through the exit door at the Emirates.

Jesus could become their main man, but the report adds that Juventus is also keen to sign the Brazilian. 

They want him to deputise for Dusan Vlahovic, whom they signed in the January transfer window.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Making Jesus our main striker is one way to win the race for his signature.

He can win trophies at City, so the only reason he will want a move to Arsenal is to get regular playing time.

As long as we can assure him of that in negotiations, he should be a happy man.

Now we need to find an agreement with City, hopefully, they will quote a reasonable price for his signature.

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  1. Is anybody excited about this?

    I am not unless he is Pepes replacement then that’s okay but only for under £35m but that still leaves that big gap no9 spot and Jesus isn’t that ST we need to fill that gap. Just a like for like for Pepe with abit more intensity.

    Bissouma/Perisic is away to Spurs, Nunez to Liverpool (Luiz Diaz in Jan), Haaland/Alverez to City & Unknown Marquinho to Arsenal, even adding Jesus doesn’t make that much of a difference or statement.

    Still early but we are even more behind than we were a week ago from the teams above us & Chelsea have not even started yet with their billion pound squad full of quality.

    Saka, Saliba & Martinelli signing new deals is a must now but you have to admit they could end up leaving If we fall further behind. Saliba may end uo at Marseille come September, this is Arteta & Arsenal were taking about.

    Hope we do something soon but is Jesus enough along with possibly Teilimans to push us on? Is that the star players we are getting this summer as we royally messed up UCL to attract better players?

    1. “Is anybody excited about this”?

      Not too sure mate but personally I’m not .

      We are scrap feeding ATM no CL football is a big hindrance to us .

      1. We dont need another small technical striker, i dont get this at all, if it is true. It stinks of Edu again but no real plan for the team.

        1. Unfortunately Reggie we do not have a plan as we’ve been lead to believe,not getting that forth spot as seriously set us back regarding who we can sign .
          But that for me was to be expected,I hold no serious expectations this coming season and once again I believe we will be struggling to get top 5-7 .

          1. Not getting 4th was/is a total disaster but hey!!!!! Lets reward the manager for it by giving him a payrise. I dont think people realise, including our owner how much it has put us back. We are trying to buy players with both hands tied behind our back with a blindfold and leg irons on now.

          2. DK, I really believe that we were going to struggle mightily this recruitment period regardless if we qualified or not, as I don’t think any top-notch players have any faith in our watching paint dry tactics…sadly, we’re going to have to offer up ridiculous wages and provide debilitating assurances to even get second tier players into the fold, which will have some serious negative consequences going forward…this could be another exceptionally long summer

            1. Same old same old mate
              I have no serious expectations leading up to the new season,every season that goes by it gets more and more meh for me .
              When you have Laurel and hardy in charge it becomes more of a comedy show than a serious sports club .

              1. they remind me more of the old Abbott and Costello “who’s on first” dynamic, as it’s so frustratingly stupid that if you don’t laugh you’ll f’ing cry

    2. Jesus played quite a lot on the wing at City, so hasn’t had an extended run at number 9. Go look at his stats, better than Laca and Auba overall. I think he will be absolute quality and 40m is a steal for him. A proven winner and also does a lot of dirty work and very assured in the ball. All things that Arteta wants. No other striker available is PL proven apart from maybe Richarlison and Jesus is much better and probably cheaper.

      1. What a bunch of hypocrites, Jesus had a goal contribution over half the matches he played, and that’s being a super sub, so in all fairness, investing 40 mill on him, seems like a bargain compared to a semi unproven attacker like Osimhen, which has never played in the EPL.

        WITH the general prices in mind, I think 40 mill is an absolute steal, what can you get for that kinda money nowadays?

        He’s even with his best years ahead of him, so I DON’T agree

  2. England under Southgate is like what arsenal is like under Arteta except England has the better players.

    Just shows why having a good coach is key as well as having good players

    1. Just exactly what i was thinking and play the same crap style of football. Southgate is wasting good talent coaching England.

      1. No idea why the FA didn’t get in touch with Wenger over the last 10 years ,obviously finished at Arsenal but bloody hell he could have done something special with the England team .

        1. To lose any game against anyone better than Hungary with the players he has available is tantamount to treason and punishment should be dealt out. But they will probably give him a payrise and an extension.

          1. They just reuse the excuse of getting to euros final. He was negative in that game too. Terrible manager

  3. Classic England…..about as exciting to watch as Arsenal in the last few years.

    Genuine sleep threat arises everytime they play

    1. I haven’t been impressed with England since we played you guys (Denmark)

      What a bad example of sportsmanship

  4. Tielimans,Nkoku Jesus & a left back because Tieny is an injury prone player and Nuno is not matured then Arsenal will be good to go.The board knows their problem and there are waiting time for Christ sake.

  5. People don’t seem to make allowances for the way stupidly big money has changed sport, especially football.

    Now the players all flock into a few big money clubs and those who’re prepared to bankrupt themselves over and over to achieve success.

    Barcelona have debts of £1.5 billion. Anyone playing for them needs a brain transplant.

    The game is not what it used to be. And the debts a club can be left with when an “owner” decides they’ve had enough… success is short-lived. Chelsea dodged a bullet with Abramovic being sanctioned. Leeds were an early example of the reality.

    Sensible clubs try to stay solvent as businesses. One day, I’d like to Arsenal (and every other club) taken over by their supporters trusts. Get back to real football.

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